“… or whatever, you know what I mean?’” Biden

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"Biden somehow managed to describe the Biden-Harris campaign as the ‘Harris-Biden’ campaign, and responded to a softball question about getting veterans back to work in civilian life with pure gibberish: ‘if you were a quartermaster, you can sure in hell take care runnin’ a, you know, department store, uh, thing, you know, where, in the second floor of the ladies department or whatever, you know what I mean?’

The Sun Tzu of Queens is jetting around the Midwest on Air Force One and delivering stand-up routines to thousands. Biden is lost without a teleprompter, but stranded when he has one. His personality, or what remains of it, is his strongest suit, but his team won’t let him near the public. They fear the idiocies that might come out of his mouth, and they fear the virus that might go up his nose."  Telegraph


"A quartermaster?"  I suppose he wanted to indicate an enlisted person who dealt with supply matters in the military.  He has never been in the military and his grasp of what the scope and nature of the duties of such a person is probably a little vague.

Company supply sergeant maybe?  Presiding over whatever is in a 150 man unit's supply room;  toilet paper, cleaning supplies, light bulbs, office supplies for the First Sergeant's company office (orderly room).

Or maybe he meant someone like the three star general (LTG Pogonis) who presided over the move of the mass of materiel into Saudi Arabia for the First Gulf War and then the removal of all the things left over after the war.

Which do you suppose he meant?

This guy wants to make the District of Columbia a state in spite of the constitution's specific requirement that it be what it is?  He also wants to make Puerto Rico a state.  PR has an altogether corrupt elected government that is bankrupt, having embezzled its way into that blessed state.

There is also Democrat talk of making various American fly-speck possessions into states, i.e., American Samoa, Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, etc.  Joe has not yet expressed himself over those "genius" concepts which are all intended to add Democrat senators in Washington. .  "All the world wonders."  pl



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16 Responses to “… or whatever, you know what I mean?’” Biden

  1. blue peacock says:

    There’s no one new being persuaded. Everyone is on some team. It is all going to come down to which side can turnout more of their voters. With no signature verification required apparently in some states, it is also who can get more ballots stuffed in the mailbox.
    Let’s see who has the more “competent” side.

  2. Diana Croissant says:

    His incoherence reflects the incoherence of the minds of his “peaceful” protester followers. It’s hard not to believe that the Democrats already have a puppet master in mind to actually perform the duties of the Presidency on the off-chance that their ballot rigging schemes work and Biden gets sent to the White House.
    I want Trump to nominate his choice for the vacant seat on the Supreme Court. I want the election to be over. It’s all reminding me of the reasoning skills (mostly lack thereof) of the many ninth grade students I taught in the public schools. (I’m sad to admit, however, that the brightest of those ninth graders could probably out-think Biden.)

  3. scott s. says:

    Maybe he is thinking of the Graves Registration guys. Of course in the Navy/Coast Guard Quartermaster is an entirely different thing. American Samoa residents are US Nationals, not Citizens and my understanding is they do not want to become citizens subject to the constitution.

  4. Eric Newhill says:

    ‘if you were EOD, you can sure in hell take care savin’ a, you know, Harris/Biden campaign, uh, thing….’

  5. Jimmy_W says:

    Sleepy Joe is probably more familiar with the Boy Scout Quartermasters than the Army Quartermasters. The Scout ones manage supply rooms without any transportation or purchase responsibilities. The adult Scouts and parents manage those duties.

  6. AK says:

    blue peacock,
    It is all going to come down to which side can turnout more of their voters.
    I consider this as valid a reason as any for Senate Republicans to fill that vacant seat prior to the election. Filling the seat should encourage the Republican base that their politicians have guts and are worth the vote. Contrariwise, an empty seat on the line will surely drive out every last segment of the Democrat electorate, including the radical “yutes”, who always make a thunderous hue and cry but do not actually vote when the time comes. If the seat is filled, it would be a significant emotional deflation to the enthusiasm of the left, and it removes what is now the prime motivating factor for the more apathetic among them to vote. They don’t consider voting to be a form of revenge. Let them riot when Trump wins and let him and Barr give it to them good and hard.
    On a related note, I cannot for the life of me fathom why the feckless Republican Senators from Maine, Alaska, and Utah are caving to the mob. Can they really be so oblivious as to think this will help them politically? Do they really believe that there is some good faith deal to be had with the Democrats? Perhaps they fear the worst outcome and are trying to buy space between themselves and the Jacobin guillotines?

  7. Ed Lindgren says:

    COL Lang –
    William Pagonis was the three star who handled the logistics for Gulf War I.
    Pagonis wrote a book about his experience titled ‘Moving Mountains: Lessons in Leadership and Logistics from the Gulf War.”
    I didn’t read the book, but Martin Van Creveld cites it several times in the postscript of his book ‘Supplying War: Logistics From Wallenstein to Patton.’

  8. TV says:

    Collins has always been an “establishment” (Rockefeller/Bush) Republicrat.
    Murkowski (besides being fugly) thinks that she’s got lifetime tenure and obviously hates Trump.
    Romney – well, he’s “mittens” Romney and currently driven by fulltime hatred of Trump.
    Utah voters should feel pretty stupid right about now.

  9. Diana Croissant says:

    We need a Horton the Elephant right now. “I said what I meant and meant what I said. An elephant’s faithful one-hundred percent.”
    Horton went on and hatched that darned egg.
    With Biden (a donkey), we’ll get scrambled eggs (either overdone or underdone).
    Sorry…I had to read Dr. Seuss stories over and over and over while raising kids.
    If I think seriously about the upcoming election, I just become very sad about the state of our civil discourse right now (and really, it’s become very un-civil).

