The Turks are playing us …


"Turkey has offered Russia to jointly produce advanced S-500 air defense systems, President Recep Tayyip said on June 13 in an interview with broadcaster 24 TV.

Russia has given us a loan for the S-400 on very reasonable terms. In the second and third stages, we will proceed to joint production. Maybe we will co-produce S-500,” Erdogan said also making critical remarks towards the NATO allies over their unwillingness to sell arms to Turkey or jointly produce them.

“I have contacted President Putin with a proposal about the joint production of the S-500.”

However, Erdogan provided no info about a Russian response on the S-500 joint production proposal.

In December 2017, Ankara officially signed a $2.5 billion agreement with Moscow on the delivery of S-400 air defense systems. Turkey will be the first NATO member country to acquire the system. According to data from the Turkish media, the country will buy two batteries of S-400 missiles which will be manned by Turkish military personnel."  SF


"Turkey’s Chief of General Staff General Hulusi Akar and NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Europe General Curtis Scaparotti agreed via telephone on Wednesday to force the Kurdish-led People’s Protection Units (YPG) to leave Manbij by July. "  SF



Sultan Tayyip and his janissaries have enjoyed "playing" the US like the proverbial fiddle.  This is a common occurrence in the ME where the naivete of many Americans encourages it.  I watched Ali Abdullah Salih tell his ambassador in Moscow on the telephone to use Soviet grants of credits to South Yemen for weapons to extract more of the same for North Yemen.  He had just been briefed on the PDRY grants by a State Department briefer come to Sanaa to wean him from Soviet dependency.  It was only when the conversation ended that he remembered that I understood his chat.  I was the only American present who had enough Arabic to do so.  He smiled and asked when Antar (me) could go hunting again.

If the Kurds do not now make peace with Damascus, they are fools.  pl

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