Focus on Domestic Violence

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Let's have a general discussion of recent highly public violence in the US.

1 – The Baton Rouge police shooting in a convenience store parking lot of a recently released sex offender felon who seems clearly to have been shot repeatedly by a couple of policemen who had him pinned down on the ground.  He was armed but panic among the police seems to me to have been a major factor in this killing.

2 – The Minnesota shooting by a policeman of a man halted for a traffic violation who informed the policeman that he was armed and had  a permit for concealed carry of a firearm.  He was then shot several times by the cop while he tried to pull his identification from a pants pocket.  Once again, police fear and panic seem to have been a major factor in this killing.  There is video filmed from within the car while the man was dying.  The policeman can be seen outside the car and he seems very fearful and panicked.

3 – The attack on lightly armed Dallas, Texas area police by one or more assailants armed with rifles who managed to kill 5 policemen and wound seven others.  One of the attackers was killed by police after some discussion between the shooter and hostage negotiators.  In the course of the discussion the shooter told the police that the attack on the police was retribution for police killings of Blacks and that he was racially motivated by hatred of white people.

4 – Presidemnt Obama took the opportunity presented by the Dallas attack to agitate for his gun control obsession.

5 – The US MSM is doing its best to ignore the role it has played in the last couple of days in whipping up sentiment against police.

6 – Perhaps in discussing this we might consider the MSM led drive since Ferguson toward disarming and de-militarizing police tactical forces.  pl

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  1. Istanbul Guy says:

    And when we understand that in most film and tv series, individuals of African American decent are often portrayed as gangsters or thugs…(a representation which surely aids in police not keeping their nerves) the MSM is even more responsible.

  2. jonst says:

    with all the appropriate caveats that should accompany any claimed ‘objective’ data….I put this out for the SST Committee as we start this discussion

  3. LondonBob says:

    I am sure there is more to come out about both 1 and 2. The media have a habit of being selective in their reporting. Impressed by the linked interview below.

  4. jonst says:

    This is, I fear, going to get worse before it gets better. If this is simply another chance by the media/academia and SOME racial entrepreneurs to lecture white people, we will have missed a chance to head off, SOME, of the trouble that is coming.
    The media and the Obama Admin has to bear SOME responsiblity for the climate we find ourselves in.

  5. John Minnerath says:

    The police forces in major cities are overwhelmed with “sensitivity” training that somehow means everyone is to be treated equally. The person with a long rap sheet of violent crimes and the totally innocent bystander are all the same. Along with constant propaganda about the evils of civilians with guns and the absolute danger of any sort of weapon.
    On top of all this they are also drilled to instantly respond with all force till any threat has ended.
    The MSM has constantly fueled the controversy by falsely reporting all police as enemies of the public, in particular any people of color.
    It’s a catch 22 and I’d certainly like to hear some ideas about turning this cycle around.

  6. Cee says:

    Col. Lang,
    I’m glad you brought this up.
    NO MORE revenue enhancing police stops over freaking tail lights and crap like that.
    NO MORE harassment of people trying to get their hustle on by selling loose cigarettes, or anything else they can think of.
    Are we really supposed to believe that some lone knucklehead fired down on a crowd with such precision that ONLY police were killed? I don’t believe this for a minute. This was planned long ago and an opportunity presented itself. Now, who planned it, what are we supposed to be distracted from or lead to support?
    Oh, this some bullshit here!! A robot killed him.

  7. tim s says:

    Panic/fear among the police in these tense situations is rarely talked about, but seems a highly significant issue. The Minnesota cop who shot the man in the car seemed to be highly agitated with a fear more than anything else. There are probably many who are not in possession of the nerves of steel needed for such a job. That being said, policing our society as it is today is no cakewalk. It would be like herding cats in better times. Now more like herding rabid cats.

  8. Tyler says:

    1) Was a giant (6’5, 300+lbs) with one arm free reaching for the pocket with a gun. Police were called because he had threatened a homeless man with a gun.
    2) Said he was reaching in one direction, reached in another. Guy matched the description of a bank robber from 3 days ago. Not clear cut as one but there it is. Probably the fact that the killer was a 5′ Hmong had something to do with it the nervousness.

  9. Grizziz says:

    FWIW these violent street episodes are a reflection or maybe an incantation of the larger power struggles which is reflected in our national politics. There is a palpable dissatisfaction with how the country operates. The accumulation of rewards and power to people controlling our important institutions has corrupted the leaders and trust in the institutions has been shaken. The frustration and anger is being played out with gunfire at the lowest rungs of society. The police and the citizen are now at odds.
    The simple argument is that in the city all guns be confiscated and destroyed. This will eliminate the immediate effect of gun deaths. Neither the police nor the citizen will agree. Either one seeks dominance over the other.
    Deep suspicion of authority seems embedded in the human character even when the benefits are overwhelming. Arming everyone would level the playing field, but too much attention would be spent defending against the first move advantage of a deadly one on one fight to the degradation of civility. The blood will continue to flow in contested cities (like Chicago where I live) until a trusted institution (not the Mayor’s office or the Police Union) appears in which a large super-majority of the citizens will freely give up a portion of their liberty in return for their safety.

  10. Harper says:

    Do not underestimate the potential consequences of the Dallas shootings, especially in the context of the MSM hype over the recent police killings of African-Americans in Minnesota, Louisiana, etc. First, the paucity of information on the Dallas shootings could be temporarily explained away by the fact that a big segment of downtown Dallas is roped off as a crime scene and there should be adequate time to get a really precise map of what happened. I was living in New York City in the 1970s, when the Black Liberation Army was on a cop killing binge all over the city. Are we looking at a replay of that profile, meaning an emerging organized domestic terror cell? Black Lives Matter is heavily funded by George Soros, so I am infinitely skeptical about their motives, regardless of the seriousness of the police brutality issue. Clearly, this whole situation is creating conditions where police are walking the streets in a state of constant psychological fear–hence the over-reactions and other psychological responses, seen in some of the shootings that were clearly unjustified. The fact that this is all taking place in an already highly polarized election year, where, on top of it all, President Obama is fanning the flames with his obsession with commenting immediately after every such incident. I agree with Col. Lang that we need a measured, thoughtful, comprehensive dialogue on this whole issue to hopefully shed some light on a very shadowy situation.

  11. Tyler says:

    Some more info about the MN shooter.
    BTW, this is what a race war looks like.

  12. Iron Knee says:

    Items 1-2 are spot on. It’s clear that a big slice of the white American population are simply afraid of black Americans. Most American white folks have spent their entire lives living in complete, and convenient, isolation from the “multiculturalism” that scares them so much…
    Item 3. During the 5 seconds or so after Baton Rouge and Minnesota, there was an opportunity to step back and perhaps discuss what items 1-2 might mean in the longer run. Any reasonable observer can tell that there was no reason to smoke the guy in either LA or MN. But the shooters in Dallas weren’t thinking about the bigger picture, clearly. Revenge! National news!
    Item 4. Yeah, maybe Obama is obsessed with gun control. I suspect that mostly he’s a bit stunned by the tempo of black dudes getting wasted by white cops. Is it different now than it was 40 – 50 years ago? I suspect the major difference is that now everyone has an iPhone. Obama’s got to sound profound, but it’s hard to be both introspective and publicly available at the same time, when cops are panicking like inexperienced school kids and shooting people that scare them.
    Item 5. Probably.
    Item 6. Hmm. The “MSM” has been coordinating its response since Ferguson? Is it possible to obtain an invite to one of the coordination meetings?

  13. bks says:

    Over 500 citizens of the USA have been killed by LE so far this year:
    In the past decade less than 20 German citizens have been killed by LE:

  14. Fredw says:

    This feels like a sea change event. Until now neither killings by police nor killings of police have been happening at unusual rates. what has been different is the amount of coverage, the attention being paid to the events that have occurred. This feels completely different. The sheer quantity of blood brings the word “professional” to mind. Professional training at a minimum, but also possibly professional planning and organization. We don’t know yet. The shooter (alleged) is dead. Even his identity is not yet known to the likes of us. But it is clear that this is not like the other incidents that have been polluting our public discourse.

  15. Eric Newhill says:

    A large armed experienced felon shot while fighting with police and a large (larger than the cop at least) armed wannabe thug shot. The witness for the latter had the usual “dindu nuttin” rap, but the dead guy’s social media profile suggests that other possible scenarios exist:
    In fact, perusing social media quickly shows a large, vocal, angry community of Blacks that have been increasingly organized around the idea of killing whites, especially white law enforcement. Also revealing is that law enforcement social media shows an awareness of the black anti-white organization and calls for violence. Battle lines have been drawn. Both sides are becoming increasingly entrenched and paranoid.
    MSM fuels the fire. Obama fuels the fire. Community leaders fuel the fire. Everyone is hooked up to social media 24/7 (tweets, etc) and social media fuels the fire.
    All of the combustion is absorbed by a generation of people that can barely speak English, let alone read and write and engage in reasoned analysis. It’s all emotional reaction to bombastic sound bites.
    And LEOs get more nervous.

  16. 505thPIR says:

    A Rubicon has been crossed here. An insurrection may have been born last night. Dallas could quickly become the new normal.

  17. shepherd says:

    “Are we really supposed to believe that some lone knucklehead fired down on a crowd with such precision that ONLY police were killed?”
    Have you ever been to a protest like that? Groups of police usually stand massed at a distance from the protesters. Someone could have accomplished that easily. We’re lucky more aren’t dead.

  18. SmoothieX12 says:

    The media and the Obama Admin has to bear SOME responsiblity for the climate we find ourselves in.
    Actually, both are directly culpable and bear a large share of responsibility in creating the atmosphere. Word “some” doesn’t apply.

  19. turcopolier says:

    Iron Knee
    There are no coordination meetings. they are unnecessary. there is a general consensus across the Borgist mind world. pl

  20. ISL says:

    Dear Colonel,
    Interestingly, despite all pervasive data collection of American communications, this all came as a surprise. One might surmise that the primary interest of the big white house is playing politics than worrying about the serfs (or peasants or little people, – i.e., the ones for whom laws are written).
    That leaves it to the media whose interest of course is “if it bleeds let it lead.”

  21. Fred says:

    Yes, why oh why is liberal Hollywood such a cesspit of racism.

  22. Harry says:

    I disagree with many of the contents here. Perhaps it was obvious that I would. But I see two sides to this story.
    1. I live in an area with a large minority of black people who live in project housing. Generally the area is very safe and adequately policed. There seems little trouble. However if there was sufficient tension between the black population and others in the neighborhood my family and I would suffer. We would probably have to move away and would lose money on our real estate.
    2. The videos of black people being shot that I have seen have terrified me and raised questions regarding how much I should trust law enforcement. I can see video is not truth, and one might misperceive events on video. But I should draw my own conclusion, and what I saw looked like a very fat man shot point blank in the chest with two other fat men rolling around on top of him. You might ask me to reconsider what I thought I saw and that is fair. However I have seen other videos which have shown similar questionable scenarios.
    3. The data seems suggestive of a problem. However the data does not slat to be well collected.
    I will admit I myself would prefer to avoid interacting with the police. Trying to weigh the evidence i have seen suggest that small errors in such interaction can be fatal. That is without considering whether anyone ever acts in bag faith, or illegitimately. Would you really say I have no reason to come to the conclusion that they do?
    There is no substitute for law and order. However if those charged with maintaining it lose the public trust the environment will become more dangerous for everyone including the police.

  23. oofda says:

    If the cop was a 5′ Hmong, that may go a long way to explaining his fear, which seems to have played a major role in the incident. Didn’t there used to be size requirements for police? I recall being in Norway when I was a midshipman and was impressed with the size of police- one had to be 6′ minimum to be a politimann.

  24. Fred says:

    Do not leave out the complicity of the social media companies and their executives in the propagation of a specific narrative.

  25. SmoothieX12 says:

    Item 4. Yeah, maybe Obama is obsessed with gun control. I suspect that mostly he’s a bit stunned by the tempo of black dudes getting wasted by white cops.
    Oh goody! He is not maybe obsessed, he is obsessed. Obama exhibits all traits of an amateur, caught in mildly tough situation, who cannot think rationally and cannot hide anymore own dubious nature. It is not the tempo of black dudes being wasted, these are social media and modern information technology which shape and amplify perceptions. Well, that plus, of course, a tectonic cultural problem of blacks in the US, which is merely a derivative of even bigger issue which is US NOT being a nation–the formation process successfully arrested by cultural left and their pseudo-“conservative” (GOP) shills. No nation–no country and I have an ample first hand experience with that–got almost killed while “experiencing” it in other lands 26+ years ago. Multiculturalism doesn’t work, never worked and never will.

  26. Tyler says:

    Iron Knee,
    You are smoking rock. 1 is easily justifiable, 2 is looking more and more so. For those keeping score at home, user “Iron Knee” is defending a pedophile and a violent felon so he can virtue signal on race. Make of that what you will of the type of person he is.
    Americans fear blacks because despite being only 12% of the pop they are responsible for 50%+ of the homicides. This in spite of every black on TV being a rocket scientist curing AIDS with the help of his Nordic female partner who he later marries. Chicago isn’t a war zone because of the police.
    Maybe blacks can take a step back from inventing WE WUZ KANGS myths about what victims they are and deal with the dysgencis that seem to be inherent to them.

  27. Tyler says:

    Too busy arresting people for mean tweets and covering up migrant sex attacks.
    “German citizens” cute word play.

  28. Istanbul Guy says:

    Why oh why indeed.

  29. Istanbul Guy says:

    The role of the police is to protect property. Always has been, always will be. Those who do more than that are the outliers.
    Last people I knew that wanted and succeeded in joining the force did so because “they wanted to make those who go against god pay”…
    Lovely bunch.

  30. Dabbler says:

    You likely could be right about this looking like a race war, and the information you linked to provides an interesting perspective on the extent of society’s loss in the Minnesota incident. On the other hand, how was that guy the shooter as opposed to the shot?

  31. bks,
    That headline of over 500 US citizens killed by LE is misleading, but the data brought together in the article is informative. The vast majority of those killings involved gun/knife wielding citizens actively threatening other citizens or LEO. The few dozen questionable and/or unnecessary killings are still disturbing, but not indicative of a blue conspiracy to kill blacks. What does make it worse is the tendency for LE to immediately throw up a defensive wall around all these killings as justified. It’s a knee jerk reaction. The white supremacist press is also frantically and deliberately stirring up the fear of a race war out of a few dozen incidents. Black on black violence, which is much more prevalent, is not a sign of a race war.

  32. Tyler says:

    What planet are you from?
    Noblus Africanus on TV is either:
    -Rocket scientist engineer/computer hacker / cures AIDS
    -Noble gangster giving back to his community
    All have white wives, are involved with their kids, and ready to lecture white bigots on race.
    In other news you are ridiculously off base.

  33. jld says:

    Did you purposedly left out the final question “Cui Bono”?

  34. steveg says:

    Tyler his name is Jeronimo Yanez.

  35. euclidcreek says:

    How long before the MSM compares the shooter in Dallas to John Brown?

