Judge Collyer should be punished for Page’s misery.


"Judge Collyer did not protect the federal judiciary, she did not protect her own courtroom, she did not protect the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act," Levin said. "For more than 2.5 years, she allowed these perpetrators to get away with what they did. And she could have brought an end to this. She could have had an evidentiary hearing or a contempt hearing if you will, and she chose not to."
"Now she's jumping on the bandwagon," Levin continued, "after the OIC report, after FBI Director Wray has announced 40 different reforms that he's going to take a look at. After I and others, including Mike Lee, have said, 'you know, we have to abolish the court.' [The court has] failed to do its job and I suspect they won't do its job."
"Only now does Judge Collyer issue her decision. Only now. Because part of the problem is Judge Collyer and any other judge" working as a FISA judge, he said. "They don't read these documents. Over a 1,000 of them were presented to the FISA courts in 2018 and only one was denied. That is almost a 100 percent approval record. Now that's absurd," Levin explained. "So Judge Collyer has some answering to do. And if Congress is serious about getting to the bottom of this, she and others need to be called before Congress in a legitimate oversight function, not to investigate her for criminal reasons, but to find out exactly what she and others did.""  pjmedia


Rosemary Collyer made a living hell of Carter Page's life.  She allowed this graduate of USNA who had been a cooperating source for the CIA AND the FBI to be used as a tool for the purpose of gaining legal authority to surveille the Trump political campaign.  The FBI in its filing documents asserted that Carter Page's contacts with Russian intelligence officers made it likely that he was himself working for Russia.  An FBI staff attorney deliberately altered a letter from the CIA that identified Page as a CIA asset working AGAINST he Russians,  The FBI lawyer altered the document and it became part of the case presented to Collyer seeking a FISA warrant against him.

And, now, having been unmasked as IMO a co-conspirator of the FBI in framing Page, Collyer has abruptly left the FISC and scuttled back to her life appointment as a district court federal judge in Washington, DC.

Having testified in Rosemary Collyer's district court several times, I remember her to be an extraordinarily pro-DoJ jurist who made every effort to accept the DoJ's position in matters before her.

IMO her conduct in the matter of the FISA warrant against Carter Page should be examined with a view to impeachment and removal.  pl




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5 Responses to Judge Collyer should be punished for Page’s misery.

  1. strateshooter says:

    I share your view but fear it is impractical.
    When you look at the attempted takedown of POTUS Trump it involved THOUSANDS of corrupt people in the DNC, CIA, State Dept, DOJ/FBI, the FISC and the Main Stream Media.
    THOUSANDS of people got behind the Podesta/Mook strategy outlined in 4Q15 to attack and destroy POTUS Trump by creating the Russia Hoax.
    And that number excludes the Ukrainian support enlisted by Chalupa and 5EYES support enlisted by the CIA.
    I am a Brit….and what I have learned deeply worries me.
    Irrespective of ones view about Mr.Trump ( though mine is generally positive,,he made his pitch and doing what he said he would do…a rarity in all politics)it seems to me that the Obama administration and its placements in the bureaucracy committed significant frauds and crimes against American democracy and its people in order to secure the election of Hilary Clinton , a notoriously corrupt politician.
    From afar though…I do not see the USA can beat back this attack when all the tools it might use to repel it are so infected and corrupt(especially your media)
    God Bless America,I wish you and all freedom loving people everywhere well.

  2. Upstate NY'er says:

    You are totally correct.
    Unfortunately the Republicrats in the swamp will never take action against another swamp creature.
    They’re all in it together.

  3. turcopolier says:

    I am afraid you are correct. I am still waiting for some indictments from Barr and Durham.

  4. Seamus Padraig says:

    I am a Brit….and what I have learned deeply worries me.

    And well it should. This is not just America’s corrupt, anti-democratic establishment; it’s now yours, too. In fact, it’s the same corrupt establishment that rules over all the West.

  5. Seamus Padraig says:

    I have the feeling we’ll be waiting for a long time.

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