How does this not lead to prison for Hilly, and friends?

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“Russiagate, the collective delusion that Donald Trump was secretly a Russian agent aided and abetted by the Kremlin, the topic of uncountable inches of Washington Post and New York Times copy and the entire primetime lineup of MSNBC, was dirty trick by the Hillary Clinton campaign. Not just part of it. All of it. One of the most diabolical, successful misinformation campaigns ever concocted. 

We already knew that the Steele dossier was garbage. Christopher Steele was paid indirectly by the Clinton campaign to dig up dirt, which he did by turning to other Clinton operatives, laundering every outlandish rumor about Trump he could find into an “investigative” document. 

He shopped it to the FBI, which couldn’t verify his sources or any of his stories, but the agency dragged out the investigation to cast maximum suspicion on the new president. In the meantime, Steele found willing accomplices in the media to push his propaganda. The dupes at BuzzFeed even decided to print the whole pack of lies, with the flimsy rationale of “Well, why not?” ”

Comment: Well, well. pilgrims. We have Hilly, Mook, and the little creep who did press from Fort Brooklyn. Brennan, Clapper and the “goat boy god.” (Obama’s contemptuous description of his public image). They all seem vulnerable to criminal and civil charges. The Hillary campaign people directly and the government people to include Obama and Biden because they were briefed on this illegal activity BEFORE THE FACT. pl

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  1. Babeltuap says:

    Now why would they let Durham stick around to raise this mast and catch wind? I wondered about this when the guard changed. It sure looks a hulluva a lot like they want to apply pressure to the old Clinton machine over something but what I do not know.

  2. RZ says:

    OK, this is what many people have believed for a long time. What’s going to happen next?
    Why is there about to be a war with Russia?

    • Pat Lang says:

      There is not about to be a war with Russia.

      • RZ says:

        I read your blog because it is as good source of interesting thoughts that help me make some sense of the world, for that thank you.
        When we look at where I understand we are in the big picture it is not inconceivable that when one party to an argument, a desperate senile old grifter who is tanking in the polls points a loaded gun at someone’s face, accidents happen.

  3. blue peacock says:

    What confidence do folks have that Durham or the DOJ will indict and prosecute any of the Deep State actors including top echelon politicians like Hillary, Warner, etc.?

    IMO, that’s just not gonna happen. Even that low-level DOJ attorney who falsified affidavits in Russia Collusion hoax got away with just a slap on the wrist and got his law license back. Imagine an indictment of Comey or Brennan or Clapper or Rosenstein? Let alone Hillary or Warner or Rice?

    Trump couldn’t get his own DOJ nominees to do anything. In fact guys like Rosenstein & Wray were part of the scheme. Trump pardons Scooter Libby not Assange or Snowden who then turns around and backs Liz Cheney against Trump. But…MAGA is gonna take on the Deep State in round 2 ???

    • Pat Lang says:

      DoJ cannot keep Durham from indicting people.

    • Deap says:

      Do the names and prison terms for Haldeman, Ehrlichman, Dean, Mitchell, Colson, etc ………have any resonance still?

      Yes, previous key administration figures did end up in prison, with all their alleged due process rights intact. No kangaroo courts or House “investigation committee” lynchings. Full and fair trials based upon law and fact.

      • Deap says:

        Nixon’s crime was abusing government offices in his cover-up.

        This time, government offices were abused to both commit the crime, and to also cover it up.

        Just like Watergate, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and squawks like a duck ….. it is eventually a duck. Only thing missing is Trey Gowdy getting to play the role of old Sam Ervin …….just a simple country lawyer.

  4. walrus says:

    Col. Lang,

    How is this not about war with Russia? Wouldn’t the it be convenient to terminate Durhams commission if we were undergoing a national emergency? Wouldn’t the Biden Administration try to conflate continued pursuit of the Russiagate investigation at this time with giving aid and comfort to the enemy?

    • Pat Lang says:

      Putin has all the cards. He has been privately assured that Ukraine will not be allowed into NATO and Russia will recognize the independence of the ethnically Russian eastern parts of Ukraine. If Ukraine seeks to overwhelm those two oblasts or whatever they are called, Russia will defend them. That will keep Ukraine away from doing that. Biden and the Blinken/Sullivan post-grad crowd are fools playing at being adult, but Biden told Holt clearly that the US WILL NOT fight for Ukraine. End of story.

  5. TV says:

    There will not be any prosecutions. The DOJ and its subordinate agencies are an arm of the Democrat party and protector of the swamp.

  6. Deap says:

    Screeching 60 Minutes interview hypocrisy about spying on Trump campaign.

    Trump goes F2F with Lesley Stahl – who viciously mocks and dismisses Trump’s claim he was spied on by the Clinton campaign. And now we know, with Obama’s help.

