Democratic strategy is to ignore the truth …


AG Barr testified today before the House Committee on the Judiciary.  The chairman is Jerrold Nadler.  In his opening remarks he accused Barr of obeying President Trump, to which Barr replied that as a member of the cabinet he is by law Trump's subordinate but that in matters concerning criminal cases Trump abstains from directing or advising him.  Nadler then demanded to know if Barr had EVER discussed the coming election with Trump.  When answered in the affirmative Nadler radiated triumph.

Nadler then asserted that the Trump Administration has introduced "troops" into Portland for the purpose of provoking violence that Trump wants as a spur to advance his  chances in November.  The MarxoDems and their media allies like Neil Cavuto repeat the word "troops" over and over again in the belief that eventually you will be persuaded that the deployed cops in Portland are really soldiers.

The Ranking Member of the committee Jim Jordan of Ohio when given a chance for rebuttal of Nadler showed the video linked below as a compendium of "peaceful protests" (irony).  pl

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  1. Eric Newhill says:

    I know several politically active progressives and they all have been stating that any violence that has occurred has been the work of far right infiltrators. Now they are shifting to “Violence? What violence” and the kooky idea that federal law enforcement is there to instigate a violent reaction as well as whisk peaceful protesters off to secret rendition facilities. These people are all saying the same thing and they are all clearly delusional insane.
    I thought they were getting all of that from far left social media, but I guess it’s all just standard DNC talking points. IMO, the Ds are going to lose big time in Nov. “Vote for us or we’ll burn you out – and we when win we’ll get rid of police and burn you out anyhow after we take your stuff” is not a platform that appeals to most people.
    When they lose the DNC is going to get even crazier. The iron fist will be required.

  2. Jim says:

    Why invite Barr if no Democrats want answers?
    And why doesn’t Chairman Nadler allow him to answer?
    Even Corey Lewandowski was given opportunity to answer some questions and respond to lies against him and lies in general.
    What public purpose is served by this abject nonsense?
    Since these are our elected leaders, heaven help us.
    “You’ll have a chance to comment after your testimony today,” Rep. Greg Stanton, D-Arizona said. And so it went.
    “It is so disappointing we can’t get a clear answer,” he said.
    Barr: “May I take a five minute break?” Nadler: “No”

  3. Jimmy_W says:

    Perhaps all the Democrat handwaving about the “Federal Troops in Portland”, reveals their opinion change. Perhaps they, too, have finally realized the pointlessness of Posse Comitatus Act and its racist heritage. Given that “everything [racist] must go”, maybe they are preparing to repeal Posse Comitatus. After Biden gets elected, of course.

  4. turcopolier says:

    Jimmy W
    Yes, after the end of military occupation and an amnesty for Confederates, the “restored” Southern congressional delegations insisted on PC so that they could not be re-occupied.

  5. Diana Croissant says:

    Until the “Main Stream Media” is somehow bought out by people who are actually interested in presenting news that is not filtered through a left-wing ideology, these horrible riots will not stop. When people refuse to see exactly what is going on, more cities will be destroyed. Where will the rioters show up nexxt? I’m afraid it will be outside my window.
    I am sickened by all of this. I am growing more and more concerned that we won’t be able to bring things back to the middle ever.
    I really do fear the turn to socialism or communism in this country. All those books that were such popular reading when I was in college seem to be coming true: Brave New World, 1984, Soylent Green–though the rise of the abortion on demand movement puts that one into doubt–are the ones that come most quickly to my mind.
    There wee many other that portrayed a country far different from the one the Founders imagined.
    I witnessed the degeneration of our public school system as a result of the decline in real the colleges’ and the universities’ standards for research became more apparent.
    I moved from teaching in public high schools into community colleges and universities and found that what I taught in them required less thinking ability than what I had first taught in ninth grade in 1974.
    And I found there was far more restrictons on what could be said or what could not be said in a classroom.
    It seems parents aren’t really aware, or they wouldn’t send their kids to public school or public colleges and universities.
    I sent my older son to the Navy and my younger son to get a GED and then go on for vocational training. That wasn’t what I had hoped for them when they were born; but those decisions worked out far better than keeping them in the educational system they would have been in when they were still young.
    And I had been so proud to receive my full-tuition / fees scholarship to college when I graduated high school
    It makes me very sad.

