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A little friend?

“A group of former U.S. Air Force officers who claim they’ve witnessed unidentified flying objects interfering with nuclear weapons at government facilities are urging Congress to hold public hearings to get to the bottom of what they say is a direct threat to the country’s nuke arsenal.

Three former U.S. Air Force captains and nuclear missile crew members and one former Air Force lieutenant and missile test photographic officer will discuss personal encounters at nuclear missile sites with UFOs – the mysterious crafts officially known as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena or UAPs – during an Oct. 19 news conference.

Robert Salas, a former Air Force captain and nuclear missile crew commander, said the goal of the event is to bring public awareness to cases of UAPs interfering with nuclear missiles, an allegedly reoccurring issue for decades that puts national security at risk.

Salas is set to discuss his own encounter with a UAP shutting down U.S. nukes back in 1967.

While serving as the on-duty commander of an underground launch control facility located at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana on March 24, 1967, Salas said all 10 of the ICBMs went down “one by one, very quickly, within seconds of each other.”

He said the missiles ended up in an “un-launchable condition” after guards protecting the facility above ground reported seeing “strange lights flying very fast” above the base.” newsmax

Comment: Interesting. I have seen these same fellows on the TeeVee. Mebbe we could contract out with the Greys or whatever they are to go around and disarm nuclear weapons wherever they are located. “Too, di da too too,” In case you did not recognize that it was the little tune from “Close encounters …”

Ah, once again. There are “retired” military people and then there are “former” military people. pl

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9 Responses to Former, not retired

  1. Babeltuap says:

    Fire bombs over Japan caused more death and destruction than the nukes. Aliens gave us a pass on both those for some reason.

  2. Artemesia says:

    who knows the sound of an alien farting

  3. jim ticehurst says:

    Sir…Your Point is Interesting..I believe these Events Do Happen..and there are reasons..for them…There are Guardian Angels….and Fallen Angels..Taking Inventory Of WMDs. in the Hands of Humans…is not a surprise.Or.Perhaps Intervention..with Unstable Humans planning to Turn the Key..Or Play these Moments…This Illustration Many Cases…of Typical..Alien Operators…Make Me Glad..We Humans are “Created in Gods Image”. Some.. .Having a “Form of Godliness…But Denying The Power of God..”..Also..I have had some..Non Conventional Craft fly right over Our Camp..Late at Night..Total..Darkness…No Moon…Treetop High..No Lights…Going in the Direction of a Trident Sub Base..That had just been Supplied by a “White Train”…The Craft Moved Extremely Slow..Like in Stealth Mode..There was a a Hydroelectric Generator..and The Ground Vibrated.. Oh..It was Approaching over High Mountains..From the Ocean..Recon is Recon..

  4. Condottiere says:

    Former military = discharged/separated

    Retired = subject to recall, subject to DoD directives (ie limitations on political activities, foreign activities, ect) and subject to UCMJ

  5. d74 says:

    If they neutralize the nuclear weapons, all the nukes of all countries, it would be good. The greys (or greens) would have made themselves useful. No more mystery. The proof is in the nukes.

    But if only US nukes are affected, then they are probably not innocent greys-greens little men. The bastards would be in cahoots with Russia and/or China. Danger.

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