Buck the Terrible


"Congressman Ken Buck (R-CO-04) joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss his new book "Capitol of Freedom: Restoring American Greatness" and how it ties into the need to look into who is financing Antifa. Buck explained that while he does not know specific donors he said they appear to have a a well-funded leadership structure. Buck says the DOJ is doing their best to find out where the funding is coming from but there needs to be cooperation between local and federal officials to fully determine where Antifa is getting their funding."



I heard this fellow being interviewed this AM on Varney & Company.  He seems quite reasonable (to me).  He is now famous for wearing a T-shirt, gifted by his son, that bore the sentiment "Kill 'em all.  God will sort 'em out."  This thought was first expressed by the papal legate in the Albigensian Crusade at the the capture of Bezier.  That is in France Escarlata.  About 7,000 men, women and children were then rendered into used people for God's perusal.

Silly man.  Nevertheless, Ken Buck has occasioned an enquiry by DoJ into the sources of funding of Antifa', BLM, and all the other bits and pieces of the Marxist scumworld that now infests the US and hopefully soon …   As Buck points out, the agitprop cadres are being transported in style from hot spot to hot spot, put up in hotels, paid a daily stipend, and supplied with fighting gear and palletized loads of bricks, frozen water bottles, commercial fireworks, wire cutters, etc.  The Buckster's questions to DoJ have to do with "agency" as people here like to call it and funding in support of sedition and revolt.

I have long postulated, based on Smilyesque reverse azimuths, that there are one or more Lefty operations rooms, manned by callow Lefty Utes that do the donkey work of devising all the different propo memes in support of the "coming revolution."  Is some of that just "a woman scorned?" Probably.  But some of the rest deals with logistics and financing.  That is what Buck the Terrible is after.

It is very important for a lot of people that the Democrats win in November.  pl 

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  1. Fred says:

    Every revolution needs an elite leadership as they don’t spring up from nowhere like Venus from the shell. I suggest a lot of NGOs are involved as fronts for funding. Given what Lois Lerner did at the IRS there are probable thousands of them flying under the radar.
    This is an example of the material staged for the Louisville riot that is likely to errupt tonight over the latest St. of BLM.

  2. In sworn testimony before the House Homeland Security Committee hearing on 17 Sep, FBI Director Wray stated “It’s not a group or an organization. It’s a movement or an ideology.” He further stated that although Antifa is real, the greater danger of violence comes from anarchist and armed militia groups.
    The Antifa groups are organized only on a local level. That is by design. The anarchists, by their very nature, are also not nationally organized and the various right wing militia groups, although organized, are not operating together under a unified national leadership.
    There’s plenty of sharing of information on social media, but that doesn’t take centralized leadership or a robust funding apparatus. For God’s sake, look at what the alt-right did with 4chan and 8chan. There was/is no centralized leadership structure there. It’s the same on the left.

  3. TV says:

    You can be an American or a Democrat, you can’t be both.

  4. Diana Croissant says:

    I have never met Ken Buck; however I’ve known much about him for a long time. He is from my home county in Colorado, the county where I now reside again. I grew up in this county. Greeley, the town where I now reside, is the county seat. It has mostly been a conservative farm community.
    I attended and graduated (valedictorian) of the high school run by the local university, which was first a “normal school” for training school teachers. During my sophomore year in college, the college, then called Colorado State College, finally became a university, the University of Northern Colorado.
    I am quite proud of this town and this county. The people here are mostly hard-working, conservative, people. Agriculture has always been central to our economy.
    I am quite happy Ken Buck is speaking out about this issue. The question of who exactly is funding the anarchy that is going on in major u.S. cities is one that needs to be answered.
    My suspicion, based on nothing but some of the events first surrounding the funding–much of it from out of the country–for the first Obama campaign–is that George Soros may be a major funder of this anarchy. The suspicion was always that he backed BHO and HRC because they wanted (as he did) a One-world government.
    The America-first attitude of Trump, I think, is the major reason Trump won. Many people like me, did not want to become part of a one-world organization. We are people who were educated in the values and principles of our founding fathers and of our Constitution.
    These riots are more than riots against the police. These are riots aimed at overthrowing our government and our way of life. Finding the source of the funding for the riots is a very important endeavor.
    If we find who is actually providing the funding and supplies for the rioters, we must prosecute. I would not mind if who3eever the funders are would be prosecuted for sedition.

