First Crew Dragon flight is a success!


"After the rocket’s first stage landed at sea, the Crew Dragon was on course to arrive early Sunday at the space station 250 miles overhead. Flight computers aimed to guide the craft directly into a docking port, unlike cargo versions of the Dragon that astronauts capture with a robotic arm.

Hours later, three Expedition 58 crew members including NASA’s Anne McClain planned to open the capsule’s hatch and welcome its sole occupant and some 400 pounds of supplies and experiments.

Wearing a white-and-black suit designed by SpaceX, Ripley was wired with numerous sensors to measure the temperatures, vibrations and pressure that real astronauts eventually will feel.

The six-day test mission anticipates the Crew Dragon undocking and firing thrusters to drop back to Earth for a Friday morning splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida."  USA Today


Flight Officer Ripley is on this trip eh?  That was a great film.  I enjoyed it muchly. 

Apparently the Falcon 9 rocket, and the Drew Dragon passenger capsule performed flawlessly.

Take that Chinese!

Musk is an amazing fellow.  He is a little unstable as genius often is, but, so what!

I wonder where you take a leak in this thing?  It is, after all a two day trip up to the ISS.  pl

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