God’s Creatures



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  1. Oilman2 says:

    Jesus wept…

  2. Fred says:

    I made a donation, good luck to them. Meanwhile Down Under they are shootng pets. This is an absolute disgrace.

    • Sam says:

      Yup. Down Under is attempting to usher in a fascist utopia under the guise of Zero Covid which won’t happen if what Pfizer and Moderna CEOs say is gonna be like the flu requiring VaaS business model.

      • walrus says:

        Sam, agreed. The national plan is to reopen everything when we get to 70% vaccination in a month or so.

    • Sam says:

      It’s all kicking off in Melbourne Australia protest today.. Citizens of Melbourne break through the police barriers and are chased by mounted police..


      It appears that a few Aussies are getting tired of their government’s authoritarianism. Of course they’ll be labeled as “insurrectionists” and “domestic terrorists”. The rest are cowering in their basement in fear because the virus!

    • Sam says:

      Australia Rethinks Covid Strategy After Cases Hit Record Despite Draconian Lockdowns


      Case study in lockdowns. Take a look at the chart.

      • walrus says:

        Sam, lockdowns work just fine although t hey are a PITA. NSW just didn’t go early enough and hard enough. Some of us knew that six weeks ago.

        The modellers told us that once NSW got to 60 community transmissions of delta they would lose control. They did and now the only way out for NSW is mass vaccination. VIC and QLD are doing our best to suppress our outbreaks. SA,WA, NT and TAS are covid free thanks to their quarantines…for now.

        • Fred says:


          What is the next varient you need to lock down for? How many lock downs until your nation’s economy collapses?

        • Sam says:

          Yup. Lockdowns work just fine if your pension check arrives or you can Zoom. But if you have to actually work for a living you’re screwed.

          Now what I find interesting is if covid in Australia is so deadly how come cops are massed and tightly packed together? Don’t they get infected and transmit? Or do they have some special immunity?

          Now they’re gonna line up 24,000 kids in a stadium to give them a shot. I don’t know about you but it reeks of what Stalin or the CCP would do.

          24,000 children will be vaccinated in a stadium in Australia next week. No parents will be allowed access.


          Thank goodness we have Sweden, the control group in this global experiment. No lockdowns. No mask or vax mandates. Schools and businesses open throughout the pandemic. Zero covid deaths over the past 4 weeks. And they don’t have 70% of their population vaxxed. Wonder if we’ll ever have a proper cost-benefit analysis of the different strategies. I’m clearly rooting for Sweden’s success. I’m happy there are control groups also in the US. Not that it matters if the authoritarians turn out to be completely wrong. They will not be held to account by a people so mortified with fear.

          Unfortunately the clinical trial control groups no longer exist. So it appears that the Pfizer, Moderna, J&J clinical trials will be long on assertions but short on tangible evidence.

          • walrus says:

            Sam, if you work you are not screwed. – $450 for the day you go to get tested then $1500 while you wait for results. There are multiple business and personal subsidies available- we will be paying for them for the next 20 years but so what?

          • walrus says:

            Sam, the police are already vaccinated as are the rest of emergency service people.

            Haven’t heard about 24000 kids but 75% of hospital patients are now unvaccinated and under 40, including kids.

          • Sam says:


            Vaccines don’t prevent infection and transmission. So all the cops massed and next to each other are actually super-spreaders. This is exactly the cognitive dissonance of the fascist policies. However, it appears that the majority of the populace Down Under are so in fear that they’re quite happy to have their lives dictated to. They’re never gonna get back what they thought they had.

            Even in woke California, the hypocritical wannabe authoritarian governor is facing a recall election in a few weeks as sufficient voters signed the petition for a recall. If in this Democrat controlled state where all you need is a D next to your name to get elected, the incumbent governor is actually recalled that will be a message that folks are getting tired of the 24×7 covid fear porn. One potential successor in the election could be this guy. Listen to his simple message.


          • Fred says:


            “we will be paying for them for the next 20 years but so what.”

            So you plan on lockdowns for two decades.

    • walrus says:

      Yes Fred, it is a disgrace. It’s also an isolated incident by an idiotic local council that is now being investigated by Government.

    • JerseyJeffersonian says:

      Yes, Fred, if more vindication were required for Voltaire’s contention that, “Those who can get you to believe absurdities, can get you to commit atrocities”, this is it. The procedures were in place for a “Covid-safe” transfer of the dogs at the pound to a rescue organization, but that was not enough for the Covidian cultists; they could not rest easy until the possibility of any non-cultist behaviors being permitted was removed from the table, so murdered dogs it is, then.

