All 30,000 of the Clinton e-mails went automatically to a foreign country – (not Russia)

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FBI Peter Strzok – the philandering FBI chief investigator who facilitated the FISA surveillance of Trump campaign officials in 2016 – has been exposed for ignoring evidence of major Clinton-related breaches of national security and has been accused of lying about it.   

Hillary Clinton’s emails, “every single one except for four, over 30,000 of them, were going to an address that was not on the distribution list,” Texas Congressman Louis Gohmert said on Friday.  And they went to “an unauthorized source that was a foreign entity unrelated to Russia.”  The information came from Intelligence Community Inspector General Chuck McCullough, who sent his investigator Frank Rucker, along with an ICIG attorney Janette McMillan, to brief Strzok.

Gohmert nailed Strozk at the open Congressional hearing on Friday the 13th in Washington, but Strzok claimed no recollection.  Gohmert accused him of lying. Maybe Strzok’s amnesia about the briefing on Hillary Clinton’s email server is nothing but standard FBI training: i.e., when in doubt, don’t recall.  It’s far more likely that there is a campaign of deliberate obstructing justice, selective prosecution, and political targeting by top officials embedded in the permanent bureaucracy of the Justice Department, FBI, and broader IC. Strzok is not alone.

And what “foreign entity” got Hillary’s classified emails?  Trump haters in British Intelligence and those in Israel who want to manipulate the US presidency – whatever party prevails – come to mind. Listen closely and you may hear rumors around Washington that it was Israel, not Russia, that was the foreign power involved in approaching Trump advisers.  Time to follow that thread.

Both Representatives Gohmert (TX) and Trey Gowdy (SC) did a great job trying to pierce the veil of denials.  But, right after Strzok’s amnesia in Congress, the Justice Department announced the indictment of GRU members.  Change of subject.  The same foul stench noted by Publius Tacitus about the GRU indictment filled Congress as Agent Strzok testified.

The Gohmert/Strzok exchange:

Gohmert: You said earlier in this hearing you were concerned about a hostile foreign power affecting the election. Do you recall the former Intelligence Community Inspector General Chuck McCullough having an investigation into an anomaly found on Hillary Clinton’s emails?

Strzok: I do not.

Gohmert: Let me refresh your memory. The Intelligence Community Inspector General Chuck McCullough sent his investigator Frank Rucker along with an IGIC attorney Janette McMillan to brief you and Dean Chapelle and two other FBI personnel who I won’t name at this time, about an anomaly they had found on Hillary Clinton’s emails that were going to and from the private unauthorized server that you were supposed to be investigating?

Strzok: I remember meeting Mr. Rucker on either one or two occasions. I do not recall the specific content or discussions.

Gohmert: Well then, I’ll help you with that too then.  Mr. Rucker reported to those of you, the four of you there, in the presence of the ICIG attorney, that they had found this anomaly on Hillary Clinton’s emails going through her private server, and when they had done the forensic analysis, they found that her emails, every single one except for four, over 30,000 of them, were going to an address that was not on the distribution list. It was a compartmentalized bit of information that was sending it to an unauthorized source. Do you recall that?

Strozk: Sir, I don’t.

Gohmert: He went on the explain it. And you didn’t say anything. Strzok: No. Gohmert: you thanked him, you shook his hand. The problem is it was going to an unauthorized source that was a foreign entity unrelated to Russia and from what you’ve said here, you did nothing more than nod and shake the man’s hand when you didn’t seem to be all that concerned about our national integrity of our election when it was involving Hillary Clinton. So the forensic examination was done by the ICIG — and I can document that — but you were given that information and you did nothing with it.


Gohmert: And I watched you in some of the private hearings we had.  And I told some of the other guys, “he’s really good.”  He’s lying; he knows we know he’s lying and he can probably pass a polygraph.

Chaos erupts.  Democrats start screaming that Gohmert is violating the rules of House hearings by impugning the character of a witness.  Chairman Rep. Goodlatte insists that rules of impugning character only apply to House members and to the President, and adds that Democrats on the committee have violated that rule numerous times against people covered under the rules.  Democrats demand that Gohmert withdraw his statements about Strzok’s lying.

Gohmert:  I do not withdraw it.  He is not a member of Congress and this is not a violation of law.

Congressional hearing:

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