Fox TV news moments from last night

1- TC should have omitted the second night interview of “Ye” who looked terrific the first night and then descended into paranoia and fantasies of persecution the second night. In his mind evil forces (white?) are orchestrating all the things he thinks unfortunate in the world. Sad.

2- The preppy fop, Jesse Watters had Carl Rove on his nightly with the intent of selling Rove some writer’s belief that the US is supporting the Ukrainians because Ukrainian lithium deposits are so valuable. When Rove demurred saying there is a lot of lithium in various places in the world including the Western Hemisphere, Watters became petulant and said that he (Watters) just wanted “to be mad.” He then mocked Rove for remembering all that information. Rove’s response was to produce a “white board” on which he had listed all the lithium deposits in the world by country. Watters grew angry and said, “you should be careful in how you respond.” Really? This is the equivalent of “nobody f–ks with a Biden.” Pathetic. PL

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  1. Fourth and Long says:

    Pope Ye is angling for Vice President. He saw someone on TV and knows just what to do now.

    I leave you to guess what Tucker’s political prospects are now. Perhaps he likes ghoulash?

    • Fourth and Long says:

      Speaking of which. I was just sending this draft to ..

      Oh sorry. Our very own Samantha Clinch and Luxury Holmes have interviewed the Delphic Oracle and oh wait, I see heavenly .. oh, wait, can we get this on camera , oh my word is that the heavens itself?

      .. and again today the Pentagon reports that they see no signs that Vladimir Putin has decided to use nuclear weapons.

      Three, perhaps four new job descriptions have appeared. One for the Pentagon, the other for ..

      Please consider voting for our Candidate Joe Biden for the office of president of the united states in the upcoming 2024 election.

      He kept us safe.

      There could have been an economic depression.

      He prevented the complete annihilation of the human race and all life on earth.

      He brought us together. He united us.

      I feel closer to my fellow Americans.

      Vladimir Putin is an evil man.

      For a nation as diverse and complex as the United States of America, and with all the problems facing us, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris stared down the entire 7,000 warhead nuclear arsenal of the evil ex Kgb agent Vladimir Putin and saved America.

      He saved humanity and no lives were lost.

      We are proud of our military.

      Our fighting men are superior to any military force in history.

      It’s a good thing, our weapons industry is. Without it Joe Biden and Kamala Harris might not have been able to save America.

      Our people from all walks of life are grateful to Joe Biden for saving our country from Vladimir Putin. And we intend to turn out in record setting numbers and proudly reelect him
      in November.


      Finally. I get it. Dad always said The Purloined Letter was his favorite short story by Edgar Allan Poe.

  2. mcohen says:

    Hi pat
    I am interested know what your opinion is of a colonel macgregor who appeared on the tucker show.not bush though.
    He had some interesting views on the Iraq war and on ukraine.
    Also he might be scot.

    • Fourth and Long says:

      Hat tip to cobo. Excerpt from Upton Sinclair: Presidential Mission (Lanny Budd Series). Lanny is visiting Hyde Park to see FDR. Hitler has been stopped at Moscow but they know a huge onslaught awaits in the spring. I noticed mention of Colonel McCormick and a newspaper baron Hearst (Citizen Kane). I don’t know but doubt very much that Colonel Macgregor has similar connections. He did work for Trump for a bit. There’s an animal used to lead the rest of the herd to its demise, I can’t recall the term for that. Not a scapegoat, I don’t think. Anyway, thanks again to cobo. I also by the way don’t think Colonel Macgregor is leading anyone by the nose or by any other subterfuge. I base my attempted understanding on instinct, not on any knowledge. I think he’s a guy with military credentials who would be asked to opine on current matters of significance, in our internet YouTube era, and he is an obliging, outgoing person. In need of attention? Not particularly. A dupe? Unlikely imo, he seems pretty savvy. People get tempted to opine by the media and they can inadvertently become objects of suspicion or worse. If he’s guilty of anything it’s an inaccurate estimation of Russian military strength and effects of corruption on it. TTG himself has admitted to not grasping that entirely before the march to Kiev. People can be deluded. Wrong. Simple minded. Unqualified. Ailing. Needy. Or due to certain qualifications (and neediness on part of media interviewers) called on to analyze things which are more complex than their capacities have equipped them for. It doesn’t mean they are corrupt or enemy agents.

      The visitor went on with his story. He told everything the Red dictator had said, including the assertion that he was not a dictator. He repeated the questions Stalin had asked about Roosevelt; questions all to the point, revealing a knowledge of America that extended even to Hearst and Colonel McCormick and their newspapers, whose main purpose appeared to be to misrepresent the Soviet Union. Then Lanny underwent an inquisition similar to the one he had gone through in Moscow. What did Stalin look like, what was his manner, what appeared to be the state of his health? Lanny reported that he spoke quietly and paid close attention to every reply. He was in his sixties, but only gray hair and mustache betrayed his age. “A curious thing,” the President said. “I had the impression that he was a big man, but they tell me this is not so.” “I would guess him to be four inches shorter than I, and I am five-ten; but he is sturdily built. His training has been that of a revolutionary, a hunted man under the tsardom, and it must be hard for him to imagine the free institutions which you and I take for granted. It must be hard for him to realize that men born to wealth and comfort like ourselves can be genuinely interested in the abolition of their own privileges. But when I proposed a toast to the progress of democracy throughout the world, Stalin drank to it without hesitation. Of course he has his own definition of the word, and his own idea of how to attain the goal. If he is to be persuaded that our way is better, it will have to be by actions, not by words.” V Everything about the Soviet Union and then everything about China. F.D.R. stuck another cigarette into the long thin holder which he affected, lighted it with a patent lighter, and started another inquisition. He wanted to know what life was like in the interior of a land which had been at war for ten years. How did the people appear, and what were they doing and saying? Had the travelers seen any signs of starvation, and what had they used for money, and how much did the common people know about what was going on in the outside world? “They all know about you” Lanny said with a grin, “and they are all sure you are going to send them several thousand airplanes by next Tuesday.”

