“Dr. McCullough: Vaccine Is More Dangerous Than COVID”

Dr. McCullough: Vaccine is more dangerous than COVID | One America News Network (oann.com)

Comment: I can’t prove a connection, but I started having episodes last year of partial paralysis within a couple of weeks of being vaccinated in April with the Moderna drug. This culminated in a subdural hematoma in June. Connection? pl

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  1. JK/AR says:

    Whither a connection I can not say.

    I might venture to say though, there seems to be curiosities a’plenty.


  2. Dolores O´Neil says:

    Even if you can not prove it, the seimple correlation in time with the vaccine of your symptoms is reportable to VAERS.

    Please, ask your family doctor to report your side effects, I repeat, you do not need to prove them.

    It is a duty of the vaccinated people who accepted the vaccine by trusting their authorities to report the side effects so that to protect the peoples of the world from this depopulating bioweapon.
    Otherwise we will be forced the same crap indefinitely.

    Just one of those criminals in charge in Canada announced that there is no complete vaccination with Covid, that you must take a booster every nine months…

    I have read that Trudeau has been caught with an account of 3000 millions in a tax haven, the same on most of regional governors in certain Euroepan country, the accounts dating the first months of 2020….

    This corrupt political elite have sold their populations to death in the altar of Davos.

    • JK/AR says:

      Just this once because Trudeau – Merely the first twenty or so minutes ought be sufficient. Headphones likely best. Normally I only listen to this Viva Frei fellow when he’s got Robert Barnes on and they’re “talking lawyer/legal” but yesterday was a slow day for me.

      Added note just for clarity’s sake but Mr. Frei, barrister of Canada has very recently re-located to Florida because of, primarily, Mr. Trudeau:


  3. Dolores O´Neil says:

    Myelitis and other serious neurological issues have been already proved to be side effects of these wrongly called “vaccines”, the same with brain strokes and other blood and cardiovascular issues, to this add serious damage to the kidneys…

    I will need to be tied with a rope a la Ukrainian to take that venom…

  4. Dolores O´Neil says:

    Ask yourself, why all these prestigious doctors, at the height of their careers, would risk everything to warn you, while those corrupt political elites risk nothing, since in the worst case they get with a millionaire pension for life after office, plus the news on them all having new well and recently stuffed accounts in tax havens?

  5. Fourth and Long says:

    I got a nasty case of Myocarditis a few weeks after second Pfizer vax. Could barely walk a block to corner coffee shop (leg swelling). Then after swelling subsided (12 days) I had two days of intermittent heart attacks, luckily insufficient to finish me off. Never had anything remotely like it previously other than high blood pressure and being overweight (70 yrs old). I’m absolutely sure it was the vax and none of the several local MDs I spoke to about it (and consulted) were the least bit surprised.

    • Edward says:

      Bro-in-law died 4 days ago after weeks in agony of congestive heart failure.
      He had lived with the heart condition for many, many years.
      Then he was double vaccinated; his legs became so swollen due to fluid retention that heart surgery was performed– replace a valve & repair tricuspid. The repair failed after two weeks.

      Interesting the way he was handed off by surgeon to hospital; by hospital to hospice, where he died; then by hospice to funeral director who took information from deceased’s wife to enter Cause of Death. Medical Examiner will not examine body or records but will rely upon, and rubber stamp, funeral director’s information.

      Nowhere was mention made of his vaccine status.

      Seems to me that data should be gathered, compiled, analyzed.

      Impossible to say if vaccine played a role in his death, bit it certainly did not contribute to improving his life.

      • Fourth and Long says:

        Sorry to hear about it.

        To make a sad story even worse, I omitted to mention that on top of the above related experiences, I came down with Covid after double vaxxing. It was during the Omicron wave which swept the neighborhood where I live. I either have a so-called long term form or have contracted it at least three times. Which is very interesting, as my social contact is nearly zero.

        Allow me to share this link which I think captures an emergent essence of our times. The media landscape is so corrupt (along with the other landscapes) that no one can trust any information any longer. I think the insight about the desire for publicity is profound.