  7. southpoint says:

    PELOSI: “Well, I think we have to be prepared for it. And that is what the president is — yes, I do believe that he is prepared for an invasion. I also understand why the President of Ukraine wants to keep people calm and that he wants his economy not to suffer. But, on the other hand, if we were not threatening the sanctions and the rest, it would guarantee that Putin would invade. Let’s hope that diplomacy works.

    It’s about diplomacy deterrence. Diplomacy deterrence. And the president’s made it very clear. There’s a big price to pay for Russia to go there. So, if Russia doesn’t invade, it’s not that he never intended to. It’s just that the sanctions worked.” … “I’m very proud of the work that the president has done.” (read more)

  8. Fred says:

    So the question becomes will Biden pardon everyone before getting removed from office or will he fire Durham?

    • Pat Lang says:

      As I understand the Special Counsel law, Durham would have to be removed for personal malfeasance; bribery, perjury, etc. Garland seenm to lack the stones for that.

  9. southpoint says:

    Now even Democrats call for Hillary Clinton to be investigated after Special Counsel Durham revealed her camp hacked Trump’s White House servers to link him to Russia

    Democrats increasingly believe that 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton should be questioned over her alleged role in the Russian secret server scandal
    While just 44 per cent of party loyalists believed she should be interrogated last October, the number jumped to 66 per cent in a January polling
    Both polls were undertaken before Special Counsel John Durham last week released a bombshell report
    It claimed Clinton’s campaign team tried to spy on former president Donald Trump’s computer servers

  10. Bill Roche says:

    Even if Durham is Diogenese’ man it won’t matter. The Obama Admin., C. Domestic I. A., FIB, DOIJ, members of Congress, the NYT , Wash. P. and, I think, the FISA Ct., all were involved in treason. Durham can indict and even gain convictions but who will sentence? Who will punish? White washing another travesty forces us to admit, we are no longer a nation of laws. Some kind of separation is necessary. Way back when my platoon sergeant at Jackson was talking one morning about the need for leadership, organization, and a cadre in order to achieve unit effectiveness. All these years and I still remember that. The separatist have none of these. I see a bleak future for the “American Experiment”. Still, Diogenese searches for one honest man in Washington.

  11. Jim says:

    Granted, it has taken five years, but Durham has now shown that Clinton and Obama were smack dab in the middle of the crimes against Trump.

    Similarly, with the UK litigation possibility, and over here, on the myriad covid crimes, imagine what landscape may look like five years on, on this front?

    Facts always possess funny way of being solvent to all shape and manner of lies and crimes . . . .However budding it may be, there is a real and genuine sense, now: that some manner of accountability is in order. There are just too many dead bodies and permanently injured and sterilized women to keep the skeletons all in the closet anymore.

    That African American lawyer who spoke — and the fact that big media/tech keep pretending none of “that” is occurring: does not change the fact this is happening.

    And this: “It’s back to Slave Passports”

    Durham may not be getting much press but he is exposing hard cold facts. Ditto with the covid crimes, perhaps?

    Time is not on Fauci’s side, nor Collins, nor Walensky, et al. — nor the FDA.

    They never saw the trucks coming, as it were. Now, BAM!


  12. Eric Newhill says:

    Trump should sue the living daylights out of Clinton, Obama and the rest of the gang. He could get some of the lesser players to turn plaintiffs witness in exchange for dropping the suit against those small fish. He could find a sympathetic court in which to do that. At least then the truth of what happened will be known to all and that would help ensure a defeat of the Democrats this Fall and in 2024.

    It’s hard to not be cynical about the outcome of Durham’s investigation given all we’ve seen in the federal gov’t over the past few years, but I’m feeling like he just might push ahead as he has been. Thinking if he hasn’t been thwarted thus far, there’s a good chance he will go all the way. I don’t know what kind of man he is and it just might come down to that factor.

    • Pat Lang says:

      What has he done or not done to make you think he is not an honest man?

      • Eric Newhill says:

        Col Lang,
        Durham has done some things that make me think he has been an honest man and that honesty is a core of his character. He revealed that the FBI framed three men for murder. He convinced a judge to overturn the convictions and in the course of doing so provided enough evidence that the three men were able to successfully sue the federal govt for more than $100 million. In another case, he helped convict an FBI agent of cooperating with organized crime. So he has a history of having no qualms about going after federal agencies.

        OTOH, he might have been lax on CIA with regards to investigations into “enhance interrogation” that may have constituted torture. I’m not clear on those facts, however.

        Overall, it appears that when the powers that be want to bring the law down on wrong doers, regardless of who they might be, they put Durham on the job.

        My cynicism about him him and/or how successful he might be in this case is purely succumbing to the subconscious ambient defeatism that our enemies want me/us to feel. I can and will do better.

        • Deap says:

          Durham broke ranks in public with Horowitz on some critical issues – that was a moment of truth; not to run cover for fellow compatriots. Durham came out of the Midwest, did he not? Not from the DC swamp.

