Falcon 9 Block 5 Transporter 2

space rocket with flames
Falcon 9


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3 Responses to Falcon 9 Block 5 Transporter 2

  1. TTG says:

    Launching 88 different satellites of such varying sizes brings to mind a boxcar or tractor-trailer load of mixed goods. Sounds almost mundane. Looks like the only commonality is that they will all be placed in sun-synchronous orbit. I had to look that up. I marvel at the planning and calculations required to achieve this with a payload of so many satellites of such varying mass.

    • Pat Lang says:


      Aborted until tomorrow at 11 seconds. Range clearance problem.

      • TTG says:

        I wonder if it was deliberate. Some of the locals are raising hell over the effects of Musk’s launch facilities on the community. They’re upset about rising housing prices, closed beaches, pollution, etc. Don’t know how big this group is. I’m sure there are also plenty of people happy with the local development.

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