        Joel Gold, a psychiatrist at the Bellevue Hospital Center, revealed that by 2008, he had met five patients with schizophrenia (and had heard of another twelve) who believed their lives were reality television shows. Gold named the syndrome “The Truman Show delusion” after the film and attributed the delusion to a world that had become hungry for publicity. Gold stated that some patients were rendered happy by their disease, while “others were tormented”. One traveled to New York to check whether the World Trade Center had actually fallen—believing the 9/11 attacks to be an elaborate plot twist in his personal storyline. Another came to climb the Statue of Liberty, believing that he would be reunited with his high school girlfriend at the top and finally be released from the show.[66]

        In August 2008, the British Journal of Psychiatry reported similar cases in the United Kingdom.[67] The delusion has informally been referred to as “Truman syndrome”, according to an Associated Press story from 2008.[68]

  6. James says:

    I have heard too many reliable people relating stories about problems they had after getting vaccinated for me to be complacent about this issue.

    My strategy is to stay away from the mRNA vaccines. I have yet to hear of a story like the Colonel’s from someone who got a non-mRNA vaccine.

  7. d74 says:

    I was vaccinated Moderna (one shot) 11 months ago, then confirmed with one Pfizer 6 months later. (And one flu the month before.)
    For Moderna alone: no noticeable reaction. For both together: nothing.

    I had a history of heart disease for about 6 years. I hope it’s under control and will remain so.

    Moderna is cost effective: one shot is worth two Pfizer.

    • d74 says:

      [sorry, too fast]
      We know Voltaire’s joke. Something like: “John was bitten by a beast. The beast is dead”.
      The virus is the beast. I hope so.

  8. Whitewall says:

    I took the two Moderna jabs in Feb. 2021 with no known side effects until a few months ago where during my last check up, my blood work showed ‘low platelets’. I have never heard the word platelet mentioned in my blood work ever. May be no relation to the jabs but those two are my last two. I’m told that blood type O+ which I have is a helpful agent to ward off flu on its own.

  9. leith says:

    I have had the full mRNA vaccinations plus the boosters with no side effects.

    Same for SWMBO even though she has had a serious underlying lung condition for a dozen years prior to the pandemic.

  10. A. Pols says:

    I had the 2 Moderna jabs in the Spring of 2021 and, like you, I experienced vascular problems including bleeding episodes. I also had a resurgence of Psoriasis which had plagued me in the past, but had been in remission for over a decade, and I have generally felt unwell with the jabs being a demarcation line. I refused the boosters. I’m 75 heading to 76 and I suppose all my problems could be purely age related, but I remain suspicious that the unproven, untested vaccine is the causative agent.

    • LeaNder says:

      My mother is 94 and had three jabs. No side effects. Presently she has Corona, might have picked it up in the hospital, where my brother urged me to take her, diagnosing via phone a stroke might have occurred based on the symptoms. Wasn’t the case. But as it is, they took a closer look and found other issues. She picked up Corona in the hospital in the process.

      Many cases down South presently in my wider family. All, including her case, seem to be very serious. But: one of those is in a very, very, very serious condition. A rare but very aggressive cancer. My niece is in the process of a breast cancer treatment. She, too, picked it up.

      You tell me, if the scenario would be the same if none of them had been vaccinated.

      Or you tell me, why I did not pick it up myself. My mother was diagnosed positive the day she left the hospital. I had been very, very close to her for several hours the days before. Close enough to help her take showers and deal with diarrhea. Twice the day before.

      My partner died last December. He had multiple issues for years, more intensively for several months. His blood had shown heavily bad values, taken before the first jab. He got both jabs at home, not the third one.
      I saw death approaching. As he did himself, I guess. A couple of days before he had objected to being taken to a hospital. No signs of Corona, but lots of other problems.

    • LeaNder says:

      All, including her case, don’t seem to be very serious.

      Bad proofreading.

  11. JK/AR says:

    When I first noticed this post of Colonel Lang’s I got on the horn (email) to my “discussion group” to see if any of them had gotten hold of anything we’d yet to discuss that I thought might be pertinent (and new) to contribute. A link to *that which I just received will be placed as my endpoint.

    *I’ve yet to thoroughly study it much less “the group’s” gathering to discuss it.

    But first some “Ancient History” & Its latest iteration – The definition of ‘vaccine.’

