Apparently, the FBI, and not the CIA, are the real government.


Just to review the situation:

1.  The president of the US was made head of the Executive Branch (EC) of the federal government by Article 2 of the present constitution of the US.  He is also Commander in Chief of the armed forces of the federal government.  As head of the EC, he is head of all the parts of the government excepting the Congress and the Federal courts which are co-equal branches of the federal government.  The Department of Justice is just another Executive Branch Department subordinate in all things to the president.  The FBI is a federal police force and counter-intelligence agency subordinate to the Department of Justice and DNI and therefore to the president in all things.  The FBI actually IMO has no legal right whatever to investigate the president.  He is the constitutionally elected commander of the FBI.  Does one investigate one's commander?  No.  The procedures for legally and constitutionally removing a president from office for malfeasance are clear.  He must be impeached by the House of Representatives for "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" and then tried by the US Senate on the charges.  Conviction results in removal from office. 

2.  According to these transcripts of congressional testimony by some of the participants, the FBI decided all by itself after Comey was fired to consider acting against Trump by pursuing him for suspicion of conspiracy with Russia to give the Russians the president of the US that they supposedly wanted.  Part of the discussions among senior FBI people had to do with whether or not the president had the legal authority to remove from office an FBI Director.  Say what?  Where have these dummies been all their careers? Do they not teach anything about this at the FBI Academy?  The US Army lectures its officers at every level of schooling on the subject of the constitutional and legal basis and limits of their authority.

3.  Following these seditious and IMO illegal discussions the FBI and Sessions/Rosenstein's Justice Department sought FISA Court warrants for surveillance against associates of Trump and members of his campaign for president.  Their application for warrants were largely based on unsubstantiated "opposition research" funded by the Democratic Party and the Clinton campaign.  The judge who approved the warrants was not informed of the nature of the evidence.  These warrants provided an authority for surveillance of the Trump campaign.

4.  IMO this collection of actions when added to whatever Clapper, Brennan and "the lads" of the Deep State were doing with the British intelligence services amount to an attempted "soft coup" against the constitution and from the continued stonewalling of the FBI and DoJ the coup is ongoing.  pl

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