Did the Bureau sit on the laptop to “own” China Joe?


"It didn’t surprise the informed, and understandably a bit cynical, to hear that the FBI sat on Hunter Biden’s laptop instead of seeking justice. The bureau was previously involved in an illegal plot to take down Donald Trump, after all, and its Deep State elements would assuredly love to see Joe Biden succeed him in January. So why would they reveal damning information on their establishment hope? Yet suppressing Huntergate perhaps provided a secondary benefit:

The information could be used against Biden once he was in office.

This wouldn’t be anything new. It’s believed that longtime, legendary FBI director J. Edgar Hoover used “dirt files” on politicians for leverage; for one thing, it’s said, this enabled him to remain bureau head for as long as he wished. William Sullivan, once the number three official under Hoover, put it this way: From the moment the director got damning information on a senator, the man would be “right in his pocket.”

So not only could suppressing Huntergate get Biden in office, but then maybe it’s, “Nice presidency you’ve got there, Mr. Biden — I’d hate to see anything happen to it.”

Since the criminality in question could, apparently, put Hunter in prison along with destroying China Joe, the leverage is profound. It could not only be used to control Biden but also his wife, Jill, in the unlikely event she for a time is able to pull off an Edith Wilson (who supposedly ran the show when Woodrow Wilson became incapacitated). She wouldn’t want to see her stepson in the hoosegow and her family’s reputation ruined, after all."   American Thinker


Yes, this is an old tradition in the FBI.  Institutions like this develop a collective psychology and those traditions do not go away.  Felix Dzerzhinsky said that once a man was a Chekist he is always a Chekist.  pl


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  1. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    Beyond the corruption angle, there are some hints that there may also be elements of sexual misconduct/child pornography involved, as the agent involved in subpoenaing the laptop content is a specialist in those fields.
    So, not only bribery, blackmail, and inappropriate use of national power in foreign nations, but also potential crimes involving children/underage adolescents – extremely useful to blackmailers interested in influencing policies and extracting intelligence – might also be in play. Getting closer to Epstein territory.
    So it is small wonder that The Twitter/Facebook Cone of Silence has been invoked.

  2. Deap says:

    Noooooooooooo!!!! (She wails from the innocent heartland). Tell me it ain’t so, Joe. I know this, I have heard this, but I still do not want to believe it.

  3. fakebot says:

    It’s why Comey didn’t actually shut the case into Hillary’s private email server either. He (and by extension others) could reopen it at any time for leverage when Hillary became president–so they thought. That’s why he was able to reopen the case at the 11th hour of the election.
    Nor is it the first time the FBI tried to take down a president. Mark Felt revealed himself as “Deep Throat,” the source to the Washington Post story that led to Nixon’s demise as president. Felt was bitter and vindictive after having been passed over for the top job at the FBI.

  4. Peter VE says:

    Since you keep asking these inconvenient questions, I hope your car has a remote starter.

  5. turcopolier says:

    Peter VE
    “Would you rather have died with Stonewall at Chancellorsville or live with Johnny Carson in Burbank? Is it better to be a dead lion than a live dog?” “Lancelot” by Walker Percy

  6. ked says:

    Is it possible to construct a narrative that comports with all known facts wherein:
    – the laptop was acquired (or accessed) by an intel operation,
    – its HD was removed & contents copied,
    – experts then crafted new (or modified the original) files, emails & imagery,
    – which were then melded into the copied original data,
    – to be fed back onto the original HD,
    – that original HD reinstalled into the laptop,
    – to be dropped off at the repair shop.
    This would maintain the chain of production provenance between the laptop & its HD (traceable evidence) while enabling the file structure to appear coherent in time & physical locations on the HD’s data sectors. The whole thing strikes me as a high-tech take on the Zimmerman Telegram … an info-op disseminating false information via the media.
    The weakness of this outline (& the whole story in general) is, “what kind of pro intel agency would constantly depend upon Rudy for credibility?” He’s a mess, tainted by his own behavior. The strength of it is that it takes a lot of HW/SW forensics to validate truth about a HD, its contents & its tortured path.
    The article that got me thinking about the technical feasibility of such an operation;

  7. turcopolier says:

    Yes. You can construct any sort of narrative that you like. You are grasping at straws.

  8. ked. The laptop could easily have been positioned by a couple of well-trained flying pigs.

  9. ked says:

    There’s a great deal of narrative construction & straw-grasping going on. Internal consistency does not make a particular selection of facts into truth. External & extensive confirmation has a role when the case at hand is so contentious. In this case the electorate is not moved. A very small portion is animated… a straw sideshow.

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