What is wrong with Trump?


"The U.S. is trying to sabotage the ongoing talks between Kurdish-forces and the Damascus government, Rezan Hido, a Kurdish politician and a former media consult of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) revealed in an interview with RIA Novosti on January 12.

According to Hido, Washington’s Special Representative for Syria, James Jeffrey, delivered several messages to the leadership of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) demanding them to slow down the negotiations with Damascus and promising to discuss the idea of establishing a no-fly zone over northeastern Syria.

The Kurdish political described Jeffery’s messages as “disturbing” and called on the Kurdish leadership to deal with them in careful manner.

Furthermore, Hido stressed that the SDF should take a decision on the talks with the Damascus government as soon as possible and regretted that some Kurdish officials are still pinning their hopes on a possible change in the U.S. decision to withdraw from Syria.

“Talks with the Syrian government are still ongoing in a positive atmosphere,” RT quoted Hido as saying.

Jeffrey made a visit to Turkey recently, where he tried to strike a deal with Ankara over northeastern Syria. However, Turkey’s plans to attack US-backed Kurdish forces and invade the region hindered his efforts.

It appears to be that the SDF’s only real option is the deal with Damascus as any U.S. solution would likely involve Turkey, which has demonstrated its agressive attitude towards Syrian Kurdish groups during its operation in Afrin in 2018."  SF


The struggle between the neocons and Trump over control of foreign policy has become ridiculous.  One must remember that he can dismiss them all with the stroke of a pen, just he can dismiss his non civil service tormentors in the justice department and the FBI.  Bolton has tried to countermand Trump's decision in Syria.  His attempt and that of Jeffrey were rebuked in Ankara and DoD then announced an immediate commencement of the withdrawal.  What could that have been other than a renewed presidential order to the Defense Department?  And yet the unholy trio of Pompeo (first in the hearts of his USMA class), Jeffrey, a career neocon hack at State, and Bolton (the mustachioed menace) are still in their jobs?  Say what?

And then there is the Great Southern Border Crisis.  The Democrats have repeatedly voted for a great deal of money for barrier systems on the border.  Chancy (Chuck and Nancy) were in the lead in such votes over the years.  Now Nancy (who may not remember her votes) is denying Trump "a single dollar" for border barriers.  BTW, any soldier will tell you that the purpose of barriers IS NOT to stop all movement.  No, it is to slow up movement and canalize it so that Quick Reaction Forces (QRF) can get there first with the most.  To say that barriers are ineffective is dishonest.  By now Trump knows that he can declare a national emergency and fund the barriers after however much litigation the Dems can arrange.  There is ample money available for the purpose.  So, why does he not do it?

On Smerconish's show today, Bob Baer, spy extraordinaire, (read his books) asserted that the various bits and pieces of circumstantial "evidence" about Trump's contacts with and attitude toward Russia, as well as those of his flunkies and relatives amount to a "good enough" case for Trump being a Russian agent of influence.  That is how a HUMINT spook judges such things.  It is a matter of probabilities, not hard evidence.  Assets of an alien government are not always witting (understanding) of their status from the POV of the foreign government, but that does not necessarily make other than agents.  Sometimes they think they are merely cooperating in a good and normal way when, in fact, the relationship is much deeper.  Jane Fonda in North Vietnam would be an example. 

OTOH the president is responsible for the conduct of US foreign policy and is not under an obligation to accept the perhaps hackneyed views of his subordinates.  Perhaps his world view is quite different and he is not mesmerized by the group think of the Borg.  If that is so …

But, how does one explain his lack of action on the border?  Does someone or some thing in Russia, Israel, the UK, his former business associates, have something really juicy on Trump, something that he fears to unleash through decisive action?  pl


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