  5. turcopolier says:

    I suppose you had an ROTC scholarship, but, do you have any regrets over your long service in the US Army and in the IC?

  6. TV says:

    Christopher Wray?
    The emptiest suit.
    The FBI – Famous But Incompetent.

  7. turcopolier says:

    Wray is an internal enemy of Trump. The decision to put him in charge of the FBI was just mad. For me his opinion is on a par with that of Brennan and Clapper. The Marxist street fighters may well be a movement rather than a line and block chart structure but the targeting and agitprop memes are obviously structured as is the logistical support.

  8. pl,
    None whatsoever. I pledge every broken bone, dead nerve and the myriad screams in my head to preserve our nation and her Constitution from the scourge that Trump has awoken in so many of my brothers and sisters. TV wrote about it being the choice of being an American or a Democrat. I see it as being a choice between America or Trump. Sounds like the makings of a religious war, but I also have faith that it won’t go too far beyond a lot of angty words and hurt feelings.

  9. J says:

    U-Haul Seen Distributing Shields, Potential Weapons to Louisville Rioters Rented to Holly Zoller of Soros-Connected Louisville Bail Project

  10. turcopolier says:

    What it is that you find so objectionable in the Man is a mystery to me. His personality? A triviality. What is it that he has actually done that you find so bad? What? Biden is a nasty, dishonest, machine politician who can’t possibly be an effective president. What can you prove about Trump that compares to the graft machine that obviously is the Biden family?

  11. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    Ah, so Wray gave sworn testimony? For a fellow as up to his neck in sedition as Mr. Wray appears to be, I’m not reassured by his sworn oath. After all, I rather suspect that he swore to uphold and defend the Constitution, too, and that oath appears to have been rather opportunistic, and situational; it got him positioned, and ready to play his part. What’s another oath to the serially forsworn?

  12. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    Trump triggers some people; he is not the sort of fellow, like say, Obama, who comes across as a smooth operator. No, Trump is anything but that sort. But sometimes you need a rough Illyrian to get the nation through the rough patch.

  13. Deap says:

    Just like “covid”, the more Team Soros riots, the more we learn, the more we can prevent and the more we can prepare. Louisville was ready.
    Unacceptable downside, the more police shot in the line of duty. But this now war. Urban guerrilla warfare on our streets – and the enemy eposes itself with every move.
    What did Europe know long time ago, when all businesses installed roll down metal shop front screens. One vivid memory of life in Europe – starting the day with the clank of mental screens rolling up. And the stoop getting scrubbed and swept.

  14. blue peacock says:

    Col. Lang & TTG,
    IMO, our political system is broken. We have Conman Trump vs Corrupt Dementia Joe as the two major party candidates for president. Then we have the same old Pelosi, Schumer and McConnell, McCarthy that have been in Congress for decades. Is that the best we can do? When do voters have to be held accountable for continually voting Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum and expecting a different outcome?
    Trump campaigned on Drain the Swamp in 2016. Yet he packed his administration with the Swamp. And the excuse his supporters give is that he had no choice. No agency. Wray is an excellent example of a Trump hire who undermined him throughout his tenure and threw sand in the gears of any transparency. Add in Mattis, Kelly, Tillerson, Bolton, Rosenstein, Coats. Does the buck stop at his desk?
    When it comes to backing big corporate interests however, Trump’s term is no different than Obama’s.

  15. Mathias Alexander says:

    The whole thing is obviously organised along the lines of the Maiden/Color Revolution things in The Ukraine and Belorussia, probably by the same subcontractors. Genuine protestors of one sort or another are manipulated by paid and trained cadres with back up from operation rooms and propaganda outlets. Antifa and the right wing militias may be part of the same circus, unbeknown to the rank and file.
    How does anyone think the Democrats are left wing? Would Biden’s no-fly zones and drone strikes be left wing?