  36. Croesus says:

    re “de-militarizing.”
    This morning a caller to C Span identified as ex-military, having served in Iraq. He said, “We have been at war for over a decade; a lot of men like me come back, have been trained to military standards and expectations, and a lot of us become police officers. We bring our military training and war experience with us; we see ourselves as separate from the population, it’s Us vs Them, and we have been trained to kill Them.”
    He continued, “Young people should be educated on how to respond to police, to do just as they are told, because otherwise they could get killed.”
    I think just the opposite: we have to de-militarize the police and de-militarize our culture.
    Dallas LE, like many others, travelled to Israel for “counterterrorism training,” so says the ADL.
    That has to stop.
    Israel is a unique state with a unique psyche and set of long-standing social and political problems that it has chosen to resolve through expanding military force. That USA is following Israel’s malign lead in this direction is tail-over-teacup: a larger, stronger & more confident USA should have been modeling more appropriate behavior to Israel to teach that state to resolve conflicts in a more civilized fashion.
    Some years back I worked at a home-show event that draw many thousands of people to a large convention center in my city. There was very little police presence and no incidents of violence. I walked the hall with the owner-manager of the event and the only disturbing thing we encountered was a candy wrapper on the floor.
    Three weeks later George Bush appeared at the same convention center for a campaign speech. There were men in military gear — helmets, military weapons, shields, batons, padded jackets, all over the place, and several vans with even heavier armaments staged at intervals; the streets were barricaded for miles around; guard dogs came within inches of “protesters” penned into “free speech zones” half-a-mile from the site. It was terrifying. It was surreal that the same place, where I had interacted with so many people, so peacefully, just weeks earlier, was turned into a war zone.
    In my opinion, if Obama or anyone has an honest interest in reclaiming American society, start by demilitarizing the police.
    And get a grip on the US relationship with Israel.

  37. Eric Newhill says:

    Fred, Right. Absolutely.
    The narrative serves to undermine the social order’s morality. Whites built this society. Whites are evil (patriarchy, slavery, racism, Native Americans, etc.). Therefore, American society is evil. Only when the white man has become subordinate to the women and blacks and gays and other diverse groups, will society be just.
    In case you doubt this, look! There’s a white man (or agent thereof) murdering another black (like they always have done).
    But it’s not just social media. They teach/indoctrinate this crap in K-12 and in colleges. Anyone who protests assimilation is a “Racist”; which is the worst thing anyone could possibly be.
    So Dallas is inevitable.
    Those only ends in blood. We passed the turning point a while ago when Obama was elected.
    BTW…Now I hear that two more LEOs have been shot (Georgia and Mo).

  38. oofda,
    This is a classic instance where ‘political correctness’ is the devil.
    A big, burly man can intimate teenagers and young men.
    Confronted by a small man without physical strength, they are liable to ‘try it on’ – and he is then more liable to panic, and end up doing something silly.

  39. BLL says:

    “I think the hurting thing is that, having come this far in life, I now have to be afraid of someone who looks like me and my grandkids,” Greene said. “If I see four young black males coming down the street, I’m not lying to you, I’m crossing to the other side”. What is this quote about. Human nature and human experience. When I was a city prosecutor we used to have an often repeated job (and I am a life long Democrat) that the only difference between a Democrat and a Republican was that the Democrate had not been mugged yet.
    The above quote is from one of eight retirees playing tennis in Southeast Washington who were robbed atgunpointin broad daylight while playing their regular tennis game by three teenage boys and a man in his 20’s. Don’t know if the link below will work,haven’t posted here much or included URL links.
    Each police shooting is different, I used to present them to grand juries in D.C. I see readily apparent differences in the LA vs. Minn.
    But I also see one common thread. Would the MN encounter been different if the driver was white with a white passenger and a white baby in the back? I think it certainly would have been.
    But we are all shaped by our experiences. I have been shot and shot at on the streets of D.C. I also have been stung by a bee. I’m still afraid of bees. The effort to remove the human experience from the analysis is simply wrong. Ask Mr. Greene. His life view changed with his experience.
    Are all young black men going to rob him? I don’t think so. So why is he now going to cross the street.
    I saw a post about how the police kill a black man and MSM prints his rap sheet and a white college man rapes a woman and they print his swim times.
    Well you call me to go to see about a man with a gun who displayed it to someone who then called 911 I am not going to care if he has a rap sheet, I am going to care if he is bigger than me, if he listens to what I say to do and if my duty is to arrest him I am not going to be nice about it.
    Yes, you try to bend someone’s arm behind their back they may resist for no other reason than it hurts but also because they know that they are going to prison for having an illegal gun, how does one twisting the arm know that at the time if it is because it hurts or because they are resisting.
    Did the MN officer treat the victim differently than if he was white. Probably. I’m more interested in knowing why he did what he did. And sooner or later we have to decide as a society that it is important that there is a tremendous amount of violence in the black community and that must be addressed and addressed by the black community, maybe without our help.
    I say without our help because I am convinced as are two people I read regularly, George Will and Prof Sowell (an African American fellow) that all the programs begun in the Johnson era have made things worse not better.
    In closing, let me say this. Here is how I learned to vote. My grandfather took me to vote when I was a little kid, I have such a vivid memory of it. He was an immigrant from Poland. So proud to be an American. He took me into the booth, behind the curtain and told me this is how you vote in America, you find the line that says Democrat and you pull every lever in that line.
    For the past two elections I have actually thought about voting for the Republican candidate for president. Because of the vacancy on the Supreme Court and my belief that in the next 4 years we will loose other justices I favor and because I have had such a negative view of Scalia I am stuck again unable to change my vote. The list put out by Trump would be a disaster. I won’t go on here about why I disliked Scalia so much, that would be another post way too long for here.
    What I don’t like about continuing to vote democratic is that it will continue to place the black community at a disadvantage. Just one more program and all of a sudden their social and community problems will be solved. I don’t understand why they and their leaders believe that. Read George Will and Prof. Sowell.

  40. Will Reks says:

    Here’s a good piece that sheds light on the breakdown in social cohesion. Our system doesn’t work if institutions lose their legitimacy.
    Racial agitators are also much to blame for rising tensions. And they exist among all races spreading propaganda in the hopes of starting a race war.
    As far as solutions go.. I’m not optimistic. Everything’s on video these days and easily amplified through mainstream and alternative media sources. The negative actions of a few get all the media attention. This is a sick, angry, and violent society.

  41. All,
    I have not followed these cases closely, but for what they are worth, some observations.
    The interrelationships between the attitudes of elements of ‘white’ élites and other groups are I think critical to what is happening. And they are not that easy to understand.
    1. Cultures are not monolithic.
    Just round the corner from us, they have just rebuilt a ‘Seventh Day Adventist’ Church. Walking the dog on a Sunday morning, I often come across members of the – almost but not quite entirely – black congregation coming there. The middle aged women wear what appears to an Englishman oddly ‘Fifties hats. The children are all well-behaved. Sometimes, we exchange greetings.
    This is in itself bizarre, in that we live in what is generally an upper-middle-class area.
    The culture of this church is one with which very few in the British élite would have any sympathy.
    But it has strong ‘family resemblances’ to many ‘nonconformist’ cultures, in Wales, England, and Scotland.
    One can go back to the origins of ‘Puritanism’ in Elizabethan times, from which so much in American culture came. It was always an attempt, by strict disciplines, to come out of or away from a descent into the comforts and cruelties of a ‘libertine’ culture.
    2. The modern culture of ‘victimhood’ does not originate with ‘victims’.
    At the outset, it was an élite culture, and in large measure, still is. It is a seriously strange culture, which needs further investigation. In part, it represents an attempt to enjoy ‘libertinage’ without having to face the possible consequences.
    A culture of ‘revolt’ now appears in all kinds of apparently different places. So, ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘AIPAC’ may look different, but they are actually cut from the same cloth. Both have been educated in irresponsibility by ‘élite’ whites. Both whine.
    (Whether ‘Black Lives Matter’ are funded by George Soros I have not yet been able to check out.)
    The ‘madness of Soros’ would be an interesting topic.
    3. The curious kind of ‘abdication’ involved in the behaviour of elements among white élites is also puzzling. How far is this covertly suicidal?
    4. Another element to ‘throw into’ the ‘mix’: One needs to be fearful of the dangers of the resentments of the resentful, intelligent, weak.
    Polarisation is, commonly, lethally easy. Equally, however, it commonly leads many people involved, first, into comforting places, and then, into complete catastrophe.
    If however people are angry enough, they cease to care, or even to have a sense of reality about the shambles into which they may be heading.
    To look for ways to avert polarisation requires wisdom. But this is precisely what the ways in which our élites are currently educated does not produce.

  42. Balint Somkuti says:

    Is this the end or the beginning of the end?
    I mean mass attacks against the police?
    Is this a revolt?

  43. Fred says:

    Incorrect, it is only 43% of the homicides.

  44. Fred says:

    FBI crime stats:
    2014 data:
    Civiliains murders:
    11,961 people were murdered in 2014 of the offenders – 5,173 were black. For a group that makes up less than 13% of America’s overall population they account for 43% of the murders in the country.
    Of the 48,315 officers who were assaulted in 2014, 13,654 (28.3 percent) sustained injuries. So far 2015 57 police officers KIA. The five in Dallas should be listed as victims of a hate crime. That will not happen. I agree with TTG’s comments below.

  45. Fred says:

    Americans built this society. The use ethnic identities to divide and thus gain economic or political influence or control is an old, old story. The Ottomans and the Byzantines are such examples.

  46. The Beaver says:

    @ Cee
    He was a former US Army soldier from what the news are saying ( I heard it on the radio driving home). He may not have been a sniper type but he must know his weapons.

  47. turcopolier says:

    Very ordinary shooting involved in this. pl

  48. Eric Newhill says:

    jld – The democrats bono. “don’t vote R, they’re hateful racists that want to yank your welfare and the quotas”. It’s been very effective so far.

  49. The Beaver says:

    The song by Gordon Lightfoot “Black day in July” comes to mind.
    And the people rise in anger
    And the streets begin to fill
    And there’s gunfire from the rooftops
    And the blood begins to spill

    Seeing what is happening in France and what is also going on in the US, one wonders whether we are going back in time – the “60s.

  50. Eric Newhill says:

    Fred, Yes. I agree with you again. I was merely repeating the meme that has caused so much trouble and will cause so much more.

  51. Fred says:

    Has any democratic elected official in NYC even proposed overturning the law forbidding selling of loose cigarettes?
    I agree with you the robot thing is beyond credibility. In Orlando the police waited hours to enter and stop a terrorist attack in Dallas they used a robot after the area was apparently secure – though there was not a hostage situation.
    ” lone knucklehead fired down on a crowd with such precision that ONLY police were killed?”
    Facts are stubborn things. This terrorist wasn’t alone and he didn’t shoot at the crowd, unlike in Orlando or in Paris. He choose his victims with a purpose.

  52. Fred says:

    I think you are correct.

  53. Fred says:

    It is a fundamental change in our constitutional form of government they want, a race war is just a byproduct of their chose method of getting there.

  54. SmoothieX12 says:

    In my opinion, if Obama or anyone has an honest interest in reclaiming American society, start by demilitarizing the police.
    1. Obama doesn’t have “honest interest” since he cannot have one for a huge number of cultural and educational reasons. The guy is coward and a racist. What is happening right now is to a large extent the result of his utter failure as American statesman and a leader.
    2. What IS “reclaiming” American society? The best what has been produced in and by this society has been done by overwhelmingly white, European, largely Christian folks. Either US reclaims its European culture (and I do not mean modern EU “culture”) or it is over. The threshold beyond which there is no return is fast approaching.
    3. Per Iraq “veteran” on C-SPAN–I spent a lot (and I mean a lot) of time around and with veterans. Well, my not always comfortable almost 11 years of service in Soviet Armed Forces do also count for something. Each time I hear “it is us vs. them”–I cringe. Obviously it is a different military culture but what does it mean “demilitarize”? Repeal 2nd Amendment? Kill SWAT teams? How about starting calling things what they are in reality not in some virtual space of mass-media. When POTUS endorses on national TV some pot-smoking aggressive thug–how do you call that? How do you call constant promotion and endorsement of the thug lifestyle? All courtesy of the new cultural “left” and so called “intellectual” leaders from Hollywood. How about starting from addressing that and, indeed, reclaiming the society which is built not around “hood” values.

  55. scott s. says:

    I see two contributing factors:
    First, an emphasis on police safety, ensuring he/she “returns home to his family at the end of the shift”.
    Second, an emphasis on “active/pro-active” policing.
    The combination of these two results in a likelihood of confrontational interactions between police and citizens, with police acting to ensure they have dominance through use of force escalation. It doesn’t help that stops for minor infractions might be pursued as “revenue generators” but can also be pretextual for more “active” policing. This easily leads to resentment on the part of those subject to this style of policing.
    For me the solution is to examine other means of policing which are less likely to result in force escalation (investigation rather than confrontation, for example). Of course this takes more work (often human intelligence as we discuss here on SST).
    Unfortunately, it appears that there are those, from the Office of the President on down, who prefer to approach this as a racial/ethnic battle and this results in resentment and polarization. We can speculate if this is intentional or not. But I don’t think at the end of the day, agitating to create an us vs them mentality will do anything to resolve the core issues.
    As a side issue, this will be used for gun control agenda advocates to argue that concealed/open carry is “too dangerous”. This again ties into my opening observation that safety of police is to be given higher consideration than the safety of citizens. I don’t see how a free society can exist where a segment of government employees are given this sort of preferential treatment.

  56. Cee says:

    I have been in larger protests and seen hired people start the violence before they started putting handcuffs on the less civilized who joined in.
    I heard the military expert on MSNBC say today he doesn’t believe this man acted alone either.

  57. Cee says:

    He was in the engineering division in Afghanistan…a carpenter who had no sniper training. I’m not buying this crap!!
    Plus, IF it was him acting with others, he was nuts. He hated white people and the BLM movement.
    Back the the robot…I’m glad I read How to Survive a Robot Uprising.

  58. Cee says:

    Tim S,
    Save lives and stop these revenue busts!! Police have far more important and urgent things to respond to than keeping judges busy and prisons full of NON VIOLENT POOR PEOPLE, oh wait…prisons are profitable now!!

  59. Cee says:

    Black Lives Matter is heavily funded by (((George Soros))), so I am infinitely skeptical about their motives,
    HIS motives. Divide, distract and conquer while he gets richer and richer. I hear he’s planning some EU super state to counteract the Brexit movement.

  60. walrus says:

    @Griziz……….the law abiding will give up their firearms, the bad guys won’t. That is the Australian experience of gun control.

  61. Fred D says:

    Tyler, your link has a stink !!
    •Philando Castile, 32, was a nutrition services supervisor at J.J. Hill Montessori Magnet School in St. Paul.
    •He had worked for St. Paul Public Schools since 2002, said spokeswoman Toya Stewart Downey. Previously, Castile worked at Chelsea Heights Elementary School and now-closed Arlington High School.
    •He was a 2001 graduate of St. Paul Central High School.
    •Castile’s colleagues in the St. Paul school district described him as a “team player who maintained great relationships with staff and students alike.” They also said he had “a cheerful disposition and … was quick to greet former co-workers with a smile and hug.”
    •His criminal record in Minnesota includes only traffic violations and misdemeanor-level offenses.

