Did you know that the Bahamas are in Central America?

Jesse Watters

Tonight, the preppy fop, Jesse Watters pronounced on his ill-deserved piece of Foxnews prime time that he could not understand how FTX Fried could live like an Ottoman sultan in the Bahamas since such lifestyles are not allowed in Central America.

But then, his main concern is his hair style. pl

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6 Responses to Did you know that the Bahamas are in Central America?

  1. KjHeart says:

    “Strict Bahamian laws also prohibit and illicit transactions, such as money laundering”


    as to Jessie Waters – when you have great hair guess you do not have to be smart.


  2. Whitewall says:

    Lack of great hair has always been my useful excuse.

  3. Fourth and Long says:

    Miss Betsy Ross?

    Yes, I am she. How can I help.you?

    Do you recognize the colorful striped image directly behind the image of this pompadour hairstyle modeling imposter?

    Oh dear me.

    Yes, as we suspected, thank you. He masquerades as a television personality distributing pertinent insights into the affairs of a country for which you designed and wove a now internationally recognized flag. Kindly take down the information on this business card at your leisure and let us know if he contacts you. He may soon approach you for further materials and testimonials in the service of promoting his ongoung implausible and alarming schemes. If so, display no unusual sense of having detected that he may in fact be as depraved and immoral as his appearance incites in a recently tested random cross section of our nation’s television audiences. We are experienced professionals and have him under rigorous scrutiny and observation at all times. Thank you for your kind cooperation.

  4. Jose says:

    Doesn’t this idiot know it’s Florida’s 68th county (Disney got cancelled)!

  5. Fred says:

    The fraud and laundering at FTX are epic but it is unlikely to get the actual attention of the press and Congress because of the breadth of corrupt politicians involved.

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