Desert early!- Avoid the rush!

“Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is moving to have all active duty members of the US military vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus, he said in a memo released Monday.”I want you to know that I will seek the President’s approval to make the vaccines mandatory no later than mid-September, or immediately upon the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) licensure, whichever comes first,” the memo states. “By way of expectation, public reporting suggests the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine could achieve full FDA license early next month.”Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Mark Milley also communicated a related message to the troops, saying in a memo that the “health and readiness of our force is critical to America’s defense.”

Austin’s memo noted that he was asked by President Joe Biden “to consider how and when we might add the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccines to the list of those required for all Service members.”” CNN

Comment: I dunno. “Is a puzzlement …”

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  1. Fred says:

    So how many black soldiers will be driven from the ranks or denied enlistment because of the enlightened leadership of the man who never met a white supremacist in the ranks until becoming Secretary of Defense?

  2. Barbara Ann says:

    CNN didn’t quote the most reassuring part of Austin’s memo:

    “All FDA-authorized COVID-19 vaccines are safe and highly effective”

    Yup, so safe that the manufacturers demanded immunity from prosecution.

    So it’s clear; FDA approval is meaningless, it gets mandated with or without. What a farce.

    Link to the memo as CNN couldn’t manage that:

    • Fred says:

      It’s almost like they are trying to trigger a sappy mutiny.

    • Lelush says:

      The best part is that neither Pfizer nor Moderna went so far, as they have covered their backs, eventhough the reuqested legal immunity, by stating in their prospects remited to the FDA that the medium and long term effects are unknown…as well as the durability of alleged protection…not immunity…

      But, well, who cares, has not the USArmy submitted its soldiers to experiments before? I have the idea that is the agent comes to mind..

      Would it bring in a mass resignation or low the number of recruitments?

      Could be the Biden administration trying to end the military as we know it in order to privatize it, or may be change its current composition with compliant woke recruits once purged of disidents?

      If they are doing it with civil society….It seems to me all these steps are caused by a need of full loyalty and blind obedience in the verge of event to well could be throwing the military against the people refusing the vaccines..It is happening in Australia…Just yesterday was viewing a travel documentary on that country and seemed to me it is the project of what the future world would look like, the participants were saying it is the “new American dream”…What I saw, only young people dedicated mostly to body building and careers, few little children in small classes learning to save paper and water, yoga, and how to protect themselves from sunburnt ( diversion was nowhere to see it…..)and a whole transgender district where everybody goes to pretend being funny and happy, but sounded all way too much artificial and performing just to be watched…
      It passed through my mind that, in the end, being healthy will be also mandatory, and probably not lasting too much, not in vain several euthanasia laws were passed during the pandemic. In that report, employers promoted sport among employees by providing showers and change rooms for those who come to work by bike..From and hour brek to eat, most of the people was said to use at least 40 minutes to exercise, that leaves just 20 minutes to eat lunch….

      You know, how it all works now, at first it is always voluntary…Everybody asured us the “vaccines” would not be mandatory…

      Wondering what they have planned for all the fat people….

      • Pat Lang says:

        “I have the idea that is the agent comes to mind..” Oh bullshit. Well, maybe.

        • Babeltuap says:

          Pat LOL. Yeah, we can scoff at the resistance until it’s time to release an apology. From historical data that’s about 30 years later when the only people that cared are LONG gone dead.

        • Steve+G says:

          Col Lang.
          Agent Orange did come
          To mind for me and
          Multiple friends.
          VA approved.
          Who is the

          • Pat Lang says:


            I did think that for the Rome plow units and the infantry it WAS an experiment. I don’t know who are Guinea Pigs now. Maybe the Afghan Army to see if we can learn how win a counterinsurgency war. Sadly we learned that fifty years ago all over the world. The lesson learned was that if the enemy was not too committed to communism or nationalism we could win with foreign aid and training advice.

    • LeaNder says:

      Yup, so safe that the manufacturers demanded immunity from prosecution.

      Cheap shot, Barbara. Your hero claimed America would make it in no time at all, compared to standard rules, average times, developments and procedures?