  62. turcopolier says:

    The level of shooting involved in Dallas is nothing special. Every US Army soldier is taught to shoot well in Basic Combat Training. Finance clerks and medical people are taught to shoot this well. Someone who goes to sniper school is taught to hit individuals at ranges beyond 1,000 feet. This was nothing like that. pl

  63. optimax says:

    The shooter served in the National Guard as a carpenter in an engineering unit so his combat training wouldn’t be extensive. A retired police trainer said he thinks the shooter must have trained outside the military. The ex-trainer had a bad night last night. He said of the cop[s he trained in escalation of force 30% got it, 30% were passable and 30% didn’t get it at all. He didn’t feel good about the last 30% working the street.
    I have great respect for the cops running towards the gunfire. Most had only handguns, saw only one cop get his rifle out of the trunk. Surprised more didn’t do that.
    The MSM overplays it when a cop shots an unarmed black man and underplays it when an unarmed white is shot. This shooter wanted to start a race war, something the media and government are complicit in.
    Some see all cops as good and some see all cops as bad. Both are the problem.

  64. SmoothieX12 says:

    Is this a revolt?
    No. Not yet. Even One-two armed, essentially terrorist-diversionary, groups based on “revenge” is not a revolt. It is merely someone losing their “nerve”. Revolt requires a bit more than just killing several police officers, after all 4 Seattle PD officers were literally executed in 2009 and it was not a revolt.,_Washington,_police_officer_shooting
    What it is, however, is a reaction of a community much (not all) of which does not fit nor is willing to fit into dominant culture which makes the country. I deliberately do not use the term nation. It may get to the revolt but then again, as Rodney King’s riots have shown whites and Asians have a good self-organizing streak and numbers, such a revolt, despite obvious very serious implications (and ramifications) will create a backlash. I hope that situation calms down (albeit I do not see this happening) and if it doesn’t, I would love to see both so called cultural left and “establishment” conservatives thrown out of media and politics, preferably some of them charged with sedition and treason. I know some names which long ago should be placed behind bars or have a nice rendezvous with electric chair.

  65. walrus says:

    my police officer son sent me a link to a well reasoned appreciation of what is going on in America from a police perspective. Basically the prevalence of black on black crime ensures that Police will face a prevalence of armed homicidal blacks in their daily work.
    The ultimate cause of black crime is a separate discussion from the police response. to it. The scholarly paper explains that the police response is both entirely understandable and beneficial to what passes for the black community as a whole. A corollary is that the black community is going to suffer more if police behavior is forcibly modified as a result of more PC correctness.

  66. Will Reks says:

    I see it more as a thirst for revenge. White supremacists want a race war to restore the proper hierarchy and their lost cultural dominance. Black supremacists want to punish those they see as their oppressors.
    The race war is all about a revenge fantasy. Think Django Unchained with a version for white and black racists.
    Folks in this thread talking about the failure of multiculturalism don’t realize they are racial agitators. Whites aren’t going anywhere. Blacks aren’t going anywhere. We’re all stuck with each other and there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about that.

  67. kao_hsien_chih says:

    Both stereotypes are true in Hollywood productions, in general.
    Minorities are NEVER regular people. They are either ridiculously sanctified creatures that don’t exist in real life (as per Tyler’s description) or cartoon criminals/evildoers.

  68. Stuart Wood says:

    I agree. Start demilitarizing society by getting rid of military grade weapons. Maybe the infatuation with them will diminish.

  69. michael brenner says:

    At the risk of being out of tune to the point of upsetting some people, I feel obliged to point out that the instinctive reaction of “picking sides” and then viewing everything through a distorted lens is not at all useful if we are interested in containing the spread of racially motivated homicide in the United States. It may be comforting to blame Barack Obama or the MSM or Black Lives Matter – or Donald Trump. the Tea Party and also the MSM. If a large slice of America’s political class continues down this road, the end-point resembles Baghdad. There, too, there is a plethora of rather silly justifications for unjustifiable actions. Some – indeed, too many – get a high out of that. The innocent dead, mutilated and orphaned are not in position to share in it.

  70. Tyler says:

    Was using the 2012 stats.

  71. Tyler says:

    Fred D,
    Or yours does.

  72. Hood Canal Gardner says:

    IMHO you can have it both ways indefinitely ie, grow a peaceful convivial society and support one that is mentally okay with being the world’s #1 world exporter of arms/ordinance.
    Short of a near term pandemic we’ll continue to ‘evolve’ our armed judge and jury police force both here at home and abroad. It is what it is. IMO our empire still has a way to go before it really turns on its makers but that’s where it’s headed. Do I wish it would be different here at home and abroad? Yes.

  73. Kooshy says:

    IMO not even here, the deep down societal problem with this issue is being discussed, like, our government wants to make this a gun control issue and pass more laws for what who knows?IMO this problem is much deeper than any of that, it is a societal issue, a social divide issue, that no laws no matter how gap closing they may be cannot fix it. IMO the civil act of 1964 couldn’t and didn’t fix this problem, actually it could have made it more severe, in a way that deep in black communities they think they are neglected and not a truly part of this nation except in superficial ways, and at the same time the whites think, that due to these laws the black have become a lazy burden on the rest of nation dewing up SST, etc. IMO that personal level societal disconnect can’t be changed by civil laws or Obama’ gun law.
    Yesterday all the MSM was acting like the police was killing innocent blacks for no good reason, watching media today one comes to think that some in black community are terrorist killing innocent law enforcers, for the rest of us is easy to be confused, what to think and on who’s side we should be. Shame is Borg comforting on this? Making us all scared and confused every day? I think we will see more violence, I saw Rodney King back than, I saw OJ, I saw various other black and white things going on here and there, deep down nothing changed, nothing will, for the rest of my time, except having more laws made.

  74. Brunswick says:

    There are lot’s of books and articles out there on the militarization of policing in the US.
    In general it consists of:
    – weapons and equiptment
    – tactics and training
    – mental attitudes resulting from that training
    For example, SWAT Teams. They were origionally formed for incidents like Dallas and Hostage situations, but that is not how most are used.
    “The next day, around 12:41 p.m., Zorich was at home with several family members and her pit bull, Kiya, when a St. Louis County Police Tactical Response Unit burst through the door without knocking, according to her suit. The unit had at least five officers with M-4 rifles, supported by at least eight uniformed officers.”
    “The officers entered so quickly, Zorich’s suit alleges, that Kiya didn’t even have time to bark. A tactical officer fired three shots into the dog, and the dog’s “bladder and bowels released and she fell to the floor.” The dog “was laying on the floor in her own waste and blood struggling to breathe. She had a gaping hole in her chest.”
    “Zorich was then taken into custody and given a bunch of citations from the county’s housing inspector over the condition of her home. She says that when she got home she found her beds overturned, closets searched, and stuff from shelves thrown on the floor. Then the county condemned the home.”
    Stories like that occur all over the US, and to make things worse,

    Balko said that botched raids such as this one are not isolated incidents. Other examples of SWAT team misuse are the hundreds of raids conducted each year at a wrong address. Often the people targeted are completely innocent, unlike in the Diotaiuto tragedy. Further, the “no-knock” and “quick-knock” raids often rely on anonymous tips and “dubious informants to obtain the search warrants,” in his opinion.”
    SWAT Teams are being sent out on “raids” to serve traffic tickets, collect student loans, raid restarants, barber shops, homes for building and health and safety compliance issues, organic farms, raw food producers, animal shelters, a record company, private poker games, Tibetian Monks staying at a church, and to recover suspected stolen Koi from a back yard pond.

  75. Bill Herschel says:

    There are American troops in combat in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, probably Ukraine and who knows where else. Our government spends close to a trillion dollars a year on “defense”. In an increasingly militarized society, what do you expect?
    Now, if our “defense dollars” were getting results in terms of the safety of our people and the rest of the people on earth, that would be fine. But everyone on this blog knows that is the opposite of the truth. That in fact our “defense dollars” are fomenting violence here and abroad in ever increasing amounts.
    President Obama has just authorized the presence of 8,000 combat troops in Afghanistan essentially in perpetuity. With no debate. There is no American legislator with the courage of John Baron, a combat veteran, to stand up to this insanity.
    It’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better. There are plenty more veterans black and white who are willing to commit suicide after having killed as many people as they can. 350,000 veterans currently have brain damage incurred in combat. You can’t do this to your people without paying a price.

  76. optimax says:

    Selling singles is a federal criminal act passed by congress and signed by Obama. If I was a cop I wouldn’t give a sh!t. some laws aren’t worth the effort of enforcing.

  77. steve says:

    I agree with your points 1 and 2. We don’t really have a problem with police in general. We have a problem with a few police who should not be police. A few of those are actually bad people (I can’t be the only person here to have known some bad cops, though living in Philly might have made it more likely), but most are just not suited to the job. When they get in the wrong situation they don’t perform well. Of course the good police close ranks behind these guys so they rarely get punished or booted.
    As to your 5th point I think you overrate the MSM. People under the age of 40, those most likely to engage in these kinds of shootings, are much more heavily influenced, as a rule, by social media, which is incredibly toxic.

  78. BabelFish says:

    Those were my thoughts as well.

  79. optimax says:

    Philando Castile told the cop he was armed and had a carry permit. He was shot when he reached for his wallet. How many bad guys tell a cop they have a gun and a carry permit? Zero. Nada. None. Unless new information comes out that exonerates the cop. this was a bad shooting by a freaked out cop who should have never been hired. Freedom Dailey looks like a bogus site. They call Castile a Crip and yet he is not wearing the colors or flashing the signs. I hope they get sued.

  80. jerseycityjoan says:

    “Panic/fear among the police in these tense situations is rarely talked about, but seems a highly significant issue.”
    Yes, yes, yes to that.
    There are places in the US that are ruled through fear and intimidation by thugs. This robs the people who live unlucky enough to live their so many of the good things of American life that the rest of us take for granted. It also leads to bad reactions in law enforcement at times.
    We have to break the cycle of what keeps high crime and impoverished neighborhoods down. That requires honesty about all contributing issues. Until we are honest and committed to real change, the toxic effects of high levels of chronic violence, learned helplessness and rage will continue to get worse. We will also continue to waste money on ineffective containment of problems that are only getting worse.

  81. Bobo says:

    As to #1 & #2 I was taught and have taught that compliance, respect and docility are the actions to utilize when confronted by Law Enforcement. I know most others have been taught and taught the same. Any actions of resistance or escalation is a losing proposition.
    #3 & #4 Last evening I listened to the President, ole Spike & Blow before shaking my head and heading to bed. This morning I awoke to the horror of what occurred in Dallas. My heart went out, as it still does, to the families, friends, fellow workers and Dallas citizens for the loss and sacrifice of those lost or harmed. I listened to the President and shook my head but I also listened to the Police Chief and I see hope. I was pleased to hear about the Robot and commend the ingenuity used to resolve the situation.
    #5 & #6 the MSM is a big problem in this country and feeding the negative aspects of human beings especially those maladjusted individuals. Presently the only thing that can be done is to do what I just did…..turn off the TV. They do not call it the Boob Tube for nothing.

  82. turcopolier says:

    Stuart Wood
    So, you are in favor of confiscation of all what? Be specific so we know if you have any idea what you are talking about. pl

  83. turcopolier says:

    “The shooter served in the National Guard as a carpenter in an engineering unit so his combat training wouldn’t be extensive.” That is incorrect. He served in the Army reserve, not in the National Guard. these days, all Regular Army (active force), National Guard and Army Reserve soldiers are trained to the same standard in Basic Combat Training. pl

  84. VietnamVet says:

    This is apparently a lone wolf sniper attack in Texas who was triggered by the smartphone videos and the BLM protests. There are similarities and differences from 1966 University of Texas sniper shootings. Both were veterans. Then and now the USA is at war. If the Dallas sniper had accomplices, this is an escalation. The difference is today is that the justice system is privatized with laws and punishment for all but the neo-Royalty. Fines pay for city and county finances and unfairly impact the poor. I do not have any contact with the police but decades ago while on jury duty I talked to a local cop for a while we sat around waiting. Towards the end I said something like he reminded me of the soldiers I had served with in Vietnam and he agreed.
    Two words we never hear anymore are “peace” and “prosperity”. They describe what is missing in our new world order. Two other words that are way too common today that grate like scratching a chalkboard are “hero” and “warrior”. I have never heard a WWII or Vietnam War veteran say them once.
    The chaos that has spread across the world from Libya to Ukraine is coming here if these endless wars do not stop. When it comes, Americans will have two alternatives to “for profit” security: 1) build secular community defense units such as the Kurd’s People Protection Units and the Donbass People’s Militia or 2) armed Christian Dominion congregations and ethnic cartels similar to the Taliban or La Alianza de Sangre.

  85. tpcelt says:

    This is very true. I’ve worked in financial servces first in the Midwest and, since 1986, in DC for 30 years, beginning with the government and then trade associations. I was very proud of my work in the late ’80s and early ’90s for the government. My agency wasn’t perfect, but the staff tried to do the right thing and correct their actions if there had been a mistake.
    I now live in a small, generally sweet, close-in DC suburb that’s rife with SJWs, many with surprising influence in media, government, and finance.
    It’s hard to describe, but the Borg mentality is prevalent and insidious both here in my town and in DC. No coordination necessary…it’s a mindset based on common experiences and having opportunities from parents willing to underwrite prestigous college tuitions and pay the freight for well-connected “internships”. I could probably have risen further in my jobs, but some didn’t like my conclusions that, even based on the zealous representation of clients, the words of statutory and case law actually in-the-end do mean something. My interpretations could prevail on occasion, but that was the end of a great run of government promotions.
    A few years ago, when ME detentions by the US were being debated, I decided to read a highly recommended law review article on the Supreme Court’s decision on WWII Japanese internees. I threw it away half-way through, thinking that right or wrong real constitutional analysis is kinda irrelevant anymore…which is a very hard thing for a lawyer to accept.
    I don’t get many invitations anymore to SJW parties in my small town, but there’s a lot of interest in getting a ride in my new (used, but lookin’ good) BMW convertible.

  86. Edward Amame says:

    According to the latest reports there was only one shooter, a vet BTW.

  87. Edward Amame says:

    Are you aware that anti-Semites and white nationalists have begun using three sets of parentheses around a Jewish surname — for example (((Jewish name here))) — to I.D. and target Jews for harassment on blogs and Twitter?
    See here for more:

  88. Edward Amame says:

    Balint Somkuti
    No, it is the reaction to recent shootings by a very angry and unhinged vet.

  89. Babak Makkinejad says:

    They Oriental women are pretty but also frighteningly efficient Evil-doers in those movies.

