“Democrats Still Obsessed With Barring Trump From Future Office”


“Some Democrats remain fixated on trying to prevent former President Donald Trump from running again, The Hill reported.

Since the Jan. 6, 2020, attack on the Capitol, nearly a dozen Democrat lawmakers have spoken publicly or privately about using a post-Civil War constitutional amendment to disqualify Trump from holding office again, The Hill reported Thursday.

Section 3 of the 14th Amendment says that officeholders who “have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same” are disqualified from future office.

Constitutional scholars and pro-democracy advocates have joined Democrats in exploring how that amendment might be used to stop Trump. While the topic has received less public attention in recent months, people who remain engaged on the issue told The Hill that discussions have been ongoing.” newsmax

Comment: So, Trump and Jeff Davis – same-same? Well pilgrim turcopoles, if the Dems want to advance the day when there will be a United States of America and a Free States of America, nothing would be more effective than barring Trump from future office through “clever” manipulation of the 14th Amendment.

Are they really planning a criminal referral against Trump to Merrick Garland as an “insurrectionist?” pl


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21 Responses to “Democrats Still Obsessed With Barring Trump From Future Office”

  1. plantman says:

    I don’t know how anyone can listen to Biden’s unbroken chain of lies today and not see how perilous our situation really is. Our country hangs in the balance and the forces of evil are moving fast to quash any resistance.

    We owe a debt of gratitude to the people who showed up on January 6 to protest a conspicuously stolen election. They are true patriots.

  2. Babeltuap says:

    Freedom isn’t free but neither is cheating in a Presidential election. Democrats have of lot of outstanding IOU’s for this operation. They better find a way to pay the bills soon. Continuing to attack Trump is not going to do anything for that effort.

  3. ISL says:

    Dear Colonel,

    And this is why Democrats might be classified as a species of invertebrates (no back bone). If this was a serious strategy by serious men, then the time to attack was January 2020 – whilst their enemy was in disarray and partially in retreat.

    The non-serious strategy is fund raising.

    That said, trend is towards two to several countries that cannot live together – lots of kindling around. . . . lots of matches. . . .

  4. Barbara Ann says:

    It seems some really are, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. The Dems’ Ahab wing would have their prize, no matter what the cost.

  5. Sam says:

    It will be interesting to see how the establishment Republicans deal with all this. McConnell and Ted Cruz it appears have condemned the “insurrection”.

    In any case while many have been jailed in the worst conditions including solitary and several have pled guilty to misdemeanor violations, none have been indicted yet on insurrection.

    What the Dems don’t get is all their tactics will be used by the Republicans when they get into power next. The bar on impeachment has been brought so low that presidents will be now routinely impeached when the other party is in power for any old charge. IMO, this all part & parcel of the disintegration of institutional norms and governance. Our enemies are rubbing their hands in glee as we lurch from one internal crisis to another.

    Maybe the silver lining is potentially a new alignment that transcends partisanship for the real battle between the laptop class and the working class. The rural vs urban class. The real question is if we get an alignment for those who believe liberty is sacrosanct as it is endowed by our Creator and that it takes precedence over safety. I’m not holding my breath on that at least for the next few generations as the majority of Americans have become so fearful & hysterical they can’t stand or see straight.

  6. Ed Lindgren says:

    The Biden Administration is milking the ‘insurrection’ theme for all it is worth today!

    Coincidently, I was thumbing through my copy of Winston Churchill’s ‘The Second World War’ (Volume V – Closing the Ring) last evening. In Appendix F of this volume, Churchill addresses the release of Sir Oswald Mosley and his wife from prison; both were notorious Nazi sympathizers.

    Churchill quotes a letter he wrote on November 21, 1943 to his Home Secretary:

    “I expect you will be questioned about the release of the Mosleys. No doubt the pith of your case is health and humanity. You might however consider whether you should not unfold as a background the great principle of habeas corpus and trial by jury, which are the supreme protection invented by the British people for ordinary individuals against the State. The power of the Executive to cast a man into prison without formulating any charge known to the law, and particularly to deny him judgment by his peers for an indefinite period, is in the highest degree odious, and is the foundation of all totalitarian Governments….” (page 635)

    My understanding is that many, if not most of the so-called ‘insurrectionists’ caught up in the Federal dragnet have been charged with misdemeanors. Yet many are still jailed almost a year later awaiting a trial.