      Now, if the ultimate US authority, as I seem to recall, orders (checked it: end of August 2020) the relevant experts to develop a vaccine in no time at all, till the end of 2020 latest. Would you have been among the one’s to urge care, would have opted to dissent? Considering who gave the orders? …

      Looking back now, whom you feel considering the larger context should bear the burden? China?

      Mainstream Media Misinformation?</b
      WASHINGTON (Aug. 27, 2020) — President Trump on Thursday pledged a Covid-19 vaccine would be available by the end of 2020, the most concrete claim he has made yet about the timetable for coronavirus vaccine development.

      “We are delivering life-saving therapies, and will produce a vaccine before the end of the year, or maybe even sooner,” he said.

      • Pat Lang says:


        The ultimate authority in the US is NOT the Executive Branch of the federal government. Sovereignty is divided according to the US Constitution among; the federal government; the states, and the citizens. See the 9th and 10 Amendments. The entire purpose of the US Constitution is to allow the federal government to function within the context of “a more perfect union” while forbidding the intrusion of that government into all others.

        • LeaNder says:

          I know Pat, at least theoretically. I was a bit cynical. Maybe? In those cases facts seem to he less important than making a (more personal????) point.

          Unfortunately. 😉

          • Pat Lang says:


            Not theoretically, in reality. You are merely insulting in a crass, awful way. Any system can be corrupted. I am trying to teach you something about American government and you hide behind some kind of Bader-Meinhof nonsense.

  3. Babeltuap says:

    There is no chance the FDA will not approve it so let’s get that out of the way first. With that being said, I retired in 14′. If I was at 19 years and 11 months I would resign my commission. There is no way they can approve it that fast without cutting major red tape. No thanks. That meager pension is not worth it. Maybe I will be proven wrong, I hope so, but I can absolutely live with it. If something goes wrong I can not. Where do I sign to get out of this crazy town.

  4. Teddy says:

    We have been here before:

    “As in his previous ruling, Sullivan cited a 1998 law barring DoD from forcing its personnel to take investigational new drugs or drugs not approved for their intended use. Under the law, only the president can waive the requirement for informed consent.”

    Unless troops can get a religious exemption there’s this:

  5. Sam says:

    If they want to mandate it why doesn’t Congress have the balls and pass that mandatory vaccine legislation?

    These requirements being placed by employers and cities to access services is a cop out. The same with the lockdown. Why aren’t the CDC and the White House mandating vaccine for their employees first?

  6. Leith says:

    IMHO it’s a national security issue. Military immunization programs are critical especially in the 21st century when any country (China anyone?), or even a two-bit terrorist organization with CRISPR gene editing technology can develop bioweapons. Good on the SecDef and the Chairman. If the FDA licenses it they should mandate it. If they don’t mandate it they should be charged with dereliction of duty. Although Austin needs to hold onto that mandate memo until after FDA approval. We don’t need another ruckus erupting like the anthrax AVA vax hysteria back 15 years ago.

    Of course extensive efforts need to be made to evaluate vaccine safety and benefit versus risk. And these immunizations need to be customized based on anyone with individual conditions. The FDA should constantly reevaluate those concerns, and so should the Natioqanl Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Medicine.

    What are the other options? Force the vaccinated to serve in the same units with the unvaxxed? Quarantine the unvaxxed? Form special Unvaxxed Battalions and or ships? None of those will work IMHO. If they refuse the vax then let the door hit them in the backside on their way out to civilian life.

    • Babeltuap says:

      And let the door hit civilians as well when too many get out and they need flood and hurricane assistance. 50% of the military power is National Guard.

    • Stueeeeeeeee says:

      You utter this as though this COVID “vaccine” has shown an iota of effectiveness.

    • Fred says:


      “We don’t need another ruckus erupting like the anthrax AVA vax hysteria back 15 years ago.”

      Which ruckus was that, the one about it being untested or the one about all the side effects that crippled that led the VA to make a generic claim possible?

      “What are the other options? Force the vaccinated to serve in the same units with the unvaxxed?”

      You mean the vaccines don’t keep you safe? Imagine that.

      • scott s. says:

        Fred, I can see this becoming another “Gulf War Syndrome” with endless battles over side effects and demands for VA recognition.