    Vaccination (pre-2015) : Injection of a killed or weakened organism to prevent the disease.

    Vaccination (2015-2021) : The act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce immunity to a specific disease.

    Vaccination (Sept 2021) The act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce protection from a specific disease.

    Why I think it important for inclusion hereon:


    (My memory’s long enough to remember how Mr. Science when these newfangled “vaccines” first rolled out and all the *guarantees we were promised at the time – Alas it does appear Youtube’s been ‘memory-holed’ below the water line so that easily locating assurances and promises made by Mr. Science appear to be resting down somewhere in Davy Jones locker. )

    That promised link at the endpoint:


  12. Barbara Ann says:

    And the vaxx mandates are even more dangerous then that.

    This experimental gene therapy is not a vaccine. It was labeled as such and then the very definition of that word changed to justify that label. The drug companies are indemnified and the trial results will be hidden for 75 years. TPTB thought this was all necessary so as ensure a higher take up rate. Draconian crackdowns on civil liberties implemented on the advice of experts were questioned by very few politicians. All this and in my locality the mortality rate fell in 2020. The whole experience has been an eye-opener.

    I see COVID not as a pandemic but as an episode of group insanity. A bad case of flu that primarily affects the old and sick was made out to be an indiscriminate killer – the new Black Death. I am firmly convinced that there is an agenda behind the mandatory vaxx programs which has nothing to do with public health and everything to do with the QR coding the populace. Such convictions earn me the badge of honor as a conspiracy theorist and I embrace that.

    Time will tell, but I do not regret my decision to remain in the control group. I hope your symptoms have abated Colonel.

    • JK/AR says:

      But but but Barbara Ann!



      Just kidding.

      I’m staying in the control group too, and really what is a ‘conspiracy theorist’ anyway when all the conspiracy theories turn out to be anything but?

    • Deap says:

      I even found an ersatz “Covid-19 Control Group” card online -(fake) and printed it out with my name and ID, sealed it up in clear packing tape to look tamper-proof and am ready to whip out if anyone asks.

      It reports:
      NAME – DOB – SSN
      1st Dose Covid-19 —– Never
      2nd Dose Covid-19 —– Never

      (WARNING: Not legal, do not try this at home, and never use this in any official capacity.)

    • TTG says:

      Barbara Ann,

      Vax mandates have been with us for a century or more. I don’t think the polio vaccines had anything to do with establishing a new world order other than to eradicate polio. I and SWMBO don’t have any way of being QR coded even though we were both vaccinated for Covid. It’s in our medical records as are all our other shots. We also still have our little yellow shot books. People are getting QR coded of their own volition by owning and using those infernal smart phones, but I know we’ve discussed this before.

      But back to the main point, I really can’t fault anyone for avoiding this mRNA vaccine. After her reaction to the second shot, SWMBO will not be getting any boosters. I might get an omicron specific booster in the Fall. But if these mRNA vaccines pan out as a cancer treatment, I’ll be first in line.

      • LeaNder says:

        TTG, what were SWMBO’s reactions?

        I heard of both. Serious troubles with the vaccine and serious troubles with Covid itself. I also heard of very, very old people who caught it early and did not have severe cases from friends, as well as of comparatively young ones who died or struggled heavily.

        I agree, concerning mRNA and cancer treatment. We are all very, very different. And the idea to personalize treatment sounds like a great idea.

        • TTG says:


          Both SWMBO and I had Covid very early in the pandemic. We both chalked it up to a flu until SWMBO got Covid toes. Mine was so mild, I continued to strip and restain my deck while I was under the weather for a few days. SWMBO had her flu-like symptoms for several weeks before the Covid toes showed up.

          We both had mild reactions to the first shot, more than a flu or tetanus shot along with some chills, but it was over by the next morning. I had Moderna. SWMBO had Pfizer. My second shot had even less reaction. SWMBO was quite achy and run down for several weeks after her second shot.

      • Barbara Ann says:


        You and I are highly unusual in not owning these infernal devices. Swiping one has become as natural as breathing to this generation. But what has been lost in the tremendous convenience is important: Buying groceries, where you are swiping a product code is one thing. Swiping an entry gate to get into the grocery store (already here right now in some stores in Russia for example) is equally effortless, but fundamentally different. In this case the code being swiped is the one on your phone’s display. Who controls whether your code is accepted and what does this make you?

