Former Senator Claire McCaskill Says Capitol Riots Were Worse Than Benghazi – Early Alzheimers or Just Dishonest?

If you needed a reminder why the citizens of Missouri refused to re-elect the incompetent, intellectually limited Clair McCaskill, she provided it today. Here’s the headline from the NY Post:

Ex-Senator Claire McCaskill says Capitol riots were worse than Benghazi

I had to double-check that this was not a new piece of satire from the Babylon Bee. Nope. I looked at my calendar fearing it was April 1st and this was a lame attempt at macabre humor. Double no.

Here’s what she said:

Former Sen. Claire McCaskill said Friday that she believes last January’s Capitol riot was worse than the 2012 attack on US personnel in Benghazi.

“Joe I have one word: Benghazi. Benghazi had in the House alone six investigations,” the Missouri Democrat told MSNBC host Joe Scarborough. “If you compare and contrast, I don’t want to minimize the loss of life in Benghazi or the problems around the security of those locations, but lets compare and contrast those two events and which is more foundation shaking to our democracy.”

If you have been living in a cave or cannot remember what happened six months ago let me refresh your memory. Thousands of Trump supporters walked into the Capitol, many at the invitation of the U.S. Capitol Police.  There was some shouting and there was some pushing and shoving. But the massive crowd was largely peaceful. The Trump supporters did not kill a soul. The Trump supporters did not use firearms or explosives. Little physical damage was done to the Capitol.

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16 Responses to Former Senator Claire McCaskill Says Capitol Riots Were Worse Than Benghazi – Early Alzheimers or Just Dishonest?

  1. Polish Janitor says:

    It is most likely that she’s preparing to run for 2022 mid terms and Roy Blunt has announced that he would not be seeking re-election for his Senate seat. She obviously has not gotten over her defeat in 2018 by the newcomer Josh Hawley who has been the face of the Jan. 6 incident and therefore is sucking up to the Democratic Party kingmakers to back her possible Senate run next year. Nevertheless her chances are slim to nil, since Missouri has become a ruby-red state and is not Dem-friendly anymore. Not even a Blue-dog could have a decent shot in MO against even a moderate-ish pro-trump conservative.

  2. Pat Lang says:

    Claire is a political scumbag of the worst type. I remember that she boasted on Morning Joe that she had done everything possible to advance the cause of her most defeatable Republican challenger to include contributing money to his campaign under cover names.

  3. Deap says:

    The Democrat Roladex is spinning with daily headline grabbing media plants – nothing is too outrageous to take the focus off the AZ Audit. It was just Claire’s turn to say and do ……..something.

    I suspect this daily diversionary tactical workforce will be in operation until the Audit is released.

    Then what – personally I am preparing for a Y2K-type threatened disruption of all deep state public services, as the official Democrat response should “massive election fraud’ be confirmed.

    • JerseyJeffersonian says:


      Well, any such withdrawal of “services” from the helpy-helpertons of the Feral Gubment might backfire bigly, as many of us would be quite happy with such a development, and would just have to find a way to survive without them.

      Sure, there could be clashing of the gears as we would adjust, but adjust we will, and the relief could be palpable – and very noticeable. So noticeable, that the reflection on just how very dispensible many of the puported benefits of their self-serving helpfulness has often been might inevitably arise.

      A increasingly localized government operating without the cudgel of coercive, centralized financing enforcing an alien set of leftist priorities over so many aspects of “lived experience” could come as a substantial relief. Oh, please, don’t throw me in that briar patch!

  4. Fred says:

    The False Flag crowd manipulation operation conducted by the deep state managed to herd the sheep right to where their presence before the media would provide the most opportunity for other plants or know lefty subversives to create a show. A show leading to a narrative, reinforced by anti-Trumpers like McCaskill, which will allow the seizure of additonal powers for federal police forces.

    Biden, or more precisely the anti-Trump members of the various agencies, starting with DOJ, are going to pursue everyone to make an example of them all.

    Those who were providing intel to the FBI for months/years will, of course, be exempt. Or maybe they’ll be charged with something else entirely.