        Meanwhile, I was watching some broadcast network TV, and about every other ad was for some drug, with half the time in the ad spent listing the side effects and contra-indications. Well, except for the Covid-19 vax ads of course.

      • Leith says:

        Fred – There are some legal-vultures that are spreading false info that they can get VA compensation for anthrax vax side effects, and charging vets to represent them. Those dirtbag lawyers IMHO should be disbarred as no claims for anthrax vax side effects have been allowed by the VA. That is stated clearly in your link. And stated further here:

        As for vaxxed serving in the same unit as the unvaxxed. It’s called unit cohesion. Sure there are some breakthrough infections. Most do not require hospitalization, but however mild why should anyone suffer in the slightest?

    • Barbara Ann says:


      Here’s a crazy idea; don’t fall for the divide & conquer false dichotomy that TPTB are shoving down our throats re vaxxed/unvaxxed, it’s BS. Have you heard Dr. Dan Stock’s arguments btw?

      Fit young men & women are at negligible risk from this thing. The mandate is a purge of the ideologically impure, it’s that simple.

      • Leith says:

        Barbara – Thanks for the link.

        But for me I’ll stick to the advice of my own family practitioner. He has treated us well. Why should I overrule his advice for some other doc half a continent away whose main claim to fame seems to be dermatology?

        • Barbara Ann says:

          You certainly should not, though you may want to ask his opinion on it.

          At least in civilian life the advice of one’s family physician and informed consent thereafter is the bedrock of healthcare. Sweeping that away with coercive or direct State mandates is draconian in the extreme and totally unwarranted for a low lethality disease. This is especially so where the vulnerable group are the elderly and sick who will presumably choose to protect themselves anyway.

          • Leith says:

            Barbara Ann –

            Thanks for your concern. We sometimes ask for second opinions on matters of my bride’s health, as her lungs and immune system have been compromised for years. But when we feel the need to do that I seek out expert specialists in the field. Definitely not something I would ask of some internet wonder doc unknown to me or to our local healthcare community. No matter his opinion. What are his credentials?

  7. Bill Roche says:

    George Washington was an early proponent of small pox vaccination. He ordered it for all his troops wintering over at Valley Forge. I read it was not a popular order. Washington did it anyway. Why is vaccination for the China flu any different?

    • Teddy says:

      “While Washington believed wholeheartedly in the efficacy of inoculation, in May of 1776 he ordered that no one in his army be inoculated; violations of this order would result in severe punishment. The summer campaigns were about to begin and Washington could not afford to have a large number of his men incapacitated for a month, vulnerable to attack by the British.

      Washington eventually instituted a system where new recruits would be inoculated with smallpox immediately upon enlistment. As a result soldiers would contract the milder form of the disease at the same time that they were being outfitted with uniforms and weapons. Soldiers would consequently be completely healed, inoculated, and supplied by the time they left to join the army.”

      • Artemesia says:

        Washington was of the generation and category of Americans who pledged (risked) “their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor” on behalf of the cause they fought for.

        A neighbor told me I should “trust” the not-a-vaccine [n-a-v] vaccine because “US taxpayers paid billions” to produce it much more quickly than is usual.

        So the n-a-v vaccine-makers have no financial skin in the game.

        Furthermore, unlike Geo Washington & signers of Declaration, those now- phenomenally-prosperous pharma corporations have disavowed all liability.

        PS. How long did it take for the first Thalidomide tragedies to become known?

      • Leith says:

        Teddy – The Mt Vernon link you mentioned tells only half the story. Early in 1776 all troops were needed for the start of the summer campaign season. But then:

        “In May and June 1776, approximately half of the Continental Army task force advancing on Quebec was ill with smallpox. The Americans suffered 5,500 smallpox casualties among their force of 10,000 colonial troops. Major General John Thomas, their commander, died of smallpox during the campaign, as did many other soldiers. Decimated, US forces lost the Battle of Quebec and retreated.”

        Gillett MC. The Army Medical Department: 1775–1818. Washington, DC: US Army Center of Military History; 1981.

