The BFR?


"SpaceX’s second Falcon Heavy side booster has made its way from Texas to Florida after completing a successful static fire acceptance test at the company’s McGregor complex, paving the way for the third and final booster – currently vertical on McGregor’s test stand – to complete its own round of tests and head East.

Once the third and most important booster – known as the center core – arrives at SpaceX’s Florida launch facilities, all three of the next Falcon Heavy’s boosters will be ready to head into the integration stage, culminating in an integrated static fire prior to the second launch ever of SpaceX’s flagship super-heavy-lift rocket."  teslarati


Anybody working on the Alderson Drive or the flaws in the General Theory of Relativity? No?  How about something interesting in String or Membrane Theory relating to wormholes?  No?  Well, get busy.  I can't wait around forever.  pl

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