“Mark Steyn Interviews Sidney Powell on Rush Limbaugh Show…” CTH

"Filling in for Rush Limbaugh, the brilliant Mark Steyn interviews the indefatigable Sidney Powell about currently known election fraud."



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  1. LondonBob says:

    I agree with Robert Barnes, the Dominion stuff distracts from the main fraud of ballot stuffing and ballot harvesting. He views it as a deliberate distraction. Signature matching should be the focus and will be sufficient to flips most of the states needed, and PA and MI the legislature can just send there own electors if they vote to do so.

  2. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    No, all angles should be pursued, and the Dominion/Smartmatic angle should be addressed.
    And what is to stop the states with massive paper ballot fraud from destroying the evidence, particularly when they are rushing to “certify” the result. If they are under no judicial restraints to retain these materials – and the combination of Lawfare fighting this, coupled with dismissals of these orders by left-partisan judges is an effort to stop this from happening – they will move with dispatch to shred them. And then they will just stand there smirking at you, heckling those who have been deprived of an evidentiary trail.
    These people are engaged upon serious crimes, and destruction of this evidence works to their advantage, both ideological and personal. I saw one video online posted by two women monitoring a “vote counting” center that recorded a visit from a commercial document shredding truck carting off dumpster loads of what these women maintained were ballots. Maybe yes, maybe no; but we’ll never find out now, will we?
    Diversify the challenges. There is plenty of smoke surrounding the computer voting tabulation process, enough to push it hard as one angle of attack.

  3. Deap says:

    Easy to deal with Dominion, etc. Back to only one election day to cast ballots and only paper ballots. Only limited need-based exceptions. Just like the rest of Europe also painfully learned.

  4. Buckeylad says:

    I find it extremely unlikely that someone of Sidney Powell’s legal intellect and experience would pursue a “distraction.” I have to agree with JJ. I’m also sure that Sidney Powell knows what she is up against. Here’s a very brief synopsis of her book, “Licensed to Lie.”

  5. Christian J. Chuba says:

    Now that I’ve heard more of Powell’s allegations, Dominion’s response makes more sense to me now DOMINION VOTING SYSTEMS CATEGORICALLY DENIES FALSE ASSERTIONS ABOUT VOTE SWITCHING
    While their statements are not under oath, I would think that very specific and untrue public statements would be harmful in court. I would not dismiss them out of hand.
    Mark Steyn briefly mentioned that in Canada, Dominion just prints out a paper which is electronically scanned leaving a paper ballot for auditing and recounts. This is exactly what happened in the Georgia re-count and it verified the integrity of the system.
    Both Georgia and PA ballots are paper based
    Judge orders Georgia to switch to paper ballots for 2020 elections

    All Pennsylvania Counties Select New Voting Systems

    “County officials … providing new voting systems with a paper trail so voters can verify their choices before casting their ballot and officials can conduct meaningful post-election audits,”

  6. Fred says:

    Looks like the Kraken’s tenticles are closing in on some election fraud:
    4339 Hartley Bridge Rd, Macon, GA 31216 is not an apartment complex.
    One wonders why all those ballots got sent there. As an anecdote a friend of mine lives in Manatee County, Fl and recieved his absontee ballot there. Someone requested one be to his business address which is in Sarasota County, where he doesn’t reside nor is registered to vote. I’m sure he wasn’t alone.

  7. Barney M Spratt says:

    Sidney Powell’s website mentioned in the video has great info on how to take action with a pre-written script of how to call, email, and mail your state representatives in the swing states, how to find out who to contact, emails, addresses, etc.

  8. Fred says:

    Christian J. Chuba,
    “…it verified the integrity of the system.”
    It did no such thing, it simply counted both valid and invalid ballots and did nothing to determine whether any ballots were invalidly cast, or if valid ballots had originally been cast and not counted. That’s just the starting point. You’ll enjoy the lawsuit that’s coming.

  9. LondonBob says:

    By all means investigate the machines but you don’t want to be prattling on about Serbia or ‘Communist’ China as your argument in either court, or the court of public opinion. Irregularities will come up in any audit, and any mechanical changes such as deleting votes can be shown from the data feed, CIA hacking stations in Frankfurt won’t ever see the light of day, whether it is true or not. Bogus ballots is plenty enough.