        Bollet AJ. The history of smallpox and its influence on military campaigns: Part 1. Resident Staff Phys. 1988;34:135–140. 17.

        Decimated is the wrong term, perhaps ‘cleaved in half’ or ‘dissected would have fit better.

        So after that disaster, General Washington in January of 1777 at Morristown ordered all troops inoculated.

        And in WW2 the US Army ordered all Soldiers inoculated with a yellow fever vax that had not received FDA approval. That was due to reports that the Japanese were developing bio weapons. “The FBI investigated repeated overt and covert attempts by Japan to obtain virulent yellow fever virus in 1939.” Unfortunately many troops became sick and jaundiced from the inoculations. “Many lots were contaminated by the hepatitis B virus. An epidemic of unexplained hepatitis began in March 1942, and yellow fever vaccination was halted on April 15, 1942. Approximately 51,000 military personnel with symptomatic hepatitis were hospitalized, …”

        So if it is good enough for George Washington, and good enough for George Marshall, then it ought to be good enough for Lloyd Austin and Mark Milley.

        • Fred says:


          Good enough for Washington the slave owner? Just kidding. Interning the Japanese Americans was good for FDR, it only took years to work through the courts. So obey, because Lloyd Austin, who in 40 years of service never worked with a “white supremecist” knows they are all over the military now.

          “Left untreated, smallpox would kill three out of every 10 who were infected with it, …” CDC as reported by CNN.
          That’s not true with the Democratic Party reelection varient of Covid or any of its other varients. It is an ok-boomer killer for certain, healthy troops, or school children, have essentially zero risk. This order will create division and intended to purge the ‘wrong thinkers’ from the ranks. That is all it is meant to do.

  8. Peter+VE says:

    My daughter is a Marine, and had Covid last December. I suggested she resist getting vaccinated, but Marines follow orders, and she was vaccinated a couple months back. My worry is that they ended the vaccine trials after only six months. Once the FDA gave Emergency Use Authorization, all the people who’d gotten the placebo were vaccinated. This ensures that is no unvaccinated control group to compare adverse reactions to, which means that the ongoing trials are a sham. If the vaccines cause long term bad reactions, the “science” will be useless.

    • Lelush says:

      According to Dr. Robert W Malone, juts the inventor of mRNA vaccines, he is told by an Israeli scientist, the agreement between Pfizer and the government is that no adverse events from the vax are to be disclosed for a minimum of 10 years….By that time nobody will be able to prove any harm has a relation with the vaccine, less if they get with vaccinating everybody, willingly or unwillingly…

  9. Lelush says:

    Those governments organizing this are incurring in submitting their citizenry to organized violence, and for this, it s not even needed to unleash the military on them, as they have done already in Australia, I would say forced vaccination in enough organized violence…

    A reflection on what happens when this is done…

    As the current events show is the case in France, and even commenters state so, there is already enough people in the streets on France in full August vacation season to recall there has not been such ammount of people in the streets since the forst days of August 1789…

    Today around a quarter of a million people went out to protest in its main cities, Nice, Bordeaux, La Rochelle, Metz, but also at smaller localities living of tourism, like Carcassone…
    At the same time, with gestapo going around the famous bistrots and terraces of Paris, almost deserted in full August, pick of tourist season, asking the few scarce customers for their Covid Pass ( to the ashame of these who got caught for posterity blanding such shameful acreditation of privilege over others …), it is obvious a boicot is going on….The mayor of Moscow backpedaled asap with the same measure of mandating bars and restaurants accepting only Covid Pass owners as soon as some internauts posted the images of the Muscovite hostelry deserted…

    German government is menacing with walking the same path starting september, with more or less equal percentage of population refusing the “vaccine”…

    In this context, I wonder, are they pushing the people to the extrem of presure so that they revolt? I mean wishing that outcome for whatever purpose, which can only be another curfew, this time blamed fully on the resistants…
    The vaccinated are being promised that they would not suffer confinement, but that promise would be impossible to mantain since at this point of time already there are far more hospitalized vaccinated than non vaccinated…