  90. michael brenner says:

    Years ago, I had as a seatmate on a trans-Atlantic flight a retired NYC Police Dept homicide detective who had risen to be Chief the Manhattan South Division (Kojak’s old stomping grounds). He’s an old-time Irish cop. We’ve been in intermittent conversation ever since.
    I called him early today to get his reaction to this week’s killings. Highlights: the police actions in New Orleans and Minneapolis – based on what he knows – were Murder 1! They speculated that they would have been prosecuted as such in NYC in the 1970s nd 1980s – same for the Garner killing on Staten Island. He never had seen nor would have countenanced the loose use of deadly arms by his officers that now has become commonplace. He sees the problem as one of recruitment and training. These guys never should have been allowed on the force. He is a man who lives in a lily-white suburb and whose attitude toward violent crimes by inner city persons of color is simply: murder is murder; assault is assault.
    Make of this what you will.

  91. Babak Makkinejad says:

    It was a crime of terrorism.

  92. Babak Makkinejad says:

    Yup, truly deplorable. The say that he was stationed in Afghanistan for a while.
    Might be a case of becoming deranged – war & drugs & testosterone.
    The thing of it is, when Whites and Blacks signed the mutual suicide pact in Michigan that resulted in the death of Detroit as a real city, I doubt that they or their erstwhile leaders thought that through.
    And as went Detroit so went so many other places in US.
    The results are in: absolute dissolution of trust between the Whites and Blacks, persistent Black violence and poverty for which the Whites have to cover the costs – directly and indirectly – and decay at all level of the social compact.
    Republicans became the party of Whites and the Democrats became the party of Give-Blacks-Money-to-Go-Away.
    And then the idiots in both parties wish to bomb yet another country to “reform it”.

  93. Babak Makkinejad says:

    Before the African-American Uprising in Detroit, Euro-Americans felt safe everywhere in the city. After the riots, not so much and they began leaving; depriving African-Americans of their culture, learning, education, business savy, connections, work-ethic and a whole lot of other fine qualities that Euro-Americans have.
    Both communities, in their hubris as well as fear, destroyed Detroit – gaining nothing over the course of 50 years. And as Detroit went, so did the rest of the United States.
    You live in California, many Euro-Americans of your age or older used to have African-American nannies. (You could ask them). No more, Euro-American children are only entrusted to Central Americans and Mexicans (are you paying attention Tyler) and not with African-Americans.
    You are right that the United States has deep social problems but the way those problems have been approached was by throwing money at them an hoping they would go away.
    No amount of money, in my opinion, can restore communal trust between Euro-Americans and African-Americans although, at the personal level, such trust may be earned or negotiated.
    In my opinion.

  94. optimax says:

    I should add the retired trainer emphasized controlling suspects with his hands after trying to deescalate verbally and thought too many cops didn’t spend enough time on the mat.

  95. Cee says:

    The Dems can be safety Nazis or have lobbby money dictating their actions. I don’t smoke or drink soda but you can’t expect police to regulate bad habits.
    I found an old article that I read a while back….
    Rand Paul of Kentucky made this point Wednesday night on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews, and liberals have been freaking out about it ever since. “I think it’s hard not to watch that video of him saying, ‘I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe,’ and not be horrified by it,” Paul said. “But I think there’s something bigger than the individual circumstances. . . . I think it’s also important to know that some politician put a tax of $5.85 on a pack of cigarettes, so that’s driven cigarettes underground by making them so expensive. But then some politician also had to direct the police to say, ‘Hey we want you arresting people for selling a loose cigarette.’ . . . For someone to die over breaking that law, there really is no excuse for it. But I do blame the politicians. We put our police in a difficult situation with bad laws.”
    Read more at:
    I’m sorry that I haven’t made myself clear about vetera, who IMHO deserved better than to be blown up. What happened to sleeping gas delivered by robot? I would love to have heard from him.
    I just don’t believe he had the skills of a marksman to target these officers.

  96. Mark Logan says:

    The modern video-scenario training of officers can be tweaked to produce officers who are very fast, very slow, and everything in between on the trigger. The faster the shoot-reaction the more fun they are to “play”, but the risk involved is rationalized as training officers to be “extremely alert”. Subliminal encouragement of the notion that officers primarily are about defending themselves draws away from the hopefully desired goal of making officers servants instead of herders.
    I strongly suspect the current training curriculum as a contributing factor.

  97. Tyler says:

    Or maybe we stop importing millions of third world savages who only understand the way of the gun.
    Some of you want Andy Griffith style policing with the demographics of Rio. You want the police to be sacrificial lambs so you can feel good about yourself.

  98. Reference point 3: It now seems most likely that this attack was executed by a single shooter using an SKS as his primary weapon. Unless the rifle was modified, it doesn’t use detachable magazines like AR-15 and AK-47 style rifles. It’s loaded using 10 round stripper clips. Here’s a video of a Yugo SKS in action. It would take little time to reach this level of proficiency.
    The shooter certainly practiced the shooting and moving tactics he used, but he probably planned this attack less than 24 hours before he executed it. If our society continues on the same course, I think we can see similar attacks in the future. There are plenty of similarly skilled and similarly impressionable young (and old) people in this country. And unfortunately there is more than enough outrage to set those skilled and impressionable people off.

  99. Tyler says:

    Maybe Dallas PD decided it had lost enough officers in one day and didn’t feel like it didn’t need to lose more.

  100. Tyler says:

    Remember the media freakout over the DC Sniper John Muhammed being an “Army marksman”. Let us not forget his illegal alien BFF.

  101. Tyler says:

    If you want to believe a recidivist criminal was able to secure a carry permit in MN, be my guest.
    I actually appreciate it cause you’re telling me pretty loudly no way I’m going to convince you of the rest of it if that simple fact seems beyond the pale to you.

  102. Tyler says:

    Yeah, white and asian people have a pretty good track record of dealing with groups that simply cannot abide by polite norms by letting them be history book subjects.

  103. Cee says:

    I cried when I read his Twitter quote. He said he was just trying to make it in this hard world.
    This guy is scuffling to make an honest living and he continueD to be stopped over some crap with an auto! This is sickening.
    I had an experience last summer with a state trooper as I drove through NC. Gawd. Every few miles the speed limit changes so you’re cruising along, listening to the news, music and bam! The trooper comes the to tell you that you’re over the speed limit.
    I was stopped at 6 AM and I’m thankful he didn’t shoot my dog because I was unnerved, she sensed it and tried to bite him as I was handing him my documents.
    Long story short, I asked if the info was on the ticket so I could send in the payment. Oh, hell no!! I was told I had to go to COURT!
    I had the money to hire a lawyer to take care of this to the tune of 600.00 so I didn’t have to travel back to that state. Many people don’t have money for gas, insurance or much else and they are being preyed on in these situations!!! Castile is one of those people and he died for NOTHING!

  104. Cee says:

    On that…
    Israeli Training: Houston Police Shoot Wheelchair Amputee Said Armed with Ballpoint Pen
    This police incident was a classic. The victim was living in a group home for the mentally ill. He was in a wheelchair having lost an arm and leg some time before in a rail accident.
    Two Israeli trained Houston Police were sent. The spokesman for the Houston Police, Jodi Siva, claimed the man “cornered” one of the police officers and threatened him with an object.
    Both officers had completed Krav Fit martial arts training from their Israeli instructors at a cost of thousands of dollars a day.
    Btw, the author of this piece a Jewish US veteran.

  105. Cee says:

    Tibetian Monks staying at a church, and to recover suspected stolen Koi from a back yard pond.
    OUTRAGEOUS. Thank you for helping me make my point.

  106. robt willmann says:

    The relationship between local police and law enforcement — who are public servants and civilians — and the other people in the community is now a serious problem, and exists because of behind-the-scenes activity since September 2001, the obvious aim of which is to co-opt and neutralize state and local law enforcement.
    Back in the 1980’s, I socialized with a few people I had met when going through the police department, which included a few detectives. One later became the police chief. There were few problems. If a guy who was being arrested started to fight, there was a little fight, which the suspect would of course lose, but there was not the pounding with batons, or shocking someone with electricity, or shooting and killing someone who was on the ground or who made a “furtive gesture”. The police chief came to work in a business suit and tie, and did not seek out TV cameras or desire to “spin” the media.
    When in Germany in the 1980’s, I noticed that the police officers wore pale yellow shirts and green pants (and sometimes drove a BMW), and they were polite; a very non-threatening appearance. But they were not wimps, as was explained to me by a guy who had been an MP in the U.S. military in Germany who dealt with them some. I have not been there in around 8 years, and do not know if they have been conned into changing their uniforms.
    For several years in the 1990’s, I worked as a part-time magistrate, usually on weekends in a 24-hour system, and saw everyone right after they were arrested during an eight-hour period. Again, there were few problems.
    The first clue after 2001 was the appearance of black uniforms (or dark navy blue that looked black) in some local police departments. One day in Justice of the Peace Court, I saw a young man who was a local “park ranger” who had a black uniform on with the yellow-gold thread patch on the shoulder. The park rangers worked in the city parks to watch for people who got too drunk or who were engaging in intimate activity that got a little too explicit. They had always worn dark green uniforms. I asked him why the uniforms changed to black. He said maybe that was all that the manufacturers were making, but he liked it because it made him seem more like an “authority figure”. Another bad sign.
    Then when driving through small towns, I saw black uniforms starting to show up there as well. And several years ago in a different JP court, I saw a deputy constable I knew from the past, and he and the others had on the black uniform, when they used to wear tan, western-style clothes. I asked him what was going on. He said he did not know, only that the constable had decided and they started wearing black uniforms.
    They are now everywhere. Why? Sheriffs and police chiefs around the U.S. did not independently and separately decide to change their uniforms to black with mostly yellow-gold thread on a shoulder patch. Who are the people who suggested to local law enforcement all over the country that they needed to change their many and varied uniform styles and colors to black? Were the police told that they could not effectively investigate a burglary unless they wore a black uniform? That they could not work and clear a car wreck unless their uniform was black? That they could not respond to a call for a robbery in progress unless they had on a black uniform?
    If you think about it a little, you can come up with possible real reasons, all of which are bad.
    Has your police chief, assistant police chiefs, sheriff, district attorney, city attorney, mayor, or any other local government official signed a secrecy agreement or nondisclosure agreement with any federal agency or department or person, any private contractor for the federal or state government, any private “consultant”, any private company, or any foreign government or department? I have read that the answer is ‘yes’ as to some of those.
    Because this involves domestic, local public law enforcement matters, all such contracts and agreements should be canceled.
    There are numerous other serious issues. Too many for one comment. You can think of some, too.
    But this is a start for thought and action.

  107. Cee says:

    The ‘madness of Soros’ would be an interesting topic.
    Investor George Soros calls for reconstruction of EU after ‘Brexit’ vote

  108. Cee says:

    Col. Lang,
    From you, I accept this. Why are the so-called TV experts talking about ambush, ah, I just answered my own question. Fear moves the herd.

  109. Fred says:

    That’s even worse than I thought. I wouldn’t give damn either.

  110. Cee says:

    My cousin saved Reginald Denny when he was attacked over that Rodney King madness. Madison Richardson was his surgeon.

  111. Fred says:

    On July 7th the officers in the Dallas PD assigned to this event were not militarized cops. Please see the photos at this link for a juxtaposition.

  112. Cee says:

    Sorry to take up so much thread but I do have hope that we can save ourselves. I found this when I went to look up my cousin who saved Reginald Denny.
    They had come into LA late on the 2nd day, and they walked up a dark street, where the mob had looted and burned every building but one, a convalescent home for the aged. The mob was heading in, to ransack and loot the apartments of the terrified old men and women. When the troopers arrived, M-16s at the ready, the mob threatened and cursed, but the mob retreated. It had met the one thing that could stop it: force, rooted in justice, backed by courage.
    Greater love than this hath no man than that he lay down his life for his friend. Here were 19-year-old boys ready to lay down their lives to stop a mob from molesting old people they did not even know. And as they took back the streets of LA, block by block, so we must take back our cities, and take back our culture, and take back our country.
    – Pat Buchanan
    1992 Republican National Convention
    On my cousin.
    April 20 with a warm portrait of Dr. Madison Richardson:
    His patient was Reginald Denny, whose bashing by four African American assailants was captured live by helicopter news crews. Denny quickly became a symbol of cataclysmic upheaval in Los Angeles, and observers throughout the world wondered whether he would survive.
    If Denny were to succumb, Richardson suspected that it would be he — the lone African-American on the surgical team — who would get “scrutinized severely.” Indeed, it was he who was selected to be the team’s public face during nightly press briefings on Denny’s condition.
    “There was no way in hell he was going to die on my watch,” Richardson recalled.
    The doctor found it awkward to be considering race at all, given that he had spent much of his life insisting that race didn’t, or at least shouldn’t, matter.

  113. Tyler says:

    I cannot remember the last time I saw a negative portrayal of a Holy Minority outside of “terrorists”.

  114. Fred says:

    some? The agitprop has been going on for the better part of the current decade. When caught in their outright propaganda efforts they issue a faux apology like Rolling Stone did after their UVA rape store blew up in the light of actual evidence.

  115. Fred says:

    excellent. Will the Mayor of Chicago be asking the Governor to call out the Illinois national guard to go door to door to round up all the guns in the neighborhoods where the majority of shootings occur or just amongst the people who obey the law?

  116. Fred says:

    Some observations. I doubt the impartiality of any investigation of these incidents by the FBI or the Justice Department under their current leaders. Just days ago we as the AG meet with the spouse of the individual under investigation (Hilary) in an unrecorded, unphotographed “private” talk (that just happened to be on a private jet at an airport the ex-president coincidentaly happened to be flying to). This coincided with the concluding of FBI director Comey’s world class investigation of Hillary’s email server that resulted in zero indictments. The AG then only a day later accepts the FBI Director’s findings. The level of stench is unparalleled in my memory.
    MSM and Government propaganda reminiscent of the efforts in the run up to the Iraq war. After every police shooting of a black person there is intense coverage of police conduct, gun ownership and even Confederate symbols but there is eerie silence over the thousands of black on black shootings nationwide. An example is the response to yesterday’s events in Texas. A man (or group of men) shoot a dozen police officers in Dallas with five of them now dead. The shooting is not labeled a terrorist attack though and it nor was it labeled a hate crime.
    Today I learn via social media from many of my democratic colleagues that it was outrageous of the police to send a twitter bulletin with a photo of a suspect openly carrying an AR15 in Dallas while the shooting was occurring. Why was there outrage? Not because he was carrying an AR15 but because he was black; and to think that just days ago these same individuals wanted AR-15s banned nationwide. This individual just “coincidentally” is the brother of the man who coordinated the BLM protest in Dallas (via NPR). Not to worry though since less than 24 hours later Obama once more wants them banned. Going even one better is the presidential candidate – the one who’s spouse just coincidently met with the AG before the FBI whitewash report, repeats the tired old talking point that if a black man is shot somehow all white people are to blame.
    While all this rounding up of the usual (white) suspects was being spoken, broadcast, tweeted, retweeted and otherwise regurgitated there were further assassinations of police officers and random racially motivated killings in Bristol, Tn, Valdosta GA and Baldwin MO. I fear we are in for a long hot summer.

