Farrell film reviews

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  1. taters says:

    I finished Live Free Die Hard and Sicko. Fine job and our esteemed reviewer, Gen. Farrell ia always well worth the read. And what a wonderful command and use of the English language. An uncanny ability to tap into imagery. And history.
    So whether you’rea hipster, huckster, historian or a hooligan, or just plsin ready for some hilarious hijinks there’s something for everybody.
    He makes me feel as if I communicate with monosyllabic grunts and occasional inadequate utterances but that’s ok…will report back with more detail on Ocean’s 4.0
    O/t perhaps – If I were to describe my brief encounters with Mr. Willis with one word,I would say – edgy.

  2. DH says:

    “- Finally, on McLaughlin’s Circus, Arianna Huffington opined that Bob Gates’ tears at a banquet in honor of a fallen USMC officer showed that he believes that “these men are dying in vain.””
    So I guess McLaughlin asking if Gates’ display of emotion was on message or off message was even more stupid.

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