    The events of January 6th last year are for Joe Biden and the Democrats what the Reichstag fire was for Hitler and the Nazis; an opportunity to double down on their enemies (political or otherwise).

    • Eric Newhill says:

      The insurrection meme also serves the short term goal of discrediting anyone who thinks that election fraud delivered the win to Biden

  7. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    Col. Lang,

    Why, yes, yes they are. It’s yet another manifestation, and in this instance, an absurd extrapolation, of Lawfare.

    A report from another source:


    I am sure that Merrick Garland will try to throw this against the wall and try to get it to stick. Use of that Constitutional amendment for this purpose is analagous to the continuing use of the Interstate Commerce Clause to enforce centrally-directed Federal government authority aimed at (further) destroying federalism after Lincoln and the Yankees in general gave ’em a good headstart.

    Free States of America… Has a nice ring. Tried before, but no saying it couldn’t experience a rebirth, because we’re still dealing with Reconstructionism, or rather Deconstructionism, as today’s spiteful mutants’ ideal end state would be abrogation of the freedoms secured to the citizens of the States by federalism, and more explicitly by the 9th and 10th Amendments.

    Here’s a golden oldie that’s due for a revival:

    “Oh, I’m a good old rebel,
    Now that’s just what I am.
    For this “fair land of freedom”
    I do not give a damn.
    I’m glad I fit against it,
    I only wish we’d won,
    And I don’t want no pardon
    For anything I done.

    I hate the Constitution,
    This great republic too,
    I hate the Freedmans’ Buro
    In uniforms of blue.
    I hate the nasty eagle,
    With all his brags and fuss,
    The lyin’ thievin’ Yankees,
    I hate ’em wuss and wuss.

    I hate the Yankee nation
    And ever’thing they do,
    I hate the Declaration
    Of Independence, too.
    I hate the “glorious Union”-
    ‘Tis drippin’ with our blood-
    I hate their stripe-ed banner;
    I fit it all I could.

    I rode with Ol’ Marse Robert
    For three year nigh about;
    Got wounded in four places,
    And starved at Point Lookout.
    I caught the rheumatism
    A-campin’ in the snow,
    But I killed a chance o’ Yankees;
    I’d like to kill some mo’.

    Three hundred thousand Yankees
    Is stiff in Southern dust;
    We got three hundred thousand
    Before they conquered us.
    They died of Southern fever
    Of Southern steel and shot,
    I wish it was three million
    Instead of what we got.

    I can’t take up my musket
    And fight ’em now no mo’,
    But I ain’t gonna love ’em,
    Now that is sarten sho’!
    And I don’t want no pardon
    For what I was and am.
    I won’t be reconstructed,
    And I don’t care a damn!”


    One must allow, of course, for the vexed sentiments and issues of that time, but I do like the spirit. This comes from a blog post from a Son of the South who reported that his 5X grandfathers and 4X grandfathers were members of their respective four Southern Colonies’ Committees of Correspondence, and Committees of Public Safety.

    Closer and closer we come with each deadly insult.

  8. Jim says:

    The Ds Dilemma is obvious:
    1] On one hand Ds say 2020 prez election, free and fair, etc. — thus nothing to see here
    2] And Ds [and the likes of insufferables Cruz/Cheney types — ‘violent terrorist attack on the capitol’ even as capitol police opening gates for average citizens to enter.

    One cannot be investigated without the other.

    If 1] is true –nothing to see– then 2] means what, exactly, in the history of human events?

    If 1] is false — everything to see — then 2] means what, exactly, in the history of human events.

