Grilled Sword filet tonight


A little irregular on the cut but that is what cooking art is about.  Salt, pepper, garlic, a little olive oil.  Watch it close.  Was running low on gas in that tank, had to nurse it along.  SWMBO ruled it delicious.  pl


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6 Responses to Grilled Sword filet tonight

  1. Fred says:

    Mouthwatering. Found a good fishing hole on the ongoing tide. Sadly the red snapper are out of season.

  2. sbin says:

    Mothers day dinner was pan seared ribeye and tuna with wild and brown rice,salads and fresh bread.
    Good food sunshine and fresh air.
    Good life is simple if you let it be.
    Enjoying spring this year more so than some others.

  3. turcopolier says:

    Gonna find some rotisserie birds.

  4. PJ20 says:

    I have found that to be a critical skill for grilling fish – recognizing you forgot to check the fuel level, but still getting the fish right. By the way, asparagus is in season and it can go before the fish on the grill for its almost better warm

  5. ambrit says:

    We used to live right at the mouth of the Pearl River, USA. Katrina drove us out and inland.
    I remember getting oysters by the sack from local crabbers and oyster dredgers. The wife used to make Oysters Rockefeller and the occasional oyster stew, a la Louisanne. Deep fried fresh oysters on po-boy bread sandwiches for lunch.
    Our now grown up kids look at me askance when I proclaim that there was a Golden Age.
    Stay safe, you and yours.

  6. Barbara Ann says:

    Sir, not related to your mouth-watering culinary exploits, but in case you hadn’t seen it I thought you may be interested:

    “Jordan’s King Abdullah II warned the Israeli government’s plan to annex parts of the occupied West Bank could lead to “massive conflict” and said his kingdom is “considering all options”, including freezing or cancelling its 1994 peace treaty with Israel.”

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