Giganto Sea Bass – off Baja

AOC – Say what?

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4 Responses to Giganto Sea Bass – off Baja

  1. BillWade says:

    An expensive but delicious fish. I can buy it in Venice, Fl for about $17 per pound but they only do steaks and not filets. It’s surprisingly difficult to get it wrong when cooking, it’s a very forgivable fish. I love it. Use a meat thermometer and pull it out at 145 F.

    • William H Buckey says:

      How does it compare to Patagonian Toothfish, AKA “Chilean Sea Bass?”

      • BillWade says:

        The fish I can buy is Chilean Sea Bass. From what I’ve just read, we may be talking two different species. Since it’s Mexico, I’d figure the pictured fish is a warm water fish while the Chilean is a deep/cold water fish. Sorry for the confusion!

  2. Fred says:

    Hopefully the Chinese fishing fleet doesn’t make an appearance the way the long-liners and seine netters did off the mouth of the Chesapeake did back in the ’80s.

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