Federal magistrate Reinhart will black out the parts of the Trump search warrant affidavit the government wants to keep hidden

By Robert Willmann

The Department of Justice filed documents today (Thursday, 25 August 2022) describing which parts of the affidavit supporting the search warrant run on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Florida property it wants to keep hidden. Three items on the court clerk’s docket sheet were filed under seal until further notice — numbers 88, 89, and 92. The government’s proposal appears to be in item number 89. The federal magistrate who signed and sealed the search warrant, Bruce Reinhart, issued a written order saying that “… the Government has met its burden of showing a compelling reason/good cause to seal portions of the Affidavit….”–

The Justice Department (DOJ) was to file a written brief in support of its proposed redactions to the affidavit. After the DOJ filed sealed papers today, the media companies that intervened in the magistrate’s court submitted a motion to unseal the parts of the government’s brief and other documents that were not blacked out–

The affidavit with parts redacted is to be filed by or before High Noon tomorrow, Friday, 26 August.

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15 Responses to Federal magistrate Reinhart will black out the parts of the Trump search warrant affidavit the government wants to keep hidden

  1. Babeltuap says:

    Zuckerberg dimed out the FBI on Hunter’s laptop. FBI absolutely had FB and Twitter throttle the story down to nothing. Everyone knew this but now the cat is out of the bag. FBI and CIA have ZERO integrity. When you have no integrity as a rule of law agency it is over. No way to repair it. Both will have to be scrapped and re-named with extreme makeovers.

    Marcus Aurelius was heart broken his best general had to be executed for treason but there was no other way around it. Find out the main players, charge them with treason and execute them. There is overwhelming support to make this happen.

    • Deap says:

      My favorite Zuckerberg election influencing quotes are from an August 2020: In an interview, Zuckebert warns there will be very long delays in the final vote counts, and there will be threats of civil unrest over the outcome.

      How did he know this in August 2020? Why did Hilary Clinton repeat these same warning to Biden on election night to never, never concede until the last vote is counted.

      How did she know there would be the great 2AM turnaround going solely for Biden after Trump was trending in every necessary state to win.


      • Bill Roche says:

        Deap the answer is b/c the fix was in. The socialist Party and their propaganda press all followed the script to a tee. The GOPe, RINOs, and RNC sat back happily b/c they would rather socialist take over of America than a Trump take over of THEIR PARTY. Maybe 80% (?) of all so called political analysts ignore the existence of two parties calling themselves GOP. The GOPe/RNC is home to RINOs who have no ideology (and therefore no measure of a law’s good or bad for the Republic). Rockefeller, an early RINO, used to describe his politics as “moderate”. That was pol. talk for I don’t give a slip as long as enough guys like me get elected. Then there is the pre-’48 GOP which is libertarian/conservative and is directly against the the socialists. This was the GOP that Goldwater and Reagan tried to revive. Goldwater was beaten (pull the petals off a posie) and Reagan was compromised by accepting RINO Bush as V.P. and renewal of the RINOs. Many people don’t like Trump’s smart ass NYC personality but he is trying to revive the GOP. The socialists, their media, and the swamp, are determined to break him. Those interested in American politics, and where they lead our country, must understand this.

        • Deap says:

          If Trump had removed the “classified markings” (with BleachBit) after he declassified these MarALago documents, they would have gotten him for government document destruction.

          Which they conveniently overlooked when Nancy Pelosi tore up Trump’s SOTU address in full camera view, with malice and aforethought.

    • Bill Roche says:

      There is no, zero, zilch, as in none, support for this among the socialists and the swamp. America has not absorbed this truth yet (will it ever). This is the work of the socialist and their press and the GOPe and swamp don’t care as long as they get plenty to eat. Exactly who will find the main players (it can’t be that hard), who will charge them w/what crimes? (were any of the Steele Dossier FBI/CIA actors charged and penalized?). And who will be their executors. Maybe the FBI/CIA, or DOIJ can help? Don’t you see? We are back to the fundamental issue … revolution or separation. I’ll take Utah, Montana, and the Dakotas and give you Hawaii, Washington, and Oregon. Next round will be …

    • Fred says:

      Marcus Aurelius at least had the excuse that Avidius Cassius had actually declared himself Ceasar.

    • Fourth and Long says:

      It almost makes you suspect they wanted the war with Russia over Ukraine to happen. O look, my sarcasm switch wasn’t even in the On position.

    • Bill Roche says:

      Still missing the big picture my friend? The DOIJ/FIB/CDIA have no integrity on the rule of law and they know you know it. They don’t care. They are telling America we are the KGB and there is nothing you can do about. So sit down, shut up, an do as your told.