  16. J says:

    Antifa Secret Funding Exposed by Project Veritas… Follow the Trail of Dark Money (VIDEO)
    Took Steyer and George Soros’s names pop up

  17. J says:

    HUGE-Former BLM leader spills the beans on who’s funding BLM and ANTIFA
    Claims young Rothschild, Clinton Foundation, and Soros funding ANTIFA

  18. Trump is a nasty, dishonest, crooked businessman who is remaking the government into an extension of his crooked business organization. For four years he has done his best to sow division and fan the flames of hatred in this country. That is his greatest failure as president. He did manage to keep the Obama economy improving at a continuous rate, but I don’t credit him with that any more than I credit Obama for the strength of the economic recovery. Economic disparity has increased under Trump. Even before the Covid-19 induced collapse, he artificially propped up the stock market by having the Federal Reserve buy private debt and stock. That seems to his only real economic focus. The debt was also ballooning before the pandemic due to his policies. His relaxation of environmental standards threaten our health along with our land and waters. Being hit with the Covid-19 pandemic is certainly not Trump’s fault, but his botched attempt at leadership is a lasting memorial to his ineffectiveness as president.

  19. Horace says:

    @Diana C.
    “We are people who were educated .. Constitution.”
    This is a problem for our post-WASP ruling class and the reason we are being replaced by people who not only don’t care about but whose culture is unremittingly hostile to “the values and principles of our founding fathers and of our Constitution.” They are doing to us EXACTLY what the Chinese communists are doing to the Tibetans.
    You may not see it yet where you live (yet), but where I live it is already a done deal. My neighbors are part of the broken remnants of a European tribe, one of many in the American nation (a federal people like the Swiss) that has existed longer than the modern French. They are good people who have tried to do right by everybody, and they are being slowly and surely destroyed.
    No one voted for this in our fake republic where the only ballot choices we have had are Republican-flavored globalist or Democrat-flavored globalist. The rise of communism is an inevitable consequence. Our ruling class, especially Democrat-flavored globalists, think they can control them. They are having some success now because our communist infection is far more of the Lev Bronstein internationalist variety where the energies of their proletarians can be directed against the local national people, hence the recent anti-white animus in leftist culture.
    I think in the long run it will morph into the nationalist-aspiration variety which is what both the Chinese and Vietnamese have. If there is not a solution to the unhappiness with consequent delegitimization caused by globalism from the right, there WILL be one from the left.

  20. Horace says:

    “…the scourge that Trump has awoken in so many of my brothers and sisters.”
    The scourge is the realization that we are in an existential civilization war with people who hate us and want us to vanish from the pages of time. Unless the evil of globalism is destroyed, the best our descendants can hope for is a kind of slavery where they are involuntarily harvested for resources to both fund the lifestyles of the internationalist aristocracy and to subsidize their own replacement by unending open immigration of rootless foreigners.
    There is no multicultural pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The genomics revolution has utterly demolished the blank slate theory. The different peoples of the world have different preferences for how to organize themselves socially, politically, and economically that are deeply rooted in our varying biology. There is no one size fits all system for happily living together inside the same polity.
    Living together inside the same polity unhappily is called ‘authoritarian empire’ and would require the dismantling of our European constitutional framework of governance, a process which not coincidently is well underway. Diversity is only a strength to the globalist oligarch seeking to import the divide for divide and rule.

  21. David Habakkuk says:

    I have not looked at the evidence closely enough to have a considered view as to whether Congressman Buck is right.
    However, I am rather familiar with the evidence relating to the conspiracy against the Constitution, in which people at the top of the FBI have been collaborating with long-term associates such as Christopher Steele on our side – I am ashamed to say.
    Among a mass of material on the collusion of the current director of the organisation with the conspirators, a piece by John Solomon from July last year, headlined ‘Chris Wray’s FBI continues to cover for Team Comey’s Russia shenigans’, is helpful.
    (See https://thehill.com/opinion/white-house/455228-chris-wrays-fbi-continues-to-cover-for-team-comeys-russia-shenanigans
    Frankly, anyone who treats ‘sworn testimony’ from any senior official in the current FBI as reliable has to be under suspicion of being naive, duplicitous, or both.
    At least there is one thing on you and I can agree – that this ‘sounds like the making of a religious war.’
    If however you ‘also have faith that it won’t go too far beyond a lot of angry words and hurt feelings’, then all I can say that seem to me to provide a classic exemplification of a naivety very common among ‘liberal’ élites, on both sides of the Atlantic.
    It seems to me extremely ill-advised to suggest that it is impossible to be both an American and a Democrat; but as if not more so, in current circumstances, to say that this election is ‘a choice between America and Trump.’
    What both statements do, in effect, is declare the other side ‘enemies of the people.’
    If you are confident, in a situation where there is every reason to believe that Trump has been the target of a conspiracy coordinated between representatives of the ‘Deep State’, on both sides of the Atlantic, the eventual outcome of his defeat will be nothing worse than ‘angry words and hurt feelings’, I think you live in ‘cloud-cuckooland.’
    I also very much wish that Congressman Buck had not seen fit to wear a T-shirt, with one of the classic expressions of what people easily end up feeling, in the midst of religious wars.
    If however, in some skirmish in a second American Civil War, you find yourself coming up against some irregulars wearing just that kind of T-shirt, who regard you as a fit object for the treatment it recommends, a goodly part of the blame will lie with you and your like.

