How real are these polls?

Comment: I really don’t know the answer to my question. On the surface of the thing it looks like a rosy future for the GOP, but the numbers don’t look too good for the GOP leaders themselves.

But then, the Bidonians don’t seem to know that when you are stuck in a deep hole of your own construction, you should stop digging. pl

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  1. Fred says:

    Given the oversampling of democrats that the pollsters have been using since at least 2016 I would put the approval number at something closer to 33%; which probably reflects the actual base democratic party vote. Or at least did until the great victory in Kabul and the abandonment of our Southern border. Speaking of the later where is Kamala the Coward, isn’t she “in charge” of the border?

  2. Datil D says:

    A different ballpark but the allegations that caused Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz to resign on Saturday are related to your question.

    “Kurz and nine others are under investigation over allegations that his People’s Party used finance ministry funds to manipulate polls between 2016 and 2018, according to the BBC.”

    • Aletheia in Athens says:

      He was betrayed by The Greens…with whom he entered a coalition so imprudently.

      The Greens are the ariete to finish any remain of sovereignty in the heart of Europe. They will ruin what of valuable gets in our ocuntries, under the “climate change” alibi, will condemn us to slavery and poverty by aqeezing us at taxes.

      In some countries they go in coalition disguised as “euroleft”.

      Germany is lost if the SPD, which is full for 2030 agenda, along with all the Socialist International, froms coalition with them.

  3. Deap says:

    Too many Bidonians live inside the Beltway Bubble. They miss the brisk air of freedom that is blowing in the rest of the country.

  4. akaPatience says:

    While it’s not surprising that Rasmussen and Trafalgar (both regarded/usually dismissed as right-leaning) show Joe as being waaay down, it’s surprising that Quinnipiac has him at a 13% deficit. That only Reuters has him up (by 1%) seems to be an outlier, or maybe it’s just a desperate attempt to give the (p)Resident a phony booster shot. Like me, none of my conservative friends ever engage with pollsters.

  5. TV says:

    Polls, like everything else in the swamp, are Democrat biased, thus corrupt and dishonest.
    I stopped looking at them long ago – might as well wait for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.

  6. jerseycityjoan says:

    I don’t know where we will be for the elections next year or 2024. Biden is dropping and there is no denying that but I am not sure what will happen. Every day we lose more white Republican voters and add more 18 year olds who are not white than are white to the electorate.

    There is still a lot of unresolved unrest and dissatisfaction in the country based on issues from prior recent elections. But there are new, important things being added to the mix. One is the discontent of workers and former workers who are acting different than before the pandemic. They want more and are less willing to put up with some of the things they used to. Another thing is much higher inflation than we have seen in decades. The third is the housing crisis of mass evictions and much higher rents and home prices. I assume interest rates will start going up too.

    Between the old and new discontents and feeling overwhelmed by everything, I only feel sure we will continue to be surprised. People have higher expectations but don’t want to pay anything more in taxes.

  7. EEngineer says:

    I try to scan the full spectrum of MSM to keep up with the latest “official narrative”. It’s all gone Full Pravda. It’s not just the white kids screaming FJB & LGB in the stadiums. The kids from the hood know what time it is too. I posted a link a few threads back but it’s everywhere now. That’s the thing, most people couldn’t imagine the scale of the fuckery that’s been going on over the last 5 years or so, but once you see it you can’t un-see it. As for all those kids from the hood, white and black alike? Well, God created Arrakis to train the Faithful…

  8. Calle Jarny says:

    President Trump must be cautious. There is the possibility that much of this “polling” is designed to lure him into rhetorical & policy shifts that reduce his voting pool.

    While the President maybe inclined to view “American empire” favorably – the appeal of his initial 2016 candidacy was that he seemed to promise that its burden would be reduced & the opportunities for peace would increase.

    This is one of the few issues that appeals across ideological lines – because the public instinctively understand these escapades are an “opportunity cost” that prevent domestic investment – while benefiting foreigners and a corrupt ruling minority.

