Have you never met a lying woman? (editorial)


Yes, I know you are not supposed to say things like that, but, it happens to be true that women are not semi-divine beings, born with few traces of original sin.  Like men, they lie, fornicate, cheat and steal.  US senators are apparently constrained  by politics into adopting a rhetorical position in which they pretend that women are better and more filled with integrity than men.  To hell with that!  Such a position is so obviously untrue as to be absurd.  I am not going to soften my words by whining about all the wonderful, brilliant, adorable, madonnesque, but still desirable women I have known. (so to speak).  In the present circumstance such an attempt to mollify the harridans, male and female, is just weakness.

It is clear to me that a silent coup is underway, a coup against the conservative/deplorable side of America.  This is a coup that seeks to deny the Republican Party the ability to govern by abandoning the customs and norms of civility that lie at the center of the US form of government while reverting to the law of the jungle "red in tooth and claw."  In US government it has been long understood that recognition of the fragility of the Union within the framework of the constitution should be accepted as a basis for what people are wise to say and do to each other.

There have been rash actions in recent years, actions that have damaged the comity that once prevailed in places like the US Senate.  McConnell's decision to deny Merrick Garland a hearing was a terrible mistake which provides the Progresso Democrats with an excuse to stonewall any and all Republican nominations for the judiciary.  Harry Reed's decision to abandon the 60 vote rule for cloture in judicial appointments was very short sided.

The Progresso Democrats are delaying the Kavanaugh confirmation in the hope that they will recover one or both houses of congress.  If they control the House, they will pass bills of impeachment against Trump and probably Kavanaugh as well.  If they also control the senate then one or both of these might result in convictions and removals.  This would not be politics.  It would be war conducted as politics. The Progresso Democrats should not expect that such actions would be meekly accepted. 

The Republican leadership in the senate looks weak as it seeks to placate the Progresso Democrats over proliferating and shaky claims of molestations leading to wounding of the female soul.  There is no reason to think that procrastination will not continue endlessly if this is allowed to govern Republican actions.  Why should conservative/deplorables turn out to vote for weaklings afraid of being called misogynists by people like Senator Blumenthal? 

The Judiciary Committee should have voted him out today and the full senate should have confirmed him on this Wednesday.  Every day that passes without that confirmation is a victory for the Progresso Democrats.  pl 

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