“… 47 old drugs that might treat the coronavirus…” The Conversation


"The more researchers know about how the coronavirus attaches, invades and hijacks human cells, the more effective the search for drugs to fight it. That was the idea my colleagues and I hoped to be true when we began building a map of the coronavirus two months ago. The map shows all of the coronavirus proteins and all of the proteins found in the human body that those viral proteins could interact with.

In theory, any intersection on the map between viral and human proteins is a place where drugs could fight the coronavirus. But instead of trying to develop new drugs to work on these points of interaction, we turned to the more than 2,000 unique drugs already approved by the FDA for human use. We believed that somewhere on this long list would be a few drugs or compounds that interact with the very same human proteins as the coronavirus.

We were right."  The Conversation


Having seen quite a few drugs re-purposed in the field by Special Forces medical sergeants, I was fairly sure that there must be existing medications that can be re-purposed to help defeat the COVID-19 virus.  I wuz right.   I realize that I am unlikely to receive a lot of Christmas cards from epidemiologists.  pl


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  1. walrus says:

    I agree with you. “Flamizine” -a burns ointment, worked wonders for the skin of my 90 year old Mom. Me? I follow the army system – a bandaid for constipation and aspirin for anything else.

  2. pl,
    Why would epidemiologists be pissed at you? Aren’t they the ones doing this research? This seems to be the reason there was a lot of initial hope for hydroxychloroquine. There were less covid-19 infections among those who were already on hydroxychloroquine for other reasons. It still may prove to be a better prophylactic than a cure. The BCG vaccine against tuberculosis may also have a similar prophylactic effect. I figured India would be a real horror show, but it doesn’t appear to be the case. The universal BCG vaccination program has been suggested to have lessened the infection rate. Patrick Armstrong mentioned the possible BCG effect in Russia. Covid-19 was far less infectious in Portugal and the Basque region than in the rest of Spain. The Portuguese and Basques receive the BCG vaccine while Spaniards don’t.
    In other news, SWMBO and I may have had covid-19. In early March we both had what we thought was a flu or cold after being exposed to some thoughtless women coughing her lungs out in a restaurant. SWMBO got sick first. I got it a few days later. It wasn’t that bad. It didn’t even stop me from cleaning, stripping and sanding my deck. Recently SWMBO noticed what appears to be covid toes. When the antibody tests become more prevalent, we’ll get tested.

  3. Ivermectin also. Active ingredient in heartworm medicine for dogs.

  4. deap says:

    Every good linked article – thanks. Important takeaway from very early research finings: OTC cough suppressant
    ….. “Interestingly, a seventh compound – an ingredient commonly found in cough suppressants, called dextromethorphan – does the opposite: Its presence helps the virus. When our partners tested infected cells with this compound, the virus was able to replicate more easily, and more cells died.
    This is potentially a very important finding, but, and I cannot stress this enough, more tests are needed to determine if cough syrup with this ingredient should be avoided by someone who has COVID-19……..”

  5. Fred says:

    You can’t make much money or win Nobel prizes doing that, but you might save a lot of lives. Opposition to it sure highlights the true intentions of the global left.

  6. Tyler says:

    Gonna have to dig it up but there was a story where a doctor in Texas was using HCQ off label to treat the ‘rona in his patients. Needless to say the journo portrayed it as akin to what Mengele was up to, “experimenting on innocents”.
    The same organizations who don’t mind pushing puberty blockers on 9 year olds are suddenly pulling the emergency brake when it comes to a drug decades old because Orange Man Bad. Doctors have been another Brahmin caste for a while now, but this only underlines it for the normies.

  7. Eliot says:

    You can get ivermectin at the farm store, for the record.
    – Eliot

  8. turcopolier says:

    You are a remarkably trusting man for someone who practiced our dark art. It seems very likely to me that most medical academics, as opposed to actual practitioners who have to look dying patients in the eye are probably going to react with a bad case of “not invented here.”