          Durham had to face major “covid” delays just in getting early witness testimony – one more “covid” advantage for Democrats and those who can now claim faulty memories that let too many Benghazi players off the hook – like that was like two years ago, dude. Can’t recall, says Obama’s bag man Tommy Veitor.

  13. TTG says:

    I don’t see how anything in this latest Durham nugget could lead to anybody going to prison. Fox claims that Trump tower and White House servers were infiltrated. That’s absolute bullshit. Rodney Joffe and Neustar Ultra DNS analyzed the DNS log files relating to connections between Trump Tower, Alfa Bank and Spectrum Health servers. Those log files were on DNS servers totally separate from those other servers. Of course Joffe and Neustar analyzed those log files. It makes no sense having log files if they’re not analyzed. And that’s been Joffe’s line of work. He’s one of the pioneers of DNS. His company found the DNS anomaly in the Trump Tower/Alfa Bank/Spectrum Health traffic while looking through those DNS log files. What Durham did in this latest filing was confirm that this DNS anomaly did exist and not offer any definitive explanation for that anomaly. Now sure there could be innocent explanations for this anomaly. Several have been offered over the years, but the anomaly perked the interest and concern of Joffe and several of his fellow DNS experts. It looked like a breach involving Russia and a presidential candidates so off to the FBI went Joffe through Sussman, his lawyer.

    • Pat Lang says:

      A true Democrat loyalist.

    • Barbara Ann says:


      Yes, “infiltrated” is a Foxism.

      “..the anomaly perked the interest and concern of Joffe..”. So Joffe was just a contentious, concerned citizen, really? Durham tells it rather differently:

      “Tech Executive-1 [Joffe] tasked these researchers to mine Internet data to
      establish “an inference” and “narrative” tying then-candidate Trump to Russia”


      “In doing so, Tech Executive-1 [Joffe] indicated that he was seeking to please certain “VIPs,” referring to individuals at Law Firm-1 and the Clinton Campaign.”

      Btw, 100% of my DNS lookups are routed to Yandex. Does that make me a Russian agent, or just anomalous?

    • akaPatience says:

      Why isn’t it possible Joffe was hired to PLANT EVIDENCE of a back channel to Russia? Why isn’t it possible he CREATED Trump Tower server links to Alfa Bank? If there was an actual THERE there – true, nefarious Trumpland communications and dealings with Alfa Bank – why didn’t the FBI investigation or SC Mueller investigation prosecute anyone about it?

      Hillary Clinton’s campaign PAID TO HAVE Christopher Steele compile a bogus dossier for crying out loud– why shouldn’t we presume she paid to have other incriminating “evidence” planted?

      • TTG says:


        Alfa Bank eventually claimed someone could have hacked their servers to cause those DNS connections to Trump and Spectrum servers. They also said they had no banking business with Trump. The Trump campaign claimed they did have business with Alfa and then claimed a CENDYN employee used the Trump server to contact Alfa for his personal business.

        Some fellow DNS researchers thought Joffe’s (Tea Leaves) work was just a conspiracy theory with no substantial data. It’s true there is no substantial data. It’s only DNS logs, not any traffic logs or other data from any Trump, Alfa or Spectrum servers. The FBI concluded the same thing. Here’s the data maintained by one of the DNS researchers who collaborated with Joffe. She recounts what happened when a NYT reported asked Alfa Bank about the connections and the Trump mail server was changed the same day and then immediately reestablished contact with the Alfa servers. Very curious, but not proof of anything nefarious.

        The Steele dossier was paid for by the Clinton campaign, but it wasn’t all bogus. Granted the pee pee tape was just a shit house rumor making the rounds of a Moscow hotel staff. Much was proven to be true over time. For example, Steele reported Trump’s real estate interests in Russia extended back 8 years including the Moscow Project into 2016. No big deal. Trump was in commercial real estate for longer than that. Don Jr. said Trump Organization assets were disproportionately Russian. Why Trump tried to deny this time and time again is beyond me. Of course those repeated denials raised suspicions.

        The dossier claimed Don Jr. and others met with a Russian lawyer with Kremlin connections in June 2016, Russia conducted cyber ops against Dems in 2016 and was behind the DNC hack, Roger Stone was in contact with the Guccifer 2.0 entity and Manafort had extensive dealings with Yanukovich. All that proved to be true, even though it doesn’t amount to proof of active Trump campaign cooperation with Moscow. I never bought that. It’s just not in Trump’s nature.

        I am not at all surprised that various intel agencies reported contacts between people associated with Trump and Russians associated with intel. That’s bound to happen in Trump’s line of work. It’s the repeated denials of such contacts that raised eyebrows.

  14. Deap says:

    File under: Rats fleeing a sinking ship. Durham investigation suddenly getting a lot more cooperation from witnesses:

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