  10. smoke says:

    There is no doubt that running elections and counting votes on computer-based data systems lends itself to invisible or nearly invisible tinkering with outcomes.
    However, in this interview, Powell seems to conflate the perenially afflicted and challenged Dominion systems with Smartmatic, the company founded and mostly owned by a couple Venezuelans. Or maybe she is just oversimplifying the geneology of the various voting system companies, which is provided in a very recent post, with apparent connections to Steve Bannon and Miles Guo.
    The Burning Platform’s long account. This site does not load readily on my laptop.
    It is a tangled web, driven partly by government actions on both antitrust and foreign protection. It is, also, the “hide the ownership” game played by so many corporate owners today.
    Smartmatic acquired US-based Sequoia in 2005. In 2007 it was forced to divest, by order of the Committe on Foreign Investments, selling Sequoia to a murky group SVS (which was at least partly owned by murkier Sequoia Holdings), with a loan from Smartmatic for $2M. Eventually, in 2010, Canada-based Dominion Voting Systems acquired Sequoia Voting.
    Also in 2010, Dominion acquired Premier Election Solutions (the former Diebold) from Omaha-based ES&S. ES&S had bought Premier from Diebold in 2008, but a 2010 US antitrust suit forced it to sell.
    So in 2010, both Diebold systems and Sequoia, the Smartmatic entrant in the US market, landed at Dominion of Canada.
    In 2014 the Londoners with Mark Malloch Brown get involved with Smartmatic, the same year that some arm of Sequoia declares bankruptcy. With Smartmatics founder, CEO, and COO, they launched a holding company, SGO Corp, whose chief asset was Smartmatic.
    Smartmatic equipment was used in LA County in 2020. It may not be in use elsewhere in the US. It is less clear whether Smartmatic software continues to be used in Seqoia systems now owned and operated by Dominion. Surely Smartmatic sold software with the company, when it sold Sequoia. Smartmatic, on their own website, asserts that their software is not being used by any other voting system company.
    Those are the bare outlines of these voting systems providers, as best I could track through the web. Many more offshoots, relatives, and complications are found at other sites and Wikipedia.
    A group criticising S.Carolina’s recent purchase of ES&S equipment passed judgement on the whole voting systems industry.

    Since mainstream technology companies have largely decided not to compete for the government contracts, and most counties shy away from creating voting technology in-house, if you’re a county looking to buy, all you’ve got are “new crappy things to replace flaky, old crappy things, and it’s the same vendor,” Wallach said. “The market for voting equipment is dysfunctional.”

    Critique of SC’s ES&S machines. https://www.thestate.com/news/politics-government/election/article246806162.html

  11. Deap says:

    “Covid” porn required mail-in ballot in the US.

  12. Fred says:

    There’s nothing conflated. In 2015 Smartmatic Chairman Lord Mark Malloch Brown told a Filipino news station that Smartmatic uses Dominion owned software.
    That information was posted here previously with the reference to the Gateway Pundit website as the linking source.

  13. Christian J. Chuba says:

    Fred @24 November 2020 at 09:48 PM, I was not referring to the totality of all fraud allegations just the issue of Dominion’s voting system.
    The Georgia recount validated that the votes cast matched the votes counted in both quantity and mark. There was no electronic deletion or vote switching as Sydney Powell claims was rampant in the Dominion systems.
    Both PA and GA voting stations produce paper ballots that the voter sees before they are secured. The paper ballots matched the electronic tabulation.
    If both the paper ballots and electronic votes were changed in tandem, that would require a conspiracy involving both Dominion and local poll workers. Sydney Powell claimed that as votes came in that Dominion employees were able to able to do this remotely on the fly.
    Was there other types of fraud??? I have no idea. I was just addressing the Dominion claims.

  14. smoke says:

    @ Fred Nov25 3:36
    So it is the other way round: Smartmatic licenses some software from Dominion, or did in 2015. I wonder how that transaction was structured in 2010, when Sequoia was sold to Dominion? Did Smartmatic transfer some patent ownership to Dominion, with a right for Smartmatic to continue to use it? One would assume Dominion trashed the ever-glitchy, suspect Diebold software, but maybe there was something in it worth saving?
    Today the Chairman of Board of Smartmatic is listed as Peter Neffenger. There were references in 2014 to Malloch Brown as Chairman of SGO Corp Ltd or “Chairman of Smartmatic”, the latter of which may have been a holding company, which either changed its name or merged into SGO Ltd in 2014. (Filings for name change appear online.)
    Today Malloch Brown is listed simply as a director of SGO Ltd. Not to be confused with a further holding company, SGO N.V. of Curacao. Endless nesting dolls.

  15. Fred says:

    You are now moving the goal posts by saying the system you were referring to was just Dominion’s software. That’s pretty sad.

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