“Einstein’s Quantum Riddle”


Highly recommended. pl

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  1. sbin says:

    Comic strip has been on of my favorites for many years.Offten has a unique perspective.
    Quantum computation, encryption and error correction are topics I enjoy reading about but are slightly above my pay grade.
    I guess waves of grain become particles once threshed.

  2. John+Merryman says:

    An interesting interview, with someone with a more experimental point of view;

    • Pat Lang says:

      John Merryman

      It appears that Bohr was right.

      • John+Merryman says:

        To a certain extent, I agree. My sense is that any information is not synonymous with the underlaying energy, but the consequence is the information is ethereal, not the energy.
        It goes to the question of time. We are these mobile organisms and the need to navigate is the logical basis for this sequential process of perception, that is our experience of reality. Consequently our experience of time is as the point of the present moving past to future, which physics codifies as measures of duration.
        The reality is that change turns future to past. Tomorrow becomes yesterday, because the earth turns. Duration is the present, as the events come and go.
        So there is no literal dimension of time, because the past is consumed by the present, to inform and drive it. Causality and conservation of energy. Cause becomes effect.
        Sequence is not necessarily causal. Yesterday doesn’t cause today, the sun shining on a spinning planet creates this cycle of days and nights.
        Energy is “conserved,” because it manifests the present, not a dimensionless point between past and future. It creates time, as well as temperature, pressure, colors, sounds. Frequencies and amplitudes. Time is frequency, events are amplitude.
        So energy, as process, goes past to future, while the patterns generated go future to past. Think in terms of w ave; The energy is what drives it, while the fluctuations rise and fall. So the energy goes onto creating the next wave, while the form of the prior wave fades away.
        Yet as these biological entities, it is our digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems processing the energy, while the central nervous system sorts the information. So we think in terms of shapes and ideas, such as statistics to model large amounts of information. Otherwise it all becomes a whiteout, like leaving the shutter on a camera open.
        Sonsciousness also goes past to future, while perceptions, emotions and thoughts go future to past.
        So I would agree it is information all the way down, with the caveat that it’s energy all the way up.
        Even galaxies are energy radiating out, as mass/form coalesces in.
        I just like that interview with Mead as an effort to offer a more functional point of view.

      • Fourth and Long says:

        Yes, he was. Einstein became an old stick-in-the-mud due to his attachment to his love for an orderly, causal world that made “sense” – the way things were “supposed to be” was preferable for him to the way things actually turned out to be. He was an incredibly brilliant man, but also incredibly mythologized. His world was not simply classical music, but the music of Bach and Mozart – preferably Mozart.

    • Fascinating. Thanks for putting me on to Mead.

      • John+Merryman says:

        You’re welcome. There are various interesting ideas and people out there, that are not all in with string theory and multiverses, but it’s been another form of cancel culture, where those in charge are not willing to admit the last forty years of cutting edge theory are coming up empty and the reset would, as that interview shows, would have to go deeper than anyone is willing to consider.
        If I may make one prediction, it will be the James Webb invalidates Big Bang Theory, as it is discovered the cosmic background radiation is the light of ever further sources, shifted off the visible spectrum, rather than evidence of a primordial event.
        Here is another paper;
        h ttps://fqxi.org/data/forum-attachments/2008CChristov_WaveMotion_45_154_EvolutionWavePackets.pdf (gap between h and t, so it doesn’t download onto the thread.)
        Pointing out that multi spectrum light packets do redshift over distance, as the higher frequencies dissipate faster.
        The problem this causes, is it would mean we are sampling a wave front, not observing individual photons. The Pandora’s Box that opens is it means quantization is a function of detection, rather than fundamental to the light.

  3. sbin says:

    Mr Lang.
    Think the article states something different.
    Some exceptionally interesting discoveries in this realm of study.
    The article spoke to the failure of statistical modeling as substitute for poor test equipment.
    Specifically important was reference to electrons being a meter in size depending on. condition.
    The earth could be the size of a baseball under the correct conditions.
    Was raised on a slide rule and have been administrator of very high end communication and computer networks.
    Very interesting times indeed.

