Decameron: Wag the Big Dog




Mayday Mayday.   May 10th: "Israel said it struck dozens of Iranian targets overnight in response to a rocket barrage on Israeli positions in the Golan Heights, the biggest Israeli strike in Syria since the 1973 war." (AP)  


These Israeli strikes are now a regular occurrence.  The tail is wagging the Big Dog, and it looks like almost everyone in critical US institutions has drunk the Trump-Netanyahu-Bolton-Saudi-brewed Kool-Aid that Iran's regime has to be overthrown, and, for Israel, the US leaving the JCPOA was a declaration of open season on Iranian targets.   Israel is taking full advantage.


Gulf of Tonkin.  Reichstag Fire.  Fake News.  Any alleged incident, such as the alleged strike "by Iran" on the Golan Heights on May 9th is cause for more Israeli strikes.


Alleged opponents of the policy of leaving JCPOA like Tillerson and  McMaster went meekly into the mist.  Yes, Mr. President.   Whatever you tweet, Mr. President.  And the Big Dog is stocking his inner circle with paid agents of the cultish Mujahideen-e Khalq. (Queen Maryam Rajavi has been, and is now, ensconced in Albania where she receives visits from top US Congress members and other officials).  MEK is the poster child for Iran regime change.  Strap in for a merry ride.


The current round of Israeli's bombings started early on April 9th.  That was the day that had been announced as Bolton's first day on the job.  That day, Israeli bombers attacked a Syrian site in Homs, where Iran maintains arms stockpiles.   It was notable that Israel didn't alert the Russians in advance, violating a deconfliction agreement between the two countries.   


On April 29th, Israeli bombers hit Homs again, this time along with another site near Homs and Aleppo.  Eleven Iranian soldiers were killed in the bombing raids that day. 


On April 30th, the Russian Armed Forces announced that Russia will be going ahead with the sale of S-300 air defense systems to Syria.  That sale to Syria had been suspended in 2010, at the request of Israel.  The S-300s could stymie the Israeli Air Forces in Syria, eventually, but that will take time, and the war is already on.


Also on April 30th, Netanyahu mounted the stage to deliver a dramatic performance, ripping the veil off the set to reveal 100,000s of documents stacked in file folders, and CDs, stolen in an alleged daring Israeli raid on a Tehran warehouse in January 2018.  A visual masterpiece, with the speech given in English for an audience of One, a known TV addict.  Bibi claimed his booty proved that Iran lied in claiming that it never worked on building a nuclear weapon. But the world didn't react;  even called Bibi's performance a "nothing burger."  The documents, though plentiful, only covered up to 2003 when Iran reportedly ended nuclear weapons research.  Yawn, already known to IAEA, and the US-UK-Germany-France-Russia-China negotiators with Iran in the P5+1 (JCPOA) talks.


That day, also, for whatever reason, Putin invited Netanyahu to Moscow to attend the May 9th Victory Celebrations.  Netanyahu went.  The same day,  May 9th, Trump announced he has pulled out of the JCPOA. 


This morning, May 10th, Israeli bombers hit Iranian sites in Syria in what AP calls the "biggest" military action against Syria since the 1973 war. 


Trump pulled the trigger on the JCPOA.  But Israeli is firing the shots, if not calling them.  

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