  9. turcopolier says:

    When I was in SF, the sergeant medics were the equivalent of physician’s assistants. They had years of medical training and clinical experience doing duty in army hospitals when not in the field with their teams. They were not medics as described in international law. They were fighters who knew a lot of medicine. Their network had worked out a lot of therapies that would have driven most MDs nuts. I was operated on by one or another of them several times, cysts, etc. I remember one of them cleaning up an infected cyst on the side of my head in his underground operating room in VN.

  10. phugh says:

    Good to see you here Tyler.

  11. Terence Gore says:

    Scientific Rational for Treatment Protocol
    Three core pathologic processes lead to multi-organ failure and death in COVID-19:
    1) Hyper-inflammation (“Cytokine storm”) – a dysregulated immune system whose cells infiltrate
    and damage multiple organs, namely the lungs, kidneys, and heart. It is now widely accepted
    that SARS-CoV-2 causes aberrant T lymphocyte activation resulting in a “cytokine storm.”.
    2) Hyper-coagulability (increased clotting) – the dysregulated immune system damages the
    endothelium and activates blood clotting, causing the formation of micro and macro blood clots.
    These blood clots impair blood flow.
    3) Severe Hypoxemia (low blood oxygen levels) –lung inflammation caused by the cytokine storm,
    together with microthrombosis in the pulmonary circulation severely impairs oxygen absorption
    resulting in oxygenation failure.

  12. jose says:

    I had SF medic “take out” a grow around my neck that was about 1/10 of inch after getting several stitches. The medic took out about 1/2 an inch to fully get it. Told me that it was benign on the spot.
    Real Doctors were freaking out, but medic was right on the spot. Very little scarring occurred. This guy had trained in a Tampa emergency room and loved Florida. Funny, he loved Cuban food and wanted to charge me Tasajo con Boniatos for his work..lol
    HCQ melodrama is getting weird, top versus bottom, big pharma versus actual practitioners.

  13. Anoone says:

    Covid 19 is good for closing ozone holes

  14. Adrestia says:

    This lays bare a critical problem in our society today and also a solution of this. It is an excellent exampler.
    People (escpecially in larger organizations, which tend to are bureaucratic/technocratic) are advised by specialists.
    The problem with specialists is that they often are schooled and have worked in a knowledge domain which conforms to the consensus in that area. Dissident opinions are not good for careers etc.
    Specialists are very good at solving existing,(often small) problems but are bad at creating solutions for new problems. People tend to fall back to existing solution instead of being creative and look for alternatives. Creating a new medicine is the normal procedure.
    Real changes/innovations are almost always done by outsiders of this domain. Often they are knowledgeable in the domain but they are not traditionally schooled or do not work in the traditional workfield.
    SF medics are excellent examples. When in the field they are limited with means (eg medicine, facilities) so they have to be creative to solve unexpected problems. Combined with a different mindset and training they will do a lot of innovations. They are able to think outside the box and will do that when needed (instead of repeating the wrong things again and again)
    I’m not sure if I read this here, but Iran IRGC also trained Yemeni medics as SF medics (including surgical operations) in a very intensive crash course of 3-6 months (from memory).
    Problematic is that within the traditional, often hierarchical workfield they will not be listened to. They do not produce scientific papers, do not have titles and lack hierarchy.

  15. English Outsider says:

    phugh – seconded – noticed Tyler was back.
    Hi Tyler. Orange Man has been through a few ups and downs since you retreated to your valley. Hope you haven’t!
    On prophylactics against Covid-19 the French have apparently discovered nicotine helps. Doubt that one will make it to the pharmacopoeia. But this sample of one has been putting in some research on it. Works so far.