        This is the sort of future we will all face if we continue to ignore the fundamental implications of such technologies on the relationship between its users and its controllers.

    • Fred says:

      Barbara Ann,

      The left conveniently fails to remember the Imperical College model that was used as part of the international fear campaign. This was touted to be just like smallpox, death across all age groups. Mandatory vax, passports, prove your health. Most important: Obey. And don’t you dare support Trump.

      • Deap says:

        Never forget the leader of the Imperial College of Medicine, who perpetrated first fraud Zombie Apocalypse modeling of “covid” was actively shacking up with a director of AVAAZ.

        AVAAZ being a vast online global activist operation, with ties to Soros money. While they were telling everyone else to honor these newly imposed and draconian lockdown rules, they merrily broke curfew to visit each other’s bedrooms.

        What unfortunate partners in this original crime.

        • Fred says:

          Gavin Newsome, soon to be the Democratic candidate for president in 2024, was going to dinner with other rich Californians who were all mask free, while all the staff were masked up. That in the state that arrested a guy for surfing while the beach was closed for “Covid: risk. Now Newsome is putting out ads in FL telling us how free Californians are. Narrative uber-alles.

  13. walrus says:

    Let us celebrate being alive today!

    People die all the time whether or not they have been vaccinated. That means there will be a known fraction of the vaccinated population who will die within days, hours even, of being vaccinated, That fraction is constant and it has nothing to do with what you have been vaccinated with.

    To put that another way, doctors could vaccinate people and inject absolutely nothing and you will still get those stories: “My friend was vaccinated and two days later he swelled up, turned blue and died two days later.” it is a simple function of statistics.

    To make a valid claim against a vaccine you would have to be able to show beyond reasonable doubt that there are more deaths than naturally occur following vaccination. AFAIK, no one has proved this.

    P.S SWMBO and I are each 2 X oxford, 1 X Pfizer booster and ! X Moderna booster. The Moderna one made me feel like crap the day after – as predicted by the administering nurse.

    • JK/AR says:

      Just so Walrus,

      “To make a valid claim against a vaccine you would have to be able to show beyond reasonable doubt that there are more deaths than naturally occur following vaccination. AFAIK, no one has proved this.”

      Not a single solitary one of the ‘presenters’ of the “excess deaths” being reported on has definitively attempted to link the mystery of the excess to the “vaccine.” Caveat – I can only speak to the presentations I’ve seen or read.

      Dr. Campbell on that lead link I left did mention it as one of several possibilities but only going that far, a “possible” factor.

      Still; and I think you’d agree, there’s a ‘human tendency’ wants mysteries, especially those of the human condition, explained.

      WSJ’s behind a paywall but there’s this:


      Now I would stipulate, and just so far as my personal theorizing goes – the coinciding deaths do seem oh, ‘a little fishy’ to me at this point. But at this same point there’re simply too many unknowns to be testing any theories.

      Over and Out.

      I want to read other’s opinions/comments and absent myself unless directly addressed. (Besides, my 88 year old Mom’s made me an appointment for tomorrow at the place she gets her hair done. She’s of a mind I need my beard “trimmed.” And as I ain’t had my hair cut in nine years she’s suggesting I get “a little taken off the top” too.)

      • TTG says:


        Nine years since your last haircut. You must be one wild looking SOB. My father would kid my brother, the logger, about looking like a “wobogis” or a wild man of the woods after returning from a week in the wood lot. We’re all trying to convince him to hang up the axe and retire.

        • JK/AR says:

          Actually TTG,

          The topside really isn’t the hairy problem (forgive : irresistible) the beard admittedly is.

          Back that nine years ago I happened to shower at Mom’s and afterward failed to note (cataracts fixed since and no longer require glasses) what all had “washed off.”

          Mom said then, “JK, You are going bald just like your Daddy did!”

          I said, “Great. No more haircuts!”

          Now admittedly there’s some “Buts” what’s cropped up in the results since that long ago shower – mind, it ain’t been nine years since I showered just so you don’t go off the deep end – But, a hair from my front top for instance doesn’t even reach halfway to the quite luxurious if I do say so myself, ponytail that hangs betwixt my shoulder-blades.

