How much leverage does Abbott really have at the border?

The State Guard militia of Texas

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas makes remarkably assertive statements in response to the thinly disguised Biden open borders policy.

Given the developing evidence implied by Durham’s indictments, it is quite clear that the Clinton/Obama crew still active at the top of the Biden farce will stop at nothing to carry out their nefarious schemes. In that context one must consider the extremes that the US Government might reach in its efforts to force Abbott’s acceptance of the open border policy.

To carry out a policy of border control Abbott needs deployable and employable force. Over an above the state and local police, he has the Armed Forces of Texas at his disposal. These consist of:

  1. The Texas Army National Guard and the Texas Air National Guard. These are the portion of the state’s militia that are recognized, financially supported and trained by the US Government. The state and the federal government share control of these forces. The state governor can call them to active duty and use the within the state, but the president of the US can at any time call them into federal service and if that occurs the governor has NO control over them.
  2. The Texas State Guard. Like many other states, Texas has withheld a portion of its militia from the National Guard system. The constitution of the US protects their ability to do so. Some states are more serious about having an organized militia than others. Texas appears to be quite serious about it. They have a force of over 1600. By law the president of the US cannot interfere with state control of State Guard forces. BUT, pilgrim turcopoles, I have discovered a loophole. If the president declares that an insurrection against the US government is in progress, than he/she CAN seize control of State Guard forces.

Given the apparently relentless determination of the revolutionary Left to destroy the territorial boundaries of the US, who can be sure that they would not seize control of Texas military forces? pl

Texas State Guard – Wikipedia

State defense force – Wikipedia

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12 Responses to How much leverage does Abbott really have at the border?

  1. Eliot says:

    “Given the apparently relentless determination of the revolutionary Left to destroy the territorial boundaries of the US, who can be sure that they would not seize control of Texas military forces?”

    Col. Lang,

    You just have to run that risk and force the crisis.

    To stand still is to lose. We are the frog in the pot. At least here, there is a chance. Best case scenario you win, worst, it simply reveals your weakness. But that doesn’t change the balance of power. It strips away the illusion of sovereignty. The illusion that we have some power still.

    – Eliot

    • Pat Lang says:


      There is also the fact of the 30,000+ federal troops at Ft. Hood.

      • EEngineer says:

        Perhaps Governor Abbott should offer a position in the State Guard to every member drummed out of federal service for not accepting the jab.

        • Condottieree says:

          TX state guard is mostly people that are ineligible for service in the National Guard or other service reserve. There is not a H/W standard or physical fitness test. They are one step above the civil air patrol and one step below the coast guard auxiliary.

        • Seamus Padraig says:

          D*mn good idea, EEngineer!

    • Schmuckatelli says:


      We were the “Frog in the Pot” in 2016. We jumped out. Now we are looking at being thrown into a now-boiling cauldron.

  2. Condottierre says:

    Rumor has it the US Army restructured the 49th Armored Division into the 36th light Infantry Division to take away their M1 Abrams in the event of a succession. The 49th was full of experienced former prior service with heavy armor backgrounds. Soldiers from Hood and Bliss would stay in Texas after they ETSd and join their buddies in the guard. It was a veterans club for Abrams and Bradley master gunners.

  3. Tidewater says:

    Col. Lang,

    Wouldn’t a sheriff of a state district be able to deputize armed citizens? There has been talk of this in Jacksonville, Florida, and in western Virginia from law enforcement.

    Also, if a president of the U.S. declared that an insurrection was in progress in, say, a state like Texas, wouldn’t the imposition of martial law that would necessarily have to be decreed there do pretty much what the state government was trying to do anyway– that is, freeze the borders? How can illegals come across and move freely into and through a region that is under martial law? Surely, they would have to be rounded up and detained if they had not been stopped from crossing at the legal frontier. Initially, how could you tell them from a citizen?

    During the weeks or months of martial law, certain large costs and economic difficulties would be imposed not only on the immediate region that martial law would affect but, I think, on the whole country. At this moment, sixty-some container ships are backed up off of Long Beach; I assume that even the loosest military control of shipping into Texas ports would add to the current congestion and slow- down should there be an imposition of martial law. If the whole supply chain of the US is now in some sort of difficulty, perhaps because of the Covid virus, what would martial law in Texas do to the US economy after a month or two? I could see national fury as a result.

    So if after a month of almost incomprehensible federal stupidity and authoritarianism there is a great national uproar, and either the gobsmacked gringo and his handlers get their act together, or they don’t. If they don’t, after what will have been inevitably a formal public national debate, the gates are simply yet again thrown open, and sixty thousand Haitians walk right in, I see, among other things–to look elsewhere for a second– the near-collapse of American foreign policy, given the scattered internal American violence that will begin in earnest, while a new kind of very tough pressure from China and Russia begins to be put on Taiwan, North Africa, the Gulf, the Eastern Mediterranean… This could just be China’s moment. They are moving into Tangiers, right now. There would be incredible foreign policy problems forthcoming. If Iran is developing a nuclear weapon and is threatened by this administration with war, or if Iran slows or stops the movement of tankers in the Persian Gulf because American sanctions are crushing it, wouldn’t Iran perceive that to some extent the US had to be bluffing, given its dilemma? Where would draftees for a Persian expedition come from if thousands of regular soldiers are employed all over the United States preserving internal order? And what would the will of the already alarmed and outraged American people be for another external war in the Gulf or South China sea?