    As was apparent during Ukriane-gate/Impeachment-gate on Trump
    1] the actual corruption of Obama/Biden/Nuland violently overthrowing sovereign government of Ukraine [2014] — and actual corruption and lawlessness by our government
    2] and this 1] totally ignored as if this did not exist, during the ramshackle Impeachment-gate Gong Show.


    Since 1] actually happened and was true then 2] means what, exactly, in the history of human events?

    Just yesterday Anthony Blinken, without irony [nor any self awareness] said, with regards to reaching an accommodation with Russian Federation: “It’s very hard to make actual progress in any of these areas in an atmosphere of escalation and threat with a gun pointed to Ukraine’s head.”

    Was he referring to the US pointing the gun at Ukraines’s head? our media ‘apostles’ should immediately have asked.

    Blinken/Idiot stated, while standing alongside the German Foreign Minister/Idiot: “We condemn Russia’s military build-up on Ukraine’s borders, as well as Moscow’s increasingly harsh rhetoric as it continues to push the false narrative that Ukraine seeks to provoke a conflict with Russia. That’s a little bit like the fox saying it had no choice but to attack the hen house because somehow the hens presented a threat to it.”


    Whatever Trumps many failings, this particular nonsense and this Blinken-esque blatant lying viz. Ukraine was not something President Trump engaged.

    And it is no longer anything but perfectly obvious Trump’s entire presidency consisted of one long stream of ‘extra-judicial’ ‘extra-legal’ and extraordinary engagement “in insurrection or rebellion against” a sitting president, —and, by this same USA government operatives in DOJ/FBI/CIA/BORG — perpetrated against this man also all while he was running for president.

    Justice that picks and chooses is not Justice, ever ever ever ever.

    Those advocating 14th amendment to ban Trump from ever running again are the ones with the real 14th amendment problem — this is perfectly obvious.

    And although then-AG Barr’s scope of work for Special Counsel Durham does not say quite that way, this is exactly at the heart of the matter.

    This same cacophony of Constitutional ‘scholars’ and pro-‘democracy’ advocates on #14 — had Amendment #25 in their heads for years. Maybe Durham someday will get to the bottom of whether Rosenstein actually joked about or wanted to wear a device to secretly record Trump, and use that info. to deploy #25, for instance.

    Why don’t the Ds and Rs that hate Trump just cut to the chase and propose Amendment #28? “Trump shall never serve as President of USA. Period” — and be done with it!

    They don’t because they can’t because the country wouldn’t stand for it. Which is at the heart of the matter all over again.

    Article 14. . . .”shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.”

    Maybe the Ds fear most is not only losing both houses, but losing them by margins so great they won’t even have a third of members in each chamber. . . .



  9. Eric Newhill says:

    Everyone not totally assimilated, like a zombie, by the leftist Borg sees the DOJ and congress as running a targeted purge of Trump and his supporters; emphasis on “and his supporters”. It’s all over the internet anywhere free discussion is still permitted. They know that first it’s Trump, but that they’re next. The ANTIFA and BLM riots have never garnered the attention of the establishment. Justice is being unfairly applied and politically applied. That is not a functioning constitutional republic.

    It’s almost as if the democrats are working, like cheap whores, – wittingly or unwittingly – with some enemy of the US that wants to create so much division that the country devolves into civil unrest and dissolution and is thus permanently weakened. The Chinese? WEF/Davos socialist/globalists? Someone else? All of the above?

    The again, the democrats could just be morons that hate the country as it was established and seek to destroy it for their own selfish and myopic motives. I can’t decide and it doesn’t matter, really. Same difference at the end of the day.

    Here’s to hoping the system holds and that this will all be largely corrected in November.

  10. Fred says:

    Did anyone mention Ray Epps yet? Or the still unknown pipe bomber? On a related note Governor Whitmer of Michigan is still safe from the “kidnapping” plot the FBI apparently coerced into being.

  11. Sam says:

    This is what a mayor who cares about kids sounds like: “The safest place for our children is in a school building. And we are going to keep our schools open.”

    Bravo, @NYCMayor!