  2. Deap says:

    Seems to be an issue with the FBI seizing “documents marked classified”, and actual classified documents.

    Trump had virtually full powers to declassify anything with one nuclear secrets exception, which he clams he did. But that would not remove their former “classified” markings, even though they were no longer operational as classified documents.

    Have not studied the affidavit in any detail, just passing on an early criticism that has been raised since this “classified” issue is getting exploited in the media.

    Just like the ruse, there was no evidence of “widespread voter fraud”. Which again is a very carefully parsed statement – perhaps true on its face, but not in material impact. It only took a little election fraud, not individual voter fraud, and only in a few critical precincts to turn the election in Biden’s favor after 2AM on election night.

    • Babeltuap says:


      The voter fraud was not the thing. It was the breaking of Federal election laws. Breaking of those laws allowed the voter fraud. Unfortunately nobody will hear the cases. Not even the Supreme Court because they know the outcome is the law is applied. The election would be overturned so they refuse to hear the cases.

      • Bill Roche says:

        You are right. I knew (and I aint smart) that state (not federal as states control election rules) election law was being broken and I expected the state legislatures to say “hold on there Gov”. They didn’t. I expected state S.C.s to say hold on. But they d/n. I expected some news “journalist” to say WTF, but they didn’t. I expected the not so supreme ct to say hold on – but it d/n. Either the entire political apparatus was corrupt or they were all frightened (both).
        So what do patriots do? Be quiet, shut up, and take it. Or leave this union reborn by “might makes right”. Lincoln’s idea that federalism s/b replaced by a supreme central gov’t comes back to haunt. The rule of law w/replaced by the rule of power. One hundred forty years later many are now afraid to speak up. Its 4AM, and there’s banging at the door. The news is filming outside and 40 armed FIB “agents” have arrived to bring you in for hateful comments about the state. This is where this is headed. Will your local sheriff or D.A. rise to help you. Do you await your gov to rally to your defense. They won’t. Freedom gone checkmate!

  3. jim ticehurst says:

    After a Morning of Back Ground Research..My Analysis is..That This Was a
    Continuation of a DOJ Counter Intelligence Operation..Long On Going Against President Trump..and in January 2021…It Was Continued Through NARA..the
    National Archives and Records Administration..to the End of 2021..
    Asking Him for
    Any Classifed Documents.In Janurary 2022 He Returned 15 Boxes of Material
    After Negotations..and the NARA began an Inventory..of the Contents..

    In Februrary 2022..NARA got an Inquiry..about That Material from
    Carolyn Maloney..Democrat NY…12th District..Chair Person of the
    House OVERSIGHT Committee..
    The Director of NARA..David Ferriero..Wrote Her Back..Saying NARA was
    Doimg An Invwntory..on Februrary 18th..2022

    NARA Did the Inventory and Then Notified DOJ..That there Was
    CLASSIFIED Material in The Boxs Recovered From President Trumps Home..

    In June 2022 SENIOR DOJ OFFICIALS..Including Thier Chief of the
    COUNTER INTELLIGENCE and EXPORT Section..Went to Mar A Largo to
    President Trumps Home.. Trump Attended..After That ALL Negotiations
    over More Documents Ended..between June and August.
    .While The DOJ Prepared
    An Affidavit..For The Search Warrant..Got Mr Garland to Sign Off..Got A Magistrate
    to Sign Off..And Created The Incident..Probably For Obvious Reasons..Based on
    Previous History..Using Similar Means and Methods..at DOJ..and Its Operators..

    Its Ugly..Its Nasty..Its Messy..Like Most Counter Intelligence Used This Way..

  4. jim ticehurst says:

    BTW… Jerry Nadler..Represenative..D NY 10th District Just Won Reelection. His District Was Put into Rep..Carolyn Maloneys 12th District Just Before The Deadline..She Had to Run against Jerry Nadler in the Primary and
    Lost The Election..She is OUT..

  5. jim ticehurst says:

    BTW…..Did President Trump Personally Wander around Bedrooms And Closets…Gathering up His Papers and Souvenir’s And Pack Every Box They
    Took From His Home in Florida…Why Are The Redacted Names Now referred to As “Civilians”..??
    If Its Over..Its Over..I Loved Paul Harvey..I Am a Patriot..11th Generation..

    That You Colonel Lang..You Are Truely Inspiring..I Love Dropping By ..

  6. jim ticehurst says:

    Thank You..Sir

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