          Immediately forward and somewhat over the flightdeck of my ears those hairs do their best to be mistaken as part of my beard. Aft and below my island [crown/radome continuing the metaphor] the frontmost hairs hide my radome while the rearmost – so long as I’m turned into the wind and tied down – form the quite nice ponytail. Now when there’s wind some quarters off the bow and the thing ain’t securely anchored Holycow, look out athwartships!

          My Grandkids, quite proudly seems to me, act admirally introducing me to their peers: which peers not infrequently say to the Grands “He looks like Einstein!” in a kind of a “awed” tone which the said Grands seem to accept quite proudly.

          Where the eldest of the Great-Grands are concerned they coo “Santa Claus!” (which I guess in a way is appropriate).

          To my peers the reviews are at best mixed – some saying I look like Charleton Heston as Moses, some saying a version of the wildest-eyed Afghan holy man/refugee.

          Now where my Mom’s peers are concerned (whom fortunately or not depending on which) the effect very often is at times abit more problematic : sometimes, admittedly rarely the aforementioned Mr. Heston as Moses but more often than I’d prefer – given my region’s History with all those fellows who fit the bill as “Bushwhackers” – The most well-recalled being that John Brown fellow of Harper’s Ferry fame. Or infamy as the case too often seems.

          Hence – “Trimming the sails.”

          • TTG says:


            Thanks for that vividly descriptive story. I truly enjoyed it and got several chuckles from it. You’re going to like one of those total makeover shows.

      • leith says:

        JK –

        Mom knows best.

      • Deap says:


        For whatever this is worth, alleged US military data showed increase in negative health impacts post-vaccination in a slide show presented internally. DOD quickly scrambled to explain that was a reporting artifact and their prior five year averages used for comparison were flawed, but did not explain why they found that very same data acceptable for five whole years.


        Health insurance companies have neutral data, but because they too are now so tied up with government health care mandates they are not talking either.
        At some point in time, mining their data will tell the fuller story about “covid”, including it never caused the deaths it claimed to have caused in the first place. Let alone either the efficacy or harms the vaccine is responsible for.

        Why there is no data at this late date still, tells the story louder than anything else. Why isn’t there data, this late in the game is the damning question. The dog who did not bark.

        • JK/AR says:


          Sometime back, and it’s been awhile, I took “especial note” of the stuff [comments/commentary] you put on offer here on the Colonel’s site.

          And, though I’m fully cognizant you ain’t reckoning what us hillbillys means when we say “admire” … Well an excerpt is in order:

          1] Preface to the matter:

          “While I was still in high school, my grandmother once showed me an article in the Arkansas Gazette claiming that some hillbilly folks in the isolated Boston Mountain region of the Ozarks still spoke Elizabethan English. … I heard unlettered hillbillies pray spontaneously in the sacred tongue of King James, and get it grammatically correct! I have come to doubt, however, that anybody in the Ozarks was speaking Elizabethan English and using “thee” and “thou” in their day-to-day lives. … The Gazette was likely doing what many newspapers do with their reports of scholarly findings. … [S]omewhat wrong. But they were right that much of the vocabulary was archaic, for the well-known folklorist Vance Randolph had been publishing on this phenomenon since the 1920s. In the article “Dialectical Survivals in the Ozarks: III. Archaic Vocabulary,” published in the journal American Speech in 1930, Randolph and Patti Sankee noted a large number of words used by Ozark hillbillies in archaic senses. They tell us that:

          The crux:

          “Only the other day one of our neighbors remarked that he admired a flood which had ruined his crops — meaning simply that it astonished or surprised him. (Randolph and Sankee, American Speech, Volume 5, Number 5, June 1930, p. 424)”

          Now Deap to your observation : “Why there is no data at this late date still, tells the story louder than anything else.”

          Indeed I contend – but as yet lack “the grounding” – I’m only at this point prepared to put on this blog

          The dog has yet to bark.

          Dog’s mightily sniffing though and digging like crazy. Sometimes Deap canines are more apparent [endeavoring] at – what I described to Walrus above as – ‘the tendency that wants explained.’

          And that Deap ain’t even the half of it.

