“Grassley, Johnson share Hunter Biden’s China-linked bank records with US attorney leading criminal probe”

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 “Republican Sens. Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin are sharing with the U.S. attorney leading the criminal investigation into Hunter Biden more than 200 pages of bank records related to his and the Biden family’s alleged “connections to the Chinese regime and persons connected to its military and intelligence elements”.

Fox News Digital independently reviewed the bank records Grassley and Johnson obtained throughout the course of their investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings. The more than 200 pages of records come from Cathay Bank, the oldest operating bank in the U.S. founded by Chinese Americans.

Grassley and Johnson obtained the records from a U.S. bank in the course of their investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings. The records reveal transactions between Hunter Biden-linked business entities and Chinese energy firm CEFC, which reportedly had ties to the Chinese Communist Party. “

Comment: “It don’t matter. It don’t mean nothin'” Battle cry of US Army draftees in Vietnam. pl

Grassley, Johnson share Hunter Biden’s China-linked bank records with US attorney leading criminal probe | Fox News

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24 Responses to “Grassley, Johnson share Hunter Biden’s China-linked bank records with US attorney leading criminal probe”

  1. Sam says:

    IMO, the CCP threat is the real biggie, especially since Emperor Xi has now consolidated power and will be Emperor for Life unless ousted under fire of palace intrigue. The new Standing Committee and Military Commission are fully stacked with his loyalists. All have signed up now for Xi Thought. Maoism is coming back with a vengeance while Deng’s reforms are over.

    Unless the US government has a credible counter-intelligence program to ferret out CCP espionage and influence operations we’ll be caught unprepared when Xi acts with military belligerence. My question is if guys like Peter Strzok represented the cream of CI how will the uncover anything let alone defeat the CCP program? In addition if folks like Biden, McConnell, Ray Dario, Larry Fink, Jamie Dimon, Elon, et al and all the academics & thinktankers are compromised with CCP cash, and we are strategically dependent on Chinese manufactured goods, how will we respond when Xi acts militarily against our allies and our direct interests?

    • TTG says:


      Maybe you missed the recent charging of 13 including Chinese intelligence officers in three separate cases. Garland’s DOJ even used a double agent to nab several of the Chinese spies. Biden’s stronger export controls are also a step in the right direction. But we still need to get companies like Cisco out of China.

  2. Fred says:

    It sure don’t matter with Garland as Attorney General.

    How many pardons will Biden be signing before he goes?

  3. TV says:

    Fat nothing.
    The DOJ (STASI) has long been an arm of the Democrat-media complex.

    • TTG says:

      Hunter Biden has been under DOJ investigation since 2018. Now it’s come down to possible tax violations and a firearms purchase violation. I doubt those bank records add much more to what the DOJ already knows.

      • Pat Lang says:

        Surely you don’t think that is all he is guilty of. Kick him to the curb and move on. That would be my advice to the Left.

        • TTG says:


          He’s a drug addict of questionable morals, but worst of all, he’s a greedy capitalist. It would take a father to continue loving him. The left should never run him for office or appoint him to any government position.

          • Fred says:


            “a greedy capitalist ….”

            LOL are you serious?

            “The left should never run him for office or appoint him to any government position.”

            When did you come to that conclusion? Biden was a senator for decades and the best man Obama could find to be VP.

          • Pat Lang says:

            IMO he is the bagman for the family business and in that sense could be called a “capitalist.” I doubt that he will do any jail time. He probably will be given a good plea deal.

          • SRW says:

            You hit the nail on its head. Unless the Repugs can show senior Biden is corrupt (which I doubt) who cares what happens to Hunter Biden.
            The GOP and their pursuit of “Democratic scandals” reminds me of the little boy who called “wolf” too many times.

  4. Bill Roche says:

    “It dont matter. It dont mean nuthin.” That is exactly what I have been saying for the past 6 or so years. Nuthin means nuthin if the FIB, CDIA, or DOIJ know about gross intelligence infractions (Clinton), Political inspired cabals (Russian Whores wetting the bed), FIB lying to the FiSA Court (did they really lie or was the court also a participant), phony impeachments (Vindman), V.P. bribery (Biden in Ukraine), and Chinese collusion Hunter Biden (the junkee with the gun). Law enforcement is supposed to be apolitical and act, after all, how many times has Clinton reminded us that “no one is above the law” (she learned to say that in ’74). Grassley’s information will go nowhere. The RINOs see no gain in revealing a corrupt system that also benefits them, the socialists certainly don’t want an investigation. The socialist press will spike the story and that will be that. Shit man, it don’t mean nuthin. They were right, weren’t they.

    • cobo says:

      What fascinates me is that I believe that the whole scandalous, traitorous edifice will come tumbling down. The best place to watch an avalanche is not from the front seat.

  5. Al says:

    That Hunter Biden laptop was thoroughly compromised by the various known and “unknown” hands that it went through over a lengthy time period. Legally about as useful to prosecute as that “ol’ bucket of spit”

    Like TTG stated, the Pres kid will get convicted on taxes and gun issues.

    Right wingers have been deep into “sugar plumb” conspiracy dreams over the laptop just as they were with Durham’s investigation. Time they moved on to the next conspiracy absorbtion!

  6. Lars says:

    The US Attorney in Delaware will have to consider getting a local jury to convict, which Dunham has found out is not all that easy, even outside of Delaware.

    • Al says:

      Durham will need to come up with more than a few disconnected “lies” to justify 3+ yrs of investigation. Juries are seeing through a heavy handed mockery of justice in his bringing such flimsy charges to court.

      • Fred says:


        Yes, just like the impeachment committees and the J6 committee. Though the election will justify both of those.

  7. Al says:

    Fred, this midterm election appears to be headed the “normal” way of “throw the scoundrels out”. Just as the ’18 election threw the Repubs out, this time it will be the Dems thrown out.

    • Fred says:


      You mean “democracy!” is not at risk? You mean the “insurrection” isn’t generating votes? What about that “Russia Collusion!” that was bandied about from 2017 through the election of 2018, which you label as “normal”?

  8. scott s. says:

    “Cathay Bank, the oldest operating bank in the U.S. founded by Chinese Americans”

    Well, I think Hawaii National Bank here is older, but I don’t think the “Chinese-American” aspect makes it suspect.

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