“Study claims Google reflected ‘very dramatic bias’ in 2016 election search results” Dr. Robert Epstein


"Google allegedly offered search results during the 2016 election season that manipulated voters in Hillary Clinton's favor, according to researcher Dr. Robert Epstein.

The study looked into "politically oriented searches" from a "diverse group of American voters," Epstein said in an interview airing Sunday on "Life, Liberty & Levin."

"In 2016, I set up the first-ever monitoring system that allowed me to look over the shoulders of a diverse group of American voters — there were 95 people in 24 states," he said.

"I looked at politically oriented searches that these people were conducting on Google, Bing and Yahoo. I was able to preserve more than 13,000 searches and 98,000 web pages, and I found very dramatic bias in Google's search results… favoring Hillary Clinton — whom I supported strongly.""  Dr. Robert Epstein


Epstein says that the amount of search result manipulation that Google conducted in 2016 could easily shift the resulting vote by several million votes.  What was it that the Dems keep saying about HC's popular vote majority?  Watch the interview.  pl


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2 Responses to “Study claims Google reflected ‘very dramatic bias’ in 2016 election search results” Dr. Robert Epstein

  1. Avatar Peter VE says:

    I’m shocked, SHOCKED, that a large corporation would act that way!
    There were a lot of people with her, but who was she with?

  2. Avatar blue peacock says:

    Well the State AGs have begun an antitrust investigation on Google led by Texas and NY.

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