  4. downtownhaiku says:

    > The universe in some sense is like a chess game and for 2,000 years we’ve been trying to figure out how the pawns move. And now we’re beginning to understand how the queen moves and how you get a checkmate. The destiny of science is to become like grandmasters, to solve this puzzle that we call the universe. There are outstanding questions that the public wants to have answers for. For example, time travel, other dimensions, wormholes. What happened before the big bang? What’s on the other side of a black hole? None of these questions can be answered within the framework of Einstein’s theory. You have to go beyond Einstein into the quantum theory.
    > How much, do you think, would Isaac Newton understand of your book?
    > I think he would appreciate it. In 1666 we had the great plague. Cambridge University was shut down and a 23-year-old boy was sent home, and he saw an apple fall on his estate. And then he realised that the laws that control an apple are the same laws that control the moon. So the epidemic gave Isaac Newton an opportunity to sit down and follow the mathematics of falling apples and falling moons. But of course there was no mathematics at that time. He couldn’t solve the problem so he created his own mathematics. That’s what we are doing now. We, too, are being hit by the plague. We, too, are confined to our desks. And we, too, are creating new mathematics.

    > We have to sing for our supper. During the 60s, all we had to do was go to Congress and say one word: Russia. Then Congress would say two words: How much? Those days are gone.


  5. Tess says:

    This reminds me of something I have read these days, not related to physics, but to biology, on how viruses are indeed in the origins of life, and thus turn them into enemies is, apart from a full attack on natural life including human, a round business for some people.

    “The permanent war against the biological entities that have built, regulated and maintained life on our planet is the most serious symptom of a civilization alienated from reality that walks towards its self-destruction.”

    “The war against bacteria and viruses: a self-destructive struggle” by MáximoSandín, Doctor in Biology.


  6. The Twisted Genius says:

    Bohr’s theory of quantum entanglement or as Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance” allows a better understanding of the phenomena of remote viewing (RV). It may go beyond having distance in space immaterial. Perhaps distance in time may also be immaterial. Now that would be spooky action at a distance… as good a description of RV as I’ve ever heard. I’m also amazed at the idea of using million/billion years old light from quasars just to ensure the randomness of filters used in that quantum entanglement experiment.

    • Pat Lang says:

      Over and above all that it appears that the Newton/Einstein view of the very nature of space, distance, speed and “time” are wrong. IMO quantum entanglement and past understandings of these things cannot co-exist. In other words there is something basically wrong with the Special Theory of Relativity. “special theory of relativity, or special relativity for short, is a scientific theory regarding the relationship between space and time. In Albert Einstein’s original treatment, the theory is based on two postulates:[1][2]

      The laws of physics are invariant (that is, identical) in all inertial frames of reference (that is, frames of reference with no acceleration).
      The speed of light in vacuum is the same for all observers, regardless of the motion of the light source or observer.” wiki

      • Tess says:

        Einstein could well have been wrong in that, but could have been right on this:

        “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything”.
        Albert Einstein

        Have you considered that once natural inmunity completely erased from most human beings, humanity as a whole will be dependant on increasing number of vaccines, soon to be taken every few months, as it is planned with these allegedly against Covid-19 infection, and thus the whole humanity, at least the plebs, will find themselves dependant from the pharma corporations not only to travel, to work, but to live?
        This is the same path followed with transgenic crops…once these seeds entered your lands, even when air transported from the lands of the corporations, you were oblied to pay them fees for their presence….
        Well we walk quietly and peacefully towards transgenic human beings…

        Once all the health public systems, already exhausted, be erased by the next incoming financial crash, and the vaccines acquiring their real market value ( estimated around 900% increasing of price.. ) who will be able to pay for the increasing and expensive number of doses?

        A whole section of the world population will then fall dependant on the governments charity to be able to perform any resemblance of previous human activity….from that to beincreasingly accept increasing number of conditions…What if while you have funds, you are oblied to pay for your doses, whatever the price, do not that resound you like related to that moto of the WEF, “you will own nothing and you will be happy”?

        Be sure that they will not stop inventing measures to disown you of what you have sweated through your decades of working years…

        The implosion of the Archegos hedge fund caused more than 6,000 million dollars to “evaporate” and caused a sudden wave of sale of large numbers of shares…


        Just UK has backpedaled on the suggestion of “vaccine passports” to enter pubs or even essential shops…Is this an intend to starve or isolate those who do not allow being inyected with experimental genetic treatments?