    It seems to me that a bold state governor and his advisors might be willing to risk the consequences of using state rights to force the testing of the Insurrection Act and see what happens. The shock of it might ultimately even be a way to set the house in order.

    • Condottere says:

      This is the Texas statute you are looking for




      Art. 8.01. OFFICER MAY REQUIRE AID. When any officer authorized to execute process is resisted, or when he has sufficient reason to believe that he will meet with resistance in executing the same, he may command as many of the citizens of his county as he may think proper; and the sheriff may call any military company in the county to aid him in overcoming the resistance, and if necessary, in seizing and arresting the persons engaged in such resistance.

      Acts 1965, 59th Leg., vol. 2, p. 317, ch. 722.

      Art. 8.02. MILITARY AID IN EXECUTING PROCESS. If it be represented to the Governor in such manner as to satisfy him that the power of the county is not sufficient to enable the sheriff to execute process, he may, on application, order any military company of volunteers or militia company from another county to aid in overcoming such resistance.

      Acts 1965, 59th Leg., vol. 2, p. 317, ch. 722.

      Art. 8.03. MILITARY AID IN SUPPRESSING RIOTS. Whenever, for the purpose of suppressing riots or unlawful assemblies, the aid of military or militia companies is called, they shall obey the orders of the civil officer who is engaged in suppressing the same.

      Acts 1965, 59th Leg., vol. 2, p. 317, ch. 722

  4. Babeltuap says:

    Abbot could have done all this and more when Trump was in. He did nothing and will do nothing. It took him forever to ditch the mask mandate. Police dept where I am just said to hell with it and never enforced it. We ignored all of it out here in the Magna Carta “liberties”. The corruption and rot of the big cities are too far away so they don’t come out here. There is a restaurant down the road that never closed, never required masks. It’s out in the boonies but the place is always packed. Even police go there. The city is even passing a bill to cut us loose of their annex. They hate us.

  5. EEngineer says:

    The north Dallas area is host to many large defense contractor like Raytheon. If you isolate Texas many of the tech toys the military has no longer have a source of spare parts. Napoleon famously said an army travels on it’s stomach. Logistics has been constantly becoming an ever larger “tail” since. It would shatter countless civilian supply chains as well.

    I could see it happening if for no other reason that so many people, including the leadership of this country, think at the simplistic level of stories like Batman. Riddle me this: where are the thousands of engineers needed to build and maintain all his toys? At least Gru had his Minions.

    • JerseyJeffersonian says:


      At this point, given how they are apparently willing to toss away many servicemen if they don’t take the jab, I would not be confident that these idealogues would really care if the military were to be further degraded. They just handed over all manner of military equipment to the Taliban at Baghram, no doubt already being studied by Pakistan, China, and who knows who else, for their benefit as potential adversaries in a hot conflict.

      They do not care about the ability of the US to defend its interests, as their interests do not align with the continued existence of the US, or the safety or well being of the current majority of its citizens. They hate us (i.e., YT), and want us disempowered, or maybe even dead and dusted.

      Consider these people to be what they truly are, mortal enemies, tribally-motivated in their animosity. This hatred has been assiduously cultivated, gaining in intensity and fervor for decades. Everything has been done to bring us to this moment.

      Permit this terrible thought to rip the distorting lens of civic nationalism from your eyes. With the intensified rush to “replace” citizens of European ancestry with enormous surges of other, alien tribal groups, with consequent scornful disregard for “assimilation” to the prior civilizational norms (degraded as these norms have been even among whites, too, by conscious, studied demoralization through propagandizing white youth, as well as the broader white populace, into self-loathing, and ignorance of the powerful legacy of their people), the underpinnings of the Republic if not already destroyed, are critically imperiled. Without an actual “people”, there is no nation, the “propositional nation” so favored by civic nationalist “conservatives” is a pitiful joke. In their massive numbers, these alien tribes cannot be, indeed will not even wish to be, candidates for true citizenship; they will want to carve out their little vilayet. Smaller numbers, eh, maybe, but only by dint of self-confident forced “assimilation”, and even here I have my doubts if their will to “assimilate” is being eroded through large-scale “family reunification” which dilutes incentives to put their loyalties to the Republic ahead of their original tribalist loyalties. This is not even restricted to the US; consider the same problem in Europe, where such enclaves of aliens live largely culturally disjunct from the countries that they have invaded (not too strong a word), with the exception, of course, with their exploitation of the gibsmedats on offer in these countries.

      All of a piece; Western Civilization must be crushed. Think the big picture.

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