    One may disagree with Eric Adams on numerous issues but credit should be given when credit is due. He’s taking on the extremely powerful teachers union and standing up for kids who were harmed immeasurably by the lockdown and remote school. The zeitgeist is changing on lockdown. At some point also the apartheid exerted on those who chose not getting jabbed with a leaky “vaccine”.

    Always be skeptical of the covidian lockdowners. They should never ever be given your trust. They’ll resurrect again & again with much revisionism of their past.

  12. Sam says:

    Liz and Dick Cheney stand ALONE as the only two Republicans in the chamber during Nancy Pelosi’s moment of silence: Former VP tears into GOP leaders for their response to Jan. 6th and kicking his daughter out


    What does it say when Papa Dick, the leader of the WMD hoax stands with the insurrection crowd?

  13. Sam says:

    Dear MAGA:

    What’s your explanation for why Trump didn’t set up a legal defense fund for the January 6th non-violent offenders?

    P.S. What happened to the $250,000,000 Trump raised to “stop the steal.”


    Conservative Mike Cernovich asks a pertinent question.

    • Fred says:


      Where’s the Cernovich January 6th defense fund? I mean it’s important enough to use Trump’s name but not important enough for Cerno’s time, effort and money?

    • longarch says:

      Cernovich is not a conservative. He is a narcissist. He might have more severe psychological problems; he certainly has been in trouble for numerous ethical lapses in the past. The 2003 sexual battery incident, for which he was only punished with community service, warped his mind further. If you really want an exercise in abnormal psychology and the anthropology of crime, you can delve into


      but honestly, I don’t think investigation of low-tier sexual deviants is worth much effort.

  14. Sam says:

    Rich Democrats have a lot of cultural power, which has produced three different theses of Trumpism- the Confederacy, Richard Nixon, and the Nazis. What all three share is directing attention away from the last 50 years of US history.


    Not just rich Democrats but also rich, corporatist Republicans are responsible for the past 50 years of market consolidation into monopolies and cartels as well as all the wars and foreign policy disasters that never furthered American national interests. This duopoly continue to have all levers of power in their hands.

  15. Marlene says:

    Democrats, and every government who has held power during the past two years, are highly likely to perpetuate in power since their obvious bad polls, which come out of the erasing of civil rights and constitutions plus dismaying management of what they call “pandemic”, asure them they will ose in cae elections will celebrate again.

    If some are not already aware, we are all suffering an Ukrainization at galloping pace, opposition will be oulawed, alternative information channels banned ( which has been prepared during the last days of the past year through the fresh National Security Laws ), and finally elections suspende under whatever alibi, may be a new wave of a new “variant of concern”, or just part of the electorate, just that of opposite ideas, suspended..

    I just seen a video today of a woman being forbbiden the entry in her own bank, where she has her money, in Argentina because of lacking Covid Pass… she was not allowed even to enter the first hall to access the ATM..

    The words by Macron, Trudeau, and now Biden should be ebough to understand to that they are going to outlaw anyone who disagrees with them, the demonization time has passed lonmg ago. The great robbery starts this way, with the unvaccinated, then they will go inventing whatever requirement to loot the vaccinated too..

    In case we fail to secure here the United Free States of Europe, I will be gladly migrating to the Free States of America.

  16. Razumov says:

    Our ruling class has convinced itself that Donald Trump is the sole source of the widespread popular hatred of them. They think that if they somehow get rid of him then everything will go back to the pre-2016 status quo.

    • Barbara Ann says:


      Yes, Trump makes the perfect schreckfigur onto which those who yearn for the status quo ante can project & focus their own hate. It is a convenient self delusion to avoid admitting to themselves that the real object of their hate is the large section of the American population who support him.

  17. Rhonda says:

    Turley says the Dems have their sights set on more than just ye olde “Pied Piper” candidate. They’re scoping on as many as 120 scalps.


    “What is maddening is that Democratic groups and commentators are seeking to remove as many as 120 Republicans from the ballots in the name of democracy. It is like burning books in the name of literacy. ”

    I am so worried for our nation. We are headed to Hell in a handbasket.

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