      • The Twisted Genius says:

        When I was remote viewing, I followed a strict and exacting protocol. You could call it a ritual if you want. The purpose of the protocol/ritual was to keep the reasoning and recalling mind busy while you bilocated to the time/place of the target. I only got momentary glimpses of the target before my mind would try to make sense of what I experienced. That making sense of it was a contamination of the bilocation experience. In my opinion, avoiding that contamination is the most difficult part of remote viewing. It’s damned hard.

        Perhaps the brilliant minds of theoretical physicists suffer the same difficulty. Even the rigorous experiments conducted to prove/disprove these theories are prone to this difficulty. The only thing I am sure of is that I don’t know. We can’t be sure of any of our understandings of how this world and this universe work either through rigorous application of the scientific method or shamanic ecstasy. What we can do is enjoy the journey of discovery.

        • John+Merryman says:

          Do you see/sense “floaters?” Those spots, waves, etc. in the middle distance?
          I realized as a child they were other’s consciousness impinging on my own bubble of awareness. I remember as a child, laying on the front porch, watching this ant, when it stopped and this tiny cone of awareness started waving around, with its antennae.
          One, as a teenager, is that if you have a line running through one glowing slightly red, pulling it towards you, it creates the classic heart shape.
          Mostly I encounter them driving, as that’s when people are most unselfconsciously aware, otherwise most people are just these bundles of static energy, avoiding making much eye contact.
          I try to avoid much as well, but that makes me even more aware, rather than projecting myself.
          As for action at a distance, forget about particles and think surface of an expanding bubble. We are very tactile, object oriented, so particles are very natural to us, as concepts. Like rocks, only smaller.
          Space and time are real, as well as temperature, pressure, colors, sounds. frequencies and amplitudes. Time is frequency, events are amplitude. The problem is that it’s all very non-linear, while our though process, as these mobile, predatory organisms, is very linear and goal oriented.
          Time isn’t the point of the present, moving past to future, but change turning future to past. Cause becomes effect.

          • Pat Lang says:

            John Merryman

            “Floaters” are irregularities in the vitreous humor that fills your eye.

          • The Twisted Genius says:

            John, what you describe sounds more like the physiological process that Colonel Lang described or something akin to day dreaming building upon something you see like the ant’s antennae.

            RV, at least the kind I learned, is done double blind. The RVer is given only a series of letters like AXSC-BGTR, nothing else. Neither the targeteer who gives you the target, nor the analyst who tries to make sense of what one or several RVers work up know what the actual target is. The target is not revealed until the analyst is done. It’s a disciplined and exacting process.

        • John+Merryman says:

          I’m not arguing, but that’s the closest I get to remote vision. I see it as wireless connections. The light carries a lot of information. Consciousness and its projection is not totally divorced from the physical energy.

          Like you say, it takes a lot of patience and practice. I, on the other hand, seem to have way too many open connections in my mind and spend more time negotiating them, than seeking out others. At 61, my certainty as to the the nature of reality has frayed.

      • Mark Logan says:


        I would say that they were right, the physics they describe are well and thoroughly proven in both theory and practice, it’s that it’s not the whole story. It’s as if our preceptive abilities are limited to what happens on a movie screen but we can not perceive or even imagine the projector. Our observations of what happens on the screen can be absolutely correct.

        To relate it to TTG’s remote viewing: One can view what is happening on the other side of the planet or whatever, even the moon, to “be there and come back” so to speak, but you aren’t dragging bag a rocks back with you.

        Yet of perception can travel this avenue, the street were the speed of light is irrelevant because space is no space at all, it opens the possibility other things may also be able to do so.

        • Pat Lang says:

          Mark Logan


          • Mark Logan says:

            The implications of quantum linking renders “FTL?” a trick question does it not? If physical travel is possible then it would be along the lines of the “folding space” idea in the Dune books. FTL isn’t possible but travelling instantly from point to point is.

          • Pat Lang says:

            Mark Logan
            Yes it would seem that if quantum entanglement is real then the question has to be re-formulated.

  7. Deap says:

    Can you still say Brownian Motion, or is that too white?