    IMO, and if as being warned since months ago by analysts like Daniel Estulin, the total metldown of Western economy will start around september, the desired outcome by the elites would be to blame the non-vaccinated for the coming curfew needed so that they can rob our bank accounts and pension funds at pleasure ( this move recommeded weeks ago by the IMF, not taken out from any “conspiracy theory”…).
    The rage amongst the vaccinated will increase exponentially as soon as they start falling serioulsy ill plus suffering the same confinement than the unvaccinated, with which violence explosions will be increasing at the supermarkets ( this fueled also by most than probable shortages due the current supply crisis..) and jobplaces, of the few places where people will continue taking contact with each other…if any…
    It is possible that the fight sets also amongst families…imagine this amongst a mandatory lockdown in the same house…

    There you have a full civil war, and this phenomena wil reproduce through the whole West, highly likely destruction of the social fabric which for ages has constituted the Western culture, while those pocketing the gains run to their private jets and bunkers until the fire extinguises, or just abroad to never return from their new havens in New Zealand and Sidney….Recently a Google CEO was allowed to enter the country jumping over pandemic measures which are being applied to the rest of the plebe ( with families stranded abroad since months ago…) to go to his refuge in the Fiji Islands…

    The past BLM riots we witnessed were not but a general rehersal with dressing and everything…
    Also recal the preparations for the Continuity of Government.
    All these events have a correlative time connection for a reason….

    Is it not what Sillicon Valley needs to built from scratch their new medieval transgender technocratic world where anybody eats, drinks, breaths, have children, or have any contact, or make any transaction, if they do not want or approve?

    Do not they need, to build the world they plan where they visualize themselves reigning at the top, unelected, to destroy social relations as we know it, namely, family, workplace, friendship, kinship, leisure, cultural and government institutions ( which obviously lose the trust of the governed at galloping pace…but they seem to not care …or are they being extortioned?….)

    In this brave new world, health will be mandatory, something that will be difficult to achieve with exhausting working hours plus deficient feeding, and any health care will be private and expensive, unaffordable in any case for the plebe..
    He says a friend of mine who is a philosopher, and who misses the philosophers in all this outrage, except for the dign case of Giorgio Agamben, that being sex one of the most contaminating human activites, it is a matter of time that sex is forbidden…

    Why not, has not been any mean of solace erased from people´s lives with no date of returning as we witness how this “pandemic” has no end, as the “variants” multiply along with the dictatorial measures…?
    Any kind of celebration was wiped out…except theirs…

    Just yesterday I thought of switching off the radio with its pandemic monotheme and play some music instead.. in the deeps of the car´s glove box I discovered an old CD with sevillanas a friend forgot past summer when we made an escapade for a few days to the near abroad….Have you noticed all these popular celebrations which brought so much joy and disipation of pain and rage and were also ocassions to meet, may be once in a year, old friends and family have dissapeared and that they are all an important part of our culture and social relations?

    The old world definitely is dying…except may be in Afghanistan….

    • Barbara Ann says:

      Macron’s Vichy regime is toast. There is no way in hell the French will submit to being ‘reset’. Vive la Résistance.

    • PRC90 says:

      Lelush, “unleash the military on them, as they have done already in Australia” ?
      That is not the case. Some ADF people, without weapons or any sworn Police powers or any aggressive intent, are accompanying the civilian Police in public health compliance patrols which essentially means checking home quarantine addresses, essential travelers, etc. I suspect that this is to make up the numbers while limiting the weight on the Police overtime budget.
      There has been no Aid to the Civil Power callout under the Constitution; this is equivalent to ADF assistance to firefighters or for disaster relief.

      • Lelush says:

        Not. IMHO, this is not equivalent to assitance to firefighters or dissater relief, since those ac tivites are with no doubt destined to save lives.

        Checking Covid Passes sounds to me as widely out of a national army competences, at least in a pretended democratic country, less going over there checking domiciles, a clear intrusion in citizens´ privacy and a de facto stepping over basic human and constitutional rights.
        I am not familiar with Australian Constitution, but i fear this goes agsint any basic ennunciate of the first chapters….

