Wolves in Sheep’s’ Clothing


"Although energy-intensive industries would be hit particularly hard by Biden’s infrastructure proposal, millions of other jobs would also be put at risk under other parts of Biden’s platform.

For instance, Biden demanded on Thursday that Congress “end … the president’s $1.3 trillion tax giveaway to the wealthiest 1 percent and the biggest, most profitable corporations, some of which don’t pay any tax at all.”

What Biden didn’t say is exactly how much he would raise taxes on these businesses and business owners. According to his website, corporate income tax rates would increase to 28 percent, 33 percent higher than the current rate, and large corporations earning $100 million or more would pay a 15 percent minimum tax. These two provisions alone, and there are many more, would represent one of the largest tax increases on businesses in American history.

Even when you include the parts of Biden’s plan directed toward helping lower- and middle-income filers, like his proposed expansion of the earned income tax credit, the pain caused by Biden’s tax increases on businesses would outweigh any benefits of the plan. The Tax Foundation estimates Biden’s tax proposal would “reduce long-run economic growth by 1.51 percent and eliminate about 585,000 full-time equivalent jobs.”


I listened to the whole Joe thing last night.  Joe was beautifully rehearsed.  I have prepared a lot of people for speeches and I recognize a job well done.  Joe looked like he might have been pumped up with something, but no matter.  His momma came out from behind the curtain to give a hug as a reward for the job well done.  The message was basically "you vote for me and you will feel good and comfy about it.  I am not like that orange bastard.  I don't grab your parts unless you want me to ."  In other words, women were the target in the belief that they are offended by Trumpy.  Well, they are…  But, how much?

But underneath the surface of this family love show was the stuff Foxbusiness writes about in this piece.  There is a similar piece in Rolling Stone but I cannot find the article just now.  The truth is that the left of the Democratic Party is aiming for a revolutionary change in the American economy,  American government, the US Constitution, and the content of peoples' minds. Joe is widely expected to be around for a year or so and then go home to Wilmington with his mommy.  KH would then take over, but, she is a California lefty who flunked the bar exam the first time she took it.  She is not the brightest bulb in the pack.   She used to hang out with Willie Brown when she needed his political support to become DA in San Francisco but now has a nice rich guy who dotes on her.  Is she likely to resist the Marxists?  I doubt it.  pl


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  1. BrotherJoe says:

    I didn’t watch the acceptance speech. Could it have been pre-recorded ?

  2. TV says:

    Either the Democrat-media party is too dumb or just plain dishonest (I vote for both)- corporations do NOT pay taxes.
    They just pass through the money from their customers.

  3. Artemesia says:

    Nobody has yet disproved Newton’s Third Law.

  4. Deap says:

    “Fifth largest economy in the world” – nation state of California – just had a major blackout last evening. We were warned – hot weather and not enough energy produced to keep computers, lights, refrigerators and A/C running.
    This is what taking one for the Green New Team looks like. Pretty much like turning the clock back to the 1950’s when we were not so dependent on “climate control” or computer access 24/7.
    Cards or board games by candlelight, anyone? Pirate and Traveler was my own childhood favorite. And in the candlelight, no one can see you cheat. Interesting timing this black out (rolling brown out?) coincided with Biden championing what he will do with our future.

  5. Jack says:

    IMO, neither Biden nor Kamala are marxists in the classical sense. They may spout green, gender and race identity and other groupthink rhetoric that are very popular among the media chic crowd.
    They are like Obama and the Republican establishment. Card carrying members of the Party of Davos. They all want big government but in a symbiotic relationship with big business. They don’t want any anti-trust enforcement or real competitive markets. They want socialism for the top 0.1%. Government sanctioned oligopolies and transfer of wealth from the working and middle class to the oligarchs. Both parties have supported this program for the past half century. Trump didn’t do anything to significantly disrupt it either. In fact in his term the Fed handed out to Wall St trillions at a scale unprecedented.
    Big tech is absolutely salivating. Obama’s signature Obamacare was socialism all right, but for the big healthcare and pharma companies whose stocks took off the next day after it passed.
    The minimum tax on all businesses will never pass. They’ll raise tax rates but neither Amazon nor Lockheed will pay since there will be plenty of loopholes for them. They guy getting squeezed will be the small to midsize enterprises who don’t have the K Street lobbyists full-time on the payroll.
    The Obama’s epitomize this subterfuge with mansions in DC and Martha’s Vineyard. Hundreds of millions of dollars in business contracts with Netflix and other publishers. Whose best pals are billionaires Richard Branson and David Geffen. They’re not hanging out with the campesinos!