  16. J says:

    It appears that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is hiding it’s death tolls even more. Over 21 million cell phone accounts were canceled in the past three months also 840,000 landlines were closed, Beijing authorities announced this tidbit on March 19. Deaths due to the CCP virus may have contributed to the number of account closings.
    Cell phones are an indispensable part of everyday life in Communist China. Most things have gone digital in Communist China so their population in essence can’t survive without their human cattle tag called their cell phones. The CCP requires all phones in Communist China to emit a ‘health code’. If it’s green then that person can move. Incidentally no person can cancel their cell phone accounts, only their government can. Communist China introduced mandatory facial scans back in early December to confirm the identity of the person who registered the phone. As early as last September Communist China required all cell phone users to register the phone with their real identification (ID), by which the Communist state can control people’s speech via its large-scale monitoring system.
    Individuals in Communist China have to bundle their bank accounts and social security account with their cell phone because all of these service’s Apps can detect the phone’s SIM card and then checks with the Communist state’s database to make sure the number belongs to the person in question.
    Now back to the mean green indicator. Beijing mandated cell phone-based health codes March 10. All in Communist China have to install a cell phone app and register their personal health information. The app then generates a QR code, which is categorized into three colors indicating their health level. Red means the individual in question has an infectious disease. Yellow means the individual might have an infectious disease. Green is their all clear indicating infectious free.
    Communist China’s cell phone users decreased from 1.600957 billion to 1.579927 billion, a 21.03 million drop. Landline users dropped from 190.83 million to 189.99 million.
    Communist China’s population at the end of 2019 was 1.40005 Billion, up 4.67 million from the previous year.
    In Communist China each adult can apply for up to 5 cell phones. Each child’s cell phone is registered under their parent’s account. Communist China has roughly a little over 288 Million migrant workers, most of whom due to their low incomes only have one phone.
    The CCP virus death toll appears significantly higher than what the CCP report to the world. Activities within the CCP virus epicenter of Hubei province contradicts reported death tolls in Communist China. The seven funeral homes in Wuhan, were reported to be burning bodies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in late January. The Communist government also used 40 mobile crematories, each capable of burning 5 tons of medical waste and bodies a day, and this is in Hubei Province since February 16th.

  17. Study of Ivermectin
    10 mg dose
    Eliot is right. Can buy at a farm store for big animal treatment. My tractor supply has it behind lock and key. Small family stores probably don’t.
    I bought here
    This is suppose to be applied to skin. But I ingested it since I came down with the worst respiratory viral infection I have ever experienced in February. Have no idea if I was infected with Sars-Cov2. Will check antibodies later. But studies show ivermectin has activity against RNA viruses and flu is also a RNA virus.
    I took 10 mg 1st day, 10 mg 2nd day, 10 mg 3rd day, 7.5 mg 4th day, 7.5 mg 5th day, 7.5 mg 6th day, and 7.5 mg 7th day. Total 60 mg. Went solely off how my body felt it was responding to the medicine. Remarkably it worked.
    1 ml in a syringe equals 5.0 mg dose. I already had some since I had three dogs at the time and this was cheaper than buying from the vet. Isopropyl alcohol is not lethal unless you ingest 200 ml.
    A couple of pharmacokinetics studies
    This is not medical advice. In fact, you would be insane to follow this advice. Since you don’t know me. But desperate times call for desperate measures. I had to get back to work.

  18. Looks like proning is a more effective treatment than all these drugs right now. Simply laying on your stomach could keep you off a ventilator which doesn’t seem to be a lifesaver in a lot of cases. When I was young, my mother would make me lay on my stomach when I has a serious chest cold. I saw it done a lot at Tripler Army Medical Center to treat pneumonia in 1980. If I ever get covid-19 bad, I’d much rather try proning and maybe a little oxygen before any of these new or repurposed drugs and certainly before being put on a ventilator.

  19. Harlan Easley,
    You’re one crazy son of a bitch. I salute you, your ingenuity and your balls. If it’s your insanity rather than your balls that drive you, so be it. I still salute you.

