Florida or California?

Palm trees in the background.  Must be one or the other.  I think it was unfair to label Australia as North Korea, but, that’s just me.

Pat Lang

Download Who_to_invade.wmv

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8 Responses to Florida or California?

  1. sbj says:

    I thought the interviewer had an Australian accent, but then, none of the interviewees did.

  2. BostonGemini says:

    Was that depressing or what?

  3. b says:

    “I think it was unfair to label Australia as North Korea, but, that’s just me.”
    Unfair to the Australians or North Koreans?

  4. J says:

    the video shows that people think that war is a video game. those interviewed don’t have to make the ultimate sacrifice, so they don’t give a care as to the end result of war which is somebody usually dies, armed combatants and civilians caught in the cross-hairs of armed conflict. the video is a sad testament to the selfish self-centeredness mindset. is war sometimes necessary? sadly, yes given our species’ given bent. war ‘usually’ is called into being as a result of the strong bully trying to make meek the weaker ones, and to prevent such carnage and preserve life the taking of life is sometimes a necessary evil to prevent further carnage from going any further . but getting back to the video, would those who were so bent on ‘invading’, and ‘turning to glass’ sing a different tune if they (their persons) were suddenly thrust into the heat of battle? most probably yes, and once there and if they survived would be singing a different tune.
    war or invasion should be used as a ‘last resort’ to preserve and protect life, not for conquest or the vanity of acquisition of another’s resources. cheney and crew want ‘invasion’ for acquisition’s sake, not preservation of life. for that reason alone, those type of individuals have no business with their thumbs on the button of war.

  5. Pat Lang says:

    Yes. My reactions were 1- these are frivolous, ignorant people and 2- Maybe a more limited franchise based on brains and knowledge would not be such a bad thing. pl

  6. kim says:

    there are 4 bits in there that say to me, venice beach, ca. could be wrong.
    i find it hard to believe though that so many people could be fooled by that sort of fake map.
    maybe we need a new adult ed program, with, “no adult left behinf”.

  7. RJJ says:

    WRT a brains and knowledge-based franchise.
    Like those beltway trustafarian think tankers, you mean?

  8. Pat Lang says:

    You have a good point. It is difficult to identify “common sense” in a test.

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