  117. turcopolier says:

    Edward Amame
    Ah, you subscribe to the “veterans are wounded children who are damaged goods” meme. I don’t but, that is probably an indication of how damaged I am. Is that why you did not serve? You did not want to be damaged goods? Or did you have something better to do, like Bill? Funny, I thought he was annoyed at white people. pl

  118. Brunswick says:

    DPD and DTPD elected in concurrence with BLM to “patrol” the BLM March, rather than all too often, the “militarized” response of Riot Gear, Body Armour, Snipers and Armoured Vehicles.
    It was the “right choice”, ( there’s hundreds of photo’s of BLM marchers and DTPD and DPD interacting, peacefully and in mutual respect) at sadly, the wrong place, at the wrong time.
    In London, in the early ’90’s, off of Trafagar Square, I noticed bus loads of Riot Police and Armed Response Unit’s ( MPD’s SWAT) just sitting there, parked on side streets for hours. In a “chippie’s”, I met a couple of ARU’s waiting for their “order up”, chatted to them and learned that quite often, they sat there night after night, just in case,

  119. turcopolier says:

    Not a bad gun, the VC had lots of them, more than AKs. I used to trade sling loads of them to USAF and Navy people who wanted a souvenir to bring home. They were legal. In return I received all kinds of great things; pallets of beer and coca cola, household appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners, electrical generators. I received a 3/4 ton truck once from the air force. then we had to arrange a flying crane to haul the truck up into the mountains to our happy home. The helicopter crew got lot of guns in return for that service. Maybe this guy’s rifle was one of mine. pl

  120. Tyler says:

    Cee, as happy as I am to,see you using (((echoes))) and triggering Edward, your “this is a revenue stop!” is off base.
    Listen to the audio of the officer. The guy was yanked over because he resembled a bank robber.

  121. Fred says:

    “you can’t expect police to regulate bad habits…” One doesn’t expect it. They are a professionals and we all demand they adhere to a standard of conduct. “For someone to die over breaking that law…” that is exactly what backs up every law on the books. The Senator certainly knows that. It was not the cigarette that led to the choke hold but the resisting arrest.
    The terrorist “deserved better”? Texas still has the death penalty. What better were you expecting? The PD attached something to their bomb disposal robot. I assume they could have attached a tear gas canister and a camera to see how the shooter was equipped once that machine got close enough. We’ve had a day or more to think about it, they had a handful of hours. They will have to explain why they chose what they did.
    He didn’t have skills to shoot twelve people in 2-3 minutes? There wasn’t much skill involved in that shooting at all.

  122. Bill Herschel says:

    “But the decision to deliver a bomb by robot stunned some current and former law enforcement officials, who said they believed the new tactic blurred the line between policing and warfare.”
    As I said, what a surprise. I’m shocked, shocked that the line between warfare and policing in the U.S. could become blurred, especially in a country that has existed in a crescendo of military action certainly since 9/11 and actually since WWII.
    How would Edward Bernays play this? That is what we will find out in the next 4 or 5 days. It is the only real mystery. The powerful must be protected.
    I am not much of an anglophile, but until we have John Baron’s in this country instead of clowns like John McCain (can you say Sarah Palin), this will continue and get much, much worse.

  123. Fred says:

    Edward Amame,
    “anti-Semites and white nationalists” are you making a legal claim, repeating the hasbara talking point or just slandering one of the commenters here?

  124. turcopolier says:

    “I now live in a small, generally sweet, close-in DC suburb that’s rife with SJWs, many with surprising influence in media, government, and finance.” Are we neighbors? I live in the Rosemont neighborhood of Alexandria. The great majority of my neighbors are breeding SJWs just like that. pl

  125. turcopolier says:

    Edward Amame
    Why are you still here? I have banned you several times. pl

  126. pl,
    I got a Yugo version from that gun shop/surplus store that once stood on the Alexandria waterfront. It was an interesting little place. Made for a nice lunch break.

  127. Fred says:

    “so you’re cruising along, listening to the news, music and bam!” yes, not paying due care to the driving conditions. There were 835 traffic fatalities in Michigan in 2015 mostly due to poor driving. As to tickets it was $135 when I was stopped in NC- almost three decades ago. Got a similar ticket from one of Michigan’s finest about four years ago for a rolling stop. Shame on me.
    “yes, officer” or “no sir.” “My drivers license is in my wallet and my vehicle insurance and registration papers are in the glovebox. May I retrieve them now?”
    How hard is that? Of course having a rear view mirror and knowing I would be asked for all the above I already had them in hand before he stepped out of the car. Both hands were on the steering wheel in plain sight. The radio was off and the window was down. Perhaps we can add those little tidbits to “common core” driving instructions. Of course if I were a really sharp guy with an MBA I’d just develop a ticket app so the millennials can pay me for my software that tells them to calm down and do those things I just mentioned should they be stopped by the police. What do you think, $9.95 in the app store? That sure beats half a dozen 9mm slugs in the chest any day.
    “Many people don’t have money for gas, insurance or much else and they are being preyed on in these situations!!! ” Horse shit. If they don’t have insurance they shouldn’t drive. Minnesota is “preying” on poor people? Maybe they should stop electing Democrats to public office and elect somebody who cares about jobs for citizens more than they care about bailouts for banks.
    As to dogs – I’m surprised that PETA and the SPCA haven’t demanded a change to the law that prevents drivers from having pets running loose in their vehicles when driving. They don’t fare any better in an accident than a child without a seatbelt. Not to mention the distraction to drivers. But that would be a big inconvenience to a large voting block.

  128. michael brenner,
    I remember reading Frank Serpico made the same observation after some police shooting years ago. He wondered why officers were unwilling to grapple with suspects to gain control rather than resorting to shooting them so quickly. Said officers today just aren’t as tough as they were in his day. Someone here mentioned that police don’t have enough mat time. I think they’re right. OTOH, the bad guys could just be more lethal today requiring a more lethal response.

  129. Fred says:

    Yes and in Paris the last week of May of this year “Generation Identitaire” marched past my hotel on Rue de Ecoles at 3 in the afternoon with a platoon of police bringing up the front and the rear. That was the national police force and they and not the protesters decided the route – one wouldn’t want to disrupt the shopping on Blvd. St. Germaine one block over. The important point is that the protesters did not shoot anyone.

  130. Fred says:

    Tragically seven dead but the shooters were not trained by Israelis:
    Just as police conduct matters so does that of other citizens.

  131. jld says:

    Not so sure, nothing much is left of the ancient Greeks and Romans, is it?

  132. Fred says:

    I disagree. This is the far left’s play book from long ago. The discrediting of government at many levels over a long period followed by demands for “fundamental” reform is a practiced art. There are far fewer white supremacists than the propaganda machine makes out. Hell the reporters from Detroit had to make a five state road trip to find any KKK people to talk to after the shootings in Charleston. A hundred years ago they marched in the streets of many cities and wielded a great deal of power. It is BLM and similar groups and their backers who are visible and visibly affecting political decision not white racists.

  133. jld says:

    Absolutely right but the “group level” reaction cannot be countered by any action at the individual level, i.e. calling for reasonableness, the crowd psychology has not much to do with personal psychology.

  134. Fred says:

    In Michigan failure to inform the police you have a CCW regardless of whether you are carrying a weapon is a $500 fine and a 6 month suspension of the CCW permit. All CCW licenses get added to the database in Michigan though I don’t know the lag time from issuance to actual database updates. If the police ran the license plate he would know who it was registered to and presumably if the person had a CCW – all before the officer exited his vehicle. Minnesota does not have that requirement.

  135. Fred says:

    Yes shocking in a city with a Democratic mayor, a black police chief, an excellent relationship between residents and police and twelve people who had just been shot and five of them killed.
    “The powerful must be protected.” As I said above I’m sure the AG and the FBI director will come up with an investigation worthy of Bill and Hilary.

  136. Old Microbiologist says:

    You never can tell as I commanded various medical units and once had an Olympic medalists for shooting as a laboratory technician who was a valuable addition to our marksmanship team. However, most soldiers are competent with weapons but that skill wanes over time if not practiced and training opportunities are hard to get. There are only so many ranges and many TDA units have no weapons at all so must beg, borrow or steal from other units. Then you have the issues of command motivation and budget constraints. You have to realize in the Army 80% of soldiers are in support units and many go to the range once a year and then it is like herding cats to get everyone qualified.
    That said, Combat Engineers are typically the first into a hot spot to build the base under hostile fire, usually with minimum security, so having skills might be a real matter of survival. So, he may or may not have expertise. All personnel must qualify on KD ranges and we are all trained to fire accurately (more or less) out to 500 meters. Maintaining the skill is difficult in a support unit where the focus is on mission and/or (mission) training. However, if this guy spent some significant time under hostile fire I am reasonably certain he would remain competent.

  137. Old Microbiologist says:

    This is not a new phenomena in America. I grew up in the Los Angeles metro area during the Watts riots period of civil unrest and witnessed a lot of police thuggery during those years. I myself was beaten brutally by police for the crime of being out after curfew (2200 hrs) but I worked as a fry cook at a diner in Pomona and was walking to my car after getting off work at 0230 (after the bar closure breakfast run). My crime was wearing bell bottom jeans and having long hair. I was 16 at the time and am white with blonde hair. No one was punished and no one even investigated it. This was very common to anyone who looked like a “hippie” during those years.
    Yes, I worked full time which was perfectly legal for minors with parental permission in those years. I have worked full time since the age of 14. I worked part time before that mostly s a paperboy but also had a nice gig mowing lawns with 30 customers in my neighborhood. I also did the lemonade thing and sold golf balls (that landed in our yard) out on the 15th hole which was miles from the clubhouse. It is hot in S. CA. so a nice opportunity to make some cash at 25 cents a glass. I guess all that is illegal now being an unlicensed food vendor etc.
    I think what has changed is the police are now militarized and trained to shoot to kill rather than shoot to wound and it looks like they are trained to shoot first and ask questions later. The fear and loathing of citizens is an old problem and IMHO most police have anti-social psychosis tendencies. There is still a lot of research on-going to try and explain that phenomenon. It is of course understandable, if all you deal with are violent criminals, nere-do-wells, etc. then you begin to consider everyone in that light. I think the US is unique in Western Nations for the high risk of death from a traffic stop. I personally dread any potential encounter with police under any circumstances in the US. I do not feel that way outside the US except in places with major corruption and then I dread the shakedown process but am not in fear of my life like I would be in the US. Now that HRC has been found to be too elite to prosecute we will see further degradation of respect for laws. The fish rots from the head. So, IMHO, this is going to get a lot worse if she is elected.

  138. jonst says:

    You assertion is rather simplistic, if you are talking about American LE. Can’t speak about Turkey, if, indeed, you are located there.

  139. Swamp Yankee says:

    Col. Lang,
    Are you familiar with the writings of Antonio Gramsci on what he called “hegemony” by which certain ideas, truisms, assumptions, premises, and so on (which I guess are now called memes) become part of a kind of intellectual architecture that any given ruling class constructs? Yes, Gramsci was a Marxist, and I know you’ve spent a life-time fighting Communism, but I’d just urge you to keep an open mind, because he was an acute analyst.
    For what it’s worth, I was the poor scholarship kid at one of those elite colleges that tpcelt refers to, where I learned about this Gramsci. I was there as one of the small minority of kids with working people for parents. By contrast, the SJWs avant la lettre were usually either upper middle class or obscene 1%ers. They are now comfortable liberals in their 30s who want to have the cultural cachet of Being on the Right Side of History, but not having to give up any of their stuff — thus, they are strongly for Clinton. I witnessed 9/11 among them, and was shocked that many feel exactly zero loyalty to any political community anywhere, let alone the United States that has given them a degree of pampered luxury heretofore unknown in human history, in most cases because of the accident of who their parents were. The CEO of Deutschebank’s daughter was perhaps the worst. They are the demographic “Morning Joe” is aimed at, and they are the foremost reason the world is on fire.

  140. Croesus says:

    ooh that’s evil.
    Israel has state offices that monitor, harass and censor internet activity.
    In March 2016, Moshe Ya’alon, Israel’s (now former) defense minister, spoke at the Wilson Center. Wilson Center is a US government, taxpayer-financed institution. Its director is Jane Harman; Ya’alon was introduced by the former chair of Wilson Center, Joseph Gildenhorn. Aaron David Miller and Ya’alon sat in front of an Israeli flag as Miller conducted the interview.
    In the Q&A segment, Eric Rosenman introduced himself as a representative of the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA — check it out: CAMERA’s mission is to chill any mention of Israel or Jewish persons that is not in full compliance with the decreed orthodoxy. It monitors C Span daily — hourly, and fingers any C Span moderator who fails to comply with CAMERA’s standards).
    Rosenman asked Ya’alon what Israel was doing about Palestinian use of internet (wrt a particular situation involving the mosque). Ya’alon said Israeli forces had shut down Palestinian access to internet but that some Palestinians had devised a work-around, which Israel was in the process of addressing.
    Triple parentheses. Oooh that’s scary.
    Are they semi-automatic?
    Are the users backed by the full power of a state?
    Is that state heavily financed?
    Does that state enjoy the financial support, military access, and political cover of the world’s superpower?
    Does that state have a (((military?))) (((Hi-tech weapons?))) (((Fighter jets?))) (((Nuclear weapons?)))

  141. Edward Amame says:

    Nice try, Fred. If you read my comment again, I asked Cee if he or she is aware that anti-Semites and white nationalists use three sets of parentheses around Jewish names. That’s not slandering. I provided links to back up my claim.
    Here’s what Wiki says about three sets of parentheses around Jewish names:
    From the Wiki post:
    “The use of triple parentheses or triple brackets, also known as an (((echo))), is an anti-semitic symbol that has been used to highlight the names of individuals of a Jewish background. The practice originated from the far-right blog The Right Stuff; the blog’s editors have explained that the symbol is meant to symbolize that the historic actions of members of the Jewish faith had caused their surnames to ‘echo throughout history.'”

  142. Croesus says:

    “As long ago as the 1940’s the [Communist] Party was planning cynically to use the Negroes as instruments in the revolution-to-come in the United States. The theory, contrived by Stalin and unleashed by [William Z.] Foster, was to encourage “self-determination of the Negroes in the black belt” and the establishment of a Negro nation with the right to secede from the United States.”
    – from front flap, “The School of Darkness,” by Bella V. Dodd, 1963

  143. Edward Amame says:

    Col Lang
    I thought that was temporary. I will not come back after this. I hope you at least allow my response to Fred to go through.

  144. turcopolier says:

    Swamp Yankee
    Quite familiar to Gramschi. People of my generation in SF and intelligence were taught heavily and read more of the thinking and methods of our enemies. pl

  145. turcopolier says:

    I hear you about the difficulty of maintaining training levels in a Combat Service Support unit where the actual work is more pressing every day than training requirements, but this is different. This is different: 1. He was an engineer. They take pride in their readiness to fight as infantry when necessary and have done so often. 2. He was recruited in 2009 and went to BCT then. 3. He deployed to Afghanistan. Before he went the unit would have been put through pre-deployment training that would have included re-qualification in small arms. 3. The SKS belonged to him along with other weapons. There is no reason to think he had not either been to the range with this rifle. pl

  146. turcopolier says:

    Edward Amame
    No, I prefer that you stay around. I was just harassing you. We need someone with your POV here. pl

  147. Cee says:

    Seriously? LOL I had no idea. I’ll write Victoria Nuland to inquire about that since since she supports them in Ukraine.