  22. Jimmy_W says:

    Basically there are 2 theories of American-ness:
    1. Melting-Pot, where people of all races and creeds can come together and join the American Way-of-Life ™, adopt and join the American Culture. Civic Nationalism, in other words.
    2. Diversity ™, where The American Way-of-Life ™ is really the WASP Culture. And the other ethnicities cannot fully assimilate, for whatever reason (basically genetic). So there is no more American Culture, no more American. No more assimilation.
    Trump is on the Melting-Pot side, and all Democrats on the Diversity side ideologically [along with white supremacists, ironically]. America is blessed with no natural foreign enemies (kind of). So a decoherence and falling-apart of America is not automatically a catastrophe.

  23. turcopolier says:

    Horace I visited my Chinese immigrant doctor yesterday to see if I am still in operating condition. Having escaped from communist China he fervently hopes for a Trump victory as does his
    Chinese wife who is his receptionist. “to vanish from the pages of time” On the way to the docs office I passed the street corner at which the statue called Appomattox stood for 130 years commemorating Alexandria’s Confederate dead. It is gone and any sign of it ever having existed has been erased.

  24. turcopolier says:

    Thanks for a clear response. So far as I know you have never had a full time post undergraduate job in the civilian world of business. Government consulting does not count as such. Trump is simply typical of his kind of entrepreneurial buccaneer. I have known many and he is far from the worst. At the same time you favor Biden who, like you, and Kamala has never had a non-government connected job from the real world where resources are not free and life is a dog eat dog process. i.e., I love you until the deal falls through and then … Biden is a crook as are his whole family. Trump is the “lesser of two weevils.”

  25. Leith says:

    Diana Croissant – Congressman Buck is not from Weld County and not even from Colorado. He was born and bred in Westchester County New York, and he got his Ivy League education at Princeton.
    TV – I’m a former Republican and a former independent. But am now a proud Democrat and I am just as much American as you or Trump or Colonel Lang. I’m 77 years young but would still defend her against all enemies.

  26. turcopolier says:

    And I let you comment here? Will wonders never cease? You are sure that you are not George Soros in disguise? Well, well.

  27. Fred says:

    “The Antifa groups are organized only on a local level. That is by design.”
    How do you know those two alleged facts?
    “For God’s sake, look at what the alt-right did with 4chan and 8chan.”
    Just what did they do TTG, post memes? Hurt feelings with bad speech? Corrupt the youth of the Republic?

  28. EEngineer says:

    PL, I have no doubt that the intelligence agencies of your generation would have been all over this and seen it coming for miles to boot. You made a comment about a year ago about the Clinton generation denigrating the HUMINT community in favor of SIGINT. Was this the means by which it was essentially disbanded or compromised over the intervening two decades? If there are elements within the IC that are shielding this uprising, or at least blinding the administration or the rest of the IC from detecting its roots, then nothing short of a brutal purge will be sufficient to remove the infestation. The question then becomes, who remains that could make the list and physically round up seditious.

  29. ancientarcher says:

    From what I know of the American security establishment, I can’t believe that the NSA and FBI don’t already know exactly where the money for the rioters is coming from, who the leaders are and what to do. Bank accounts and money flows have been under strict supervision for decades now, at least within the US. The security establishment know – they just let it continue like this, maybe they are all democrats and in hock to Soros/Steyer. It’s strange how the funders of riots and revolutions (thin line really) all turn out to be jews – be it the Russian revolution in 1917, the attempted communist takeover in Germany shortly after that or now in the United States.
    Anyone who lets the rioting continue is a traitor to the nation. No two ways about it.
    On a side note, the Cathar crusade and the subsequent burning at the stake of the gnostics is no laughing matter. Led by pope Innocent who incentivised the army with titles to cathar land. Thousands of people not just indiscriminately killed but all of them burnt at the stake – the most excruciating death imaginable. The Catholics surely showed who they worship – the burnt flesh of their spiritual enemies as a sacrificial offering perhaps? and not for the first or last time either – they just enjoy burning people alive