          Now ol’ JK has almost certainly confused the hell outta you especially Deap but highly likely a whole ‘nother bunch of folks too.

          But Sorry it can’t be helped at this particular point however, as seems inconveniently perhaps to some, at a later point Truth will out!

          (And actually “truth” is probably already out there it’s just that we’re not privy. Yet.)

          However also assuredly, Hell is gonna have a seat at the breakfast table.

          – I should ought ‘proofread’ this but what the heck –

      • James says:

        That is an interesting study and it only looked at mRNA vaccines.

        It would be interesting to see a study that investigated the amount of heart inflammation that people experienced after receiving a mRNA vaccine vs how much people experienced when they received a non-mRNA vaccine.

        But nobody seems to want to do that study.

        • JK/AR says:


          [Former] Girlfriend got the ‘One Shot! J&J’ and subsequently had two coronaries some seven months apart. The first within 40 days. Each time catherization. The last time being in the immediate vicinity of her ticker. Both clot causal.

          She, being adopted, History unknowable. She did however have some of the well-known co-morbidities as well as a platelet condition near – we being “only” together as of December ’15 to this most recent April : guessing maybe two or so years prior [ITP?] Anyway it was characterized by an extremely low platelet count. So – long before the emergence of Covid per se.

          As to the “most recent events” linkage – Who knows?!! or would even hazard a guess?

          However her experience I hasten to add is the sole example of ‘a possible’ I am personally knowledgeable of. (There was no VAERS report.)

          My conclusion? Anecdotal and given the dearth of ‘known history’ correctly unreported for VAERS analysis.

          Only reason I’m including that into this thread is because of a somewhat similar *occurrence having a – seemingly similar – event [UK] which the son of the fellow now has ‘serious concerns’ might have, possibly, maybe robbed his Dad of his mind. Astra Zeneca near as the son can determine – NHS “exceedingly unhelpful.”

          Then again – there seems to actually be two pandemics occurring simultaneously – the “Covid” one widely acknowledged but the “Unhelpfulitis” one not so much.

  14. Fred says:

    The elite “experts” of the professional federal bureacracy have decided that this is “safe” (just like abortions), any disagreement got one chased off social media and sometimes even fired. Now it is being made mandatory for children who face effectively zero risk from this disease.

    This country, most of Europe, and many nations in Asia spent the better part of two years locking down, mandating vaccines as a condition of employement, or of recieving health care, or visiting elderly relatives, or attending schools or other events. Many excuse were given; now many of those lockdowns and mandates are gone. Not gone is the damage do to individuals, families, children’s educational development, and most importantly the “immunity” for corporations like Pfizer that make all of these. I will note, as I mentioned a couple of times, I’ve never heard of any Afghan hospitals being overwhelmed by Covid sufferers while Biden was ‘winning’ his great evacuation from Kabul, nor have I heard of anyone shipping millions of vaccines to Ukraine for them to use on their own army – as Biden is requiring of ours. (I also see that Austin has a deferal from the vax. How convenient as the ‘leader’ of DOD)

    On a side note, does anyone know how Andrew Cuomo is doing now? Does he still have immunity from all those grieving families he created as NY’s governor by sending sick patients back to nursing homes?


    “To make a valid claim against a vaccine you would have to be able to show beyond reasonable doubt that there are more deaths than naturally occur following vaccination. AFAIK, no one has proved this.”

    That might be law in Australia but that’s not what would be required here. You have never heard of “side effects” or class action suits?

  15. John Schoppee says:

    Has anyone seen anything about effects of J&J shot? Lots out there about Moderna and Pfizer but not J&J. I took that at the 11th hour to finish my military career but regret that decision.

    • James says:

      John Schoppee,

      I personally believe that the non-mRNA vaccines are safer than the mRNA ones. I haven’t come across anyone who got a non-mRNA vaccine and is now saying they regret it. I have heard lots of regret from people who got mRNA vaccines.

  16. TTG says:

    The National Cancer Institute did a study and found COVID-19 was the third leading cause of death in the U.S. in 2020 and 2021 behind heart disease and cancer. The virus last year was the first and second leading cause of death among people ages 45–54 and 35–44, respectively. Deaths among those 85 and older dropped during the period studied, likely because of targeted vaccination efforts. Maybe the old codgers did better last year because they were thinned out pretty well in 2020.

