" …  the former vice president, who has spoken openly about suffering from a stutter, which he's struggled with since childhood, then tripped over the word "health care" in his next sentence.

"Donald Trump thinks health care is a privilege, Barack and I think it's a right to have badakathcare," he appeared to say.

Trump has repeatedly attacked Biden — a self-described "gaffe machine" — over his verbal stumbles, questioning whether they're evidence of cognitive decline. He played a video of Biden saying "badakathcare" during a campaign rally in Michigan on Sunday, along with footage of other gaffes his opponent has made on the trail. 

Biden fumbled again on Sunday during a campaign event in Philadelphia: While wearing a jacket featuring the logo of the University of Delaware — the blue hens — Biden told rallygoers that he was wearing a jacket of the Philadelphia Eagles.


Mark Steyn, the Canado/New Hampshire comic sage said this morning on the TeeVee that he thinks Joe is concentrating on Pennsylvania in the last days because he can be driven to 10 car rallies, harangue the cars a bit, take a couple of scripted questions from his attendant media and then be driven home under the care of Dr. Jill.  Last night Tucker C asked the same Steyn why Biden's wife let him run. Steyn said that her answer would be something like "I'm unda presha."  IOW, Steyn thinks Joe is too feeble, both mentally and physically, to either run for the office or BE president. 

Understand Joe is going to fly about a bit today.  We'll see how well he survives that.  pl


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10 Responses to “badakathcare?”

  1. English Outsider says:

    Complete farce. Poor devil doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going. Caligula’s horse of a candidate and any party that puts up such is merely demonstrating contempt for the electorate.

  2. j. casey says:

    How long will Joey be propped up if he and Harris win? Six months? Less?

  3. blue peacock says:

    Col. Lang,
    My forecast remains unchanged.
    Trump will be -re-elected in my estimation. Yes, the media will play it’s games with exit polls just as they have with the other polls. When Florida, North Carolina and Ohio get called for Trump it will be interesting to see what the spokesmodels on CNN & MSNBC and even Fox have to say. It appears that PA & MI will not start their count until polls close. So it’s likely that the networks will not be able call those states tomorrow night.
    The GOP will hold the Senate and the Democrats the House. Both with reduced margins in my estimation.
    Now, the big question is who does Trump nominate for the key law enforcement & national security positions? Will he repeat with the Swamp as he did in his first term?

  4. james says:

    i have never liked mark steyn opinions – a canuck as you note… he was close pals with conrad black who ended up serving time in jail, until trump pardoned him… both these guys are right wing loons with a lot of baggage… glad he has a gig at fox… he might still write the occasional article for conrads old paper – the national post… i don’t know..

  5. BillWade says:

    from some leaked zoom conference calls:
    Nov 3rd 4PM: protesters begin arriving to DC’s BLM Plaza
    Nov 5th: Shut down the White House
    Nov 6th: Shut down other areas of DC
    Nov 7th: March with supporters now in from the rest of the
    Intercept congresspersons coming back to DC and advise
    them to return to their districts
    “People will be killed”, Lisa Fithian (just google her)

  6. Diana L Croissant says:

    I think the Democrat Party doesn’t care how feeble and confused Joe has become. This is really now the socialists’ and globalists’ party. They’ve been supporting a whole army of “useful idiots.” They have enough highly placed people to be their “vanguard.” Joe is certainly not expected to be part of the “intelligentsia.” He is just a figurehead, someone whose face will be on the posters.
    What sickens me is that lately Obama seems to be eager to be the man behind the screen. That Chicago crowd of his are so full of it, as the saying goes.
    I would think that Democrats would be ashamed of themselves running a scam the way I think they are doing. But then, most of the people in their party who make up the regular voters have “drunk the Kool Aid” as the saying goes, will just follow that donkey.
    We really need to fix the education system in our country.

  7. Bill H says:

    I watched election night coverage in 2016 and enjoyed Chuck Todd’s consternation immensely. I will watch again this year and suspect it will be interesting to watch them trying to avoid recognizing what is happening.

  8. Deap says:

    2022 backlash against any possible Biden-Harris win will be so massive, it will save us all in very short order.
    The Gingrich backlash against Clinton and the 2010 GOP sweep backlash against Obama will look like setting up kid’s lemonade stands compared to the 2022 backlash that would mount against the cackling Kamala Harris, taking over the reigns of our government after Biden resigns.
    Even mainstream Democrats hate Kamala Harris, and you can bet every Democrat woman who got aced out of the 2020 race will be gunning full bore against Ms Harris. That includes Nancy Pelosi who has absolutely no use for Kamala Harris either.
    We don’t want Harris back in California. Trump should appoint her ambassador to Trans-Dnieper. Then put in a full travel ban to Central Asia. Harris in her political exile can play re-runs of “Call Me Madam” (if you know what I mean,)

  9. tpceltus says:

    I like Mark Steyn quite a bit. I don’t allows agree with him, but he is a dose of fresh air and has original observations put forth in an original way. As for the “baggage”, Black was pardoned. Whatever you think of him prersonally, that part is Done. Period. There’re a lot of people in this world who have done far worse and deserve more in ill will than either of them.

  10. Deap says:

    If Biden wins, Democrats then have to take full ownership of Biden-Harris. Have a good day, Dems. My hands are clean.

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