  148. Cee says:

    There was nobody on the road at that hour other than a few trucks so I wasn’t paying that much attention. My bad. Won’t happenen again. I did exactly as he asked and only questioned how to pay.
    My dog wasn’t losose. She was in her seatbelt in the back. He saw her barking in the rear window so he came to the passenger side and she strained against that thing and lunged at him.
    Btw Mr. Castile wa stopped 52 and paid over 6,000.00 in fines.

  149. Kutte says:

    I can’t help noticing that on no occasion anyone talked about the “racist Dallas killings”. Any reason for that?

  150. Tyler says:

    Obviously you have never dated an oriental.

  151. TV says:

    I once knew a NYC cop (in the ’70’s) who said that TV could never portray police work accurately:
    Most of the bad guys are black and the good guys (cops) are white.
    TV has since caught up with the violence and language part, but I wonder how much of his ’70’s experience is still valid?
    Remember, this was back in the day when a cop-killer NEVER got to the station, much less to a trial.

  152. Croesus says:

    Is anyone else troubled by the fact that it is the police that are providing information about the (alleged) shooter, his identity and (alleged) motives?
    Has “innocent until proven guilty” been amended to read, “or executed by robot, whichever comes first?”
    Does the first time ever use of a robot to pre-judicially kill a suspect (aka convicted murderer), raise the suspicion that this was a version of Israel’s mow-the-lawn actions in Gaza, where Gazans are used to test weapons effectiveness?
    Isn’t it a tad suspicious that the shooters in Paris, in San Bernardino, in Orlando, and in Dallas all ended up dead, with the PTB in full control of information about them and their motives?
    Inquiring minds want to know.

  153. Tyler says:

    Will Reks,
    Five dead cops at a black supremacy rally and you’re seeing the KKK under your bed.
    Good grief the only way you could get any sadder is if it came out you were a furry.

  154. Tyler says:

    plz tell me you are being farcical.
    The influence of the Greeks and Romans continues to echo through history.

  155. Tyler says:

    lmbo Democrats have been running things in this country for the last 8 years and you blame Sarah Palin.
    Gotta do whatever you can to blame Anyone But Blacks, eh?

  156. Croesus says:

    Thank you Cee. With respect, I learned to avoid Veterans Today. If the Jewish author of the piece was Gordon (??_ Duff, I consider him to be a hothead and an attention seeker who has a reputation for being careless with the facts.

  157. Tyler says:

    Remember folks, because Dylan Roof posed once with a Confederate flag it means that we have to spit on the memory of our ancestors, but when a black man says he wants to kill white folks it means we have to have a conversation about race.
    I’ve seen people around here perform mental gymnastics before trying to handwave away broadsides to their Narrative, but this thread became amazing with some of the logical contortions over night.

  158. Croesus says:

    Tyler, Maybe if USAians stop shooting up third world countries they will stop seeking refuge in other states including USA.
    How many military bases does Syria have in USA? How about Iraq, and Afghanistan and Iran?

  159. Fred says:

    Wikipedia said it so it must be true:
    So you are making the claim that these symbols are anti-semitic and white nationalistic and are not some public advocate for our best ally in the ME.

  160. Fred says:

    52 traffic citations in how many years? Why was he driving at all if he had demonstrated repeatably that he was incapable of following basic traffic regulations.

  161. Fred says:

    Has FBI Director Comey kept track of Omar Mateen’s wife? That is suspicious as she is a suspect or at minimum a material witness to the terrorist attack in Orlando.

  162. Fred says:

    No it means the left has a permission to condemn all Southerners for their inherited guilt and lack of conformity to the political agenda that is currently ascendent in America.

  163. Istanbul Guy says:

    That particular statement was about Canada, when I took part in community policing.
    In Turkey policing is a profession for twenty year olds who want to tackle and fire tear gas canisters at the heads of peaceful protestors, who often times only number twenty or thirty, in a public square.
    Now when a thousand pro-government fascists were marching and disrupting traffic while calling for the massacre of Kurdish citizens last October… none of those police were anywhere to be seen.
    Everywhere I have lived, the first role of police has been to protect property.

  164. steve says:

    A list of Castile’s criminal activities.
    A records check in Minnesota court system databases shows Castile had at least 55 traffic offenses in Minnesota, for things like driving without a muffler, operating after revocation, and not having a proper insurance card. NBC News had given the number as 31, but some of the offenses were multiple charges in the same incident.
    In Ramsey County, where Castile lived, Castile had the following traffic offenses on his record, according to a search of Minnesota criminal and petty court records:
    1. Violate instr permit – dismissed
    2. No proof of insurance – guilty
    3. Basic speed – guilty
    4. Driving after suspension – dismissed
    5. No proof of insurance – guilty
    6. No seat belt use – dismissed
    7. No proof of insurance – guilty
    8. Impede traffic – dismissed
    9. No Minnesota driver’s license – amended charge guilty
    10. Driving after suspension of driver’s license – Convicted
    11. No proof of insurance – dismissed
    12. No proof of insurance – convicted
    13. Driving after revocation – Dismissed
    15. Driving after suspension – Dismissed
    16. No proof of insurance – guilty
    17. Speeding – dismissed
    18. Driver’s license – failure to obtain new – dismissed
    19. Muffler required – dismissed
    20. Driving after revocation – guilty
    21. Operation of motor vehicle after loss of license prohibited – dismissed
    22. Dangerous public road/water – convicted
    23. Driving after revocation – convicted
    24. No proof of insurance – dismissed
    25. Driving after revocation – convicted
    26. Seat belt violation – dismissed
    27. Driving after revocation – convicted
    28. Proof on insurance – Dismissed
    29. Driving after revocation – convicted
    30. Driving after revocation – convicted
    31. Driving after revocation – convicted
    32. Seat belt required – convicted
    33. Seat belt required – convicted
    34. Driving after revocation – convicted
    35. Driving after revocation – convicted
    36. Driving after revocation – convicted
    37. Driving after revocation – convicted
    38. Driving after revocation – convicted
    39. Driving after revocation – convicted
    40. Stop/stand/park vehicle at any place where official signs prohibit stopping – convicted
    41. Expired registration – dismissed
    42. Snow emergency parking restrictions – convicted
    43. Stop/stand/park vehicle on any street/ally, at the same location, for more than 48 consecutive hours – convicted
    44. Abandon motor vehicle on any public/private property without consent – convicted
    45. Stop/stand/park vehicle on any street/ally, at the same location, for more than 48 consecutive hours – convicted
    More from Philando’s criminal history in Ramsey, County, Minnesota.
    More from Philando’s criminal history in Ramsey, County, Minnesota.
    In Dakota County, he also had some traffic offenses:
    46. Driving after suspension – guilty
    In Hennepin County, Castile had these violations:
    47. Driving after revocation – convicted
    48. Display altered/fictitious insurance card – dismissed
    49. Driving after revocation – convicted
    50. Seat belt required – dismissed
    51. Uninsured vehicle – convicted
    52. Driving after revocation – dismissed
    53. Seat belt required – dismissed
    54. Impromper display original plate – convicted
    55. Seat belt required – convicted

  165. kao_hsien_chih says:

    I am extremely happy to hear about the tradition of studying one’s enemies in SF and intelligence. One absolutely disturbing trend that I’ve come across among the many who pass as “intellectuals” today is an astonishing lack of curiosity about whom they disagree with, let alone “enemies.” The prevalent attitude is that “They are wrong. They are ignorant. They are incorrigible,” with the only “solution” being either to lecture at them, and if it fails to work, ignore them possible and bludgeon them, figuratively or, perhaps even literally, when they cannot be ignored. We are seeing a lot of this crop up around the current unfortunate series of events.

  166. kao_hsien_chih says:

    I’m astonished by that as well. In a way, the reason seems obvious, but that makes it even more disturbing.
    Roof was a mentally disturbed individual whose course of action was partly motivated by white supremacy beliefs, who use the Confederate flag as its symbol. Confederate symbolism is, let’s just say, eh, complicated and not exactly popular among the “very important people” of all stripes and as such, a useful target o convenience. So everyone agrees that focus should be on the Confederate symbolism, even if its linkage to the crime was rather indirect.
    The Orlando shooting was perpetrated by a mentally disturbed person who insistently justified his action on basis of Islam. He is clearly not part of an organized terrorist conspiracy…but rather few terrorists these days are, apparently. Given his background and upbringing, Islam was a bigger contributor to his insanity than Confederate symbolism was to Roof…but very few “very important people” bring up Islam because it is a politically inconvenient target. (Although, to be fair, it seems equally mistaken to chalk up the Orlando shooting just to Islam, given how messed up the shooter was, and that some in the political media are harping on the religion connection too loudly may not be making it easy to take a nuanced view.) A bunch of “court Muslims” are brought out to make the pious official declaration that Islam is a “religion of peace,” which is not really true–there is no such thing as “religion of peace.” But this has to be done anyways b/c there are more people who take Islam more seriously than Confederate symbolism.
    Now, we get the Dallas shooter. Was he mentally disturbed? Probably. Was he motivated by a “racial” motive? Hell, yes. But the difference with both of the previous incidents is that the narrative that fed his insanity is the official story that the “very important people” subscribe to–it’s not the white supremacist narrative subscribed by five guys in Idaho wilderness or the radical Islam accepted by a few hundred in proverbial caves, but the official version of what is supposedly wrong with the world as repeated on the mainstream media all the time. So nobody owns up to this and if anything, they’ll try to spin things in the opposite direction.
    Is it any wonder that nobody trusts these “very important people”?

  167. morongobill says:

    “All of the combustion is absorbed by a generation of people that can barely speak English, let alone read and write and engage in reasoned analysis. It’s all emotional reaction to bombastic sound bites.”
    Perfect description of the average person today, especially young ones, no matter the race.

  168. The Beaver says:

    @ robt
    May these two pieces could be an eye-opener:
    Guess who became the big boss of HDS after 9/11
    As far as the color change , may be someone thought this would be better:
    Even people in Europe, Western Asia, Central Africa, and the Middle East had similar perceptions of colors. Across all cultures that have been studied, light colors are consistently associated with goodness and weakness, while dark colors are consistently perceived as strong but evil. On psychological inventories, test subjects rate lighter colors as more pleasant and less dominant. Dark colors on the other hand elicit emotions of anger, hostility, dominance, and aggression.
    Even in the UK, the bobby has changed uniform and some are not happy:

  169. Harry says:
    Disturbing but if true is worth consideration.

  170. Harry says:

    They are probably just cheaper. Here on the UWS it is west Indians. Jamaicans are not known for their docility.

  171. VietnamVet – you write Two other words that are way too common today that grate like scratching a chalkboard are “hero” and “warrior”. I have never heard a WWII or Vietnam War veteran say them once.
    My father retired as a colonel in 1968, having begun service in 1942. In his later years (he passed away, age 96, in 2009) I would accompany him to Walter Reed Army Hospital for his medical care. Once he expressed irritation at the word “warrior” in the posters in the lobby – “In my day we were soldiers“. Just going through the corridors and riding the elevators we had ample opportunity to see some of the human cost of the wars-of-choice of the 21st century on those who went and came back alive.
    Another time during the Bush years we were talking about his time in occupied Japan. “The Japanese did everything they could to make us comfortable,” he said. I replied, “They’d had enough of war.” He said, “I wonder when this country will have enough of war.”
    I still wonder about that.

  172. Bobo says:

    I have enjoyed a number of your posts in the past but take issue with your concerns regarding the Robot. It was a SWAT unit that utilized that device after hours of negotiation with the Killer not regular Police. There is a difference as one is a front line unit while the other is a last resort unit. This Robot is a multi-function piece of equipment which I hope to see more use of in the future as it provides a tool in replying to poor situations. Now if someone had tossed a hand grenade I may have second thoughts but the explosive utilized by the Robot had a precise intent with a good outcome. Keep in kind we have been putting down rabid dogs for centuries and that is what occurred here.
    Now for more important matters. There is an EDGE out there with the young black community that needs to pass and it will take time to pass. The only thing that will heal that wound is to put them to work in a constructive manner so they can support themselves and their families. Letting them out on the streets with idle time listening to pablum from our political leaders and handouts has not worked in the past nor will in the future. They need our constructive assistance.
    I feel bad for the Robot.

  173. Tyler,
    The Confederate flag was spat upon when it was embraced by white supremacists as their symbol. By doing that they spat upon the memory of those who stood against Federal overreach and the memory of the Army of Northern Virginia. We can’t read DylanRoof’s mind, but I would think he identified more with the tenets of white supremacy than the honorable character and heroic exploits of the Army of Northern Virginia.

  174. jld says:

    I meant the people not the culture.

  175. Thomas says:

    “The ‘madness of Soros’ would be an interesting topic.”
    In the proper light it makes perfect sense. He was confronted by a moral trial as a youth that has affected his conscience and the way it developed over time. When you can’t kill God then destroy his creation. One can do a lot of harm to humanity with psychopathic vengeance protected by wealth.

  176. Will Reks says:

    You fail at reading. The race war isn’t one-sided. Nice furry reference. I assume you learned about that while looking for the Japanese anime porn your kind seems to enjoy.

  177. Tyler says:

    Point to me in the Constitution where it says we have to take in these 3rd worlders.
    Oh wait, it doesn’t. Just more leftist original sin BS where America is somehow responsible for the deritus of the world.

  178. Will Reks says:

    I’m still not seeing what you refer to as a “fundamental change in our constitutional form of government”. What policy change are they looking for that would be at odds with the current constitutional form of government?

  179. SmoothieX12 says:

    In general it consists of:
    – weapons and equiptment
    – tactics and training
    – mental attitudes resulting from that training

    Abuse (or misuse) of the force in no way testifies to this force’s redundancy. SWAT teams, special Police units, tactics and a mindset which differ from everyday routine LE are still needed. Russia has her SOBRs and doesn’t seem to be in any rush of getting rid off them. In fact, SOBR (Fast Reaction Police Forces) fought in Chechnya but also deal today with organized crime and other issues of serious gravity. But all this discussion is merely a discussion of tactical issues, US has a strategic existential problem which may require way more than SWAT teams.

  180. SmoothieX12 says:

    Actually we live by intellectual traditions laid in the foundation of our civilization by Greeks and Romans. It manifests itself everyday everywhere from art (a good one) through legislative process and law, to name a few. New Testament is essentially a Greek creation. But here is the problem, somehow it was imposed on us that some Timbuktu “achievements” are equal to those of Aristotle, Plato, Cicero, art of Aristophanes, Aesop, physics of Archimedes and the list is too long to continue. All that resulted in the music of Bach and Mozart, literature of Tolstoy and Shakespeare and in developing the most advanced (however often misguided) civilization. As Robert Reilly noted–today we live in the age of De-Hellenization, when rational thinking is substituted with social and political doctrines so bizarre that suppress the best and emphasize the worst. Events in Dallas are a culmination of all that. This is in a nutshell. Things are more complex, of course and can not be described in several short sentences.

