Dr. Adam Silverman on US/Israel Relations

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9 Responses to Dr. Adam Silverman on US/Israel Relations

  1. MRW. says:

    My hat’s off to you, Dr. Silverman!

  2. mo says:

    You stated not too long ago that you would not comment on a NJ issue and that the AIPAC lot had won.
    I dare say, that it seems to me that with so may people in the US asking so many questions of the US-Israeli relationship it is in fact you and those like you who are winning or at least turning the tide.
    The down side is the attacks on you will get louder and stronger.

  3. Charles I says:

    Kindly heed Dr. Silverman’s example and spread the debate, and take a stand, in your own families and other networks.

  4. LeaNder says:

    Brilliant. It’s systemic. But what puzzles me most is that some defensive strategies ironically feed directly into the deepest antisemitic myth.

  5. stanleyhenning@mac.com says:

    Excellent long needed presentation. In addition we should really consider revisiting the Freeman appointment.

  6. curious says:

    Somebody better gives Hillary a big stick and backing.
    Sources tell Foreign Policy that when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with Netanyahu at the King David Hotel earlier this month, such was the concern that a certain former Mossad analyst who now serves as Netanyahu’s security advisor may pose a counterintelligence problem that, after conferring with an aide, Clinton suggested to Netanyahu that they reduce the number of people in the room. … Clinton’s suggestion was made, sources say, in the hopes that Netanyahu would get the message and excuse Arad from the meeting. What happened instead, sources report, was that Netanyahu dismissed from the meeting Israeli ambassador to Washington Sallai Meridor, who has since announced his resignation. (An account of the meeting previously published on ForeignPolicy.com revealed that Clinton seemed remarkably constrained and tight-lipped during it.) …”

  7. curious says:

    F-22 sale to Israel talk. (JDAM and bunker buster compatible, plus stealth)
    somebody better budget war clean up in case of Israel attacking Iran if they sell the weapon.
    The Defense Ministry will closely follow discussions in Congress next month over the United States’ 2010 fiscal defense budget amid growing speculation that a ban on foreign sales of the stealth F-22 fighter jet may be lifted to keep the threatened production line alive.

  8. curious says:

    Operation Merlin was still alive and kicking during the Bush administration, whose officials said they planned to try it on other countries.
    In addition to targeting Iranian scientists, Israel is hard at work trying to sabotage Iran’s supply chain for the program using European front companies, U.S. officials said.
    Mossad recruits workers for these companies who can obtain technical data on equipment or photographs of it, former CIA officials said. These are then forwarded to Israeli scientists for analysis and study, they said.
    A few years ago, the United States and Israel came up with a joint plan to wreck the electrical grid Iran was using to power its nuclear program, a former senior official said. Again, this was a joint U.S.-Israeli program that would use an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) device to send a disabling power surge through power lines causing them to short out, U.S. officials said.
    The equipment was tested in the Nevada desert, but in Iran the EMP bombs would have had to be smuggled into the country by Israelis, then placed in open areas near the nuclear installation where they could be easily spotted. The plan was abandoned, U.S. officials said

  9. Saf Hulou says:

    I wondered if you had seen this? ‘US Envoy Writes of Israeli Threats ‘ at:

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