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“The five-vote majority needed in the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey remains intact months after Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s leaked draft majority opinion was written, according to a report. 

The leaked draft majority opinion penned by Alito is dated February 10 and has almost certainly changed multiple times in the almost three months since it was written, but three conservative sources close to the Court say that the votes supporting the decision remain unchanged, according to reporting from the Washington Post.

Members of the Supreme Court pose for a group photo.

Members of the Supreme Court pose for a group photo. (AP)


The justices set to join Alito’s opinion include Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett.

Chief Justice John Roberts, who has at times sided with the liberal wing of the court, still appears set to oppose the decision, with the report noting that Roberts was still attempting to persuade Coney Barrett and Kavanaugh to take a more incremental approach to allowing abortion restrictions.

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. (Julia Nikhinson-Pool/Getty Images)

The decision is expected to be firmly opposed by the court’s three liberal justices.

The leaking of the draft opinion stunned many observers of the court, who noted that the draft does not reflect the final decision of the justices and their votes could change between when the draft was written and when the decision is officially announced.


A crowd of people gather outside the Supreme Court, Monday night, May 2, 2022 in Washington following reports of a leaked draft opinion by the court overturning Roe v. Wade. 

A crowd of people gather outside the Supreme Court, Monday night, May 2, 2022 in Washington following reports of a leaked draft opinion by the court overturning Roe v. Wade.  (AP Photo/Anna Johnson)

Roberts said as much while confirming the authenticity of the draft, opening an investigation into the leak and stressing that the justices have not yet completed deliberations.

“To the extent this betrayal of the confidences of the Court was intended to undermine the integrity of our operations, it will not succeed,” Roberts said in a statement last week. “The work of the Court will not be affected in any way.”

Comment: OK. Get on with it. Jesus will survive the desecrations of these heathens, just as he has survived 2,000 years of similar. And, Joe Joe the false Catholic Marxist twit will be exposed when it is made clear that he is no Catholic at all.

The phony bishops will also be exposed for tolerating him within the Church, just as the wokie hierarchs have tolerated false Catholics like him and Giuliani all along hoping for football tickets or whatever.

The power of the central state will be diminished. Good. Abortions will be fewer in number. Good. Let California, Illinois and New York decide (for themselves) pl

Supreme Court’s majority vote to overturn Roe remains intact: Report | Fox News

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12 Responses to Do it!

  1. Cold War Colonel says:

    Agreed. Issue the opinion and get it behind us. Bad precedent has been overruled in the past.

    Shut down the protests in front of the “Marble Temple” and let the protests and persuasion begin in 53 state, commonwealth, and territory capitols.

    CA, NY, IL, OR and DC will always be “abortion tourism” destinations.

    • scott s. says:

      And Hawaii where we are “proud” to have legalized abortion 2 years before Roe (we’re number one!)

  2. Whitewall says:

    Hope so. All those Dems wailing about Muh Democracy for the last few years should be on board with this change. Handing it back to the states , to the democratic process, solves the high handed Judicial Branch over reach. Or is this whole leak a false flag desperate attempt to inflame the left base for Nov.?

  3. TV says:

    Roberts has always been a round peg in a square hole.
    He’s a politician, not a jurist.
    His time on the court has been deal making, not the constitution.

  4. TTG says:

    Yes. They should have the courage of their convictions and just do it. Roberts may be trying to walk the views expressed in the draft back or he’s trying to convince the majority to change their minds. One of the theories I read about the leak is that Ginny Thomas is involved. She wanted it leaked to stiffen the spines of the majority judges.

    This points to the fear among some Republicans that overturning Roe v. Wade will galvanize the Democratic vote and the vote of any who want the right to abortion to remain federally protected. It’s a cynical and sleazy position to place the quest for political power over one’s professed moral conviction. As I said, have the courage of your convictions.

    This is a decision based on religious morals. The Catholic Church currently has a clear, well developed and well argued stand that human life begins at the fertilization of the egg. This wasn’t always the position of the Catholic Church. The belief was that life began at the quickening and that quickening occurred at different times at different periods in the Church’s history. Not all religions or beliefs are in agreement with the Catholic Church. Perhaps life is eternal and does not hinge on a particular fertilized egg. Perhaps a soul does not suddenly come into existence at the moment of fertilization.

    I do believe this decision will lead to personhood for fertilized eggs and fetuses. A positive pregnancy test should qualify for all state and local benefits payable from the date of conception. That same positive pregnancy test should qualify for a tax deduction. A birth date is meaningless. Perhaps owning a dozen or more frozen fertilized eggs should also qualify for those benefits. Or maybe that practice should be outlawed. IVF is already unacceptable in the Catholic Church.

    OTOH, it’s hard to justify calling an unborn fetus seven or eight months along in its development nothing more than a meaningless mass of cells, unworthy of any kind of legal protection.

  5. Ted wandhe says:

    Well done and will be well received

  6. Babeltuap says:

    When the SCOTUS is leaking information with little to no concern to get to the bottom of it your country is on a crash collision course. Highest court in the land scoffing at it like it’s no big deal then asking the people in charge of security of the physical building to “look into it”…meh. It’s a disgrace. Absolute disregard for the laws of the land. Nowhere else to go but down.

  7. fakebot says:

    There’s 6 months to go before the mid-terms and this issue has almost zero affect on the majority of people who would care. People care more about what they’re paying at the pump, not whether they can keep getting abortions in Alabama (or as the Democrats know the place, Alabamastan).

    What will concern people is if they successfully spin the issue beyond abortion. They could argue things like gay marriage and Obamacare could be in the crosshairs next. It would take a special kind of incompetence from the Republicans for that to happen I would think.

    • Fred says:


      “What will concern people is if they successfully spin the issue beyond abortion. ”
      Protesting outside churches, how do Democratic voters feel about that? “Abort the Court” and F Alito chanted outside the home of the justice, how will that swing the undecided?

      Then there’s the double down on grooming, how is that going over with parents and grandparents?

  8. cobo says:

    This issue is obviously the card kept up the sleeve. Of course, that implies cheating, but oh well. When isn’t lying, cheating and stealing from the American people just daily business. I just want to add one more tiny thing… CA isn’t as frilly as the megaphones blasting for the monied interests would have us all believe.

  9. Rex Lesicka says:

    So, fakebot, are you actually in Obamacare? Do you actually have to do the deed or are you just talking about it? I was and it is horrible.

  10. Jose says:

    Roberts will join the majority after the leak because of the consequences of a 5 to 4 decision.

    Interesting “Ginni Thomas” wanted to change the message leaked this information on the day “2,000 mules” came out.

    The midterms will be decide on Biden and only Biden from the price of bacon to the price of gas and now no baby formula (abortion by other means).

    Ukraine will not save them, neither will abortions, it’s always about the economy.

    Lets Go Brandon!!!!

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