  30. Deap says:

    44 million Americans are government card-carrying union members. Thier jobs, livelihood and future existentially depend on their continued government employment.
    That is your division in America today – and they are 99% Democrat. There is no greater divide in America today than between the makers and the takers. Biden represents the takers. Trump represents the makers. Which way this country’s future does go, hangs in balance with this election.
    There is diversity among the makers and there is diversity among the takers. Divesity is not what divides us. The melting pot is represented among the makers and among the takers. This does not divide us.
    Direct dependency on government or indirect dependency on government is what divides. Does more government help us or hurt us – that answer divides us.
    We are far more a diverse and melting pot country than may be asserted. But we are divided over what role the government can or should play in our lives, and whose money gets spent carrying this out. Pocket book issues separate us – the makers and the takers.

  31. turcopolier says:

    I agree with your opinion that the IC already knows how and by whom the marxist rebels are supplied and funded. But they do not have “agency” in the matter and Trump is waiting for the election before doing rough things.

  32. Harper says:

    There is a clear history of funding of terrorist left groups via the establishment liberals. Italian Red Brigades were backed by well-known university professor Tony Negri, who ultimately went to jail for being a major recruiter/advisor to the terrorists. Remember kidnapping and murder of former Premier Aldo Moro and NATO General Dosier.
    Look at the late 1990s riots at Seattle during G-20 meeting, which were heavily funded/supported by Teddy Goldsmith, funder of UK Green Party. They set up “non-violent” training camps which prepared the violence. Then as now, protesters were flown around the world to be the provocateurs. After Seattle, same dynamic in Genoa at another international conference.
    Guarantee there is continuity of the liberal support apparatus. Soros is the most well-known name but there are many others. Not hard to map the network. May be above the FBI’s pay grade, but it can and should be thoroughly mapped out. Shut off the cash flow and the enthusiasm of the “revolutionaries” is greatly reduced.

  33. ancientarcher says:

    In that case, what happens if Trump loses. Is he so sure of his victory that he can hold off incarcerating the funders of riots? Or does he think that the riots will help him win the election?
    If he loses, the funders of the same rioters terrorising the streets of America will hold the reins of government.
    God help us all if that comes to pass!
    Look at the lead picture and the person sitting to the right of the stairs. This is from 2007.

  34. Leith says:

    Col Lang –
    It would be nice to have Soros’ money, but alas I live on a military pension and social security. Not complaining as I am luckier than most.
    And thanks for not booting me off.
    Regarding Congressman Buck’s T-shirt, I am not offended by the sentiment printed on it like some in the media. We jarheads said the same thing 50-plus years ago. But he has never served a day in the military so has no standing to wear a shirt that shows a Special Forces insignia.

  35. turcopolier says:

    A US Marine. OK, but a US Marine with little sense of humor.

  36. Deap says:

    If Trump loses, it is going to be one heck of a ride with the gloves off until the Biden official embalming ceremony. Hope Trump has a lot of fun on that last swan song ride, because he still holds a powerful office.
    Dems have kept him in a straight jacket for most of it with their absurd machinations. Time to pardon Julian Assange and let Team Biden clean up the mess. And release any other classified documents that are still secreted away.
    God love him. Trump has broken the mold, at just the right stultifying time to renew our nation. Don’t think the “run fast and break things” motto just applies to FaceBook.

  37. pl,
    No, I never did work full time in the Business realm. The closest I got was with a small group shortly after I retired from DIA. We were in negotiations with Deutsche Bank for an IT security contract in their NYC operations. My strongest contribution was in the HUMINT field. During the negotiations, I advised my friends to walk away from this potentially lucrative venture. I assessed the DB types to be soulless sharks who would quickly leave us holding the bag if anything went bad. I sensed this was DB’s plan from the beginning. We were far too small to protect ourselves in this world. Given what we know about DB now, it was my first, last and best business decision. Since then, my friend has made quite a name for himself in AI with several companies under his belt.
    I did spend 7+ years in continuous cover as an IT business owner. I engaged with local small business owners on a near daily basis. These were mostly struggling start ups. I admired their agility and vulnerability in their quest for profit. I also negotiated with regional, national and international data center and service providers. They were tough, profit driven, but would strictly adhere to the terms of any formal agreement or even a personal promise. It was clearly not what I see in Trump or any in the business world you describe. It must be the nature of this particular industry.
    I wasn’t aware that the Appomattox pedestal was removed this summer. Do you know if the nearby bronze plaque still remains? Are you aware of the UDC’s plans for that monument? Perhaps it will eventually stand closer to Appomattox itself.
    We are obviously backing different weevils in this race. I still see my choice as the less dangerous by far of the two. With another four years, I fear Trump could do real damage to our constitutional republic. I doubt our people want another civil war, but they can be goaded into one.

