“Biden’s view of the US is dangerously naive.” Douglas Murray


"Joe Biden’s speech at the Democratic National Convention this week could hardly have been more Manichean. As he struggled to read his teleprompter for over 20 minutes, Biden warned that “the current president has cloaked American [sic] in darkness for too long”.

Fortunately enough, Joe turned out to be opposed to darkness. “I’ll be an ally of the light, not the darkness,” he promised, going on to assure people that he would lead America towards “a path of hope and light”. At times I wondered if Biden’s autocue had malfunctioned and he was reading excerpts from a Harry Potter book.

Though some people were stirred by this rhetoric, for others it simply highlighted America’s problems. Yes, Trump is divisive. But the US media is divisive. And so is the Democratic Party, and most of its rising stars. None of them are capable of quelling flames they allow to rage while claiming to abhor.

Take the violence that has been occurring nightly in the city of Portland, Oregon. Night after night so called “Antifa” stalk the streets of this Democrat-run city looking for “Nazis” to assault. There being a dearth of Nazis in Portland, they tend to settle for attacking old ladies, almost blinding police officers and hauling citizens from their cars before hospitalising them. All in the name of “social justice”, obviously. What does the Democratic Party have to say about this, or the unrest occurring in cities across America?"  Murray


I think I will just let Murray speak for himself.  pl



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17 Responses to “Biden’s view of the US is dangerously naive.” Douglas Murray

  1. EEngineer says:

    As a veteran and a resident of Portland Oregon I can say that the nightly “protests” have become free Trump 2020 ads.
    It even looks like the petition to recall the governor might pass.

  2. John Minnerath says:

    I still put my faith in “Joe sixpack” , the unseen and unheard American electorate who see the actions of the Left as a move to destroy their way of life.

  3. Laura Wilson says:

    Anyone with a basic Bible background knew what Biden was referring to…he could just as well have said, “Choose Life”….and he may well be correct. Harry Potter was cute but the was NOT the reference.

  4. Eric Newhill says:

    Thanks. Glad to hear that. I was wondering what people out there were thinking. I was finding it hard to believe that a majority could support the riots/protests/defunding of police and general goofiness.

  5. Barbara Ann says:

    More evidence of cult-like behavior. A cult leader convincing his devotees of his unique ability to deliver them from the primal evil. Not so much black as orange in this case.
    I guess political rhetoric and rhetoric in general is Manichean for a reason. The masses want unambiguous leadership and simple messages appeal (both sides are equally culpable in that respect). But this article is right to highlight the speech as loaded with savior symbolism. Jim Jones eat your heart out.
    The section of the electorate the Dems are speaking to is in an extremely deranged state, thanks entirely to the series of bogeymen the cooperative liberal media has wheeled out to persuade us of Trump’s “darkness”. Rationality has left the building.
    I am not sure Joe’s views (if it is still relevant to consider such) are naïve so much as a scripted representation of the derangement of the Dems themselves. They are caught in an impossible bind of their own design; encouragement of woke rebellion has led to mindless violence which they are consequently now unable to condemn.
    All that remains is to consider how the mass hysteria ends – for it must eventually. The catharsis will not be pretty, but it is necessary nonetheless. Jones called his path of hope and light “revolutionary suicide”, that sounds like a pretty darn accurate description of the Democratic platform if you ask me.

  6. AK says:

    EE Engineer,
    I live in Corvallis. I signed that petition the same day I bought my first pistol. She is an abject failure. In other news, our congressional rep (Peter DeFazio-D) recently made headlines when he chained himself to a mailbox to protest… what exactly, I know not. We’ve lived here for three years and we are making plans to get out. This state is too weird and precious for us. East of the Cascades may have held promise. It still feels like the rugged American West, but Bend will be absolutely ruined in about five years time by the influx of CA and Portlandian leftists fleeing the dung heaps that they created. It’s sad, because it’s stunningly beautiful out that way.

  7. Fred says:

    Laura Wilson,
    As recorded in John 8:12, Jesus was not refering to politicians, other than that they, too should follow him, which is something the party of abortion hasn’t done in a long time.

  8. EEngineer says:

    AK, I intend to leave for saner pastures next spring when my daughter finishes high school. My girlfriend is a Texas native… Red state at any rate…

  9. TV says:

    As for Portland it is getting the government they deserve.
    Portland police – cowardly punks.
    90 days of riots.
    Maybe they should become waiters in coffee houses.

  10. Deap says:

    Joe will not be leading anything if he wins. You have to buy the whole team if you buy Biden.
    Get to thoroughly understand who is propping Biden up and what their collective agendas are – very, very, very radical. Start with the clearly declared teachers unions agenda. We will not go back to the classrooms until we get XYZ, but you will pay us in full anyway.
    Then figure out why the Green New Deal demands all workers give money to independent third party unions, by forcing them to join and become union members. What is with that.
    Keep digging. You have to go well beyond Joe’s hair plugs , in order to get to the real depth of Biden’s operation. tucker Carlson said it best – Old Joe is sleepy and harmless. And that i exactly what the deep cadre of radicals behind him want you to believe.
    They will peddle this scenario even more than they will keep playing the race card. It is who they are, and the better of us know this. We have seen too much of Democrat hate and duplicity these past 3.5 years.

  11. J says:

    Now Iowa was hit by a derecho, and who will wind up paying will be the American consumer, consumer of corn that is. Food prices are at an all time high and still climbing.
    Two Onglet steaks go for just under $80 on the internet.
    I can remember when a t-bone or a sirloin full dinner with all the trimmings under $5 or just a little bit over at the Stock yards restaurant, but sadly no more. Prices are forcing more and more American poor to have to search for other means of protein, and they’re also being hit with higher bean prices as well.

  12. turcopolier says:

    Let’s not exaggerate. I buy things on the internet and it is much cheaper where I buy it. What am I, Marie Antoinette? You live in farm country and you can’t go to a local slaughterhouse or butcher and have meat cut however you want? I can. There will be no reverse snobbery here.

  13. Peter VE says:

    Laura Wilson: The Bible can support many readings. For instance, I see Biden as the one who brings light, or, as he he is known in Latin, Lucifer.

  14. turcopolier says:

    Who could be more pro-Jewish than Trump?

  15. Fred says:

    Three months ago it was Covid infections in meat packing houses causing the price increase now it’s a storm. I don’t know the death count for the virus that was all the news earlier, apparently close to zero, but I suspect China buying what they can due to severe flooding have a lot more to do with meat prices than Iowa’s weather.

  16. mcohen says:

    I agree.Looks like the police have their hands tied.

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