US to lead Security Council talks on Iran in late September: Haley


"With the United States now holding the presidency of the Security Council, Haley said the aim is to put further pressure on Tehran over its alleged violations of council resolutions.

"President (Donald) Trump is very adamant that we have to start making sure that Iran is falling in line with international order," Haley told reporters.

"If you continue to look at the spread Iran has had in supporting terrorism, if you continue to look at the ballistic missile testing that they are doing, if you continue to look at the sales of weapons we see with the Huthis in Yemen — these are all violations of security council resolutions," she said.

"These are all threats to the region, and these are all things that the international community needs to talk about."

Washington has sought to build up international pressure on Iran after reimposing tough, unilateral sanctions on August 7 and setting a November 5 deadline for halting Iran's oil exports."  Al Monitor


This sounds like a disaster in the making.

If past behavior is a guide to the future, the emperor Donald I will seek to bully the Security Council into accepting universal application of his program of intimidation against Iran.  The spectacle of him in the chair glowering at the assembled heads of state is a prospect beyond anything seen as yet in his ham-handed attempts at imposing his fantasies upon the world.,

If he fails in demonstrating the triumph of his will, it should be expected that he will proceed to further withdraw funds from the UN as a punitive disciplinary move imposed to enforce his decrees in the future. 

In my opinion Bibi is telling him that all that is needed is a firm hand.  PL

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