      • LeaNder says:

        There’s an animal used to lead the rest of the herd to its demise, I can’t recall the term for that. Not a scapegoat, I don’t think

        You might have the proverbal collective suicide of lemmings in mind. The problem is that it is an urban myth.

        Disney’s Wild Wilderness, may have helped push the myth.

        For the scapegoat you have to go back to the bible/Thora (3/Levitius). The scapegoat serves to take the sins of us humans away. That’s why it is sent into the wilderness. Quite a fascinating religious theme. Picked up in the most memorable form by a French writer. I doubt he was the only one.

  3. LeaNder says:

    Not sure I understand. As fan of “The Controller”, Nicholas Lemann, portrait of Rove. And found it pretty fascinating to watch how he wrapped the Green party’s tender female soul around his finger in times of the Iraq war on German TV. I ask myself, do I have to search for the whole encounter?

    • Pat Lang says:

      The story here is Watters’ childish reaction.

      • LeaNder says:

        Childish? Not even a tiny fracture, as his gesture at 4:09 at 4:30 indicates? In which he mirrors Rove’s gesture at 4:06.

        Look I am with you, that the Iraq war wasn’t about oil. And would agree, not even a tiny fracture. To the extent I know

        But News people need to frame matters. Thus I would give him a break. Assuming the Atom bombs and Lithium almost immediately suggested themselves as linked.

        Both men are conservatives? Does that may make the argument peculiar?

      • LeaNder says:

        Hmm, ok, come to think of it, the Iraq war in the larger context of “sanctions wars” was about oil too, no doubt.

        • Pat Lang says:

          I opposed the invasion of Iraq, but the neocons were motivated by their Zionist scheming, not by oil. They are not businesspeople like Trump. He DID want the oil.

  4. Fourth and Long says:

    Finally stumbled across Kanye interviewed by Tucker on Oct 6.

    Ok. If you want me to pronounce anathema on Tucker, I’m happy to. I didn’t understand that he was this far gone.

    Kanye? When the day comes that he dimly perceives he’s presented publicly in order to discredit every position he thinks he pretends to support, make reservations for someplace far away from the location of his epiphany. His $1 billion fortune is the best investment ever made by persons who prefer to remain anonymous.

    Tucker Carlson on charges of abuse of the mentally ill? It’s his day job for years. We check our files, maybe this is community service gone too far in the wrong direction. Some folks will do anything for attention.

    • mcohen says:


      The man first changed his name to Ye so he could pose the question Kan Ye.The same people who manage the marketing of a few of his associates probably thought this up.
      Can imagine them sitting around a big round table smoking a joint,passing it on the left hand side and suddenly…. eu eu eu eureeka.

      YE YE YE and and and every voting blot on the paper will go

      KAN KAN KAN YE be the ONE.

      Wonder how much they billable houred for this brilliance
      Those same guru in a shack people then decided we need a negative bounce off and they all went THE JEWS!!!!.

      Oh man.A poem i wrote called
      YE…AH chaos

      There was a situation
      Down at the gas station
      It was going down
      He was dressed like a clown
      A shaky finger
      On the trigger
      Then the cops arrive
      The show went live
      When the shooting started
      The crowd departed

      Black lives matter
      Begun to gather
      T shirt said just do it
      Soon the place was lit
      Now there’s a bonfire
      Pictures on the wire
      Someone called the guard
      Who started shooting with no regard
      A crew pulled up
      Started waving a bullpup

      That’s when I saw
      The clown running for the door.
      He made it out the back
      Slipped through the crack
      When it was all over
      No one could remember
      What it was all about
      But I had no doubt
      Chaos is the game
      If you seek fortune and fame


      • Fourth and Long says:

        Wonder how much they billable houred for this brilliance
        Those same guru in a shack people then decided we need a negative bounce off and they all went THE JEWS!!!!.
        Fascinating. You’ve convinced me that the idea that it is an Anagram for Kenya deserves the grade of Incomplete.

        Now ask yourself, after examing the proposals put forth in that Npr piece linked to above, why the name of the author selected to appear as the author of it is:

        Odette Yousef.

        It seemed to suggest an off colour proposal aimed in the general direction of the readership, including Myself.

        Because you evidently are a mcohen, whereas my Irish ancestry is rumored to be Donegal. Where the names can resemble O’Dell.

        But it could be my imagination. Kanye thinks we don’t see it’s almost Yankee. It is, almost.

        • mcohen says:

          Odette yousef won an award

          While there, she was reporter and host for Season 3 of WBEZ’s investigative podcast, Motive. The podcast, which won a 2021 national Edward R. Murrow award, explores the emergence and spread of the neo-Nazi skinhead movement in the U.S. and its connections to the far right extremism of today.

          So she must be doing something useful.

  5. different clue says:

    I went online to look up a little about Kanyeezee YeWest’s most recent remarks and tweets. One could describe them in the language of antisemitism but that sounds a little old and shopworn by now.

    So I will attempt to describe Kanyeezee YeWest’s most recent tweets and remarks in the language of today’s Woke Left. Kanyeezee is a Black racist pig. He is a culture-colonizing squatter who is guilty of Cultural Appropriationism. He tries to kidnap the identity of others while graverobbing the tombs of those others’s ancestors.

    Put them apples in his pipe and see how he smokes it.

  6. Pat Lang says:

    From his text message, it sounds like Ye is a Protocols guy.

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