Erdogan will do what exactly at Manbij?


"More and more foreign troops are deploying to the  Syrian city of Manbij, the Russian state-run news agency Sputnik Turkey reproted on April 6 citing commanders of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

“The United States and France have increased the number of their military in Manbij following Turkey’s statements,” Sputnik Turkey quoted  Helil Bozi, a commander of the SDF’s Military Council of Manbij, as saying.

“The US has deployed its Special Forces units near the Sajur River thereby setting a red line the crossing of which will be seen by the [US-led] coalition forces as an attack and will prompt retaliatory actions,” Bozi highlighted. “Our alliance with the forces of the coalition continues to operate, nothing has changed in this sense. The [US-led] coalition continues to support the SDF.”

The SDF commander added that British troops are also deployed in the area of Manbij. Bozi continued claiming that the US and Turkey had reached no agreement over the key city.

“In case Turkey reached an agreement with the US, the latter would not provide Manbij with military supplies and beef up its presence there,” he said. “For its part, the Military Council of Manbij is determined to maintain resistance in the event of an attack and protect its territories to the last drop of our blood.”"  SF



 Well, One wonders what Mattis, Votel and the boys at Centcom think is going to happen at Manbij.  The Sultan of Turkey has warned that the Atrak, as they are called in Arabic, are going to take Manbij.  In response the US, France and Britain have put more men and materiel into the city and the surrounding spaces.

DJT, the CinC of the US armed forces, has told the US brass that they should prepare to withdraw from Syria and in response they are stalling to see if they can "roll" him as they have rolled several presidents in recent years, including him.  The time is now long past when the US military did not want to wage war unless forced to do so.  IMO they are now war junkies who see active combat as their reason for getting out of bed in the morning.

Erdogan suffers from an illusion of centrality in the universe and like several other foreign potentates over the past hundred years does not realize that NATO member or not the US will go for his jugular vein if he attacks our forces in Northern Syria.  He is a fool.  DJT will tire of the game the Borg and the generals are playing with him and will deal harshly with them in order to have his will accepted..

An intra-NATO warlet may be coming.  pl 


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