  6. jerseycityjoan says:

    What did you think last night of the video tribute to Beau Biden and the many references to him during several segments? It was pointed out several times that he had been on active duty in Iraq — quite true — but the way it was said, the implication was that he had been on the front line. That is not true, as you know he was there as a lawyer. That was his job at home and in the National Guard, too. A big point was made on Wednesday night that Beau and Kamala Harris were in contact with each other as attorneys general.
    I recall you said that Biden wanted all kinds of military honors for his son. Yesterday’s convention presentation reminded me of your comments.
    I feel bad for the Biden family and I respect Beau Biden’s service as a lawyer in the National Guard. But I am dismayed about all the fuss in a national convention. It just seemed excessive and makes me wonder what the purpose of it was. Is it to compensate for the screw-ups of Hunter Biden? Is it to appeal to veterans? Is it just a general play for sympathy? I would hope not.

  7. walrus says:

    The trouble in my opinion is that the Democratic party are mixing perfectly sensible ideas for reform with toxic communist vengeance politics and identity politics as well.
    For example, decarbonising the economy technically and economically makes a lot of sense although I don’t want to argue it here. However when you try and mix that idea up with social justice for lesbian and transgender coal miners it does not compute, if you get my meaning.
    The same applies to single payer healthcare, infrastructure investment, taxation and a host of other options. The democrat politics precludes sensible options, no matter what your exact political standpoint may be.
    From the bits of Joe that I heard, you got what was expected: a brilliantly crafted feel good experience filled with what the neurolinguistics gurus call nominative words – ones that have different meanings to everyone and no precision.

  8. Deap says:

    At the Democrat National Cocoon Around Biden last night – instead of media asking questions after his teleprompter remarks, they were told to scramble outside immediately to watch the fireworks. Like lemmings they did just that and the DNC Biden Cone of Silence remained intact: https://www.redstate.com/nick-arama/2020/08/21/watch-the-stampede-dem-convention-officials-tell-reporters-to-hurry-outside-to-see-fireworks/
    Scariest part was seeing Biden’s fawning media are in fact subservient 20 somethings, who run when someone says free food. Got to admit, this was a well planned out strategic move on Team Biden’s part, like having Hunter Biden be part of the supportive “public” who was allowed to have immediate and direct contact with the candidate.
    This House of Mirrors will make a good drinking game – chug when you spot any deflective Team Biden move that is still trying to pass itself off as normal.
    Reminds me of one of Barry Soetoro’s best unscripted line – never get between Michelle and a plate of tacos. Now is that fact or myth, but it was sure believable on all counts: Mooshell with taco in mouth and unscripted Barry with foot in mouth.

  9. Jack says:

    Yeah. During the day California renewables generate 11GW but at 7pm it drops to 3GW.
    California under the auspices of the climate change crowd are decommissioning not only natgas fired peaking plants but also carbon free nuclear. The two nuclear reactors that California had, produced around 5GW.
    Ideology not common sense rules!

  10. turcopolier says:

    The son sat on a well defended FOB for six months until his father had him brought home. While “over there” he drew up soldiers’ wills, helped them file for divorce, reviewed local contract documents, etc. When Biden is president he may give him the Medal of Honor. pl

  11. Stephanie says:

    Given how Biden likes to embroider his war stories, to put it politely, no doubt by the time he gets through Beau will have been on the front lines and then some. This is the kind of thing that used to sink Biden’s campaigns, but this time around none of it matters:
    From what I have read Biden seems to have adored his elder son and made no special effort to hide his preference within the family.

  12. Polish Janitor says:

    I watched Biden’s speech til the end and yes he sounded quite ready and prepared compared to his other previous appearances. I was ready to see a few hiccups and blackouts, but to my slight surprise there was none. I would like to think of what we saw as Joe Biden 3.0 who will going to last until Nov. 8th. But will Joe Biden 3.0 still ready to take on the ever-freewheeling DJT? I don’t think so.

  13. Barbara Ann says:

    Deap – “Democrat National Cocoon” made me lol, bravo.

