I urge all readers of this site to carefully read the attached article from the website "28pages.org," which exposes yet another Saudi crime, aimed at covering up their role in the original September 11, 2001 attacks, by denying the survivors and family members a fair day in court.  And not surprising, John McCain and Lindsey Graham are up to their eyeballs in this treachery.



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  1. Bill Herschel says:

    I think the record is very clear on the relationship between the CIA and Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia could not do this without the connivance of the CIA. You say apples and oranges? What would it take to blow the lid off this? Articles in the New York Times? The Washington Post? Well, the CIA can do that.

  2. SR Wood says:

    This is off the subject but I just read Sleepwalking Into a Nuclear Arms Race with Russia by Chuck Spinney and Pierre Sprey. These two have longtime Pentagon and weapons engineering experience and give a good look at the result of the proposed US nuclear weapons modernization program.

  3. elaine says:

    Limiting the attorney fees to 5%? How many plaintiffs are there? What kind of
    money are we talking about? If it’s hundreds of millions of dollars 5% may not be too shabby. These clowns are looking @ this like it’s merely a personal injury case &
    forgetting punitive damages. Punitive damages are meant not just to compensate but to
    punish/prevent a reoccurence…that could go into the billions.

  4. elaine says:

    Reading both the synopsis & the actual 28 page text imo there’s much
    innuendo i.e. the use of the word “may”: like Mr. redacted may have
    been working for the redacted Corp, who once worked for some prince. There’s
    so much of that kinda stuff it’s no wonder there’s no accused sitting
    like a potted plant in the box @ the Hague. So I guess there will never
    be a criminal prosecution, however in a civil case it’s the greater
    preponderance of evidence.
    Minus a criminal prosecution it would appear the statute of limitations
    for a civil suit has already run out in the U.S. courts, so I’m very confused as to why Senators McCain & Graham are concerned. What am I missing?

  5. Imagine says:

    A Mossad team was filming the 9/11 attacks, see “Dancing Israelis”; captured by the FBI; but was ordered quietly deported. If the Saudis can be sued, then perhaps other countries could as well. According to http://maplight.org/us-congress/interest/J5100/view/all, Graham is getting paid $388,000 and McCain $238,268 by Israeli interests. I suspect the bill will have massive difficulties, but not just from the direction you’re proposing.

  6. Green Zone Café says:

    An aside to this is that the Republic of Iraq was a defendant in one of the original 9/11 lawsuit in the SDNY.
    At the time, Iraq had no sovereign immunity because it had been designated as a terrorist state. The designation was at the sole discretion of the DOS and DOJ.
    In early 2003, as the invasion was ready to go, James Woolsey and Laurie Mylroie testified in a default judgment hearing against Iraq. The judge said their testimony was barely adequate to justify a judgment against Iraq, but more than $100 million in damages was assessed against Iraq anyways. That judgment was vacated and Iraq’s sovereign immunity restored when it was removed from the list of terrorist states,
    The 28 Pages show one of the most outstanding deceptions of the American people in history. They were classified and suppressed in late 2002 – exactly when the Bush administration and its media flunkies were blaming Iraq as being involved. The lack of attention given this story and any follow-up investigations has caused me to abandon hope. Saudi Arabia’s exemption from the “Travel Ban” shows that Trump will change nothing.

  7. LeaNder says:

    At one point I decided to label Laurie Mylroie an academic conspiracy theorist, but never looked back. Now that you trigger that memory I recall looking up the agency that might have been active in her appointment to testify, if it wasn’t Woolsey himself, he may have been represented by them too. He is. 😉
    Yes, don’t look it up, I get a phishing alert:
    I found this bit on the fly-in.pdf vaguely amusing:
    Transportation accessibility is good and will minimize need to march, however, while on the Hill and moving from meeting to meeting there will be some possible significant movement on foot.
    Would be interesting to look into the brainstorming behind the concept. But then I stopped here:
    We will be meeting with Freshman members of the House and others who have not been informed/educated regarding our concerns with JASTA, and to ask their assistance in getting Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to facilitate a face-to-face meeting between our veterans and leaders of the 9/11 Families Association.

  8. LeaNder says:

    Hmm, seems Ms Benador caught Jim Lobe’s attention too:

  9. Cee says:

    Because the Mossad was involved is why nobody wants to hold anyone accountable. Remember the Lavon Affair and the USS Liberty?

  10. FND says:

    I think there are two issues wrapped up in what is referred to as the nuclear weapons modernization effort. The nuclear weapons complex is old, massive, environmentally risky, and expensive to operate and maintain. I’m talking about the Hanford site in eastern Washington state, the Y-12 facility in Tennessee, and the Savannah River site in South Caroline, to name the biggest ones, although there are many other smaller, but still big sites around the country. These facilities were constructed during WWII and shortly after during the cold war to ramp up our large nuclear weapon stockpile. They are archaic behemoths. The complex needs to be downsized, modernized, and the old facilities decommissioned and dismantled. This is a valid issue separate from the issue of whether we should increase, keep the same, or decrease our nuclear stockpile.
    Another huge nuclear weapon issue that is not in the news or government decision-making process at all is that there has been no underground testing of nuclear weapons for many decades. For any newly designed nuclear weapons, this moratorium on testing must be lifted. The PC answer, even by the Los Alamos scientists is that they can simulate the testing with computers. BS. A simulation is only as good as the last test.

  11. Cee says:

    I’m going to send this to Jon Gold. He has been working on JASTA for a while.
    He also wrote this book

  12. LeaNder says:

    Interesting, thanks.
    Recently a friend responded to this news item as if it was something new. But obviously it was already present in Trump’s scripted foreign policy speech.
    I have to admit next to the Iran deal it was the most irritating for me.

  13. trinlae says:

    Interesting interview from Poet Linh Dinh w a retired math professor who lived and worked in the ME some years ago:

  14. Fool says:

    Unbeknownst to me until today, the namesake’s son was a vice president at the firm until 2012 (he would have been 23 at the time). IIRC he was dumb as rock — but very, very scrupulous about his appearance.

  15. YT says:

    My Jewish associates loved the interview.
    It’s also posted on the website owned by the honorable Ron Unz.

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