  8. mcohen says:

    Hi John.great article about mead.thanks for posting.Never heard of these guys.My theory of aerials

    Everything living on this earth is connected.Everything.Each has a unique aerial that connects to the gravitational field.Each and Everything.
    Call it the world wide gravitational net.Birds have it.animals in sea water have it and those that walk the earth have it.Those that wear rubber shoes cannot connect.Need to be barefoot.
    Stand in sea water.This will make it easier
    To switch it on raise arms straight up above head ,slightly apart,palms facing each other.Then stand barefoot on earth and pull electrons(energy) up legs,up spine and to crown of head,then push it up palms of hands.This connects you to the net.
    1.you pull the energy with you mind by feeling the bottom of your feet then travel the feeling up your legs to the crown of your head and up to the palm of your hands.
    2.a fun thing for a man to do.if you stand at the urinal and cannot pee just use your mind to feel the area in your mind just under your forehead slightly above the area between your eyes
    Soon as you feel the area you start to pee.

    • jld says:

      Everything living on this earth is connected
      Hmmm… Yeah!
      Sometimes the “connection” can be nasty.

    • John+Merryman says:

      Not to repeat myself too many times, but one aspect of the point about time is that energy, manifesting the present, goes past to future, while the information generated goes future to past.
      As consciousness goes past to future, while perceptions, emotions and thoughts go future to past. Making consciousness a sort of energy.
      So energy expands out, as forms coalesce in. Thus galaxies. My view is that the excess gravitational effect, currently assigned to Dark Matter, is because we have it backwards. Gravity is not a property of mass, but mass is simply the lower end of the spectrum of this inward curvature that starts all the way out where light can first be quantized. The bending of the light isn’t due to gravity, it is the origin of gravity.
      It’s just that as these biological organisms, our digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems process the energy, feed the flame, while the central nervous system sorts the information, so any effort to quantize and define it in terms our minds processes starts to break down the more wholistic aspect.
      Which while it might start to seem a bit New Age, these processes and relationships go to the basis of our reality.
      Consider that government, as the executive and regulatory function is analogous to the central nervous system, while money and banking, as the value circulation system, are analogous to blood and the circulation system.
      Which gets back to that tension and balance between the desires driving us and the decisions directing us. Looking out at the world today, it seems evident there needs to be some deep discussion of where we are and where we are going.

  9. A century and a half ago, plus or minus, Lord Kelvin was telling his students that all the big stiff in physics had already been done and there was nothing left but a bit of cleaning up. Bright people should go in to biology or something.

  10. Deap says:

    The immutable Law of Nature is eat or be eaten. How do we incorporate this principle into modern civilization?

    • John+Merryman says:


      Predators only take what they need. People, on the other hand, have developed powers of projection and abstraction that they can’t turn off, so they can’t be happy with just what they need.
      Organisms, need to synchronize, so everything works together, but it also rises and falls as one. Ecosystems, on the other hand, harmonize, so some are rising as others are falling, in a larger equilibrium. Human civilization is determined to synchronize everything in one monolithic system.

  11. Tidewater says:

    “So there is no literal dimension of time because the past is consumed by the present, to inform and drive it.” There are, I think, surely exceptions to this rule. Sometimes the past will drive the present. In Richmond, for example, it is always 1900.

    “Sequence is not necessarily caused. Yesterday doesn’t cause today.” This remains uncertain as well. How else could you grow a garden of champion box bush? These may have been good yesterday, but there is the empirical certainty that tomorrow they will be even better. How else could the patina on Great Aunt Betty’s bureau, that was good yesterday, be better tomorrow? Because it has now progressed to the Past. This is the Richmond Certainty Principle, a challenge to Heisenberg.

    Generations are usually measured in one direction, either up or down the tree. But a degree of separation covers both directions, or so you would think. Ordinarily, first cousins are in the same generation. You can count up a side of the relationship: You, your parents, your grandparents, your aunt, your first cousin. Five degrees, then, wouldn’t it be? Not so. In Richmond, in a direct challenge to the space-time continuum, your cousin will be “my first cousin, once removed,” as you might introduce her. (Or she, you.) This confounds physics. How can your cousin have gone off somewhere unknown, apparently, and has now come back, when you know perfectly well (if this was in the old days) that she did not go anywhere ever except the Hot or the Warm, not even Paris. This is the part of the Richmond Certainty principle that remains uncertain. It seems mutable, but it is not.

    No one knows the answer to this basic question. One must simply nod courteously in your cousin’s direction, and offer to refresh drinks.