  181. Babak Makkinejad says:

    The citizenry is also militarized, and thanks to the widespread availability of drugs and their consumption, one deals with deranged males all the time.
    Is not the citizenry also coarsened and more violent?
    The New World countries public security has deteriorated substantially over the last few decades; in USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, and as of late Uruguay where there are now metal bars on windows that are 10 stories high but in the 1980s they did not even lock their doors.
    We are not talking about policing in Western Europe here on this American continent.

  182. Bill Herschel says:

    The whole point is that neither you nor the commenters on this blog are damaged goods. The damaged goods are running the country. There are many mansions in my father’s house and many ways to serve our country.

  183. Brunswick says:

    The problem in the US is not the absence of SWAT Team’s, it’s their use and misuse.
    As it sits right now, far too many Cities and Police Forces use their SWAT teams, day in and day out, for operations that can normally be done less confrontationally by regular Officers.
    Few Cities and Forces are willing to have their SWAT Team’s either waiting for a call and training.
    If you think you need more SWAT team’s in case of Terrorist attacks, sadly to say, with out many Cities and Forces changing their doctrine on how and when they are use, your four, rather than just one, SWAT teams will simply be off raiding even more kids birthday parties, animal shelters, unpaid parking tickets and church fundraiser’s when the terrorist’s strike.

  184. Bill Herschel says:

    I don’t object to the robot. The comment was made only to the quote about the blurring of police and military.
    In France it would have worked this way. The Gendarmerie are a branch of the military. Their Commander in Chief has stated unequivocally that in cases like this he will do everything in his power to kill the perpetrator. Robots, rifles… He could care less. He wants to protect his people. Mohammed Merah managed to wound several police. That will not happen again.

  185. turcopolier says:

    Bill Herschel
    Thanks. I understood that to be point, but thanks. pl

  186. Brunswick says:

    Or, it “say” that in Baton Rouge, like Fergesson, “moving violations” and “civil penalties” have replaced the property tax base as a means of Municipal funding.

  187. Babak Makkinejad says:

    How about stopping the drug culture that deranges so many already testosterone-crazed young men even further?
    And causes the young women to kill themselves.

  188. Babak Makkinejad says:

    It is easy to collect guns, it is so much harder to admit that one has been on the wrong road for a very long time and that’s one’s compass for action has been skewed.
    Used to be, in UK, that police did not even carry side arms. Criminals surrendered without a fuss; you can ask David Habakkuk.
    All of that changed – drug culture, I think, had a lot to do with it.

  189. turcopolier says:

    Own any guns? If not you should try it. It compensates for feelings of male identity deficiency and self doubt, at least for some people. pl

  190. Cee says:

    I’ve read several articles. He was stopped for the past 14 years for things like hanging muffler, illegal placement of a license plate, having a car on private/public property for more than 24 hours.. probably ran out of gas,car broke down, who knows!!! Paid 6,855.00 in fines! He was hard working and broke but never broke the law to sell drugs to make his life any richer. This is outrageous harassment.
    Now this tape

  191. SAC Brat says:

    I see the use of the robot as more sophisticated and precise than the use of small barrel bombs that the Philadelphia police dropped from a helicopter on the MOVE siege in 1985.

  192. jdledell says:

    I found this YouTube video of a comparison of police response to Open Carry by a white man versus a black man very interesting. While it is just one incident, it does cause one to think.

  193. jdledell says:

    Tyler, I’ll see your 5 dead and raise you 9 dead black church people at the hands of a white supremacist. If you think that white supremacists are no longer a factor in America, you got to get around more. Try living in this country as a black or as a Jew like myself. I grew up and lived in this country as a Kike and Christ Killer.

  194. Babak Makkinejad says:

    No I do not own any guns.
    But I am tired of all these facile responses to violence in the United States as well as elsewhere on this continent.
    There were no mass shootings in US before drug culture as far as I can tell.

  195. Cortes says:

    Stereotypes probably do play a part.
    In the following linked article the “WARNING, WILL ROBINSON, WARNING” element was the word “Irish”. Shameful of the Metropolitan Police not to pursue the “dog whistler” to prison…

  196. Babak Makkinejad says:

    In fact, Islamic Though is based on Greek Philosophy; transmitted to Muslims by the remnants of the Platonic Academy in the former Sassanid Empire lands.
    Aristotle is known in Islamic Thought as the First Teacher, and his Muslim commentator, Al Farabi, as the Second Teacher.
    That line of development has continued, fitfully and against great odds, among a minority of Shia Muslim – until the Iranian Islamic Revolution and Ayatollah Khomeini rehabilitated Muslim Philosophy.

  197. Mark Logan says:

    robt willmann,
    There is some truth to that, the militarization is encourages a certain mindset but that is only a contributing factor. The protests resemble the ones which happened in the late 60’s in Oakland CA and elsewhere, long before 9/11. The incredible task performed by the legendary Chief Gaines in starting to turn that force’s attitudes around is worth examining. In Ferguson roughly the same thing happened. As the city got poorer the police were dispatched to generate revenue. They became public herders instead of servants. It’s an easy trap to fall into.

  198. Will Reks says:

    A couple takeaways from the Minnesota shooting:
    1) It does appear that the victim had a valid carry permit.
    2) Steve above listed Castile’s high number of traffic offenses.
    “He had been pulled over at least 52 times in recent years in and around the Twin Cities and given citations for minor offenses including speeding, driving without a muffler and not wearing a seat belt.
    He was assessed at least $6,588 in fines and fees, although more than half of the total 86 violations were dismissed, court records show.”
    That’s an impressive number of traffic stops leading to the high number of civil offenses and dismissed charges.
    3)The pretext for the traffic stop appears to be that Castile shared features (wide-set nose) with a robbery suspect. The robbery occured two days prior to the stop.

  199. jdledell says:

    One last comment for those who lay the blame for the Dallas shootings on Obama, was he also responsible for the killings in the Charleston church? If not, who was?

  200. turcopolier says:

    How about the shooter? pl

  201. Tyler says:

    I’ll raise you the thousands of whites murdered by blacks on an annual basis.
    White supremacists are a boogeyman for the SPDL to drum up more donations. You are a paranoid fool if you believe…
    Oh black AND jewish? Oy vey, its annudah Shoah I see.

  202. Tyler says:

    Will Reks,
    lmbo “reading comprehension”. Go look at the intraracial violence stats and see who is killing who more often than not before you go back to your furry anime, you degenerate.

  203. Tyler says:

    The same guy who was responsible for shooting up Aurora, Colorado.
    Black jewish fabulist inventing stories about how WE WUZ KANGS gonna be incoming soon.

  204. Tyler says:

    1) Uh, the girlfriend stating that his carry permit is “valid” does not mean it is magically valid. Good grief.
    3) And your point is?
    Power tip: Seems like he had his gun on his lap.
    Power question: How is a hispanic cop a white supremacist? Tell me when you’re done yiffing, Will.
    I know when someone gets blasted next to me the first thing I do is whip out my Obamaphone and start recording video of the encounter.

  205. Tyler says:

    Well since this is a Body of Color murdering people we will just never know what the motivation is, despite this idiot screaming he wanted to kill white people and Omar swearing allegiance to IS in Orlando, we will never know why these people wanted to rack up a high score, according to our Chocolate Messiah in Chief.

  206. Tyler says:

    I’m amazed at how committed Gay Urkel is committed to the lie.
    We can’t figure out why Omar and Malik went on their shooting spree, but whites bear blood guilt for Dylan Roof going full autist.
    I will say this for the President, he managed to eclipse GWB as worst president in living memory. Who says blacks are underachievers?!

  207. Tyler says:

    SAC Brat,
    I for one am aghast at the lack of respect on display for the sacrifice of Officer Johnny Five.

  208. Tyler says:

    Some of that, some of it Affirmative Action hires and TPTB insisting that a 5′ 110lb female deputy is just as good as as a 6’5 300 lb good ol boy who couldn’t make the NFL after being a linebacker for University of Alabama.
    Of course part of it is that officers don’t like wrestling with giants like ol Alton, especially when they’re reaching for a gun. There’s also the fact that law enforcement is in no way entitled give someone a fair fight.
    You’ve seen me. If I square up with a 5’8 160lb illegal and realize really quickly after a few punches I’m dealing with the middleweight bareknuckle boxing champion of Sinaloa, the gun is coming out before I get my bell rung, despite having five inches and forty pounds on the subject.

  209. Tyler says:

    People want Mayberry style policing with the demographics of Rio de Janeiro.
    Dead cops as virtue signalling. What a world.

  210. kao_hsien_chih says:

    There is a problem in creating the kind of police commando forces in US that are equivalent to what other countries feature: federalism in an inefficient form. In pretty much every country, police commandos answer to the national police authority. They are relatively small, rapidly deployable anywhere, and quite costly to equip and train. United States does not really have a “national” police authority with the same scope as the interior ministries of Russia or France. SWAT teams are organized, operate, and are funded at the local level and are not really deployable outside their home jurisdiction. In many cases, they have little to do at a given time, even if they might better used far from their “home.” They are put to use doing inappropriate things because they have to do something, and their usefulness within the local context is not sufficient to justify the cost. So United States winds up with both too much policing (in using SWAT type police in inappropriate cases) and too little (in that there aren’t enough highly skilled commandos to deal with to meet national needs because of jurisdictional and budgetary problems.)

  211. SAC Brat says:

    Y’all watch too much TV and movies. 😉
    Several years ago I had to work with the FBI and their friends on a bomb fizzle on an airliner. To clear the airplane a friend of mine had to taxi the plane to a remote location for it to be searched by a robot and cleared. (My buddy was thinking “WTF am I doing driving this thing”) The robot handlers were trying to get their pet robot to climb the stair truck to the airplane, while not allowing the two maintenance guys out of the flight deck until the airplane was cleared. The robot couldn’t handle the stairs, so the maintenance guys were yelling from the cockpit window to pick the fker up and carry it to the main cabin door so they could get out eventually.
    (Dudes should have just gone down into the equipment bay and used the ladder to get on the ground. If anyone got miffed they could have offered to climb back up into the airplane.)
    After that I got involved in negotiating how much of the airplane could they have for evidence. I offered several ways we could let them have the lavatory tank contents.

  212. Fred says:

    “.. very few “very important people” bring up Islam because it is a politically inconvenient target. ”
    We have had more than a generation of propaganda from the “very important people” that the “white” power structure is out to get them. The “narrative” is part of the collective memory of the (as Steve Sailer calls them) “coalition of the fringes”. It shouldn’t be a surprise the fringe resorts to violence. The “white power structure” has been screwing them all their lives, so they are told repeatedly.

  213. Fred says:

    Who has been silent about the killings in Chicago? President Obama. The MSM. Hollywood. The movers and shakers of American culture. Here’s a the current update from the local paper.

  214. Tyler says:

    You are making excuses for his inability to follow the rules that everyone else is expected to follow.

  215. Bill Herschel says:

    It’s important not to generalize. As we learn more about the shooter in Dallas he becomes less and less distinguishable from the shooter in Newtown, CT, for example: severely mentally ill people who cannot form relationships with their peers, especially members of the opposite sex. Neither of them represent in any way their race or any other larger group except humanity. Neither of them speak for anyone besides the group of severely disturbed, psychotic, individuals whom society has produced since before the beginning of history.

  216. turcopolier says:

    Bill Herschel
    You wlll have to show me the evidence that the Dallas shooter was just a psycho. What? He was disciplined for an incident with a woman soldier in Afghanistan? That is hardly evidence of sexual psychosis. It is just as easily explicable as a case of sexual deprivation leading to assertiveness that was not welcomed followed by a woman’s complaint to authority. that does not represent psychosis. If you want to find out the nature of his political complaint against white people let us learn if the people in the chain of command who put him out of the Army were white. pl

  217. Cee says:

    I this case I sure am. It seems they made this him a target and now he’s dead.
    I have a niece who shared how she is terrified now every time her successful, educated, upwardly-mobile husband with a brown face leaves the house. They have a new baby and they cried together the other night at the thought that he might not come home one day just because he’s been harassed as well, on a regular basis! Maybe they’re not supposed to live in the neighborhood they live in. Who knows and at this point I don’t give a shit, I want this profiling to stop!!
    I got a call last night from somebody in the know who was telling me that now police are being ambushed. I wasn’t to say anything about it… a man called a police officer, when the officer responded he was shot. They didn’t send in a robot to blow up the shooter. He doesn’t have a black face. Both are in the hospital.

  218. Cee says:

    They could see his nostrils in a auto? C’mon!!
    Secondly, most of the stops were to generate revenue and he did pay over $6,000 over nonsense but today I’m going to look up how much municipalities do make in these ridiculous stops and see if I can find who is being stopped and finded the most.

  219. Cee says:

    LOL! Funny you say that. One day IS coming when that Robot wouldn’t have taken that order to become a suicide bomber and WILL turn it back on the officers.

  220. Cee says:

    He scares me!! Yeah, good use of the officers time! Now a young career may be over and a poor guy is dead.

  221. Cee says:

    I think it IS true. Many live it. Sadly, it doesn’t matter how much money you have or where you live you are suspected of wrong doing by one too many people because of the color of your skin and that is a fact.
    I missed my school bus back in the seventies, my father had to take me to school by, the end of the day somebody asked me if my father was a drug dealer because he dropped me off while driving a Mercedes Benz.
    The bad officers corrupt the departments they work for
    Also true. Nobody wants to risk becoming an outcast or worse. Remember what happened to Frank Serpico. People of good will need to speak up to save the rest,no matter the risk or things are going to get much worse.

  222. Cee says:

    This could be from SNL. SMH. Did you see the Black guy in Dallas who had his photo put on blast as the shooting suspect on Friday? He’s lucky he’s alive. I think his brother saw the photo so he warned them The guy ran and gave his weapon to a police officer to save himself.

  223. Cee says:

    Col. Lang,
    Perhaps PTSD? He was unhinged, maybe before he even enlisted. He didn’t like the black lives movement, he didn’t like white people, he didn’t like white police officers and now we know about the sexual harassment. The most recent thing that I read was that when the robot was sent in he started laughing and singing songs.

  224. Edward Amame says:

    Col Lang
    I know I’m banned, but you replied to me so here’s my reply. You’re keeping it lively, I see. Yeah the shooter was angry and unhinged, you’d have to be to suicide-ally shoot 5 cops. I was replying to a commenter describing the shootings as a “mass attack” and “revolt.” I threw in “vet” too because his or her comment, like others, suggested that the lethality of the shootings indicated there was more than one sniper. I had/have no idea if his prior service in the military had anything to do with the shooter’s state of mind when he decided to kill cops, only that it provided this one guy with the training necessary to accomplish his unhinged task solo, that it was not a group effort, not a “revolt.”
    The draft was ended when I came of age. I saw no good reason to sign up.
    I’ll still enjoy your posts on FP, but your domestic posts, esp on race and guns and the election, not so much.

