Geraldo Rivera was always NY City trash

Comment: This creep said after 9/11 that he cared about the attack because it was on targets in NY City and he was a New Yorker.. After that the great war correspondent went to Afghanistan where he faked a report by cowering behind a tank and claiming to be under fire conflating his image behind the tank with an attack 300 miles away that was being covered by his network. Now he lives in Cleveland where he admits to being afraid of the political opinions of his minor daughter. Trash! pl

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9 Responses to Geraldo Rivera was always NY City trash

  1. Fred says:

    I always thought he left his journalistic integrity in Al Capone’s vault.

  2. mwbott says:

    ‘The desert’s quiet, Cleveland’s cold.”

    -Poncho & Lefty

  3. TV says:

    Real name – Jerry Rivers

    • Bill Roche says:

      All New Yorkers (ok, Westchester County is not NYC) are not the same and most recognized Jerry Rivers as a phony for the past 40 years. But he “sells” in New Yawk.

  4. Aletheia in Athens says:

    He looks like a clown, especially that moustache, no wonder his daughter has problems with him…

    In any case it would be Gerry Riverside….probably a member of the NYC mafia…or gay….

  5. sbin says:

    That pompous ass relocated to Cleveland and does a terrible radio show with his vastly younger wife.
    Wish we could send him back to NYC where such riff raff belong.

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