    “When the energy that goes into creating the next wave forces the prior wave to fade away.” Again, I must submit that this is most uncertain. In the Richmond sense, as it were, of Euclid, everything is going to depend on the schematic diagram of the problem. In short: Which side of the family is it on? This basic Certainty/Uncertainty Rule can be scientifically proven to have on occasion caused the ‘next wave’ to have become dematerialized and simply vanish.

    Further, just how comprehensive can the “next wave” causation be? Consider the Confederate flag, at this moment, somewhat unhallowed. Do you think it is done? Is legacy tourism done? Will this artifact, in its many forms, reproductions, decals, towels, tattoos, etc. simply fade away with time? The Richmond certainty here is that however ‘tacky’ some of it may be, it will ( contrary to the meaning of the word ‘tacky’) nonetheless stick around and survive the ordeal of change. For example, the word ‘recipe’ is now universally used to create a format for something that is going to happen–something like supper. It comes from the Latin, ‘recipere.’ Which would mean ‘handed down.’ In Richmond, this plan for something to happen is defined as a “receipt” –which is universally understood–except by Richmond ladies (who can be difficult)– as evidence of an event, a transaction, of something that has already happened! This is a reversal of causality and supports my theory.

    The good thing about it is that this mode of thinking can always be applied in a philosophical sense to current events. Which remain interesting and unsettled. For example, who gets the bronze Napoleons that lined Monument Avenue?

    Besides, the perhaps never-to-be-solved problem remains with us to this day that it has not yet been scientifically determined whether or not Richmonders are in reality only separated by only one degree of separation, as in the Serengeti, though there is no need to mention that.

    There is, incidentally, only one Richmond within the cosmos. James Branch Cabell made note of this, and the singularity of the inhabitants, by dubbing the city Richmond-in-Virginia. In his fiction, where I believe some old scores were settled, it became necessary to describe a city called Lichfield, a place in central England, where, on its perimeter, in the hills around, great Giants had struggled. Old times, not
    always forgotten…

    • John+Merryman says:

      Well, I’m from Maryland, so we have it much more figured out. My parents are only fourth cousins, Merrymans and Warfields, through Louis Mclane, who was Jackson’s Sec of State.
      It does seem though, that world is rapidly receding. Though the one seeking to replace it seems like some cross between a temper tantrum and a forest fire. I suspect that once they finish turning the dollar into confetti, the states will have to issue their own and the break up begins.

  12. Ishmael Zechairah says:

    Fellow Turcopoles, Colonel Lang,
    In my youth explaining QM or QCD in terms of lay concepts was considered a non-trivial task. In response to such a query Feynman was said to reply : Shut up and calculate!”.
    Here are two links you might enjoy. The first investigates the veracity of the above claim:
    David Mermin’s take is that this quote is a result of the Matthew effect. However, quite a few still agree with the statement.
    The second, more current, link is from Columbia University where the math and physics faculty hold quite differing opinions about “string theory”, “Not Even Wrong” being one of them.
    You might find the comments after the main screed even more amusing.
    Finally, I would like to remind all about the “Sokal Affair” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sokal_affair ). Some folks I know still get hot under the collar when it is mentioned. It proved that “a leading North American journal of cultural studies—whose editorial collective includes luminaries …—[would] publish an article liberally salted with nonsense if (a) it sounded good and (b) it flattered the editors’ ideological preconceptions..
    Some parallels w/ the current “liberal” pontification, governance (or lack thereof) seems striking.
    Ishmael Zechairah

  13. Tidewater says:

    Richard Feynman: “Los Alamos from Below.” On Youtube. It runs an hour or so but it’s remarkable. And funny.

  14. J. G. Murphey says:

    According to the journalist of physics, Jeremy Bernstein, the best simplified description of quantum theory was issued forth by the noted American physicist John Wheeler who compared it to 3 baseball umpires behind the plate:
    Number 1: I calls ’em like I see ’em.
    Number 2: I calls ’em the way they are.
    Number 3: They ain’t nothing till I calls ’em.

  15. Lasttruebeliever says:

    Another lead you all might enjoy: Synchronicity by Paul Halpern : the epic quest to understand the quantum nature of cause and effect.

  16. Keith Harbaugh says:

    Basics of QM are presented by a master, of both the subject and its exposition, in
    The Feynman Lectures on Physics
    now freely available in a high-quality edition:

    QM is the specific topic of Volume III:
    See in particular its first three chapters.

    Making these lectures (and the supplemental material) freely available is truly a service to society.

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