  10. Lelush says:

    They need to rush with fear and coercive measures since they signed of all those draconian contracts with Larry Fink, I mean Pfizer, ehh, sorry, and the whole house of cards does not hold much more…

    Professor Sir Andrew Pollard, director of the Oxford Vaccine Group, denying the possibility of “herd immunity”…thus the russh to mass vaccinate people has no sense, as it was justified o ngrounds of achieving “herd immunity” so that ending the lockdown measures…

  11. Lelush says:

    Israel, rare as it could sound, by difference, is reporting and providing more real data than any other country..

    Here Dr. Kobi Haviv on what is going on there…

    Or the vaccine to be innoculated to the USArmy personnel has another composition ( something perfectly possible since part the ingredients are secret!!!) or all this has no sense…

    • Fred says:


      A leaked transcript that makes a USMC general look ‘defiant’.
      “….the FDA won’t even fully endorse….”
      And when the FDA inevitably does so?

      “… soldiers enlisting into the Armed Forces, and they, as property of the U.S. government….”
      Does the author of that piece really believe soldiers are property? Lets see what else he wrote:
      “Military Hangs Susan Rice” … “Military Executes Tom Hanks”
      Really? Who wrote this crap:
      “Real Raw News is owned and operated by Michael Baxter, a former mainstream journalist and former English teacher. ….”

      So, uhm, thanks for link to the mediocre satire site.

  12. longarch says:

    Fact-check requested: Several correspondents have given me conflicting opinions on “Real Raw News”; most people I know denounce it as fabrication. In this case, it has published claims that should be verifiable or falsifiable.


    Marine Corps General David H. Berger on Monday rebuked Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s edict requiring all Armed Forces personnel to submit to Covid-19 vaccinations under threat of court martial or discharge, said a source in Gen. Berger’s office who overheard a heated conversation between them.

    Gen. Berger telephoned the defense secretary minutes after he said in a press conference that the Covid-19 vaccination is needed to maintain military readiness and that he would enforce the mandatary vaccination policy regardless of FDA approval status.

    “There will be no mandatory vaccinations for my Marines,” Gen. Berger said.

    In a transcript of the call reviewed by Real Raw News, Gen. Berger lambasted Austin and branded him a traitor.

    Untrusted Source:

    Archive because the source may change their story later:

    So they claim to have reviewed a transcript, but they don’t publish a scan or a photo of that transcript. It sounds too good to be true, and therefore I suspect it is feel-good fraud, fabricated from thin air to sell page-views.

    If these claims can be proven to have any basis in fact, then I would have to reconsider.

    • Fred says:


      That’s at best a satire site. Stick with the Babylon Bee, at least theirs is funny at times.

      • Barbara Ann says:


        Babylon Bee’s brand of satire is so good because it often serves as a predictor of actual news. Quite often the essence, if not the details, of their absurd alternative realities end up being reflected in real Dem policy. I’m sure if look in their archives you’ll find ‘news’ that a blue state governor has abolishing reading, writing and math from high school diploma requirements – for the benefit of non-white privileged students, of course. After all, literacy and numeracy just reek of white privilege.

  13. Bubba Schwartz says:

    This is just another tool old chubby Lloyd is using to purge the ranks of conservatives.

    I’m still waiting for his definition of “extremist.” In practice, it’s anyone who disagrees with him.

  14. Lelush says:

    For yo uall to see that this is not about health, but about anything else…

    Oncologic elder patient being denied entrance at public hospital to receive his treatment because he does not hold a Covid Pass…How both, Macron government and the collaborationist medical and health community jump over the Nuremberg Code, Chart of Rights of Patients, Chart of Human Rights and the Hypocratic Oath all at a time…Not even in the Oñlympics was made such long high jump…The European Comission ad its hundreds of paniaguados silent, the Assemblé Nationale and its hundreds of paniagaudos, silent, the UNSC, and its provileged permanent members since the end of WWII, silent, all the myriad of NGOs who rise their hypocrite voices to the skies on human rights grounds asking for a no-fly zone in Syria, Lybia, Lebanon, or wherever their paymasters are losing a battle or a color revolution after reducing those countries to the stone age, silent…The Vatican, silent….
    Shame on you all!

