Flat Iron Steak tonight (inside)


Lots of Montreal steak seasoning on both sides.  Heat a black iron pan until it starts to smoke.  Add olive oil to pan.  Cook it until crusty on both sides.  Then turn down the heat until medium rare.  Turn off heat and add wine and arrowroot to pan for pan sauce.  Whisk until lumps of arrowroot are gone.  Praise be!

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  1. PJ20 says:

    Used this one on pork chops last night. Truly exceptional – https://thislittlegoat.com/products/this-little-goat-went-to-grillville
    She also has a great line of sauces.

  2. nightsticker says:

    Col Lang
    That is how I do it also
    [but without the arrowroot].

  3. J says:

    Yesterday our youngest son, daughter-in-law, and oldest granddaughter took us out for mother’s day to a local Texas Roadhouse. My wife had an 8 oz sirloin medium well with all the trimmings, while the rest of us had pork chops, chicken-fried steaks, and chicken salads. We had our bellies full with smiles all around. It was good seeing people back to work earning a living so they could feed their families once again. May our nation never encounter another ill-thought lock-down ever again.
    Pat, we in our little piece of heaven on the prarie away from the maddening crowds, wish you and your wife a very pleasant and enjoyable evening meal. You can’t beat steak, my cows will attest to that.

  4. Deap says:

    Chimichurri sauce on the side – home made, let it blend. We get sirloin carryout tonight from Chuck’s of Hawaii, local branch. Our way of keeping the faith.

  5. Looks good. I was doing a lot of limbing today so I just picked up some sandwiches from our local Mission BBQ. Today Army vets got a free sandwich. Jarheads get a free one tomorrow. I ordered three sandwiches and they game me the more expensive one free. I didn’t expect that. Mission is a chain, but it’s still good food and good people. I like that every location has a deuce and a half outfitted for catering.
    Actually, I can hardly wait for ZZQ to reopen in Richmond. They would still sell out every day with pickup when the lockdown started. The crowds were still just too large for them to handle after a few weeks so they decided to shut down for a while out of concern for their staff and customers. It’s going to be nuts when they reopen.

  6. EEngineer says:

    Mmmm… I use a variation of that for thick ribeye steaks. I do a reverse sear where I cook them in a 200F/95C oven until they reach 115F/45C (rare) as measured with a probe thermometer. It takes 60-90 minutes depending on the thickness. Then I give them two minutes a side in a rocket hot cast iron frying pan. It only needs a very light coating on canola oil to keep from sticking at the beginning. Rest for 5-10 minutes and serve… Salt the steaks a few hours ahead of time…

  7. James Pastor says:

    Col Lang, I haven’t heard of arrowroot before this. How much do you put into your wine sauce for this recipe?

  8. turcopolier says:

    James Pastor
    About a tablespoon. It is a thickener. Best to mix it with a little cool water in advance so that it doesn’t form lumps in the hot pan.

  9. WALTER says:

    This is valuable information, thank u

  10. turcopolier says:

    How amusing.

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