  20. Tyler says:

    phugh, EO,
    Hello hello. The Old Man has been disappointing in some ways, about what I expected in others. I wanted a Tribune of the Plebs proscribing my cultural enemies. I wanted the good Colonel here given carte blanche to frog march his bete noires in the IC out of their houses at gunpoint – not tweets about LOWEST BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT EVER. C’est la vie – who knows what the future brings.
    I’ve been very, positively busy, seeing the sausage made up close and personal in our Empire. Its not pleasant.
    The SF Medics in Afghanistan were much like described here – one of the events that got me down the austere medicine kick was helping an SF Medic at FOB Chapman doing his daily clinical work with the locals. I got roped into that because he approached the guard shack, asked us our General Technical Scores, and with a 129 he said “Okay you’re probably not a total idiot, come with me”. In retrospect, the amount of off label stuff he did with basic ions like calcium and magnesium was absolutely impressive, to say nothing of his surgical interventions. It wasn’t until I became a paramedic over a decade later I was really able to appreciate what he could accomplish.

  21. deap says:

    Hope we start getting answers soon:
    1. What other conditions or exposures trigger a “cytokine storm”?
    2. Does one try to stop the process and/or mitigate it.
    3. What time period are we looking at between initiation of this exaggerated immune response and death?
    4. Any possible co-factors in common in those who fall into the category of ‘fatal cytokine storm” over-reactions.
    5. Where is the bright line between normal immune response and fatl over reaction immune response.
    6. Is a fatal cytokine storm specific to covid-19, or is a generic response to other triggers?

  22. Eric Newhill says:

    Harlan Easley,
    I like your style too.
    Be careful, though.Ivermectin is toxic in too large a dose. SWMBO and I were thoroughbred breeders for many years and we still have five retired racers hanging out on the farm. So, of course we have Ivermectin. We take a dab ourselves twice a year, just in case we picked something up walking around barefoot in summer or breathing dust when mucking stalls. Just scale down the dose based on our body weight versus a horse’s. We also have a large jar of the “Z-pack” antibiotic. Used that once when a chest cold turned into bronchitis. Worked like a charm.
    Taking care of things yourself is the best way. Once or twice a year I get savage gout attacks in my ankle. My doctor seems to not understand the level of pain (It’s excruciating and I can’t walk. Even the sheets hurt). The anti-inflamtories I’m prescribed only help a little. So I grow my own opium poppies every year and save the poppy heads. 5 or 6 poppy heads boiled in tea take the pain right away and I can sleep during the worst day or two of the attack. SWMBO is good at stitching wounds. She stitched a bad bleeder on my forehead once; did a better job than the doctors. Barely a scar can be seen. If you can care for large animals, you can care for humans – both are mammals.

  23. Eric Newhill says:

    Should have added,Ivermectin can be purchased on line much cheaper than at Tractor Supply.

  24. Mark Logan says:

    Sorta related.
    A research scientist who may have found a way to switch on T-cells to fight cancer spent a couple decades trying to find a pharmaceutical company willing to take the enormous risks associated with implementation. Highly enlightening on how things work in the world of medical research and the difficulties faced in the practical deployment thereof.
    Things can move much much faster in a crisis, no doubt about it.

  25. Eric,
    My biggest fear was dosage. The dose makes the poison. Couldn’t agree more. I read dosage charts and for my weight individuals were prescribed 0.4 mg/kg orally once yearly for Filariasis. So 27 mg for me based on weight.
    And as my American right I doubled the dosage. Spread out over 7 days so body clear some. Half-life anywhere 12 – 36 hrs. 2.5 mg per dose up to 10mg a day then 7.5mg for the rest.
    “So I grow my own opium poppies every year and save the poppy heads. 5 or 6 poppy heads boiled in tea take the pain right away and I can sleep during the worst day or two of the attack.”
    that’s some crazy shit. Don’t blame you. If it gets rid of the pain.
    Thank you for the compliment.

  26. Terence Gore says:

    In the article I meant to link they recommended specific actions
    (sorry about that chief) for different levels of the disease

  27. Tyler says:

    I hear trenbolone, anavar, winstrol, and test cyprionate all work like a charm against the ‘rona as well.

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