  38. turcopolier says:

    Thanks for the information.

  39. ked says:

    Trump’s frequent, casual endorsement of domestic political violence in his campaigning is enough for me to count him the greater of evils.
    Lest we forget, the trend in the “democratization” of civil warfare in modern times is that combatants suffer the least losses, while innocent civilians (aka collateral damage) suffer the greatest. I’m not sure those aching for armed conflict are processing that… though with God on your side, I suppose it doesn’t matter. The Law of Unintended Consequences is a hard one to beat… there are no judges.

  40. turcopolier says:

    “combatants suffer the least losses, while innocent civilians (aka collateral damage) suffer the greatest.” I doubt that except as civilians are subjected to the barbarity of strategic bombing.

  41. English Outsider says:

    David Habakkuk – I hope the query’s not out of place here but were other European countries, in particular the Dutch, also likely to have been involved in the attempt to bring down Trump?

  42. fakebot says:

    Could have something to do with groups like this:
    This group was led in part by Bill Ayers (the former Weatherman Underground terrorist with ties to Obama).

    Protestors carrying signs reading “NOV 4 IT BEGINS” blocked traffic on U.S. Route 101, near Alameda Street in Los Angeles, on September 26, 2017.[10] The road blockade and the planned protests became the subject of a conspiracy theory alleging that anti-fascist groups were planning to foment a civil war in the United States.[11][12][13][14][15] In an article posted on September 29, 2017, Refuse Fascism claimed[16] that “[E]very branch of government has been taken over by fascists, and their base has been mobilized to enforce their ideology on the streets. White supremacists. Christian theocrats. Violent misogynists…” and called for the November 4, 2017 protests to “grow day after day and night after night—thousands becoming hundreds of thousands, and then millions—determined to act to put a stop to the grave danger that the Trump/Pence Regime poses to the world by demanding that this whole regime be removed from power.”

  43. Eric Newhill says:

    Where has Trump endorsed domestic political violence? Where?
    OTOH, that is just about all the Left is doing (if we don’t get our way, burn it down!). Where has Biden denounced any of that? Harris has offered support of it.

  44. ked says:

    Col, Thx for publishing my post.
    I do dn’t realize it spoke w/ one voice… very non-leftist, & something I’ve never seen (esp when it comes to violence) in the course of my eight decades.
    as to Trump’s advocacy (he incites more so than commands… so far) of casual & increasingly not-so-casual violence:
    Biden rejecting civil violence:
    listening closely to his pep rally rhetoric, there’s enough dog-whistling to unleash packs of disturbed folk bent upon destruction.
    have a nice (if rainy) weekend,

  45. optimax says:

    Conserning your first link concerning Trump inciting violence, he said, … that the bodyguards assigned to his rival Hillary Clinton should “disarm immediately” and “see what happens. What he is pointing out is Hillary’s gun control measures endanger average Americans. I think that’s a good point.
    Concerning Trump finding it “beautiful” that a reporter whines about getting hit in the knee with a rubber bullet. That’s what happens when you mingle with violent rioters. As far as I’m concerned this rioting is a result of the classical conditioning by the media, along with cultural Marxism’s indoctrination of at least 2 generations, promoting violent revolution. The news shows clips of police shooting Black over and over. I counted one newscast showing Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck five times in one half hour segment, and it always emphasizing “Whites” killing “Blacks”. Then the news associates these rare instances of police violence against Blacks as systemic White supremecist murders common to policing. Rarely does the national news report on the much more numerous occasions of Black on White violence, much of it on video and reported on local news, and if they do it’s not endlessly repeated. The media is a great recruitment tool for anti-police anger. Instead of dog’s trained to salivate at the bell we get protesters and rioters conditioned to react with anger and violent action, or, at the least, sympathy for a media created cause.