  6. Deap says:

    One big gotcha show, offending everyone’s sense of fair play. Appalling, but will play very differently on both sides of the fence.
    Democrats forget how many were totally disgusted by the media’s relentless gotcha shows in 2016. So watching all the Democrat congress people engage in the exact same sh*t show for three hours was disgusting.
    Thank goodness for both Barr and Jordan not losing their cool. Favorite line was Barr claiming they could have held the hearing without him, when one complained how long they had waited to “ask” him questions.

  7. Deap says:

    Hope someone with a more iron-clad stomach than mine will sort out how many minutes the questioners used to talk and how many minutes Barr was allowed to respond to this “hearing”.
    Additionally, I would like to know how many minutes each Democrat used on which topics. Plus who in their right mind ever puts the NYT and WaPo into the record as a true recording of anyone’s alleged verbatim statements? The Lafayette Square “photo op” appeared to energize them the most. Plus how many people are even sympathetic to these bratty white “protestors”?
    It was like a room full of Kamala Harris’s during the Kavanaugh hearings – I want a yes or no answer, so I will presume your answer XYZ, because I am not interested in your explanation. They all used the exact same verbal bullying techniques which I thought was odd. Staged with rehearsals? Or just a coincidental gathering of total idiots. Yes or no?
    Also interesting to see two of Biden’s alleged top VP picks, Bass and Demmings , in action. Hardly assets to any ticket.
    I can only hope my sausages that I buy are not as toxic as watching this legislative body in operation.

  8. Rick Merlotti says:

    What do you call 435 lawyers and/or Congress critters on the bottom of the ocean floor? A good start.

  9. TV says:

    Remember politicians were the same obnoxious kids in high school who never got over the thrill of being class secretary.

  10. akaPatience says:

    What a terrific video of “peaceful protests” Jordan presented. Yowza. The leftist gaslighting will continue in spite of it, but would it be fair then to label these “peaceful protests”, these “myths” (according to Chairman Nadler), The Unicorn Riots?
    Seriously, is it possible the leftists are pursuing a winning strategy by either ignoring/denying (at best) all of the violence and destruction or (at worst) by making excuses for it and condemning those who are trying to maintain order? Will a majority of voters side with the rioters? I refuse to believe we’re that far gone as a country, refuse to believe the polls that state Biden’s in the lead everywhere. Instead, I’m beginning to suspect the polls are a desperate attempt to make it look like a horserace when it’s not.
    I may be wrong, REALLY wrong of course – no doubt there are a lot of Trump and Deplorables haters that would vote for a decomposed corpse rather than the POTUS, but still, these riots surely aren’t helping their cause and that’s why they’re feigning ignorance. Do they believe campaigning on good old “Law and Order” is passe now, a no-no because it’s unappealing to the [obviously TERRIBLY unhappy] young anarchists/socialists/communists? Has the mainstream Democratic Party turned into Vichyites?

  11. Deap says:

    Part Two: “Reclaiming my time”, sauced up with in your face insults at Barr:
    Anyone who missed watching the full hearing, you can now get the flavor of the entire three hours in only these two minutes of takeout clips. I can only wonder what Nancy Pelosi really thought – not what she will say – but she is a savvy pol – what she really thought. Between the Biden-Harris ticket and the disgusting clown show today, Democrats don’t have a shred of decency to run on in 2020.

  12. Fred says:

    I think “reaclaiming my time” should be repurposed: Reclaiming my internet; Reclaiming my streets; Reclaiming my school….Trump should change his campaign theme:
    Reclaiming America 2020.

  13. Seward says:

    My “Woke” friends (I have several, one of whom accused me of woke-fishing) remind me of Dostoyevsky’s dictum in “The Possessed” [by demons] about the political correctness of his time: He declared it “A combination of self-righteousness and the unwillingness to hold an independent opinion.” Nothing has changed.

  14. optimax says:

    Living in Portland, Oregon where it’s dangerous to wear a MAGA hat but fine to wear a F*ck Off sweatshirt reminds me of Raskonikov’s fever/nightmare of people killing anybody expressing different ideas from the killers.

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