DDOS attack

Since this AM we have been under a massive and sustained attack on our offshore server. The originator is yet unknown

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  1. jim ticehurst says:

    Sir..I had the lag all Day..Figured Something like that was potential Cause..Interesting..For Source..Barbara just said On the “Fishing” That this Site was probably on the NTSA Blacklist..the other day..And Some Europen Sources are
    ..with Current event and recent Posts here..Glad we can still get throught.. Its All Suppose To Go Massive Cyber Shut Downs soon..

  2. Barbara Ann says:

    Someone is afraid of what is written here. Good. Best wishes with combating the attack Colonel.

  3. jim ticehurst says:

    Not Good…More Difficult Getting Through Today…Long LAG….Its possible by Clicking On Recent Links..URLS..That others have Posted here..or going to their Web Page links..It has opened Your Site to Phishing attacks..Bear Attacks..?

  4. Eric Newhill says:

    Col Lang,
    Noticed this issue yesterday and was going to say something to you. Tried to get on and couldn’t starting last evening. Couldn’t get on this morning, but kept hitting the url. Guess I managed to find an open window just now. Otherwise, you/we have been effectively silenced for the time being. The powers that be are thrashing about like a mortally wounded, stupid, angry beast.

  5. Marlene says:

    Colonel Lang,

    I was having problems to access this site since late night yesterday, Central Europe time.
    Today pm still I could not access with mobile phone when tried, and currently still slowly charging the comments with computer once at home.

    Probably NATO.

  6. Marlene says:

    There is a guy with a strange caligraphy as nick name offering hacker jobs in Patrick Armstrong SitRep….Just a coincidence, one guesses…

    On the other hand, I read thus morning at Telegram that the Trudeau government is cutting off internet in the cities affected by the Freedom Convoy as a part of their counteroffensive.

    Could this be affecting you in any way?

  7. Leith says:

    Since it is affecting your blog, then it is impacting everyone else on that offshore server. So it might be criminal perpetrators going after the offshore server owners. Or are you the only customer of that host server?

    Or it could be Ukrainian activists specifically targeting you or Patrick Armstrong? Or a Russian false flag? Or yes, it could be USCYBERCOM, or some other US agency, or whatever the NATO equivalent is?

  8. backsdrummer says:

    I was wondering. Now I know.

  9. Eric Newhill says:

    Attack over?

    Was able to log on three times in a row within 5 minutes. Minimum delay, if any.

  10. optimax says:

    It’s the Russkies. The VP will straighten it out.

  11. akaPatience says:

    So glad you’re back in business – you must be over the target.

  12. Marlene says:

    Your site was out for the whole afternoon here in Europe Central.

    Coincidentaly, the ECB is proceeding with a sumulacra of cyber attack, heard in alternative news.

    The Bank on France Money-Printing Factory is on fire.

    The Freedom Convoy of truckers extends to Europe with a confluence in Brussels on 14th February.

    All these events have a connection, no doubt, do not you think?

    On other issues, Reuters is broadcasting that the Kremlin placed Macron at the end of such a loooong table because Macron refused to be tested for Covid, fearing the Russians will get with his DNA….( Just what we fear the people in the resistance….)
    This could well be another lie from Pfizer/Reuters conglomerate, but, in case it could be true, a proof that the Russians consider Macron unvaccinated…now also untested..

  13. coboarts says:

    dang, i go to all the bad places

  14. TTG says:

    Highly unlikely, but not impossible, that this DDOS was aimed specifically at turcopolier.com. Lot depends on exactly where the attack was aimed. Most of the ones I’ve seen are aimed at IPs further up the food chain, usually in the routers.

    I watched a drug addled, but talented, young hacker mobilize the bandwidth of his botnet composed solely of compromised routers along with similar botnets belonging to his friends around the world to take down a major MidEast service provider just to dick with some Kuwaitis on IRC. He initiated and managed the attack on a whim and took the service provider down in short order. The service provider needed several days to fully recover. The drug addled hacker didn’t know it, but he severely degraded CENTCOM’s Blue Force Tracker system for a short while. Lord knows what else he took down with that. There was nothing sinister or conspiratorial about this DDOS. It was just for shits and giggles.

    • walrus says:

      TTG, this is the second time its happened.

      • TTG says:


        Then we should consider ourselves lucky. DDOS attacks are now far easier and far more frequent than when I watched that attack on that Kuwaiti ISP. There are some 30,000 DDOS attacks daily. And each attack could disrupt hundreds of targets at once.

  15. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    Glad that the site is back up again. Tried periodically to reach it, and quickly figured that it was a DDOS attack.

    Infuriating as it may be, it is a backhanded compliment to be so attacked.

    Given the latest totalitarian pronouncements from the government authoritarians concerning mis/dis/mal information, this will likely become a common experience.



  16. jim ticehurst says:

    The Moat recent Cyber Attack Newa for Europe This Week..Are Shutting Down OIL Terminals..IN BELGIUM…and The NETHERLANDS…Attacks Started TWO Days Ago..

  17. jim ticehurst says:

    More DATA Confirms The Attacks were the BLACKCAT Cyber Crime Ransome Ware Group..Known As ALphv..Using the “RUST” programming Language..and they Are Promoted on RUSSIAN hacking Forums..
    17 PORTS in Western Europe..Have Been
    Attacked with DDOS..

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