      I read the SMH story to my wife as we shared our evening with our two rescued dogs. We reflected on people so shit-scared of death that they resort to dealing death to preserve their sick, pathological delusions.

      Believing absurdities, committing atrocities. This is the mark of a society in freefall into an abyss. I’m curious, after they shot the puppies’ mother, did they shoot the puppies, or did they just stamp on them to kill them? Awful small to waste a bullet on, don’t you think?

      How long until these lunatics use the same logic on people who have other values? They’re already on the “glidepath”, as they say in the Big City. How many lost businesses, lost careers, lost todays, lost tomorrows, and all that these people hoped to bestow upon their progeny lost, too. No explanation needed, and hatred directed toward those who have the temerity to ask for a justification for these imperious demands for compliance, and for which they do not feel they have received satisfactory and compelling responses?

      • Sam says:


        There’s a lot more than meets the eye with the authoritarians using covid fear porn 24×7.

        A groundbreaking CDC study of 90,000 students in 169 schools was buried after it concluded that “distancing, hybrid models, classroom barriers, HEPA filters, and, most notably, requiring student masking were each found to not have a statistically significant benefit.”


        So they’re burying this study. Wouldn’t any contrary study meet the same fate? These authoritarian policies are mimicking the CCPs. It was never about the optimal policy that is based on hard-nosed cost-benefit analysis. The policies enacted by the woke authoritarians deliberately destroyed the earning power of the working class. They were sacrificed. Those who enacted these draconian policies of course didn’t make any sacrifices. Obama had his unmasked birthday bash. Gavin Newsom had his French Laundry dinner party paid by lobbyists. And now Nancy just had a party in Napa for the Democratic Party’s fundraisers. Of course only the help were masked in both these celebrations.

      • JerseyJeffersonian says:

        Adding this report from an Australian video journalist at a massive protest against further lockdowns. Protesters don’t exactly look as if they are a bunch of hardasses, rather people who want their freedoms back. They’re tired of sociopaths pissing in their pockets, looks like. Quite the spectacle; liberal spraying of pepper spray by the armored-up police, bean bag rounds, rubber bullets flying. Wonder if the police trained in Israel on how to deal with uppity natives?


  3. English Outsider says:

    Colonel – the facebook entry shows them managing but only just –

    “This has been a frightening week for everyone, especially our staff, who are not automatically afforded the protection that foreigners seem to be given at this time (and that might only last while US Marines are on the ground).

    Whether or not the Taliban is the recognized government of Afghanistan, they are on the ground and have fully occupied Kabul and are the authority in the city right now.

    On Monday morning, the first day after their conquest of the city, a group of low level Taliban/Taliban-looking (very hard to tell the difference) thugs came into the clinic. In order to keep our staff and animals safe, and my decision alone, I directly approached a Taliban elder on that morning and formally asked that our staff and clinic be allowed to safely operate until we can evacuate all animals and staff and their families.

    We have been granted this uncomfortable agreement, and only because of it have we been able to get into Taliban-held compounds to rescue dogs and pets left behind by internationals. It is by no means amiable, but I believe they see the sincerity in the request and have thus far honored it.”

    They seem to be getting attention at this end –

    “In addition, a former British Royal Marine, Paul (AKA Pen) Farthing who founded an animal welfare charity in Kabul has said he is now “in talks” with the UK Foreign Office about getting his Afghan staff & their families out of Afghanistan, insisting he would not leave without them or the charity’s animals. Since last weekend, Boris Johnson has been bombarded with calls, emails etc which seems finally to have “energised” the Foreign Office. Fingers crossed they all get out soon along with all the other ex-pats, Afghan support staff etc.”


    The reference to US Marines being “on the ground” presumably indicates more agreement with the Taliban than can be read into other reports.

  4. walrus says:

    Sam, I try and refrain from commentary on domestic American politics because I am not experienced first hand. I suggest you might like to adopt the same stance on Australian politics.

    To be polite, don’t believe what you read about the situation in Australia. We are a long way from Europe and the USA. We live upside down in the Southern hemisphere and think funny.

    The demonstrations you read about are from fringe idiots. Both state and Federal Governments can and will be removed in the next 18 months through elections if we feel like it. Rest assured conspiracy theories and fascists are not required. Chill bro, we aren’t going communist or fascist.

  5. BillWade says:

    Speaking of dogs, Cuomo offered his up to the guys that moved him out of the governor’s mansion. No one took the offer so he just left the dog there, character of our leaders!

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