    Covid, itself, has done a number on our health and mortality. It has far reaching neurological and cardiovascular effects and lord knows what else. With this long covid phenomena, it could be like polio and strike hard years done the road. Any vaccine that works against a virus that malicious is bound to have some pretty wild side effects.

    On the other hand, these mRNA vaccines have been used in limited trials as cancer treatments for about ten years, long before Covid-19 reared its ugly head. Some of these trials have had remarkable results with a 100% cure rate on 18 rectal cancer patients and real promising results against pancreatic cancer.

    • Fred says:


      ” these mRNA vaccines have been used in limited trials as cancer treatments for about ten years, long before Covid-19 reared its ugly head. ”

      “These mRNA” specifically developed for the Wuhan virus certainly were not used to fight cancer for a decade with proven clinical trials behind them. Please stop with the outright propaganda.

      • TTG says:


        Research into mRNA vaccines was being carried out in the late 1990s for HIV, Zika, rabies and others. Trials of mRNA vaccines for cancer treatment have been around for a decade. All that research and trials contributed to the quick development of the mRNA Covid vaccines. The technology and the approach didn’t just materialize with the appearance of Covid-19.

        • Fred says:


          “The technology and the approach didn’t just materialize with the appearance of Covid-19.”

          Really? OMG!!!!!

          The individual vaccines forumulated for Covid sure did materialize after the leak from the lab in China. That is why it was necessary to issue that “emergency” approvals and void all the normal testing requirements. The corporate immunity was new too.

  17. Babeltuap says:

    I swore I would never trust the Federal Government with my health ever again. One screw was so bad they cut me a check for 25K but they screwed up a couple more times. Thankfully I was able to make a full recovery but that was a wrap for me. When the mandates kicked it I had seen enough. Hopefully people also recover like me and learn a valuable lesson; the government does not look out for your best interests. They don’t do it with elections, the border and absolutely not with vaccines.

  18. Tom67 says:

    From Republican Senator Ron Johnson´s website the following snipping:
    “Based on data from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED), Renz reported that these whistleblowers found a significant increase in registered diagnoses on DMED for miscarriages, cancer, and many other medical conditions in 2021 compared to a five-year average from 2016-2020. For example, at the roundtable Renz stated that registered diagnoses for neurological issues increased 10 times from a five-year average of 82,000 to 863,000 in 2021. ”
    Here the source: https://www.ronjohnson.senate.gov/2022/2/sen-johnson-to-secretary-austin-has-dod-seen-an-increase-in-medical-diagnoses-among-military-personnel

  19. JK/AR says:

    *You’re familiar with that old tv show ‘Lost In Space’ featuring the robot which, in nearly every episode as I recall *shouts “Danger danger Will Robinson”?

    Well. On another of the blogs I usually hit daily (like the Colonel the host is the ‘real deal’ Space Enthusiast). But this latest post of his isn’t *exactly space-stuff – well, except that maybe, possibly ‘solar storms’ are a risk factor for the newly discovered SADS syndrome.

    Something else – aside from the ‘danger danger’ graphic at the top what grabbed my attention down in the comments there’s a guy goes by ‘Aesop’ [TTG got a link via me to Aesop’s blog] – Anyway Aesop works in a California Emergency Department system and he brings to our attention some of what many of us are asking put generally as “Why no publicly available study results”?


  20. joe90 says:

    The US government and Brandon did say the following. The vax will not stop you from getting Convid, will not stop you from spreading Convid, all it will do is reduce the chance of death amongst at risk groups.

    They told the truth, most people didn´t pay attention. Then they lied. It normally takes 10+ years to see if a vaccine is safe. Anyone who took the vax was a fool.

    • joe90 says:

      By definition it was and is not a vaccine. It is a experiment.

    • JK/AR says:


      “The US government and Brandon did say the following. The vax will not stop you from getting Convid, will not stop you from spreading Convid, all it will do is reduce the chance of death amongst at risk groups”

      That Joe90 you contend is what *the US government* said?

      Is not the CDC of “the US government”? More specifically is not the CDC an Executive Branch [thus Brandon] function?


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