    Meanwhile has the FBI even reviewed Hunter’s laptop?

  5. Deap says:

    Very plausible scenario reported the attacks on Kamala Harris are orchestrated to move Pete Buttigieg into DNC 2024 heir apparent position.

    As Secy of Transportation, Mayor Pete gets the top spot for the Biden infrastructure roll out.

    Is Pete doing this to Kamala, or is this coming from higher up. By any measure, Kamala is done.

    • AK says:

      If CNN is covering it in two separate articles on the same day, you can be sure the string-pullers in the Obama administration (Part III) have decided they are done with her. CNN would never commit such random acts of journalism without a blessing from the royal court.

      • Deap says:

        If the AZ Audit confirms material fraud and Biden’s grip on the office becomes tenuous, I suspect they know they need to go all out to make Uncle Joe MrNice Guy so public sympathies will let him keep his job anyway.

        Kamala Harris does not engender such sympathetic responses. But Mayor Pete was partially likable at least for his short time on the public stage, and has credentials that are confidence building on the surface, but thin on the substance. Though he too was accused of arrogance and opportunism with little prime time experience.

        Biden administration has many balls up in the air right now – and their response to a negative AZ Audit is just one of them. They do not want to go down on this count, because of Kalama Harris’s high unlikeability numbers.

        They need a critical mass that agrees — we don’t care if the vote was fraudulent, we want Nice Uncle Joe anyway. Orangeman still bad. No Joe, don’t resign! Biden-Buttigeig would be a lot easier to get that reaction than One Heart Beat Away Harris.

        • Fred says:


          What a croc. There will be no replacement of Kamala without her resignation, death in office, or removal by impeachment. She’s not about to resign because her staff bitches.

          • Pat Lang says:


            Bitches? Bitches?

          • Deap says:

            Team Biden is gaslighting her – what outcomes are they hoping for?

            Agree, she will never go willingly, but they have their ways ….. maybe they still expect women with egos like Kamala to resign in flouncing hissy fits, after they get insulted? How much in house sabotage will she put up with? This is just month six.

            Shades of Edith Wilson (aka Jill Biden) becoming more pronounced. She had to keep her disabled husband in power, because the sitting VP alternative was so awful – Edith was doing the nation a favor propping Woodrow up.

            At best, I suspect they will try to turn Buttigeig into the virtual VP, whether Kamala releases her grip or not. That would effectively take her out of the running for 2024 – and the Democrat knives can now come out for Mayor Pete. Like they are for Ron DeSantis.

          • Fred says:


            Them and their complaints.


            “Team Biden …”

            Picked her. This is just a distraction. She’s got a job of no power until “the big guy” gives her some or shuffles off the stage. Buttigeig, he’s even more a nobody than her.

        • TV says:

          Is the country ready for a gay midget in the WH?

    • Artemesia says:

      Who is to replace Kamala, Hillary or Michelle?

      • AK says:


        No one at present. I agree with Fred. When I said they are done with her, I meant to imply that she will not be the heir apparent in 2024.

        I don’t think they have the energy or political capital within the party to simply kick her to the side now. It would take a scandal of epic proportions to justify that to the public, especially the “intersectionalists” in the party. As the problems in American society writ large continue to metastasize (with God only knows what coming down the pike outside our borders), the administration will need more and more capital to simply keep the heat off Joe’s back and stave off an electoral apocalypse in the mid-terms.

        I think the play now is to simply marginalize her to the utmost while stealthily committing enough damage to her public persona to make her unelectable on the top of a ticket (not that they need help in that pursuit, as she herself provides all the damage required every time she opens her mouth). By their calculations, they have 2 years or so to figure out who they want to coronate next. They just need Joe’s oatmeal brain to keep the rest of his vital functions ticking long enough to inflict their desired levels of punishment and destitution on the plebes and to consolidate their power within the institutions.

        That’s about as far into the future as I believe they’ve considered things. These people have no long-term strategy, only short-term pursuit of power and righteous infliction of vengeance upon their perceived enemies (i.e. patriotic Americans). That’s why they made the mistake of choosing Kamala in the first place, and why they’re dealing with this issue now.

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