  10. PRC90 says:

    That does remind me of the 80’s Eadie Brickell song:
    “I’m not aware of too many things
    I know what I know, if you know what I mean.”
    I’ve said before that the DNC, in a moment of blinding clarity, could get Biden to stand down on fake medical grounds pre-election. This video makes me wonder if he will actually get to a real hospital in a real ambulance sometime very soon.
    Presumably his wife and son are fine with this treatment of a elderly man with no hope of delivering what he has been obliged to promise.

  11. Deap says:

    An Alaskan blogger explained Murkowski is supported by the teachers unions in her state which is why her seat is secure, no matter how she votes or what party label she chooses to carry.
    They know she will support the teachers unions and Democrats today are little more than a front for the powerful public sector unions, like the teachers unions. And in a state with such geographically remote and isolated communities, the one unifying linkage and networking medium is the state school system.
    What other state has a capitol, but no roads to reach it – one must go to the seat of state government by air or by sea.
    That helps explains Murkowski’s odd behavior as a nominal GOP – apparently she is part of a powerful political family that may well have been “GOP” in the past. Plus I believe she became Sarah Palin’s arch enemy, so she could attack Palin more directly inside the GOP, than outside.
    Think the best course of action is to ignore Murkoski. Never bargain anything to get her vote, because she is not going to deliver it.

  12. Deap says:

    It begins. The roll out of Biden’s carefully scripted and rehearsed generic answers to any or all types of questions – highly serviceable responses that side step and say nothing. Time to start a scorecard.
    When Biden was asked about the Democrat threat of court-packing:
    “It’s a legitimate question, but let me tell you why I’m not going answer. … It will shift the focus,” Biden responded. He continued, stating that President Trump avoids discussing relevant issues. “He always tries to change the subject,” he said. “Let’s say I answer that question. Then the whole debate’s going to be ‘well, Biden said or didn’t say. Biden said he would or wouldn’t.’“

  13. Tidewater says:

    Howie Carr, of the Boston Herald.com, has been paying close and sardonic attention to what Joe Biden is saying and how he is saying it. He transcribes Biden’s comments, noting where poor pronunciation has become something other than mispronunciation, where the word itself has lost much of its purpose and value. In other words, linguistic breakdown. Biden says things like: “premote” veterans’ health; “storic” black colleges; “prescription jugs”; to know and “perfusly” play it down; get off your “galk” course; “lifebud” of communities; get it done like “previous precedent presidents”. The cause of this is, of course, that dementia attacks and ultimately destroys the language center of the brain. In the end the patient simply cannot talk. I’ve seen an Alzheimers’ patient for a split second recognize a visitor out of the past who has come from a great distance. There is a touching moment when recognition is unmistakable. What is blurted is not coherent language, though great affection is understood by all parties.
    When Joe Biden made his speech in honor of RBG at the National Constitution Center recently, I tried five times to decipher what Biden was saying in his introduction. I couldn’t do it. Was this gibberish? I had to dig a little, but I soon learned that in February of 2017 Biden had replaced Governor Jebb Bush as Chair of the Center’s Board of Trustees. The center, incidentally, is not a government agency; it is an independent organization with government support. So Biden was acknowledging an honor and his connection with this place where he was to give what I think might be considered an important speech by his supporters. What surprised me as I was digging was that the major networks that put on this speech simply neglected to show the introduction. I suppose they could justify that because they put on only carefully selected sections of the video. I have not heard the speech in full; but I think that his presumed reading it off the teleprompter went well and that the speech is regarded as a success. What I think Biden said was that he had “the great privilege of being–uh–guest leader of this outfit for a year.”
    But since few heard the introduction it doesn’t matter. What matters is that Biden and his enablers should not be underrated. I agree with you that red flags should be up for his frail appearance, his harsh breathing, the indifferent delivery of the introduction. But it’s not a fail among much of the public who back him or the MSM commentariat.
    This is scary as hell. I have a dread that this entire country might find itself becoming shocked into awareness before next spring that it has elected a president who is rapidly approaching the legal definition of insanity, which is being non compos mentis. A family that goes through the long ordeal which is what caring for an Alzheimers patient is, even if one is not alway present and only occasionally bears the brunt of it, is nevertheless internalizing what is happening to a loved one, and watching this year after year will be forever altered, and to some extent diminished. Caregivers do not do well. One might seem to be doing well in the role and then suddenly have a stroke. I don’t think Jill Biden has any understanding of what lies ahead for her. I do not think she has any plans to be a regent, even if that were allowed, which it is not. I think she must want to help her husband become president in order to fulfill the career, naturally, but more importantly to set in motion and accomplish certain projects about which both agree, have probably discussed for a long time, and believe must be done. I don’t think either one regards themselves as pathfinders or Trojan horses for a leftist agenda.
    But I don’t think they understand the danger in what they are doing. The fury in this country and the fog of depression that is bound to settle in heavily on the nation when it becomes completely understood what has happened is alarming to think about.

  14. PRC90 says:

    Tidewater, I hope Biden is able to retire and go home to his family. I do not expect him to win.
    You would be right about the agreement within the Biden family, but the external component of that agreement would have been with the DNC menagerie including the Clinton’s and the fruitcake ‘progressives’. What a guest list that would be, and current events and Joe’s decline would give room for second thoughts.
    All that Joe is offering is a lack of Trump. Should he win, that is all he can deliver and the disappointment will not be long in coming.

  15. J says:

    Did you see this in this mornings news?
    Selva among 480 former national security officials to endorse Biden

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