Escaping the Brave New World – Episode V

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  1. Barbara Ann says:

    Eugenicists – can’t live with them, can’t selectively breed them out.

    The podcast format is not ideal for such material I think, but this is a highly topical subject given the WEF’s Great Reset and the degree to which its agenda has been adopted by many Western governments, the Biden Administration included. The Great Reset and the various stratagems to try and manufacture our consent to it (Climate Change, COVID etc.) is a laughable attempt by the global elite to keep themselves in power. They think by engineering change themselves that they will control the outcome and emerge unscathed. I commend their audacity.

    I guess this kind of misanthropic thinking does go back at least as far as Plato and Aristotle. It was interesting to hear Leibniz described as a Renaissance thinker, rather than an Enlightenment one. For me, the key point of difference in outlook between humanists and the transhumanists is their attitude to the individual. Leibniz celebrated the individual’s ability to overcome limits and set new ones. It is an optimistic view of the human spirit – a Christian one. Transhumanists are characterized by a pessimistic view of what it is to be human: We are flawed machines to be tinkered with & improved upon (or with eugenics, better bred). And of course we will just have to trust our technocratic overlords’ ideas of what constitutes “improvement”.

    Yuval Harari, Klaus Schwab, Elon Musk – yes, to a greater or lesser extent they are all Promethean transhumanists determined to straighten what they see as our unsightly crooked timber. One dominant strand of the sell appears to be inevitability: The rise of AI is inevitable so we’d best get ourselves plugged into Neuralink and bow down and worship our new Silicon God. There is even a Prometheist Movement which warns of the WEF’s plans to impose on us a form of neo-feudal serfdom, but then goes on to outline its own version of an inevitable techno-dystopia, which of course we must all embrace.

    Well NUTS to that. Better a Butlerian Jihad and we go back to living shorter, but meaningful human lives than a Hellish existence in a godless utopian eugenicist’s petri dish.

  2. John Credulous says:

    FWIW, Jay Dyer has been discussing these exact topics for over a decade. Would be nice if these folks give him credit.

    Note, some of Jay’s content is by his own admission, goofy .

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