  14. Deap says:

    RedState explains how they got Old Joe through the speech. Small sentences, few words, no complex polysyllables: (Is this what it means to “beautifully rehearse” someone?)
    …..”But sentences of 5-8 words strung together are not the making of a coherent justification for being elected to the highest office in the land.
    The people in the campaign who drafted the speech clearly understood the risk that Dementia-Joe would lose his place in a long sentence or combination of long sentences, and either stop or begin to riff freestyle based on words he’s hearing himself say but fails to comprehend.
    So punctuation was their friend. Lots of “periods” forcing Dementia-Joe to stop, and then start again with a new sentence……. (RedState)
    In today’s twitter-base mentality – he may well be speaking a lot of people’s first language. Punch- punch-punch- punch – pith.

  15. Deap says:

    Joe “Bumper Sticker Biden. He spoke.
    And if indeed his previously undetected stuffer requires this punctuated format, he has my sympathies. Who ever really likes public speaking.

  16. Fred says:

    “the left of the Democratic Party is aiming for a revolutionary change in the American economy, American government, the US Constitution, and the content of peoples’ minds.”
    They are already destroying the economy with mandatory lockdowns and excessive regulations. Biden promises a mandatory mask policy nationwide. Masks for what, hyped fear of ‘cases’ with actual data showing risk is nothing like it was hyped to be in March of this year? (That’s one radical change in the content of people’s minds.) The tech companies and the mask stasi will be happy to force compliance. Big tech is already purging stories about HCQ and its potential effectiveness. Governor Newsom, within the last 48 hours, ordered the local utility to cut power and water to a home in LA suburbs that was used for hosting a party. That’s just the start. Then there’s corporate America under Joe. Goodyear’s mandatory “diverstiy” training, which just made the news, is just a shot across the bow. Biden, and Kamala, sure wouldn’t call them out, they’ll be cheering them on.

  17. jerseycityjoan says:

    Gen. Odierno in his eulogy had a different perception of Beau Biden’s role and importance in Iraq:
    “Odierno, Beau Biden’s commanding general in Iraq, also lauded his comrade’s military service overseas.
    “It is sometimes hard talking about the bond formed between two soldiers in combat,” he said. “It is a brotherhood few people understand.”
    He seems to think they were fighting together. Apparently they spent a lot of time together. I don’t know when Odierno had time to do run the war if he got to know all the National Guard majors so well. He does seem to know what the family wants to hear.
    “Beau Biden possessed the traits I have witnessed in only the greatest leaders,” Odierno said at St. Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Church in Wilmington, Del.”
    I wish Beau was as wonderful as they come claim but the more extravagant the claims, the more they make me doubt.

  18. TonyL says:

    When you are deployed in a foreign country, at an Army base, you are on the frontline. Does not matter if you are a lawyer, a cook, a clerk, or a mechanic. You’re risking your life just as other soldiers (albeit not to the same degree).

  19. Deap says:

    Two more reports of Biden plagerism in his very recent speeches:
    One from Ronald Reagan, and one from the dying thoughts of a beloved Canadian politician. Joe’s memory may be gone, but other’s have remained intact: particularly when it is theft of a well-turned phrase.

  20. Artemesia says:

    Stephanie wrote:

    “From what I have read Biden seems to have adored his elder son and made no special effort to hide his preference within the family.”

    Shades of Esau & Jacob, Yonathan and Benjamin.
    The published lore is that Benzion Netanyahu adored his older son, Yonathan, who “died a martyr” in the raid at Entebbe, July 4, 1976 (mark the date). After his death, Benzion carried on a phase of ash-flinging grief; created an institute in Yonathan’s honor, which became the vehicle for presenting to the world the blueprint for the GWOT in July 1978. Second son Benjamin terminated American college studies; became Netanyahu not Nitay, returned to Israel and took up the mantle of heir to the ancient Jewish dynasty (by way of Lithuania).
    Scraping away the surface ashes, one notes that thru Yonathan’s adolescence and young adulthood Benzion actually had little concern for his first-born son and left him behind to flounder while Pater pursued graduate studies, or scholarly research; Yonathan joined military as a way to distance himself from a father who would not pay attention to his son’s needs.
    I suggest that Yonathan was set up to be removed from the line of succession at Entebbe — he was the only Israeli casualty. Benjamin fed his brother lentil stew in exchange for his father’s blessing.
    Bibi proved equal to the task, but if the Esau-Jacob scenario is the same for Beau and Hunter, the challenge was more than second son Hunter was capable of shouldering without chemical assistance.
    Heh. It was Joe who got the hair implants.

