Paul Mushine, a well-known columnist for the Newark Star Ledger, wrote a "realist" critique of President Donald Trump's recent visit to Saudi Arabia, during which he "sucked up" to the Kingdom by naming Iran as the source of terrorism, thus perpetuating what some call the "Global War on Terrorism," but which Mushine and others have more properly called the new "Hundred Years War."  Mushine singled out Col. Patrick Lang and this blog as one of the best sources of "military realist" critique of the disastrous policies of this and the recent past administrations in Washington. Well worth reading in it's entirety.


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  1. Cee says:

    Well deserved praise to Col. Lang…for years.

  2. Pundita says:

    It’s Mulshine not Mushine. I’m not an editing nitpicker but for crying out loud get the author’s name right — especially when he’s key to your post.

  3. BraveNewWorld says:

    I wish a lot more reporters and commentators would listen to what you have to say. Good to see you get some props.

  4. Laura says:

    Well deserved mention…I feel much the same!

  5. Fred says:

    Well deserved. Interesting to see the editorial board’s take on NATO further down the page.

  6. SR Wood says:

    Excellent article. Thanks

  7. Chris Chuba says:

    I am very fond of Paul Mulshine. I remember asking him if there were any websites that represented a realist rather than a neocon view on foreign policy and the Col’s website was at the top of his list.

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