Feedjit live traffic feed


I can't get this widget to load live traffic feed anymore as it did once.  I have both Firefox and IE available.  Any thoughts?  pl

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4 Responses to Feedjit live traffic feed

  1. Adrestia says:

    I’m not sure which version you use now. It could have something to do with javascript. You could try the image version.

  2. gemini33 says:

    I’m not sure if this fix will help you or not. It’s a fix for blogger.com from about a week ago. There may be a similar parameter in your typepad settings.

  3. phugh says:

    Privacy Badger (Firefox extension) was blocking it on my computer. I changed the settings in Firefox and can see it now.

  4. Kunuri says:

    Strange, Feedjit is showing me joining in from Izmir, that was 5 years ago, it should show now Istanbul. Not that it makes a difference to me, but it may help to fix a bug.

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