  21. turcopolier says:

    It is all BS. You can always find a general or some other clown to spin a yarn like that. I will write up a citation for Hunter Biden of you like.

  22. seward says:

    Another very plausible possibility is that of Mrs. Woodrow Wilson: Mr. Biden takes to his bed (or is restricted to it) after a year or so, and Mrs. (A.K.A. Dr.) Biden runs the Government, perhaps as Chief of Staff, which does not require any confirmation (and which did not exist formally in the Wilson era).
    I can’t see the Biden family voluntarily relinquishing control to KH unless they have to.
    (PS: My predictions are almost 99.44% wrong; so bet the opposite.)

  23. turcopolier says:

    Absolutely wrong. A JAG officer sitting at a desk in a bunker on a defended post is more in danger of boredom than anything else. You must be a civilian or a REMF to think that a military lawyer is a hero for BEING there. Tell me about your combat record. Tell me.

  24. Barbara Ann says:

    So is this part of the explanation for Joe’s relatively polished performance – Joe plagiarizing himself from 12 years ago? The script of feelgood trite statements certainly remains the same over the decades.

  25. Deap says:

    Stole this:
    Kamala Harris D-California
    Joe Biden: D-Mentia

  26. Patrick Armstrong says:

    IT appears he plagiarised himself
    Quite a contrast though in demeanour

  27. jerseycityjoan says:

    I was being sarcastic about Odierno. Of course the quotes in the Hill articles are BS.
    Beau Biden’s got enough citations. I do wonder what he was really like though. But how can we find out the truth of that now? I hope not a chip off the old block of Biden senior. I’m going to assume not that.

  28. Diana Croissant says:

    I am waiting for a debate between Biden and Trump. I doubt if the Democrats will allow it. I can wish for that.
    I was in junior high when our school brought in the television so we could watch the debate between pasty-looking Nixon and sun-tanned Kennedy. That memory pops up in my mind every time I see Biden juxtaposed with Trump on television.
    Biden is pasty-looking and, though much more prepared this time, he has yet to stand next to a robust Trump so people can finally see the contrast.
    Nixon had his daughters. Biden has his boys. Kennedy had the entire Kennedy clan. Trump has a clan of his own in a way.
    Without going into the specifics of policy differences, I want to suggest that many American voters want to see stamina, energy, and strength in our leaders. They want the leaders to have clear minds and definite policy ideas. They want someone who understands free market capitalism.
    Kennedy faced Krshchev and Castro. Trump has faced Chi, Khomeini, Kim Jong Ung, etc., while Biden worked to get what most would call bribes from China and Ukraine–at least using Hunter.
    Both Nixon and Kennedy had faults. Both Biden and Trump have faults. They were/are human, after all.
    As for this one voter here in flyover country who has never and will never be mixing with powerful people, I think it’s fair for me to go with the candidate who probably has more stamina and more mental acuity to go face to face with all those foreign scary guys. I had a fairly obnoxious uncle, one whose heart was in the right place when push came to shove; I can overlook obnoxious. I also want the one whose followers are more like the everyday workers in our country and not the brainwashed younguns who have been getting large doses of indoctrination in all the various isms. And certainly not those wearing skinny black jeans and being paid by Geore Soros (most likely) to cause as much physical damage as the can.
    I can listen to the debates and get down into the weeds of all the issues. In the long run, however, I vote for the person I trust most.

  29. ambrit says:

    I argue that taxation is no longer the main form of funding for the Federal Government, if it ever was. Taxation is a form of social engineering. The present penchant for low taxes, especially business taxes, is a way of favouring the business class over the populace. I wouldn’t complain about this if it returned any tangible benefits for the Nation and it’s people, but it does not. Most of the money poured into the business sector over the last decade has been used to do things like stock buy backs, which increase the top manager’s pay checques. Very little actual business capacity building has resulted from this. Basically, all this “stimulus” money has been wasted.
    the resultant imbalance in income distribution in America has had a pernicious effect on the Nation. I dare anyone to argue in favour of the wealthy controlling the political sphere of American society through their “campaign contributions.”
    Are you better off today than twenty years ago? Make that forty years ago and you can accuse me of ‘engineering’ the result.
    When the Democrat party comes out with a plank in their platform advocating complete public ownership of the means of production, then I’ll accuse them of being leftists. Until then, if it walks like an Oligarch and talks like an Oligarch….

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