  225. turcopolier says:

    I have a troglodyte’s problem with the whole PTSD thing. Yes, people are changed by stress. This is news? What is it about him that would make you want to think that? He was an army engineer in a construction engineer unit? He spent less than year in a combat zone? So what! He did some egregious thing with regard to a woman? If you think that is unusual you don’t know enough soldiers, especially in the present situation of putting these people together in intimate daily working and living conditions often in great isolation from other social contacts. IMO you are trying to find a motivation for this ex-soldier other than his stated one of having come to hate white people. was the hate deserved? I don’t know. I would like to know what he was singing as death approached. I would like to know if he was treated fairly by the chain of command in the sexual harassment business. pl

  226. turcopolier says:

    Edward Amame
    I have unbanned you. I prefer to keep you around as a foil. “I saw no good reason to sign up.” Why am I not surprised? Soldiers must be fools or knaves, or the un-enlightened semi-literate Trumpian Proletariat, right? Why would you want to waste your life associating with such creatures? You might get hurt. You don’t like my domestic posts? Good! I would be so disappointed in myself if you did. pl

  227. Babak Makkinejad says:

    The young women have been told in US to fear the Male Patriarchy and how it had oppressed womankind for ever and ever.
    Wonder how they got their babies?
    What is it with Anglo-Saxon Culture, does one have to be a Protestant to be amenable to such ideas?

  228. Marc says:

    That’s preposterous. ‘The rules’. As if the rules were enacted or enforced for the uniform benefit of all citizens. As if the rules make any sense when no one does time for laundering billions of drug money, while some teenager languishes in prison on possession charges. As if anyone who spends more than an hour on the road a week hasn’t broken the speed limit, improperly changed lanes, failed to use a turn signal, etc. As if the regime of rules weren’t designed to ensure that everybody, everywhere at anytime might be a violator of ‘the rules’.

  229. Edward Amame says:

    Col Lang
    Much obliged.

  230. Edward Amame says:

    Col Lang
    Glad to be un-banned. Thanks. Not taking the bait though.

  231. turcopolier says:

    Edward Amame
    Not bait. Not bait. Just a judgment. pl

  232. Tyler says:

    Or blacks can stop thinking that the rules don’t apply to them, which is a facet of their culture. Then police can stop being dead on correct when they pull over a black who has multiple traffic violations.
    That and a tendency towards hysterical hyperbole.

  233. Tyler says:

    Yeah yeah thunderdome was an okay movie. Sorry but because some people get away with some crimes does not mean we should hurl every law out the door.

  234. Tyler says:

    You can indeed see someone’s face driving by, yes.
    As someone who paid over a $1000 for red light camera nonsense I am more sympathetic than you might believe towards your views.
    However, I paid the tickets.

  235. Tyler says:

    Transformers was a pretty good movie I thought.

  236. Fred says:

    Start with the elimination of the 2nd, 4th and 5th amendments.

  237. Fred says:

    Yes every college and university in American is a rape zone. Surprising that none of the women – who are equal to men and can openly serve in combat – are ever warned of that fact. Not a single university president or provost was fired, though the fake Rolling Stone rape article almost took one down. Not worry, she inflicted collective punishment upon all male fraternities at the UVA to the great delight of the non-victims.
    “Wonder how they got their babies?” “riding the Co$% carousel” to use the alt-right phrase. Who needs a second parent when the state will pay the bills; that way any earned income you have is all fun money just like when you were home with money and daddy. If your habits get expensive (they will) you can always go after all the daddies for “support” which the state will overwhelmingly assist you in obtaining. Hedonism writ large. Look at all the great improvements the black Americans have seen as a result.
    “What is it with Anglo-Saxon Culture…” There has been a war on ASC since the 1960s. The left is winning in its efforts to destroy the traditional family and the current constitutional forms of government in the US and in Europe.

  238. Fred says:

    Yes over a decade he had proven to not give a damn about simple matters like driving after his license was suspended. Insurance for a car, who the hell needs that. you are right though, he didn’t deserve to die for a traffic stop. He didn’t deserve to be driving either.

  239. turcopolier says:

    I should have gone to live in France somewhere between Aigues Mortes and the Spanish border. pl

  240. Cee says:

    Don’t talk to me about my culture. A few times my grandmother spanked me and she told me she was doing it to try to keep me alive. I asked my mother what she mean’t by that and my mother had to tell me that some people in authority could kill me with no consequence if I was disobedient so DO NOT tell me and thousands of others how we don’t think rules apply to us or that we aren’t law abiding.
    This is just one article I had the time to look up today.

  241. optimax says:

    forty percent of the cop killers are Black. That statistic is based on when the race is known. Here are some more interesting statistics which show the meme that white cops are hunting and killing blacks on US streets is bs.
    This false meme is driven by the press, the president and BLM.

  242. Tyler says:

    Not so much directed at people here (But if the shoe fits, wear it), but I see a lot of lolbertarians waving around von Mises and going on about state power when a PD uses a robot to kill someone who has already killed five cops and was perfectly fine with killing as many as he could on his suicide run.
    However they’re perfectly fine with state power forcing Christians to participate in homo marriage, so call it more virtue signalling via dead cop.

  243. Fred says:

    I know this might be hard to understand but Oregon is not Texas. They did however treat this white guy differently:

  244. Tyler says:

    My own experience with traffic nonsense involves me blowing through a red light at a certain intersection here, twice. As I live in the middle of nowhere and in Arizona you have to be physically served, I was not worried about it.
    However they came out and served my wife two summonses, which was amazing on its face as I was nearly 60 miles from the city in question. I showed up to the first ticket, which I was prepared to contest as in the picture I could see the grill of the big rig that was right on my ass, without much of a chance for me to stop. I also went out and timed the light, and found it was a second fast. I felt prepared.
    The judge did not care. Didn’t want to hear the arguments, just find me guilty and sent me to a scam called “Traffic Survival School”, put on by the National Safety Council, which costs about $150. This 8 hour day is required by state law for any red light ticket running. It was passed because some people got upset that their loved ones were killed by drunk drivers running red lights, texters running red lights, and people high on crack running red lights.
    Anyway, I was pretty annoyed that by the time I was all said and done, I was out over a grand and had to take two days off to go to this nonsense. Honestly I hate these revenue scams as well, but it doesn’t mean that we get to pick and choose what we want to do unless we are at the point where we want to burn the whole system down, is the point.

  245. Cee says:

    None, none, none and none. We need to stop pretending to spread democracy.
    Seems like the real plans are destabilizing everyone so they can in no was compete with us. Pssst, it ain’t working.

  246. turcopolier says:

    Social Justice Warrior. pl

  247. Cee says:

    Col. Lang,
    I don’t want to think he had PTSD, and I am beginning to think he had problems long ago that motivated his actions. Not fitting in where he lived?
    Egregious behavior? No. I tend to dismiss many of these sexual harassment claims as nothing more than women getting upset because someone won’t stop whistling at or hitting on them. If what Roger Allies is accused of is true, that and only actions like apply, to me.
    I do think he was quite weird. He was accused of stealing underware. Some hatred is deserved. I don’t hate Dick Cheney because he’s white, I hate him for what he’s done but I wouldn’t act in it by harming him or anyone else. Too bad the shooter did what he did. I also want to know what RB means. He scrawled that in his own blood on a wall.

  248. Cee says:

    Philando paid too
    Traffic Cameras Are a Municipal Moneymaking Scam | VICE | United States

  249. turcopolier says:

    Revenge Blacks? pl

  250. Fred says:

    if only those Democrats in county, city, state and federal office would do something about all that government and corporate corruption. Or maybe we could vote them all out of office this time around.

  251. Fred says:

    “As if the rules were enacted or enforced for the uniform benefit of all citizens”
    Example 1: Hilary Clinton. #2: Wall Street financiers.

  252. michael brenner says:

    This noteworthy commentary appeared on the blog site MOON OF ALABAMA

    NRA To Promote Gun Rights For Blacks And Muslims – Right?
    Leshia Evans uses her meditative forces to repel assaulting borgbots of the Baton Rouge police department.
    Jonathan Bachman/Reuters
    The gun lobbyists of the National Rifle Association get criticized for not forcefully asserting 2nd amendment rights over the murder of a legitimately gun carrying member of the public:
    After a Minnesota police officer fatally shot a black man on Wednesday, gun control advocates weren’t the only ones criticizing the National Rifle Association. Some of the blowback was coming from within the organization.
    The NRA is facing internal division as its members argue that the group did not do enough to defend gun owners’ rights by speaking out on behalf of Philando Castile of Falcon Heights, Minn., who was shot to death during a traffic stop.
    Castile had a valid permit to carry a gun. He also reportedly informed the officer who shot him that he was armed in an attempt to head off a misunderstanding.
    Comments to that report suggest that the NRA is racist, promoting gun rights for white people only:
    Castille was black. That’s the difference. Why does this article even try to tap dance around this glaringly obvious double standard?
    The NRA must reject such slander.
    It should launch a campaign to give every black and every Muslim person a carry permit for a semi-automatic gun. It should also demand special purchase discounts. Crimes within black neighborhoods and inner cities will lessen, according to the NRA’s central claims, when more people there carry concealed guns, readily able to defend themselves.
    Meditative forces simply ain’t enough to keep the streets free of borgs.
    Current NRA members would surely support such a move.

  253. michael brenner says:

    “However they’re perfectly fine with state power forcing Christians to participate in homo marriage…”
    I presume that you have been Shanghaied by your local police to help tie the knot in the Evangelical church. Wonderful story. I look forward to seeing it on the ENQUIRER the next time I go to the supermarket. A nice alternative to all those “Aliens Seize Quintuplets” stories.

  254. turcopolier says:

    m brenner
    IMO you should join the NRA and agitate from within the tent. pl

  255. michael brenner and pl,
    I read that article a few days ago. It did raise a good point, but the NRA and LE have been at odds at times over the idea of an armed populace. Armed black men have been a white fear in this country since before the Civil War. I’m sure the equal application of 2nd Amendment rights still make many uncomfortable. If you, Dr. Brenner, decide to join the NRA to champion this cause, may I suggest you go all in and agitate for relief from the egregious and onerous State suppression of our rights to automatic weapons and so called destructive devices. The NRA has been awfully complacent about this infringement of our Constitutional rights for far too long.
    In the spirit of full disclosure I was a member of the NRA only while I was involved in competitive shooting.

  256. Tyler says:

    >not emotional rhetoric
    Pick one.
    At this point I don’t have to tell you about your culture, you (and crime stats!) are my own best arguments.
    Pants up, don’t loot, Cee. Do I need to go back to the Michael Brown threads and bring back some of your most humiliating pronouncements about what you “knew” happened, just dripping with full throated hysteria?

  257. Tyler says:

    Obviously not enough if he kept on doing it.

  258. Tyler says:

    Michael Brenner,
    You’re being cute, but if you’re the same Michael Brenner who has posts published on here, you’ve played your hand and are too smart to play obtuse to stories of bakers, florists, and wedding venues being sued into penury by the state for refusing to participate in gay marriages.
    So I can only assume this is willful lying on your part. I expected better of you. Sad!

  259. Tyler says:

    Or just stop allowing people to make retarded laws.
    Arizona, once upon a time, had speed cameras on the highway. They ended up removing them. You know why? Because they drove people absolutely insane to the point of homicidal rage. I’m 100% serious here – one of the contractors was shot and murdered at one point. You had “wrecker crews” that would plug the cameras with cement, attack them with industrial tools, and all sorts of other mayhem.

  260. Fred says:

    That looks like a nice place.

  261. Babak Makkinejad says:

    US is channeling Iran; during the month of fasting, the authorities will shut-down your eatery if you are serving food and have customers during daylight hours.
    And then so much of legislation in US for the benefit of women are only a step or two away from Sharia – and I am not kidding.

  262. Tyler,
    You’re confusing providing services to a gay wedding with participating in a gay wedding. I don’t think the service providers would get away with refusing services to Jewish weddings or divorced couples getting remarried based on religious or moral objections. Michael Brenner’s comment, even if you consider it facetious, is closer to the truth of the matter.

  263. michael brenner says:

    It is deeply depressing that if this country descends into a race war, some of our SST brethren will have been accessories to it – and a few might even participate. I personally will not contribute to their memorial fund.

  264. turcopolier says:

    Michael brenner
    No. No. The SJW’s and the Borgists will bear all the responsibility for such a calamity. pl

  265. Fred says:

    If by contributing you mean that by voting for Obama twice I freely accept guilt for all of his actions you are mistaken.

  266. Tyler says:

    No, I am not. You are laying down smoke to make excuses for the State coming down on anyone who opposes the new orthodoxy of Homo Marriage. You can tap dance how you want about what you think, but the reality is people are being punished into penury by the State for refusing to participate in homo marriage.

  267. Tyler says:

    Let me know how that smug moral superiority works out when BLM breaks down your door and ripe you out from indeed the bed before ravaging you to death.
    Don’t worry, you won’t be mourned by us either.

  268. rjj says:

    that is not “France” that’s Occitania isn’t it? Troubador, heretic, old Visigoth country.

  269. Cee says:

    Based on what I heard this morning re: the charges against Johnson of sexual harassment seemed not to be true. His mother said the woman that accused him of that slept at their house, IN HIS BED after he returned from Afghanistan. He was discharged over that. Some females…

  270. Cee says:

    Make your move. I still don’t think he should have been shot for walking down the middle of the street just because they thought he was a suspect.

  271. Cee says:

    Have you read The Half Has Never Been Never Been Told :Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism?
    I often question the benefit of assimilation and I was telling some friends last week that many blacks always thought The White Man’s Ice wad colder so we didn’t support our own businesses or each other and now many black people own nothing.
    The movie Lackawanna Blues ends on that note.
    On the other hand several prosperous communities in Oklahoma (Black Wall Street) and Rosewood in Florida were wrongly destroyed by police and mobs.
    What are LEO’s?

  272. Cee says:

    We can hope.

  273. Cee says:

    I agree with Hedges on what has happened to the Black community

  274. Cee says:

    Col. Lang,
    I’m not sure what you are referring to. Revenge never works in the way it was intended.

  275. rjj says:

    By way of race war agitprop:
    any and all:
    Has there been a spike in gun violence within the past few months or are we being subjected to a spike in media headlining of every single freaking incident?
    remember the perception diddling headlines when Reagan was running on “law and order.”

  276. Cee says:

    I’m going to do what little I can to change things. Awful about the contractor.

  277. turcopolier says:

    You asked what “RB” might mean. pl

  278. turcopolier says:

    As I recall the Justice Department found that the cop did not violate Brown’s civil rights. If the had shot Brown for “walking down the middle of the street” would that have happened? pl

  279. Fred says:

    Yes, magic.

  280. turcopolier says:

    My “theory of the case” is that Micah Johnson believed that he was unfairly treated in the case of the “sexual harassment’ in Afghanistan and that this embittered him toward white society and its structure. I am unfamiliar with what you heard today about the woman and Johnson’s case. The Army has now been programmed to deal very harshly with any accusation like that. I would like to know more. Is there a link? pl

  281. Tidewater says:

    Tidewater to turcopolier, Fred, rjj, Cee, All,
    My niece, Mary Winston Nicklin, had a long article in the March 24 Washington Post on Aigues Mortes. The article is: “Medieval City on the Sea is a Repository of French history and Unexpected US Connection.” She took the photos, too, and I don’t think she has a very fancy camera. This is a big deal for her, getting work published in the Post.

  282. 505thPIR says:

    17 July, 2016 Baton Rouge….this time a) more than one person and all that this entails…

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