    If we allow this, we have it all what is happening, and will irremediably happen, deserved; if the whole France does not go out in the streets this very afternoon or early in the morning tomorrow on general strike paralizing the country, we have no remedy, as mandatory vacciantion is being justified in nursing homes on grunds of protecting the elders whose vacciantion resulted a fiasco…
    It could well be the case that vaccines have slowed, or hopelessly ruined, the vaccinated brains, a phenomena to be objectively observed, ofr what it seems, in some public health facilities where a majority have been vaccinated, otherwise this is not understandable in a country like France, or any respectable country for that matter

    In any case, what is the alibi for not allowing this old man entering the hospital, that he took a personal and sovereign decission over his persona related to experimental geen therapie which could well get them ending in the graveyard?
    If the vaccines are so good, what is the problem, what is the fear the vaccinated health workers have?

    if the world were currently functioning as it should, and most of the population would had not lost their north, who should be suspended of job and wage in the best case, and in the worst in jail are those that eventhough vaccinated with Macron´s “vaccines” are denying this elder his oblied medical assitance…
    There is a crime consisting in denying help to a people in danger or menace, which gets seriously agravated in the case of health professional, if i am not wrong…

    Also, for you to know, there is a clamor in the internet from oncologic patients alleging they were blackmailed by their especialists by menacing them they would be denied treatment if they did not get the “vaccine”….If more was needed to test that this is nit a matter of public health or caring for human beings, but of another very different, highly likely opposite, one…

  15. Lelush says:

    EU drugs regulator investigating possible new adverse effects from Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccines, this time erithema multiforme and nephrotic syndrome….

    At this point of time, even after the first death, especially those happening to young people who were previously healthy, these “vaccines” should be long ago forbidden for human use…

    I hope to live enough to see all, or at least main responsible paying the fair punishment for this crime against humanity.
    This has become one of my goals in life.

  16. Deap says:

    Will non-consenting military be deemed enemies of the state, put on a no-fly lists and have their entire bank accounts confiscated without notice by the FBI under federal law?

    This allegedly happened to a conservative radio talk host who attended the Jan 6 rally, but never even entered the Capitol building. (Trust, but verify)

    Is this not the “insurrection” we should be worrying about when our own government employees turn against us?

  17. MidHudson Mary says:

    So if a soldier dies or is permanently disabled from this “vaccine” can he/she be awarded a Purple Heart? Yes, I know, it is supposed to be from an enemy encounter but who is the enemy here? Moderna? Pfizer? Just wondering.

  18. English Outsider says:

    Colonel – I looked for some current material on the public health situation in the type of areas American and other Western forces are being sent to, particularly MENA and further east. Sent in considerably fewer numbers than before but still quite a few and always the possibility that more might be sent. Diplomats and other officials also.

    It’s a dilemma, compulsory vaccination in such cases. On the one hand it’s a serious infringement of personal liberty to insist on vaccination. On the other, sending men and women unprotected into areas where health arrangements are often chaotic and infection rife is surely risky.

    One video that gave a good general impression was an interview with a senior medic in Baghdad. She describes the conditions in her country and I’d guess it’s more or less similar in neighbouring countries. Not somewhere you’d choose to send personnel to unless protected as much as possible against catching Covid. Unless soldiers and others are excused from overseas duty on anti-vax grounds – something that would be difficult given the disruption caused in the units sent – there seems to be little alternative to vaccinating all who are sent overseas. Or maybe chancing it and hoping too many don’t get ill while out there.

    And that somewhat unsatisfactory “sitting on the fence” conclusion was about all that could be arrived at after seeing the description of how things were out there in Iraq and presumably in the neighbouring countries.

    But that wasn’t all. Suddenly the interview took off. The interviewer, Dr John Campbell, I had always regarded as a “tunnel vision” medic. Resolutely keeping his eyes away from anything to do with politics. There are many such – medics working abroad can’t get involved in the politics of the places they go to. That’s not what they go to do. Dr Campbell’s done his bit with voluntary work abroad so I expected him to take the same line.