  46. smoke says:

    TTG –
    Congrats on recognizing the landmine in Deutsche Bank’s contract offer.
    As for Trump’s biz practices, making no excuse, it has occurred to me that he is creature of the world that formed him. My view of the world of NYC R.E. development was formed in mid-80s, when I was attending school and working there. One episode stands out, though I cannot recall names or precise location now.
    A developer had acquired a midtown Manhattan property, on which he planned to erect a modern hi-rise. Standing in his way was the old building on the property, which enjoyed protection through historic designation.
    Having acquired the property, the developer went to court to challenge the historic designation. The neighborhood fought back, and his legal case was failing.
    Then one morning, Manhattan awoke to find that the old building had been demolished overnight. The developer found a demolition firm willing to do the work, despite the prohibition. At suitable cost, no doubt. The developer paid his fine to the city, which must have been negligible compared to the profits to be realized from the new building. Who knows what palms were greased? No matter the number of king’s horses, Humpty could not be rebuilt, and the new building was soon underway.
    Raising development capital is another trick, involving salesmanship, likely a few mirrors and, on occasion, funds in need of a clean up.
    NYC real estate development is not an undertaking for the faint of heart nor those with too literal a regard for law.

  47. Richard Ong says:

    @Leith, as a proud Democrat you seem blind to the fact that it’s Democrat cities and states that allow free rein to AntiFa and BLM. Those people are enabling murder, arson, assault, vandalism and looting by their studied passivity toward and encouragement of leftist street thugs. Do you see that they are enemies of our constitutional order? Or would you vote for them as a proud Democrat?

  48. Richard Ong says:

    The passivity of virtually all government regarding this insurrection is maddening. Anonymity is key to the survival of the marxist thugs but NO ONE is spearheading enactment of anti-nasking laws and the police act like they’re helpless to identify transportation, assembly points, or communication nodes that offer opportunities for surveillance and identification. Each “performance” springs onto the stage with officialdom in full Mr. Magoo mode about actors, set designers and financial angels. What good are these “fusion centers” if they can’t marshall vaunted state surveillance, decryption, and big data crunching tools? Or do those only ferret out the occasional Lavoy?
    It’s the same with Trump with his “ain’t it awful” attitude toward obvious mail ballot irregularities not to mention his insubordinate appointees and the rolling coup d’etat against him.
    Then there’s the obtuseness and misanalysis of Trumpian proportions. The KKK, militias, and “anarchists” are NOT part of the problem and everyone at Charlottesville was NOT good people. The Russians are not our enemies and Syria is not a threat to our way of life.
    It’s really a cosmic joke that at this critical point the leaders of the two contending factions are so mentally and intellectually underpowered.

  49. ked says:

    Optimax… great rationalization for direct endorsement of violence aimed at civilians by a President. Throwing in “the media” is a double edged sword, considering Trump’s use of that hackneyed excuse in order to amplify his dog-whistling about violence against those his followers hate.
    As to civilian casualties during civil strife, one can debate the percentages but not the phenomenon. If an active armed participant’s life is deemed worthy of honor, why not thousands of bystanders?
    I am surprised people avert the eyes from the purposeful incitement of rage by Trump’s campaign. Such rage does not go unrequited & there is no excuse to pretend Trump has nothing to do with it.

  50. turcopolier says:

    Richard Ong
    Trump did not say that all those at the Charlottesville melee were good people.

  51. Fred says:

    Richard Ong,
    Try viewing the unedited video of Trump’s remarks on Charlottesville rather than the edited version.

  52. optimax says:

    Ked, you write:
    “As to civilian casualties during civil strife, one can debate the percentages but not the phenomenon. If an active armed participant’s life is deemed worthy of honor, why not thousands of bystanders?”
    Your first sentence agrees with my point that civilian casualties during civil strife by police are a phenomenon; by definition an extremely rare occurrence. In Portland the peaceful rioters injury many more police than police injure rioters. Just the other night of rioting a couple of civilians tried to fry some cops by throwing Molotov cocktails into their formation. I don’t consider the peaceful protesters innocent of intent to destroy and cause harm in that they are shields for the violent actors in the crowd.
    Trump does stretch the bounds of civil discourse but if he means to incite violence, he is not succeeding. The violence I see comes from the left and not the right. Just look at who is burning buildings, beating bystanders, pulling drivers from their cars, shining lasers into cops eyes and throwing hard objects at them. Who is encouraging chaos with their silence, misdirection and even encouragement? It ain’t the right. It ain’t even Trump.
    I don’t even know what your second sentence means unless you are referring to WW11