    If Biden legitimately achieved power, one key driver may have been the unsettling public feeling that President Trump was cleverly dragging the world towards a great power conflict. While the public could dismiss the “WMD” style lie justifying the strike against Syria, or interpret the assassination of Soleimani as “tit for tat”…the possibility that he could initiate such games with China or even Russia was a “bridge too far”.

    The Biden & Obama camp seem to be partially aware that the “cultural revolution” being pushed by the new ruling political/business cult induces popular revulsion (if not civil war). So they are hoping to “balance it out” by positioning Biden as a foreign policy populist – in mold of the “2016 – Candidate Trump”.

    To this end, they carry through with the Afghanistan pull-out – and don’t particularly mind the condemnations of the discredited media & thinktank class. It only adds to the illusion of Biden being some brave maverick who did what Trump only talked about.

    They also don’t mind the constant insinuations of the Biden family’s overly-friendly relationship with China. They know that the practical “pivot to Asia” moves will keep the establishment satisfied – while the insinuation allows the masses to believe Biden is a contrast to a potentially war-mongering “Trump – 2024” campaign.

    With polling, there is an issue many have not considered. As the business and political class shift towards an extremist “cultural revolution” policy – they are no longer interested in funding polling that sincerely reflects public opinion. Rather, they want to polling results that influence the direction of politics.

    It is interesting that for a while, Col. Lang was routinely complaining that Biden’s approval numbers were not dropping. Now suddenly, we see a precipitous drop that seems to have been triggered by the Afghanistan pull-out.

    If President Trump is a “news junkie” (or “mark” in wrestling terms) – he would interpret this as a signal to shift to an “out of the closet” neo-conservative foreign policy. This would set Biden up to run as the calm & restrained leader – while President Trump would be perceived as an unrestrained war-monger.

    You already see signs that President Trump is taking the bait…when he tells his rally that “General George Patton would not have left early” (an interesting line, because I vaguely recall the excellent libertarian radio host Scott Horton pointing out that Biden actually left later than was required by President Trump’s past negotiations – which potentially exacerbated the debacle).

    The danger in this shift towards a naked neo-conservative posture is that it will depress the “cross-over” libertarian, independent, and Democrat voting shift that helped propel President Trump to victory in 2016.

    He is an intelligent & clever man. But that does not mean he should underestimate the intelligence & cleverness of his opponents.

    • Pat Lang says:

      “It is interesting that for a while, Col. Lang was routinely complaining that Biden’s approval numbers were not dropping.” It is incomprehensible to me that his numbers are not much lower.

  9. Babeltuap says:

    The new free speech allys…Gab, Gettr, Bitchute, if they can monetize content and make it worthwhile there is a scenario where exposing polling and election fraud could become more profitable than getting paid to commit the fraud. Starting to see some of this now with Project Veritas. Many of the whistleblowers have their own channels or become quasi celebrities. They also do paid guest appearances on TV and rallies. It’s an interesting development.

    • Deap says:

      New twist on the old saying: No good turn goes unexploited.

    • AK says:

      A key feature in PV’s methodology is to promote crowd-funded safety nets for these whistleblowers. So far, they have been reasonably successful in mitigating the dire financial repercussions these people inevitably experience after coming forward, at least in the short term. From what I’ve seen, the general public is more than willing to splash out a couple of bucks to reward these people for sticking their necks out. Strength in numbers, if you will. The only question is whether the crowd-funding sites buckle under pressure from the Leftist machine. They have in some instances.

      The problem with this approach is that the information is still very siloed, The only people who see it are people who are already inclined to go looking for that information. I saw this with the Hunter Emails, Round 1. Many people I know had no idea about the emails before the election or after, because they are either apolitical and do not pay any attention to alternative news sources. Many more were outright hostile to the whole scandal because it challenged them as being uninformed, and they could not handle the possibility that they were lied to. There’s that old adage: It’s easier to swindle someone than convince someone that they are being swindled.

      There are still far too many people in this country who think the MSM are unbiased, and if it doesn’t get reported there, then it doesn’t matter or it isn’t true.


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