    Not at all. There he was saying, in effect, that we in the West had spent so much money smashing the place up over there, the least we could do was help them out with this public health emergency. As of course we’re not, not to any extent. Then the interviewee gave an unvarnished account of how it was in her country. The corruption, the disorder, at times the chaos.

    And the most chilling description of a fatalistic attitude engendered by fifty years, more or less, of war. “People were used to dying”. We were taking just a glimpse through the “Gates of Hell” that we opened up with the original invasion of Iraq. “People were used to dying”, in Iraq, in Syria, any place elsewhere we’d made bad worse with our “interventions”.

    A sobering interview, then. Going somewhat further than the original reason for looking it out, that question of whether we should be insisting on vaccinating those posted to such areas. And, as ever, that little question mark over Ivermectin and other prophylactics, especially in regions where vaccination is slow and the health systems overburdened. Cheap enough. Safe enough. Why not give them a go?

  19. Deap says:

    “Science” is finally starting to tease out those who become seriously symptomatic when exposed to corona viruses, and those who do not. Putting emphasis where it should have been all along – appropriate therapeutics for vulnerable populations.

    100% inoculations, one size fits all, with this now increasingly dubious “vaccine” has been a Democrat command and control side show, with deadly consequences.

    From PJ Media:

    “As we begin to understand the limitations of the current vaccines in preventing transmission and symptomatic disease long term, tools for assessment of the illness and therapeutics will become increasingly important. Americans will become resistant to boosters every six months or so, especially if they are not in a high-risk demographic.

    The failure to fully explore symptomatic treatment is the most significant failure of the pandemic to date. We have drugs to treat many of the symptoms that appear at the various stages of COVID-19, and the goal should be to prevent hospitalizations.

    With the decreasing vaccine effectiveness demonstrated in high vaccination nations like Israel, the UK, and Iceland, it is long past time for our health bureaucracy to get serious about how to use existing drugs to treat inflammation, blood clots, and viral replication in the most effective way to prevent hospitalizations.

    While there is no profit in many of these repurposed medications, they are invaluable to decrease disability and death.”

  20. JK/AR says:

    This begins rather slowly but by six or so minutes in it should begin clarifying my point placing it on here:

    (May have to copy that text then paste it into your browser.)

    • Deap says:

      Good grief, one of the most important hours and 23 minutes I have spent .I hope everyone takes the time to watch this – trust, but verify obviously applies .

      But it ties together so many of the loose ends that never have been resolved including the strange timing of “covid” from Day One – the day after Nancy Pelosi tore up Trump’s SOTU speech and “covid” became the Democrats key political bio-weapon.

      And the media drum beat this was a”novel” corona virus, the media hype first about the toilet paper scares, the covid porn, the Zombie Apocalypse pretentions, and the hugely oppressive cancel culture to anyone who dared question, let alone deny the embedded and systematic hype.

      Not to make this just a political attack, because it may be far more venal than that – Frankenstein “science” for sheer profit. Long in the making, just waiting for the ripe moment when forces colluded and coincided.

      Certainly, the most sober, straight forward and easy to follow slice from Occam’s razor – riding to the rescue –patent lawyers who did the digging. Not Fauci and his overpaid “Center for Disease Control”.

      Now to go research the names, the players, and see what is on the other side of this story. Starting with Dr David Martin himself, on to Ralph Barrett, Moderna in unholy alliance with Big Media. Easy to believe what was presented here due to my own confirmation bias, but this story is so huge it does take an equally huge amount of confirmation.

      Just like accepting the 2020 election was stolen, accepting the 2020 “covid” was just one huge con-job — one must also accept what happens to one’s world if/when either or both are definitively proven to be true.

      How do we live in such a world? But how can we continue to live in the world that was created on the basis that both incidents were true when we are now living their full impacts and variant after variant will be sliced out of the exact same gene sequence like salami cuts off the same tube steak – or turning to a new page in War and Peace while reading the same novel.

      Thank you for passing this on – provocative to say the least and there are hundreds of loose end that cannot yet be tied up which means we have to remain open to every single new path put in front of us.

      This is certainly one – but mainly how will this change the direction our lives have recently taken because a critical mass of people and billions, trillions of dollars later, did want to believe in the Zombie Apocalypse.

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