  53. Artemesia says:

    On Aug. 15, 2017 Charlottesville veteran radio broadcaster Joe Thomas was interviewed on C Span https://www.c-span.org/video/?432556-3/charlottesville-radio-host-discusses-aftermath-white-nationalist-protests-violence
    He said,

    “The first thing I want to point out is that I think the President was correct in saying all violence in any shape or form, any of this mob rule mentality has to be called out for what it is and has to be stopped in its tracks. If it doesn’t we will get further down the rabbit hole. The fact that he didn’t pick out one specific group — supposing he just picked out the Black Lives Matter groups that were protesting on the other side, equally violent. I was there for four hours getting pepper sprayed by both groups. There was plenty of violence to go around. “

    Thomas claimed that the Black-White confrontation that seemed to take place is not reflective of sentiment of Charlottesville natives but evolved from a shooting in South Carolina, where the shooter was associated with Confederate symbols. Thomas said,

    “After that, one of our city councilors said, Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get rid of all these Confederate symbols.”

    Before that, most Charlottesville residents were opposed to removing the statue of Robert E Lee.
    He informed the audience that to the extent tensions exist in Charlottesville, it involves issues of the poor vs those better off, and that he is among those in Charlottesville who are part of citizen groups trying to resolve those issues peacefully.
    ADL played a major role in provoking the comparatively little violence that occurred. (That is, compared to the length and spread of current BLM protests, the millions of dollars in destruction caused, and the actual targeting of police including burning police facilities, Charlottesville experienced “comparatively little violence.” The woman who died was not the victim of an intentional attack; moreover, the person who is said to have caused her death was charged, tried, convicted and sentenced to 400 years in prison.)
    Based on comments from a Jewish organization of New York City lawyers that has formed an ADL-seeded 501c3 to prosecute in civil court several of the Unite the Right organizers,
    the focus of outrage — the issue that keeps Charlottesville in the spotlight — has less to do with Blacks, nothing to do with Robert E Lee, nothing to do with the conditions and needs of the poor in Charlottesville, but everything to do with Jewish identarian sensitivities that slaps the label “Nazi” on any activity that offends Jewish people.
    I find this practice highly offensive, not to mention historically inaccurate. Seventy-five years after the event, it’s time to stop demonizing a defeated adversary: we don’t do the same with Vietnamese or Japanese.
    To paraphrase Trump’s statement, “all vilification of the Other as “Nazi”, in any shape or form, any of this mob rule hate mentality has to be called out for what it is and has to be stopped in its tracks. If it doesn’t we will get further down the rabbit hole.”
    That we have descended down the rabbit hole was crystallized in comments by TX Rep. Dan Crenshaw on the House floor in June 2019 when he said:

    “When you call someone a Nazi you can say that they are inciting violence. There is a common thread in this country that they are bad and evil and should be destroyed. When you’re operating off that premise and it is a good premise to operate on, what you are implying is that it is okay to use violence against them. When one of the most powerful social media companies in the world labels people as Nazi you can make the argument that it is wholly irresponsible and it doesn’t stop there.
    @ 1:32 https://www.c-span.org/video/?462052-1/social-media-content-monitoring

  54. Jim says:

    On the topic of “civil discourse”, here’s a fully tenured Stanford school of law professor, Potty Mouth Michele Dauber taking the liberty to be incoherent.
    I don’t see how what she says is any less “uncivil” as it were than commander in chief.
    Dauber is commenting — making up quotes as she goes along — of a Harvard man, the law professor who made a fool of himself during Impeachment Gate, Noah Feldman.
    She is doing an Adam Schiff on Feldman, as it were.
    Below is link to the Twitter feed. [I read Feldman’s essay in Bloomberg earlier today; that is what Ms. Dauber is referencing, to which she is making up quotes about what Feldman wrote.]
    Here is one snippet, example of Dauber Tweet: [[Noah Feldman: “I am stupid and get women to do my homework for me. Yet because of my white penis I had a job I apparently admit I did not deserve.”]]
    The tenured Stanford law prof also refers to the Harvard man as — [[worthless shitty white man]]]
    [The following content is rated R, for Raunchy (or resistance)]
    Be that as it may, this is part of what and who are leading charge against the supreme court nominee.

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